National entrepreneurship leading to serious problems faced by all entrepreneurs

in the era of entrepreneurship, although entrepreneurs have brought a very good entrepreneurial environment, but also to bring entrepreneurs a variety of problems.

1, the company registered

The first hurdle is the company registration problem placed in front of

2, corporate finance

3, legal issues

from the current trend of the domestic point of view, although the national policy is to provide a relaxed business environment for entrepreneurs, but many of the necessary procedures in the process of entrepreneurship is not reasonable, recommended

Now do poineering work to make money to make small weapon

everyone is trying to make money, so the choice of the project is very careful. So, what do you do to make money now? I believe you have more than once thought about this problem. Now Xiaobian for you to recommend a few good projects to earn money, come and look at it.

The unique flavor of Hunan Changde city

vinegar condiment, but health care function significantly, now, many varieties, functional range of vinegar beverages have a lot of listings, to become the new leisure health drink vinegar. At present, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xi’an, Guiyang and other places have been specialized in vinegar vinegar, Cuyin both brightly, and with vinegar cocktails, drinks and fashion, elegant environment, strong cultural atmosphere, so that many consumers now become like a flock of ducks, vinegar, tea bar, bar coffee after a big trend, a lot of vinegar are currently hot business, bonanza.

Now the entrepreneurial force


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How to do a good job in the home industry projects

now Home Furnishing market is very lively, very popular Home Furnishing project, do Home Furnishing project must have the vision, but also to try to do the first characteristic, the fashion trend of the Home Furnishing industry needs to have a certain degree of understanding, to try to make the Home Furnishing accessories and Home Furnishing features currently maintains a consistent.

Market survey:

70% investigators will increase the room decoration investment

Display China Home Furnishing new trend forum held

can implement progressive discount according to the amount of consumption, business advice Home Furnishing shop in the supply that also should try to pursue distinctive style, exquisite workmanship; experts also pointed out that due to Home Furnishing consumer goods consumer demand is more sensitive to the price, investors can consider the flexible price strategy can be carried out according to the amount of consumption or consumption the progressive discount, for example, to buy 5 pieces of goods Home Furnishing, enjoy a discount of 5%; 10, 10% discount, buy more, enjoy more discount. This can not only promote sales, but also to return the funds as soon as possible to reduce inventory.

location only to see the passenger

have distinctive service

European style classical

The first venture to pay attention to what

everything has the first time, the same as the current venture, the first venture to be careful, but there are some problems are often difficult to predict a person, such as the following aspects.

1 general and trail

2 and adhere to the direction of risk identification

clear their future development direction is very important, once established goals will persist, but also pay attention to the risk identification, the risk is always there for you, to know when to avoid, change the direction of clever.


entrepreneurs need a lot of skills, including: the direction selection ability, recognition ability, management ability, learning ability, generalization ability, operation ability, business ability, financing ability to grasp the rhythm and reflective ability etc..

these only for the first business people a little reminder, life has a lot of unknown, but doing everything prepared, I believe you will have a good beginning.

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Why are there differences between the two sesame seed stalls business

says many people are not unfamiliar to Clay oven rolls, now, near any snacks will have different sellers and different stalls Clay oven rolls, Clay oven rolls may also have different business, two, this is so Clay oven rolls out. East side of the district has two sesame seed stalls, on the south side is a middle-aged couple, monopoly Taishan sesame seed". North is a pair of young couples, the main Beijing sesame seed. Every day after two sesame seed stalls, and sometimes buy on the one or two.

with the heart, the two different characteristics: Taishan Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls Congxiang smell salty fresh oil. Beijing sesame cake in the fragrant crisp, soft taste. However, I can find an interesting phenomenon: to the Taishan sesame seed stalls to buy fried sesame cake is significantly less than the number of people in Beijing sesame shop, and most of them are young customers, come and go in a hurry. Beijing TanQian is Clay oven rolls those elderly customers face. Many customers would rather stand in Beijing Clay oven rolls waiting in line, nor to Taishan shop to buy Clay oven rolls.

