In the depth of the organs of contact with the masses of cadres serving the grassroots work, Datong County Organization Department Party branch to build the party spirit, the style of the most positive and most outstanding work of the Department and excellent team, clear thinking, and strengthen measures, efforts in the village households, enriching the people in the way of seeking practical results, and sincerely for the grassroots the masses do practical work.

insisted on a visit to the two questions, the establishment of primary ledger. In order to ensure that the village households work not as a mere formality, effective measures, 21 members of the Organization Department of the county Party branch organization cadres and carry out a visit to two questions (visits to the masses, ask for the people, ask for people), has recently visited 35 villages, 5 community, non-public economic organizations and social organizations 4 a hospital, 2, prominent problems of combing grass-roots units in 4 aspects, 12, to further enrich the masses of grassroots service ledger data. According to the construction needs to be improved, the construction of Party organization is not enough, Party members play a leading role in democratic management is not enough, not standardized financial disclosure and other key issues, submitted a report to the Standing Committee of the county, clear rectification ideas, measures and time limit. read more

In April 26th, passionate, ahead of the national anthem and the Communist Youth League are sound, the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) members of the first Congress was held

4 month 26 days, in the passionate, ahead of the national anthem and the Communist Youth League are sound, the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) members of the first Congress was held.


meeting, the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Comrade Li Changjiang said, young people full of passion and creativity, full of new ideas, he encouraged everyone to cherish their youth, down-to-earth, have faith, ambition, do the reform and development of heritage; to innovation, heavy responsibilities, to emancipate the mind expand open open; to study hard, work hard, do practitioners of reform and development. read more

this year, the national, provincial health care will be Xining City National Health City review, which is the first time since September 2009, Xining won the national health city title for review. March 25th afternoon, held a mobilization meeting in Xining, arrangements for the deployment of the work.

for three years, Xining has gradually realized the transition from the "national health city" by creating a mechanism to build a long-term management mechanism, established the "Wei" construction of the national health city day "system," the establishment of publicity rectification work normalization, in addition, increase the establishment of work and daily supervision evaluation efforts, at the same time, strengthen the supervisory role of the media and the public now has the "establishment of working people. read more

In order to accelerate the

plateau tourism province construction, "12th Five-Year", the province total travel arrangements 554 million yuan of special funds, mainly for tourism planning, infrastructure construction, key projects and interest subsidies, let the "beauty of Qinghai" reputation once again called out in the country.

it is understood that in recent years, in order to expand publicity, let the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the charm of Qinghai province by CCTV, the central broadcasting station, and Beijing bus station, subway, airport and other places for advertising, promotional use beauty Qing Haizhu Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and targeted aid provinces, and the "tourism website" 12301 engineering construction, source of Sanjiang International Photography Festival, winter tourism activities and other major festivals such as subsidies, expanding tourism province visibility. read more

Tax service is the tax authorities according to the provisions of the state tax laws, regulations and policies, through a variety of ways to help taxpayers to master the law, correct and timely fulfill their obligations to pay taxes, to meet the reasonable expectations of the taxpayers, a comprehensive tax work to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the taxpayers

is the tax service tax authorities according to the provisions of the state tax laws, regulations and policies, through a variety of ways to help taxpayers to master the law, correct and timely fulfill their obligations to pay taxes, to meet the reasonable expectations of the taxpayers, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the taxpayers a comprehensive tax work. Improve tax service, build a good tax collection is an old topic, but also a new topic. Especially in the period of social transformation, as an important national economic management departments, tax departments to focus on the central task, promote the transformation of the mode of economic development, promote stable and rapid economic and social development, is the needs of all the local cadres think deeply about the problem. Here, the tax service work and suggestions in practice briefly talk about the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, for readers, and encourage each other. read more

for the better understanding of the "consumer protection law", to maximize the protection of consumer rights, in February 18th, the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau City branch of the organization of individual private owners, operators and employees of the unit area of nearly 300 people on the new interpretation of "consumer protection law".

