How to choose a reliable food restaurant

now, the catering industry can be said to be on the market unpopular industry, a lot of people have taken to the catering industry profits and stable, so people want to join the investment catering industry, so in the choice of restaurants should pay attention to what point? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian together to find reliable catering to join the project.

Study leader

restaurant chain franchise

now catering enterprises competition is not directly to the product and the competition between the product performance, but in the form of brand competition. In other words, when consumers decide to dine, he often first decided to go to the hotel or restaurant to eat, and then decide what to eat; even when he first made the decision of what to eat, also must decide in what place to eat. Therefore, the choice of a good reputation and excellent brand image of the restaurant chain franchise business, is a necessary condition for success.

has a good reputation and excellent brand image of the restaurant chain franchise should have the following four basic characteristics: the content of technology more outstanding flavor and high radiation; large space and high social reputation; long communication history and more cultural connotation; good economic benefit.

Third, the development history and development stage of restaurant chain franchise

Yunnan, more snow in October users call frozen dog

in our each person’s impression, is the winter snow season, especially in some southern areas of our domestic, but some places in October this year, the Yunnan Chinese appeared the snowfall weather, become the first autumn snow fall.

affected by low pressure and the cold air of the bay of Bengal, the beginning of 8, Yunnan appears more continuous rainfall in cold weather, Shangri-La, Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Kunming, Huize, Qujing chair mountain Dashanbao in Zhaotong and Qiaojia, but also ushered in the first year of autumn snow.

Dali snow

the sudden snow weather, Yunnan maxed circle of friends. At the same time watching the beauty, users also referred to frozen dog".

"Kunming University of Science and Technology International College Youth League" quipped, "a winter rain into the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan snow! In Yunnan spring, summer, autumn and winter random play. Please cherish every friend you read in Yunnan! Because these days they have frozen into a dog! Wang! Wang! Wang!"

Kunming netizen "Si Jing", "China city can be divided into three categories: one is the ordinary city like Chengdu, the order of play two seasons; is like Xishuangbanna Art City, summer single cycle; three is like Kunming city check it out throughout the year, random play. Yesterday, 26 degrees, 14 degrees today, the people of Kunming are very busy every day, busy to wear long johns, and Long Johns, wearing long johns……"

the meteorological department, from the beginning of 11, most of the rainfall in Yunnan will be significantly reduced, the temperature will rise slowly, but the temperature is still very low, need to pay attention to keep warm.

for the Yunnan dump heavy snow, also caused many netizens hot, at the same time, but also to remind some friends in Yunnan need to pay attention and warm clothes, because affected by the strong cold air, the local temperature dropped badly.


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Returning migrant workers rely on electricity supplier once again out of the mountains

from the fruit rot in the ground, to the country shipped in short supply, the benefits of e-commerce to rural farmers can be more than that. At present, Taobao has been in rural areas in rural areas to create a new marketing channels.


37 year old migrant workers Cai Maolin is Fengjie County Cao Tang Zhen Zhu Ping Cun rural Taobao shop shop is his partner, lucky won the Taobao rural "double 11" in the first season of "the arrival of the first single".

"entrepreneurs have to go." The establishment of the Fengjie and Cai Maolin put all sorts of things together, Ting Agriculture Co. Ltd. in Longhua Shan Cai Jia Ping Li, planting and cultivation of kiwifruit seedlings, planting area of nearly more than and 600 acres.

Investment analysis of home improvement store

In the process of looking for the

project, we will not be fooled by the surface of the hot project, before making the investment, we must calm down to do in-depth analysis of market and investment, so that it can better choice, more security investment returns! Today, we would like to introduce you to the home improvement consulting shop investment analysis.

Glasses shop opened 8 business strategy

glasses shop in today’s society is a violent industry, at the same time, with the larger profit point in the market, there are a lot of home glasses shop in this industry, there are a lot of competition, so, how should the game open shop.

1. Location is very important for optical shops, unless you don’t want to make money quickly. Recommended in Colleges and universities around the bustling section.

