Xining February air quality has 5 Tianda excellent

Reporters learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, last month, the Xining air quality index for the good number of days is 5 days, excellent rate of 17.9%. Among them, 15 days of mild pollution, accounting for the total number of days of the month of 54%; moderate pollution for 5 days; severe pollution for 2 days; serious pollution for 1 days.According to

, February 9th to 15, during the Spring Festival holiday, February 11th to 18, 8 consecutive days, the primary pollutant is particulate matter (PM10), and this reduces the travel of the vehicle, there is a certain relationship with the smooth road. During this period, the main pollutants from fine particulate matter (PM2.5) into respirable particulate matter (PM10), indicating that automobile exhaust has become one of the main sources of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions. February 24th (day fifteen) eight pm to half past nine, PM10 has reached the highest value of the measured three urban environmental air automatic station, an average of 354 micrograms / cubic meter, was heavily polluted and that the fireworks have great influence on the regional environmental quality, but when I was in grade three or four late blowing wind. The spread of pollution degree on New Year’s eve. (author: Rong Lijun)


Xining Center for Disease Control and prevention held a global fund for multi drug resistant tubercu

to ensure that the global fund tuberculosis multi drug resistant smooth implementation of the project in the city, to further strengthen medical anti cooperation, resistance to clear diagnosis treatment and management of MDR-TB patients responsibilities; according to the plan of project implementation of multi drug resistant tuberculosis in Xining City, the global fund tuberculosis disease control project office in Xining in June 11, 2012 held a during the period of multi drug resistant tuberculosis project medical anti cooperation seminar. From the Municipal Health Bureau, Qinghai Fourth People’s Hospital and Xining City Center for Disease Control and prevention of the relevant leaders and experts a total of 14 people attended the meeting.

Xining west exit dust pollution has been curbed


vehicle, dusty winds, a murky sky over a dark earth. This is a lot of people in Xining before the impression of exports to the west. After many measures to remediation, and now the west to curb dust exports.

‘s survey found that the west exit of major air pollution site dust, for the west area to increase the supervision of the construction site, the establishment of environmental protection four grid monitoring system, the area of construction sites and key roads, pollution prevention and control in key areas to determine the relevant responsible person, and the use of HD monitoring facilities West comprehensive information the platform of social service management, within the jurisdiction of the construction site, key areas, key road to build a all-weather, multi-level coverage of video surveillance skynet". In the process of cleaning the road, west area road cleaning frequency, according to the inspection at any time to adjust the cleaning scheme, according to the weather conditions in a timely manner through the sprinkler spray to reduce air dust and other suspended solids, make the air cleaner. On the other hand, on both sides of the road on the west side of the road dust removal, hardening. In addition, the strict implementation of the West District 24 hours of key sections of the vehicle inspection system, requiring all vehicles into the urban areas in the implementation of the transport process to the body, the car to take purification measures, there can not be thrown drip phenomenon. The transport of goods can not exceed the prescribed length, width and height of the body, take airtight, covering such measures for failing to take effective measures to seal and cover or goods beyond the compartment of the vehicle, will be prohibited from driving on the road. After a period of renovation, the area of road dust is significantly improved, road and landscape has been further enhanced. (author: Zhang Xu Liang)

Xining actively carry out prevention and treatment of macular star borer

In 2012, the city continued to carry out the work of the city’s urban solid spot pest control

2012 years, the city continued to carry out the work of the city’s urban solid spot pest control. In order to anoplophoranobilis forestry pest prevention and control work, forestry, forest departments to further increase the strength of management, clear the county, each unit of control tasks and objectives, the implementation of biological control work system of harmful forestry, do prevention plan record. At the same time, actively fight for the prevention and control of funds, the purchase of non pollution prevention and control drugs distributed to the relevant units for the smooth development of the prevention and control of the prevention and control of the prevention and control of the work.

in July, Xining City, the macular star beetles into the adult eclosion period. Professional control company, agriculture and forestry, garden district departments use their own professional control cars, large equipment control, or take control of the contract agreement signed by the company, the community prevention and control work control of longicorn beetle Anoplophora area.

at the same time, Senfang tracking station to increase inspection efforts, promptly correct control problem in the work, to ensure the control effect. Up to now, the city has completed the spraying of cefazolin (TIN), cypermethrin microcapsules, contact breaking and other drugs again, the prevention and treatment of adults with an area of about 13 thousand acres.


Xining to carry out the love day campaign to healthy hearing a happy life

March 3rd, the Fourteenth National "love day", the "love day" is the theme of healthy listening, happy life — focus on healthy elderly hearing. The same day, Xining CDPF and the relevant units in the Central Plaza launched a variety of promotional activities.

on the same day, Xining City CDPF four district CDPF, joint health departments to carry out a number of promotional activities, calling attention to the health of elderly people hearing the whole society, promoting healthy habits with the ear, and the related knowledge of elderly hearing disability prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation.

activities at the scene, from Xining City, the first, second, the people’s Hospital of the third doctors, the site for the elderly free of charge to do the inspection, and to the elderly on the hearing of the health and prevention knowledge. (author: Zheng Sizhe)

What to do to prepare health care stores

health products industry is now relatively hot, if you want to open a shop like this, what needs to be prepared to do a better job? Xiao Bian introduced.

store location

health food stores, beauty products are mainly for the crowd for women, most of these people to employees, this kind of crowd social activities more, but still often go to shopping malls, supermarkets, commercial street, fashion office; most of the day in the office, will take a little rest at noon the time to stroll around the office, may go to the supermarket at night. How to do health care products store? Weekend shopping mall. From the social activities of these people can be seen in the main activity place is super, commercial street, surrounding the office, the surrounding communities, so for health products store these people must choose the appropriate location, should also be in these areas to expand market research

choose the right product

open health care stores, 25-45 years old urban women, in their propaganda of health theory, easy to accept and trust in the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the western theory skeptical. Consumers are the most urgent needs in order to freckle, acne, whitening, anti wrinkle. Price is no longer the main factor affecting the purchase, brand, efficacy and reputation is a comprehensive factor of consumers to consider buying. How to do health care products store? Beauty care market competition is intense, the concept of consumer health care is becoming more mature, rational consumption, the leading brand for the wife of oral liquid, while the capsule is rising trend. Skin care products acceptance rate of 66. 4%

develop market strategy

a, product strategy

1, the efficacy of selling point: freckle and nourishing skin (South City); freckle, moisturizing, nourishing the skin (North City) package: 15 days and 30 days / box / box.