it is understood that the "consumer protection law" in the "3· 15" international consumer rights protection day implementation, the first amendment is the NPC Standing Committee on the implementation of nearly 20 years of "consumer protection law". There are four highlights: specification of new problems in the new field of network shopping; improve the "Three Guarantees", "recall" and other provisions; strengthen the obligations of operators, the establishment of the system of consumer public interest litigation, reduce consumers burden of proof, difficult to resolve consumer rights; increase the legal liability of the illegal operation, increase the amount of punitive damages. To further improve the legal weapon of consumer rights. read more

a year ago, according to the outstanding contradictions and problems encountered under the new normal development in China, the party’s the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed to adhere to innovation and development, harmonious development, green development, open development, sharing five development ideas. This year, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Qinghai to visit the four major requirements, clearly pointed out the direction and focus of the future development of Qinghai, opened a new journey of development in Qinghai. read more

for improving the quality of cadres training, recently, East District and Qinghai for the first time the National United University, "1+X" mode, namely the party sex education curriculum Science + thematic study, collocation of self selected cadres "buffet", enhance the scientific, pertinence and effectiveness of training, the 139 leading cadres, 95 young cadres and reserve cadres participated in autonomous learning training.

adhere to the "supply" and "need" combination. The needs of the organization, job demands and cadres I need to combine in the choice of topics to expert assessment, the selection of cadres, on screen, individual adjustment method, scientific collocation "art of leadership" 4 alternative courses, with "menu" option for the cadres. By "for" "choose" docking, the independent teaching content more appetite". read more

Earthquake emergency tabletop exercise is a kind of "to be training, training combined with emergency drill form, according to the seismic event is assumed to occur, the process of discussion and deduction of emergency decision and disposal site, so as to promote the relevant personnel to master the rules of earthquake emergency plan the responsibilities and procedures, improve command decision and coordination abilities

earthquake emergency tabletop exercise is a kind of "to be training, training combined with emergency drill form, according to the seismic event is assumed to occur, the process of discussion and deduction of emergency decision and disposal site, so as to promote the relevant personnel to master the rules of earthquake emergency preparedness responsibilities and procedures, improve command decision and coordination abilities. In the streets to carry out tabletop exercises, in order to clear the main task of this street office grassroots organizations in different periods of earthquake emergency, familiar with the earthquake emergency work processes, so that after the earthquake in the shortest time, fast and safe evacuation of the affected people, and actively carry out self-help and mutual aid, emergency work with the higher authorities to carry out efficient and orderly after the earthquake. read more


12th Five-Year" since, I realized everyone around the province, "medical" target, efforts to solve the health problems and health problems of the people’s livelihood, especially in improving people’s livelihood health index under the time, out of the characteristic of Qinghai medical road. Health care reform, which is the biggest livelihood projects really fall on the masses of all ethnic groups. Health care reform, those who show a deep concern of government initiatives to benefit the people of all ethnic groups, highlighting the results of health reform and development, but also to warm the hearts of the masses. In the health care reform led by the masses "difficult and expensive to see a doctor" has been obviously improved, see the disease seek care, enjoy a healthy bonus more.
, I adhere to the important measure to deepen the reform as to protect and improve people’s livelihood, health care, medicine, medical closely around the "three doctors linkage" target, strengthen top-level design, and actively pilot, to promote the reform work, established the basic medical security, covering the whole province of drug supply security, medical service and public health service system, basic medical institutions over the "yaobu" history, the province’s health expenditure accounted for the proportion of GDP from 5.87% in 2008 increased to 7.59%, the residents personal health expenditure accounted for ratio decreased from 33.01% in 2008 to 25.94%, effectively protect and improve the people’s livelihood, health care reform has made important achievements.
– universal health insurance system has been basically established. The establishment of the basic medical insurance, illness insurance, illness emergency relief, medical assistance and medical insurance system for urban and rural residents per capita funding criteria significantly improved, increased from 104 yuan before the reform to 510 yuan in 2014, an increase of 3.9 times; the coverage continues to expand, the province’s health care insurance rate reached 98.5%; continuously improve the level of protection, hospitalization expenses the reimbursement ratio increased from 45% to 76% before the reform; the implementation of Medicare reimbursement in the immediate settlement; explore commercial insurance agency orgnaization of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, the health insurance policy, standards, contents, treatment, management of "five unification". Solid foundation of "medical services".
– the basic drug system to achieve full coverage. County three rural medical and health institutions have implemented the basic drug system, grassroots medical and health institutions to return to public welfare, medical institutions above the county level is equipped with basic drugs; the province’s drug delivery rate of up to 97.2%. Explore the establishment of a new mechanism for the procurement of drugs, basic drugs, non essential drugs, general medical supplies and high-value medical consumables all achieved the provincial centralized procurement, the cumulative burden of reducing the burden of more than 1 billion 300 million yuan. read more