2. Decoration glasses shop decoration, do not have too luxurious, too good to be afraid to go oh! Decoration used to talk about color, simple and elegant, the door is not recommended to use push type, feeling a bit oh.

3. Special investment to open a more than and 50 square glasses shop, you need to invest in the payment of 1000 optical frames, 50 pay contact lenses and potions, pay 500 sunglasses. 1000 of them pay, pay 400 to 5 yuan in the purchase price low, the price of 30 yuan, in the following, 300 to pay 16 yuan in the mid-range purchase price, sales price in 100 yuan the following, 200 pay for high-grade, the purchase price of 40 yuan in the following, the sale price in 160 yuan, 100 pay for the purchase price in the high-end 50 to 200 yuan, price in 160 ~ 360 yuan. 300 pay 100 pay grade, sun, price in 10 to 30 yuan, 120 for the mid-range, purchase price in 16 yuan, the sales price in 38 ~ 98. 80 pay 100 yuan in the purchase price for high-grade, the following price in 100 ~ 300 yuan. Now there are a lot of features, this is my most conservative valuation.

4. We said good lens resin lens is very good, the most commonly used, find a good supplier purchase, estimated in 15 to 80 yuan, a variety of ultra thin coating. Usually 1. 56, the purchase price in the following 30.

5. Now automatic optometry equipment, some equipment refractometer is better, to a little more than 1, automatic cutting machine is more than 10 thousand points, the 8 thousand is enough, advice or use, such as drilling machine, polishing machine, test piece box 2000 yuan on the line.

6. Open the glasses shop must be an optometrist, there are about 3 sales staff, it is recommended that 2 women and a man.

7. The time of purchase, we must select styles, popular with light, thin, thin, no frame, half frame is good, there are several new. Packaging should also choose.

8. Service, service first, in details.

when opening a shop often need to do is to pay attention to some of the business strategy, has a good business strategy, often in the shop the process can get recommended

How to train health care franchise sales staff

has a certain scale of health care franchise stores have sales staff to provide better service to customers. If you are running a health care store, how should I do a good job of sales staff training? A lot of franchisees are not very clear, in fact, this is a very dangerous thing, and then come to learn the small series.

will use "us" instead of "I"". At any time, we will have more affinity than "I", because health care assistants to say "we" will give the customer the psychological hint: health care staff and customers are stand on the same line, is to stand in the customer point of view on the problem. The "I" although only "we" less a word, but it can not express the feeling of closeness to the customer.

is respect for customers, and customers can not answer the phone conversation. Health care staff in the sales process, we must always remember not to answer the phone, even if the customer has been allowed, but also allows customers to feel the heart of the staff do not attach importance to their own.

is not forget the customer requirements. When you choose the health care is just in line with the needs of customers, a feeling of being respected in the hearts of customers spontaneously, the next sales transaction work will be carried out smoothly.

is to maintain a moderate style of conversation. In the process of talking to customers to maintain consistent style of speaking. Generally speaking, those who speak more gently, and speak more slowly than the health care staff can sell products, because the slow tempo sometimes represents the good will listen to.

in fact, health care franchise business is still a long way to go, with the change of the times or changes in the environment, the owners need to adjust themselves to adapt to this change. Then from the health care store sales staff began to effectively train her, for their own economic benefits.

health care franchise shop operators how to do a good job of sales staff training? The above analysis is for reference only, do a good job related training, the line into a certain rules and regulations, so as to improve the sales staff’s business ability. If you are not good at this problem, you need to learn a lot of knowledge, come to contact us.