2, packaging design: reflect the high technology, high quality, " Qing " " new "; " cool " choose about 30 years old confident Chinese professional women as the image representative.

3, product support point: is the beauty of the United States for many years, the essence of the study of health experts, FDA recognized and approved by the Chinese Ministry of health, health care products store, and after more than and 10 years of international use confirmed.

4, entry point: the effect of oral and external care better, Wei Qi beauty – Beauty Lady’s partner

, the two channel strategy; short + wide sales channels (with as little as possible with the middle ring recommended

The major supermarkets in Xining city salt supply adequate sales stabilization

for two days before the provincial capital large supermarkets in Xining salt stock of the situation, the provincial commerce department to arrange supermarkets increased the salt supply organization efforts to ensure market supply, residents worry to buy salt panic gradually eliminate.

from the beginning of March 17th, Xining supermarkets arrange supply organizations, by increasing the supply, ensure the normal sales of edible salt, and take reasonable measures to prevent the purchase of people hoarding and profiteering. 17, -18, salt salt company in Xining and the surrounding areas of retail enterprises supply of more than and 300 tons. 18 am, the major supermarkets have been on the salt of goods, and arrange for the subsequent supply supplement, adequate supply, there is basically no queuing to buy the phenomenon, salt market sales tend to normal.


Service institutions to reach 130 preferential policies to support human resources services

Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the province issued preferential policies to support the accelerated development of human resources services. By 2020, the total number of human resources services will reach 130.

the Notice provides a number of preferential policies to promote the development of the human resource service industry in our province mainly include: the elimination of double taxation human resources service industry in the middle part of the human resources service organization; new jobs to absorb the employment permit "or" personnel employment of college graduates, can enjoy preferential tax or social security for 4 years allowance and a one-time reward; arrange the employment of college graduates can apply for trainee, trainee stipend; support qualified city (state) to set up the human resource service industry park, gradually upgraded to the provincial human resources park; human resource services independently, can apply for business loans and enjoy the financial subsidy policy; business success more than 1 years can apply for a one-time business awards.  

Two carriages pull a quarter of the province’s investment and consumption growth overview

in the first quarter of this year, the province’s investment and consumption of two carriages together force, collaborative pull to promote the steady growth of the province’s economy. At the end of March, the province’s total fixed asset investment 19 billion 988 million yuan, representing year-on-year growth of 12.8%; the province’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 16 billion 405 million yuan, up 10.8% over the previous year.

since the beginning of the year, facing the hitherto unknown downtown pressure on the economy, the provincial government regulation, more precise force, set the power of the province to take measures to promote the steady growth of investment. Provincial Development and Reform Commission resolutely implement the provincial government decision to deploy, led the convening of the two investment and key projects will be scheduled, early arrangements, early deployment. At the same time, the timely issuance of the province’s investment in key projects and responsibility, a quarter to the key project of the division of responsibilities, preliminary work responsibility arrangement and PPP project to promote the work of responsibility, clear the list of items and a list of responsibilities at every level, layers of implementation. On this basis, the provincial key office also opened a special fund, the project focused on the allocation and the existing problems, on-site supervision of Xining, Hainan, Haidong, Haibei, Huangnan and other key areas, to further accelerate the construction of key projects. At the end of March, the province’s 170 key projects to the rate of 72%.

series of combination of effective implementation of the guarantee to ensure that the province’s investment to maintain strong pull. The accumulation of gorge, Qingchuan railway, the new grid library channel, Qilian Airport, magnesium integration project schedule to return to work, the the Yellow River River flood control, Internet plus major projects, underground pipe gallery, Xining city of photovoltaic industrial park, electric bridge "big pressure on the small" project construction, investment and construction of major projects to achieve a good start".

at the same time, investment in the steady growth of structural optimization. New energy, new materials, bio industry, equipment manufacturing, rapid growth of investment in third industries or doubled. Infrastructure investment continued to improve.

this year, the province further stimulating domestic demand, expanding consumption, give full play to the consumption of the strong driving force.

around the two seasons, take positive measures to enrich the market, promote consumption, the establishment of the Golden Port International bonded shopping center, to guide the flow of foreign consumption. In the first quarter, the province’s total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 1.7 percentage points higher than 1-2 month, higher than the national average of 0.5 percentage points. At the same time, the implementation of the real estate transaction deed tax, business tax preferential policies, open up commercial housing and affordable housing policy channels, the real estate market transactions rebounded, commercial housing inventory fell nearly 10%.

Since the beginning of

, the Provincial Department of Commerce in charge of the full protection of the two market supply, increase the organization of major commodities and holiday commodity transportation, the allocation of meat and vegetable reserves. At the same time, the major shopping malls, supermarkets have to seize the holiday nodes, to carry out a series of colorful promotional activities, the province’s consumer goods market supply is adequate, stable operation. According to statistics, in the wholesale and retail trade above designated size;