Driven by curiosity,

decided to find out. So, go to Taishan to buy Clay oven rolls TanQian Clay oven rolls. A Clay oven rolls are middle-aged women on the board before baking, and sell Clay oven rolls is a middle-aged man Clay oven rolls. Middle aged man asked me: buy a few? I replied: 5 dollars. The middle-aged man no longer speak, give me the bag deftly handed me 5 handed over 5 yuan Clay oven rolls, I took the money, Clay oven rolls away.

second days, because it is a Sunday, I took a little granddaughter to buy Beijing Clay oven rolls TanQian Clay oven rolls. TanQian customer is still Clay oven rolls waiting in line. I looked, I stood in front of more than and 10 people. Here is the young man to do before the young woman in a Clay oven rolls, baking and selling Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls. A young woman he deftly cooked with a smile and Clay oven rolls, while customers laughing. Listen to the conversation, mostly look at the situation and some small household affairs, and the customer is very familiar.

When it was my turn to buy

, I asked, "is there any sugar cake?" The young woman replied with a smile: "yes, who to eat?" I said, "no, my granddaughter wants to eat." The young woman asked me to say, "it’s too hot for the new hot sesame cake." I am busy thanking and saying: "your heart is fine." The young woman smiled again and said, "yes."." I handed over the money, the young woman gave me a pack of 6 sesame seed. I asked one Leng: "I want 5 yuan." The young woman smiled and said: "it seems that you do not often come to my stall to buy me 5 dollars to buy more for a."

row behind me is an old woman, the old man wants to buy ten sesame seed cake. The young woman asked, "is there anyone at home?" The old woman said: "no man, no food at home, I took a day to buy out." The young woman said: "aunt, you do not buy so many times, now eat now buy it, a cold sesame cake is not delicious. If you do not want to come out, and so my mother came over at noon I let her send you, not too far away from the right path." The old woman said happily

Zhengzhou sellers who are crazy crazy


property market this year trading is very hot, this is all obvious to people, but the house as a life event, but also need to spend a lot of money to buy, so in the past when the house, everyone is cautious. However, in the current radish fast not wash mud, the Zhengzhou property market, do not wait until the pre-sale permit down, dig a hole on the real, is not something new, after all, most of the real estate land formalities is still complete. However, the West Third Ring Road, Zhengzhou, the intersection of the southeast corner of the only Tong project, even land use permits are not on the opening of the house, even if the Zhengzhou room nine landing implementation, developers still illegal houses.

property buyers five cards are not, why you want to buy? Under strict government, developers why violations against the wind? Buy five cards incomplete house, exactly what risk? For buyers, sellers before the talk.

[buyers talk]

knows that five cards are not but I still want to buy

"you see you drag to do what thing? Now (prices) rose to the sky, want to buy can not afford to buy it?" From complaining to the nagging to last almost neurotic roar, Yang Min (a pseudonym) felt that his girlfriend of seven years, he became known.

Yang Min urgent need for a house, even if it is a purchase agreement, to dispel the uncertainty of the future girlfriend and sense of drift. The recent two months Zhengzhou prices run, even once the value of depression, South Sanhuan outside the regional housing prices have soared to ~1.4 13 thousand yuan per square meter, while the hands of Yang Min from the first payment can buy small enough to buy a small room to room two, finally can only buy a big mark.

"Three Ring Road, West Lake, 8× × × Yuan hot sales." In September this year, in this ad, Yang Min arrived at the West Third Ring Road intersection on the eastern side of Wei Tong Xiliu Lake project sales department. Property consultant said, the project a total of 6 buildings, building 36 is currently in the sale, there are houses, mistress house price 9500 yuan / square meters to 91 square meters, two rooms, the average price of 9400 yuan / square meters to 85 square meters, but the project five cards are not.

this is simply the price of cabbage, there are so many people to buy, it should not be wrong." He tangled repeatedly, eventually chose a 85 square meters of the two bedroom, and paid nearly $250 thousand in the first payment.

election protocol to take home, my girlfriend looks nice, but Yang Min was playing the drums: "even the real estate land permits are not, in case of future plots by other companies here, I pay Shoufu Zezheng?"