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Sewing ten brands list

apparel market is now a rapid development, as an important knitting machine, sewing line naturally also play a greater role in the continuous. So what are the major brands of sewing thread Market? Here, let Xiaobian for you secret sewing thread ten brand list, so that you can have a more understanding of the industry brand.

sewing line ten brands list, NO.1 COATS, founded in the UK, the global leading brand of sewing thread, the largest provider of global sewing line in the world, a large multinational group, coats (Shenzhen) Co., ltd..

sewing thread ten brands list NO.2, A& E: in 1891, the United States, the world’s largest industrial sewing thread / embroidery line manufacturers, one of the most well-known high-end sewing thread brand, the United States Efird limited liability company.

sewing line ten brands list, NO.3 Liu Qing: national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang famous brand, one of the largest professional production line of business, science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Shanghai Group Holdings limited.

sewing line ten brands list, NO.4 Dunhuang: Zhejiang famous brand, national standard drafting unit of sewing thread, one of the largest production base of sewing thread, Chinese wire Research Center, Sino US joint venture, Huamei thread company limited.

sewing line ten brands list NO.5, AMANN Ahmad: founded in Germany, one of the world’s leading high-quality sewing and embroidery production enterprises, the leading brand sewing thread industry trade (Shanghai) Co., ahmad.

sewing line ten brands list NO.6, maple: national protection of trademark, famous trademark in Hubei Province, the famous brand of Hubei Province, the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, production line industry well-known enterprises, Hubei Maple thread Co. ltd..

sewing line ten brands list NO.7, gorgeous Rachel: famous brand in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi province famous brand products, one of the largest pure polyester sewing thread foreign-owned textile enterprises, Huarui (China) sewing thread Co. ltd..

sewing line ten brands list NO.8, Megumi SPAEK: national protection of trademark, famous trademark in Sichuan Province, one of the largest production base of viscose embroidery thread of high-tech enterprises in Sichuan Province, Yibin HMEI thread Co Ltd.

sewing thread of the top ten brands NO.9, Meng Heng MH: Zhejiang province famous brand, Zhejiang export brand, enjoy a high visibility of clothing accessories brand, large enterprise groups, Ningbo Meng Heng industry and Trade Co., ltd..


Recommend a good way to make money online 6

in the network so developed today, there are many ways to make money online, many people want to make money online, but there are also a lot of money to make money on the Internet, many people do not believe. So, on the Internet to make money on the fly? Whether or not to make money? Next, we will introduce a few more realistic online money work.


1, open a shop selling things

2, the Internet to do Witkey make money

3, build their own personal website

4, apply for moderators, earn pocket money

apply for moderators, to some forums such as apply to do Sohu forum moderator. Moderator treatment is more stable but not high, and different sites to pay the moderator is not the same treatment. Be the first to be interested, and must have a fixed time every day to manage the forum. For a large number of friends, may wish to apply to do the moderator, not only to meet the moderators do vanity, you can also get a little material gains.

5, do bidding to sell products

Nail shop how to operate small series to weapon

people pursue beauty, especially women, all want to become more perfect, nail is a woman’s favorite. Many of my friends also want to open a Manicure shop, but the operation strategy of most Manicure shop lack of professional, in order to gain market share of the tricks, leading to fierce market competition and confusion. Faced with this situation, the nail shop how to operate it?

new operation idea and operation mode of

new services and projects, so that consumers have more choice

advertising means good

The above is the "


The gang start of the business partnership less

entrepreneurship, is now a lot of people are concerned about the topic, but also a lot of people choose. "Brother, dude loyalty, like-minded, glorious years, together with the total death," these noble words, I as early as 20 years ago to play bad. So do not repeat here, went straight to the theme, only talk about entrepreneurship.

"business partnership" is a civilization of vocabulary, but sorry, I of the social environment is not a kind of youth entrepreneurship is defined, that is "the gang start" more, "little business partnership".