The reporter from the January 29th Xining bus Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the bus company) was informed that the 4 night bus for the opening of the new (test run) to wait for a long time, disadvantages of the departure time is not fixed, for safe travel to the public, the bus company will from next month on the 4 night bus has opened the original (test run) departure mode adjustment, from the end of the first moment of departure mode to fixed time of departure mode.

– 501 – night road: Central Plaza, train station, night issued a total of 9 classes.The departure time of central square departure time

– night 502 Road: Central Square – unity bridge, issued a total of 10 classes per night.The departure time of
read more

February 24th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, February 18th (EVE) to February 24th (at the beginning of the month is six), the effective monitoring of the number of days in 6 days (February 21st monitoring data), days of our city to reach two standards for 5 days, only 1 days of light pollution weather.

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to conscientiously implement the "food safety law" and its implementing regulations, supervision of food production and processing enterprises to implement the quality safety responsibility, in July 6, 2012, the County Bureau of quality and technical supervision invited some NPC deputies and CPPCC members, news media, etc. the guanmatuan morals supervisors with bureau of leadership and staff under developed flour group Qinghai Datong flour limited liability company and chase star of modern agriculture and animal husbandry development Co., the scene to observe. read more

The emergency Lane on the highway

design can be said to be a life passage, the relief channel is designed in an emergency, let rescue keep smooth and efficient, social vehicles are prohibited to enter or stay in the emergency lane for any reason. But in real life, the emergency lane is often unruly drivers forcibly occupied, in this regard, our province traffic police department will be from December 15th to March next year to carry out the illegal occupation of the emergency lane highway vehicle special rectification actions.

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2012 in order to further strengthen the work of Party building efforts to lay the foundation for the acceptance of work throughout the year, Mafang Street Party committee to carry out a party construction work business training class in the morning of October 24th, the village secretary, director of community organizations and Party Construction engineer.

through training, so that the village, community party secretary and makes clear objectives and methods, but also further increase the party organizations carry out the work of Party building efforts for the full completion of this year’s goal of the party construction task laid the foundation.
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October 22nd, the municipal health bureau Party committee held a special meeting to convey learning seriously the party spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, and the health system to study and implement the spirit of the fifth plenary session and the focus of the work of health of current and future periods to make arrangements.

Previously, the community’s working hours and my work time synchronization, to handle the business, but also deliberately leave, both delay time and affect the work, very inconvenient. Now, whether it is in the morning or evening office, it is more convenient for our staff". A 8 in the morning to the town of Kangle community health insurance residents say.

in order to further urge the region’s kindergarten health, Safety Office Park, effectively regulate its park behavior, according to the 2012 pre-school education arrangements, from July 26th to 27, the District kindergarten in 2012 inspection work kicked off. In recent years, the rapid development of preschool education in our region, the kindergarten officially registered has reached 50 of the actual situation, in order to alleviate the pressure of the annual year-end 2012, our region in batches to take inspection methods, the annual assessment inspection of the kindergarten. In July 26,
the inspection, most of the kindergarten can strictly comply with industry standards, according to the law office park. For individual garden behavior is not standardized garden, the functional departments of the inspectors for their non-standard behavior put forward professional guidance and rectification requirements, requiring its deadline for rectification. For parents, the children’s social attention to food safety, kindergarten fees and other issues, the various functional departments will focus on supervision and management, through the daily supervision and management, effectively promote the region’s kindergartens to standardize the behavior of the Office Park, to further improve the level of the office park. read more

The eighteen report of the

party stressed the need to optimize the pattern of land development space, spatial structure adjustment, promote intensive production space efficient, livable modest living space, ecological space for future generations to leave the picturesque scenery, sky blue, green water, beautiful round net. To implement this requirement, we must establish and improve the economical and intensive land system, strictly control the total scale of construction land in urban and rural areas, strengthen the new construction land use assessment, and actively explore the urban and rural construction land adjustment and inefficient urban land redevelopment, land reserve regulation. read more