How do you want to set up the correct location

want to succeed in business need to have certain conditions, with the conditions also have a certain opportunity, the success of the business must be inseparable from the weather, geography and people and. Once the investor decides to start a business, it is necessary to have a comprehensive investigation of the selected sites.

1. transportation facilities. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well.

2. close to the place where people gather. Such as theaters, cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment, or near large factories, organs, which can attract pedestrians, on the other hand, easy to make the customer remember the location of the store.

3. select a place where the population is growing rapidly. The development of enterprises, residential areas and municipalities will bring more customers to the store and make it more potential for development.

4. to select the side of a smaller side or obstacles. In many cases, the pedestrians in order to cross the road, so concentrate on to avoid the vehicle or other pedestrians, while ignoring the side of the shop.

5. select the spontaneous formation of a market segment. In the long run, a street market will spontaneously form a sale of certain commodities "market", in fact, for those goods shops, if it can be concentrated in a certain area or block, more can attract customers. Because people think of buying a commodity will naturally think of this place.

6. according to the operating content to select the address. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Some shops require a large flow of people in the area, such as clothing stores, small supermarkets, but not all the shops are open for the huge crowds of people places, such as health shops and service centers for the elderly, is suitable in the remote and quiet place.

7. stores opened in the vicinity of the famous chain stores or brands, and even can be opened next to it. Strong and commercial buildings, hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies, 24 hours coffee shops, teahouses, bars, schools, banks, post offices, laundry, print shops, community service centers, community cultural and Sports Center, set off the brand stores and public places adjacent. For example, if you want to run a restaurant, you will open the shop around McDonald’s and kfc. Because of these famous foreign fast food shop in the choice before have done a lot of detailed market survey, next to their shop, not only can save time and energy on the site, but also can make use of the brand "they were" more customers.

8. is located in the business center street. The East-West north-south Street South Street best; the best sit east of the west, as far as possible in the northwest corner of the crossroads. In addition, the trigeminal junction is a good place; in the slope of the road is not desirable; road and shop floor height can not be too wide. < >

Jin Haitao integration of the Internet and traditional industries become more diverse profit point

with the continuous development of the Internet, its business opportunities are constantly being displayed, and constantly adapt to the development of the law of the market. In Jin Haitao view, the Internet must actively explore and traditional industries, and in the process of creating a diversified business model to achieve sustainable profitability, and change the community.

Taiwan youth entrepreneurship base was established in Yichun

is now due to the domestic market of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial environment have become very good at the same time, local governments are also actively build business platform for people, so to attract a lot of Taiwan and Taiwan entrepreneurs to venture and investment.

19, the thirteenth Jiangxi Taiwan (Yichun) economic and trade cooperation and Cultural Exchange Conference (hereinafter referred to as the thirteenth Yichun) will be opened in Jiangxi province. The opening ceremony, the leaders of Jiangxi province Yichun Taiwan youth entrepreneurship base awarding, provide more solid for Taiwan youth to Jiangxi entrepreneurial opportunities and stage.

once a year "Jiangxi Taiwan", opened a window for the cooperation and exchange of Gan Po and the island of Taiwan, has built a bridge of emotional fusion. It is understood that, from 2003, the first Taiwan will be held so far, the general assembly has become an important platform for cross-strait exchanges and dialogue, consensus, enhance feelings, strengthen cooperation. "Gan Taiwan" has gone through 12 glorious spring, 12 "Jiangxi Taiwan" were invited to Taiwan more than 1 participants, signed 832 cooperation projects, the contract amount of $28 billion 700 million in Taiwan, known as the central region of Taiwan and the most influential cultural event.


the Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangxi Province, the thirteenth session of Jiangxi and Taiwan will be the theme of development and upgrading, deepen cooperation, outstanding youth, harmonious family". The conference will be held during the series of green industry cooperation, cooperation Jiangxi Taiwan strategic emerging industry fair, Jiangxi and Taiwan cooperation in the modern service industry cooperation Fair, Jiangxi Modern Agricultural Industry Fair, Jiangxi Taiwan Tourism Industry Cooperation Fair, Jiangxi Taiwan textile and new materials industry cooperation forum and other activities.