"node," these two words have been tied together, but today apart to re configure a group of words, their meaning is not the same.

if every entrepreneur only staring at the brilliant success, but rarely to explore those failure cases, it is very dangerous, I do not want young people to go home to be launched after being successful brainwashing


this success has nothing to do with you, either, or learning experience, what others can do, into your hands. You may not be able to do, in other words, if we put a >

Less than 10 thousand months after the introduction of personalized hand-painted entrepreneurial inc

DIY elements into all walks of life, its unique creative also won the favorite of young people, a 80 from found a rich opportunity, wealth is now rhythm lever, reversing the life trajectory established for yourself.

a double value of more than ten million ordinary white canvas shoes, a cost of 5 yuan white T, in a special paint painting manual the various creative patterns, can sell 60-120 yuan, the price doubled ten times…… Nowadays, there are a number of personalized hand-painted stores on the market, so that another way investors tasted the sweetness of the creative industry.

business opportunities due to individual choice

location around the university to open shop


2011 in May, hand-painted shop was officially opened, 6 square meters of shops, covered with Joe carefully drawn more than and 300 t-shirts. At that time, he did not hold too much hope, do a good job of the psychological preparation of the passenger flow. But unexpectedly, opened on the day of selling more than 500 yuan. Soon, the store opened a certain reputation, coupled with the weather, in hot summer season T-shirt customers, streamed to them, especially to fashion students mainly. In addition, many customers want to DIY, then, Joe and neighbor rented shop, for the customer to draw.

in store customers gradually stable, Joe day 20 pieces of clothing, daily turnover of nearly 1000 yuan. Autumn and winter cold weather, hand-painted T-shirts business as summer is hot, he tricks to attract customers, some picturesque masks, long sleeved shirts, scarves, cloth, the store remained popular enough.

input less than 10 thousand monthly income of over 20 thousand

and Joe full-time hand-painted different, a student at Hubei University of Technology in Yuan Yan, the network store spare time to maintain the hand is more like a fun nature. She told reporters, the main operating hand-painted hand-painted wooden album, hand-painted tourist maps and music boxes, hand-painted wooden panels, etc., all hand-painted patterns are the original production of art students. In addition, recommend

Several key factors of successful operation of clothing store

business has become a means of many people to become rich for a living, and now business clothing store although the outlook is good, but in the face of many of the clothing to join the risk, how can investors have more chance of success? Here is a suggestion for investors to join.


clothing franchisee must first understand, to join us and not profit guarantee.

The basic concept of

not overdo sth.

however, clothing stores and the number of not too much. If the store opened more and more, then the scope of each store is bound to become smaller, it means that consumers will be less and less. Competitors increased, but the consumer market did not grow with the number of stores.


good delineation of consumer groups

What are the problems that need to pay attention to


entrepreneurs entrepreneurship should pay attention to things, especially for those entrepreneurs who first venture, because for the first time entrepreneurs lack of entrepreneurial experience, in short, whether it is for what kind of entrepreneurs, need considering various, let’s take a look!

on personal business, I believe you can for having heard it many times. But the difficulty of starting a business, the boss of the hardships, that is what you know the boss. What should you pay attention to when you start a business? What should pay attention to when starting a business?

A, individual entrepreneurs, to choose the industry. Select the industry, looks very simple, the three hundred and sixty line, the line out of the champion, the line that can do the results, the effect. In fact, in the stage of individual entrepreneurship, select the industry has a great impact on personal development. Any industry, he is not an independent existence, a lot of projects derived from each other. This is what we often say the industry chain.

two, individual entrepreneurs, to select the right place. Find their own market, to win the development of space.

three, individual entrepreneurs, to choose the appropriate helper and partners. The three friends moved the story and I think we are very clear, choose a good partner, is the foundation of success. The comprehensive quality is good, the social experience is rich, and the social resources are the foundation of the investigation.

What should the

DF ice cream to join details

dessert has always been dubbed can bring people happy food, ice cream is the sister’s favorite. Changes in the consumption habits of young people, making ice cream into a hot selling products throughout the year. The choice of shopping can not be less ice cream. So what is the best choice of ice cream stores? Xiao Bian recommended for you DF ice cream.