[buyers worry]

if you can not get the final house is how to compensate

Learn the three work two.

a lot of people feel that the work is not enough money to spend, want to work, the use of some idle time to do a little business, while working on the side of entrepreneurship is not impossible, but we should pay attention to some methods. If you want to work while starting a business, you can try the following tips:

the starting point to


Daily, weekly and monthly goals goals set realistic

you now have to set their own work schedule, you have to do is to start the actual work. After continuous attempts and adjustments, I found myself set three goals can improve efficiency. These three goals are daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals.


Location selection of brand handbag chain stores you know

every woman is born Shopaholic, don’t stop to buy clothes to buy a bag, when it comes to buy a bag, as long as the love package, they wouldn’t miss the woman of beauty, for the beautiful clothes and shoes and bags are very concerned about, open chain stores sell this kind of product is very profitable, attracting a lot of entrepreneurs the line of sight. How to open chain stores brand handbag? Good to open chain stores will do the work site, here, to tell you the location of the three elements.

The location factors of the

brand handbag chain stores: the surrounding environment

site should pay attention to a lot of things, in the selection of a place must pay attention to the surrounding environment. How to open the brand handbag chain stores? To understand the study environment, to see how many nearby shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas and so on, to see whether the position of favorable selection.

The location factors of the

brand handbag chain stores: traffic conditions

The surrounding environment of

is favorable to open chain stores, but also to investigate traffic conditions. For consumers, convenient to better management, therefore, open when the brand handbag chain stores also want to pay attention to the traffic conditions, to provide a convenient for the public.

The location factors of the

brand handbag chain stores: population distribution

investigation address should also pay attention to the surrounding population distribution, look at the surrounding distribution of the specific circumstances of the crowd, according to the crowd to determine the location of good. Brand handbag chain stores to the site? In the investigation of population distribution in time to understand the target customer’s income and consumption etc..

shop business location is very important, a good site can attract more consumer attention, to get more benefits, in fact, start brand handbag join chain stores have to seize the market, women’s consumption demand, do business to open chain stores do not worry about. To open franchise brand handbag shop? Find the appropriate address, help you get more good business. At the mention of three elements of location selection is very important, people who want to start a brand handbag chain stores need to remember.

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Vegetarian restaurant small business plan

with the accelerated pace of life, people’s desire for the quality of life is becoming more and more intense, a lot of people who pursue the quality of life like vegetarian, so open a vegetarian restaurant is a good choice. Special

vegetarian in the static location is different from other hotels. Usually suitable for vegetarian restaurant where there are three: first, large residential areas and food stalls lined Shijie and roads. Usually these places are food and beverage gathering places. Business prosperity, popularity, where a vegetarian restaurant, guests will visit a lot.

Site selection of building materials stores need to pay attention to

new house decoration, old house renovation, all cannot do without the use of building materials, with the consumer the ability to continuously improve the quality requirements of building materials is very high, can make the cause of long-term development of investment, in order to bring security for our cause. And now the profit development space, want to make money, then join the chain of building materials business is a very long-term investment to make money. Store address is very important, a good address is half the success of the store, to attract a large number of people, so the investment of any one project, we must consider his site selection method.

join the building materials chain store should be how to choose the location of the building materials chain stores, the early qualitative analysis is very important, through detailed analysis of the specific location of the shop, the cost of the project. Cost is an important issue to determine the location of the enterprise store construction, the enterprise at the beginning of the site to determine the cost of investment in the construction of enterprise stores, in order to determine the location of the store lot. The problem of the cost should also include the transportation of the subsequent sales.

through the detailed budget in the site will be fully integrated into the. Each has the development of enterprises are inseparable from the composition of talent, the talent is also the enterprise to boost the development of the propellant. When the location of the store in the enterprise will also be convenient to take into account the talent, some stores wrong location will also result in the loss of valuable talent.

building materials industry market prospect is very good, in recent years the development is also very fast, if you want to engage in this industry, I hope small words can help to everyone on the market today, want to join the building materials chain store, first learn how to choose the shop address is very necessary. The above introduction, is the initial introduction of the location of the problem, I hope you can bring help to the cause.

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