DF ice cream (DAIRY FAIRY) is dephone Holdings (International) dephone era commercial chain Limited operates a soft ice cream brand. Adhering to " create surprise, pass pleasure " brand philosophy, culture and spirit of the standard DF ice cream with innovative diverse tastes, fashion personality space experience, happy service, continuously for consumers to bring fresh consumer experience, open the amazing taste buds tour, " International Association of business unit of ice cream " honor.

"whole store output" joined the system 360° support

according to the International Franchise Association (IFA) survey report pointed out that local entrepreneurial success rate is 36%, while the global franchise chain store business success rate is 96%. Thus, the investment franchise chain store is to ensure that the trend of profitability.

DF ice cream to many years of successful chain operation experience, to create "entire shop output" mode, copy the successful model, one-stop service franchisees, and continue to provide guidance and support for the terminal operators to join the business, so you can shop, with you to fortune


1, service phase

professional consulting and audit service given location location;

professional design team responsible for store design, decoration work, unified VI visual identity;

technical team is responsible for the installation and commissioning of equipment and software system;

2, construction support

to join the recruitment of staff to provide 7 days of the system of " business integrated training and evaluation of " the national uniform service standards, marketing tools, service language, post qualification;

provides a set of DF ice cream shop operating manual;

chain service team to provide professional advice and guidance;

3, opening support

provides 5 days of on-site supervision and support (sales and service, management and management, software and hardware operations, etc.);


Guangzhou to increase the attractiveness of the industry leading talent

plays an important role in the process of innovation and entrepreneurship. A leader can lead to the transformation and development of an industry. In order to speed up local innovation and entrepreneurship, Guangzhou stressed the need to introduce outstanding innovative talents.

by optimizing the environment, increase support for welfare and other ways to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship talent attraction, is a powerful action quickly gathered talents, Guangzhou is taking whatever way to enhance attraction. So want to venture to Guangzhou, it is necessary to innovate to Guangzhou!

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A small clothing store so that the young aunt to find their wealth of life

female entrepreneurs, we must choose their favorite industry, to find their own projects. Now, Auntie career appears to be very smooth, like a small boss, but that childish and grievances of the year, Bosco said: "a small clothing store is not easy! Now I am 7 years ago, I was just a total of two people. The gift of the gab, really become a business man."

"could have been saying, did not consider, but later they really become the boss, only to find the boss really difficult to do." Bosco giggle.

5 June, her boyfriend under the support of a friend and partnership in the liberation of West Street rented a small shop, opened a clothing store, Bosco finally do individual boss. "At that time I can be happy, think as long as their own money to open a shop, will be able to succeed. At that time thought very naive." Auntie said ashamed.

second months, Bosco feel both in attitude, or about cheap clothes, more than a month has improved, but why still not popular? Auntie and her two friends always do not think the crux of the problem is. One day, because the store business is not good, small Jie and her boyfriend up, her boyfriend said some angry: "you want to shop, now open to what, out of order, what clothes are, not mortar store."

Cosmetics store should do so sales

to open a cosmetics shop, to consider a lot of problems, the most important thing is the sale of this area, how to successfully sell the product to the customer, which is a lot of cosmetics shop owner and shopping guide are thinking. But now the sales staff often because of various reasons leading to the failure of the transaction examples abound, then how should we improve the efficiency of sales?

1, do identity psychological matting

2, give confidence never to promise

provide sufficient facts and confidence so that customers feel that the problem actually don’t have to worry about, but don’t tell him whether there will be the nature of his problems so as not to burn your bridges.

3, weaken the problem and transfer contradiction

4, after the transaction to explain


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Foot shop is how to let customers continue to drain

since the store business, for any one operator, the natural hope is that the shop business better and better, more and more customers. However, at the same time, there are a lot of shops, but the loss of customers, so that operators worry. In short, in the process of foot store operations, the loss of customers is a problem for managers a headache, many managers are aware of the problem, want to control, but do not know where is the problem, do not know where to start, today Xiaobian to sort out some of the causes of the loss of customers, in the hope that business never let your customers "disappear" rather baffling.

reflexologist argue: love for the moment as fight for a thousand years, a lot of reflexologist love to argue, bicker, the customer said no effect, she said customers do not understand, there is definitely effect; the customer said she said expensive, not expensive, is much cheaper than last time, directly cause the transaction failure. To get one thing, we will have to "victory", "Sheng" and "benefit" from, let the customer win, let us profit. Foot store is a decompression place, often because the guests feel uncomfortable, gas, want to foot store ventilation, you can not read the hearts of customers, don’t blame the customer "playboy", he to the other foot store is very normal, gradually out of the membership card, he will not come also, the loss of.

reflexologist grimaced: some reflexologist because of his personality, for customer service is always unhappy when the customer and we don’t use the language communication, one person’s facial expression plays a very important role, if you face each other, do not want to close to you, not to say push card, add bell here, Xiao Bian give reflexologist friends advice: learn to look in the mirror, the mirror to practice every day for 10 minutes, let go up, there is a saying: the others face is our face reflection! The customer money smile, customers do not give money to smile.

reflexologist Indifference: people often say "attitude is everything", but this attitude we often reflexologist do not good enough, especially the old reflexologist, old customers do not think this consumption would be a contemptuous disregard why not reflect on, is not our project did not meet the customer expectations? Is it true that we haven’t found the real needs of our customers? A glass of water, a text message, a holiday blessing and so on who will do, but can not do a good job, is the attitude of the problem.


reflexologist know: small series have seen such a story, a widowed old woman was invited to attend a dance dance lovers open up a fresh outlook, the organizer aims to enable participants to recall their young age. At the party, the woman’s two lovers came. The first lover saw the woman and said, "Oh, you are not the same as you were when you were young." The second lover said to her, "you are so beautiful. So many years have passed, you are still as beautiful as before

Analysis of the top 10 venture projects in 2012

is now very much on TV, a variety of entrepreneurial projects on the Internet, but not all are suitable for venture investment to join at any time, so today the business network Xiaobian for you about 2012 the most profitable venture is what 10. Now, the most popular investment industry can be seen as a rich machine, if you do not have the vision to find, then there is no claim to the peak of the ranks of the rich, which is a shortcut in the first place.

the ten most popular investment industry infant supplies industry

from market data analysis: China’s city of neonatal supplies family average monthly consumption of 900 yuan. Now what industry do well, coupled with the vast number of rural areas in the city of infant consumption, China’s infant supplies market will be more than 100 billion yuan a year market size. Now what the industry do? How much infant supplies market is? According to the fifth census statistics bulletin issued by the Chinese annually, 16 million newborn babies, infants aged 0~3 about 69 million, of which the number of city infants aged 0~3 over 10 million, equivalent to the total population of Australia Leah.

the ten most popular investment industry Jiezhuang industry

the ten most popular investment industry wedding industry

Venture capital casual easy money project

casual wear in our lives, has been very much concerned about the choice. So, the business will choose to join casual dress? High quality entrepreneurial projects, easy to make money without worry!

now with more and more people’s favorite casual clothing, many people are very optimistic about the future development of leisure apparel industry, leisure clothing to join also make a lot of people get a huge profit. As for the franchise business is also necessary to grasp the skills of casual clothing, and then come together to see what the operating skills of investment leisure clothing.

for casual clothing stores, we must ensure that the quality of sportswear in the store clearance. Only good quality sportswear to stabilize the old customers, but also to improve store reputation, bring more new customers.

in addition, in today’s such a new society, leisure clothing also have to pay attention to the style of the novel and fashion, or else can not attract consumers’ eyes, naturally unable to achieve sales targets.

in order to make casual clothing store to get better performance, in terms of publicity, franchisees to spare no effort. Propaganda should pay attention to efficiency, in the way of leisure clothing on the timely innovation, standing in the customer’s point of view to complete the propaganda work.

2017, the popular joining the project, the hot market, it is worth our choice! Casual items to join the project, then, what are you still hesitating? Come and leave a message! Let’s work together to create wealth!