It is reported that the thirteenth "/ >

In fact, the

was set up in Yichun Taiwan youth entrepreneurship base is to provide better service for some entrepreneurial young entrepreneurs in Taiwan better, in order to promote the development of the local social entrepreneurship and employment.


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How to open a new look at the underwear chain

looks like a small underwear inconspicuous, but every woman can not do without, so the underwear market is still worth our attention. How to open underwear chain? Want to open a shop to make money, some things still need to pay attention to, hurry up and look at it.

lingerie chain investment, to vision business, to find a good place in the beginning of the site, is to choose the right underwear brand, so as to ensure the underwear business to carry out more stable. Underwear chain how to open? Vision to be unique, in the time of purchase to find a unique product to attract the public to come.


Snack stores to pay attention to the details of the business to do better

snack market fiery, snack bar has become a choice. But there are a lot of attention to the snack bar. As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, especially in the business, sometimes because of not paying attention to detail, directly led to the failure. What are the details of the snack chain stores to pay attention to the following entrepreneurs for the analysis of three points.

1, post with

2, material preparation

3, promotion


National entrepreneurship leading to serious problems faced by all entrepreneurs

in the era of entrepreneurship, although entrepreneurs have brought a very good entrepreneurial environment, but also to bring entrepreneurs a variety of problems.

1, the company registered

The first hurdle is the company registration problem placed in front of

2, corporate finance

3, legal issues

from the current trend of the domestic point of view, although the national policy is to provide a relaxed business environment for entrepreneurs, but many of the necessary procedures in the process of entrepreneurship is not reasonable, recommended

Now do poineering work to make money to make small weapon

everyone is trying to make money, so the choice of the project is very careful. So, what do you do to make money now? I believe you have more than once thought about this problem. Now Xiaobian for you to recommend a few good projects to earn money, come and look at it.

The unique flavor of Hunan Changde city

vinegar condiment, but health care function significantly, now, many varieties, functional range of vinegar beverages have a lot of listings, to become the new leisure health drink vinegar. At present, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xi’an, Guiyang and other places have been specialized in vinegar vinegar, Cuyin both brightly, and with vinegar cocktails, drinks and fashion, elegant environment, strong cultural atmosphere, so that many consumers now become like a flock of ducks, vinegar, tea bar, bar coffee after a big trend, a lot of vinegar are currently hot business, bonanza.

Now the entrepreneurial force


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How to do a good job in the home industry projects

now Home Furnishing market is very lively, very popular Home Furnishing project, do Home Furnishing project must have the vision, but also to try to do the first characteristic, the fashion trend of the Home Furnishing industry needs to have a certain degree of understanding, to try to make the Home Furnishing accessories and Home Furnishing features currently maintains a consistent.

Market survey:

70% investigators will increase the room decoration investment

Display China Home Furnishing new trend forum held

can implement progressive discount according to the amount of consumption, business advice Home Furnishing shop in the supply that also should try to pursue distinctive style, exquisite workmanship; experts also pointed out that due to Home Furnishing consumer goods consumer demand is more sensitive to the price, investors can consider the flexible price strategy can be carried out according to the amount of consumption or consumption the progressive discount, for example, to buy 5 pieces of goods Home Furnishing, enjoy a discount of 5%; 10, 10% discount, buy more, enjoy more discount. This can not only promote sales, but also to return the funds as soon as possible to reduce inventory.

location only to see the passenger

have distinctive service

European style classical

The first venture to pay attention to what

everything has the first time, the same as the current venture, the first venture to be careful, but there are some problems are often difficult to predict a person, such as the following aspects.

1 general and trail

2 and adhere to the direction of risk identification

clear their future development direction is very important, once established goals will persist, but also pay attention to the risk identification, the risk is always there for you, to know when to avoid, change the direction of clever.


entrepreneurs need a lot of skills, including: the direction selection ability, recognition ability, management ability, learning ability, generalization ability, operation ability, business ability, financing ability to grasp the rhythm and reflective ability etc..

these only for the first business people a little reminder, life has a lot of unknown, but doing everything prepared, I believe you will have a good beginning.

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Why are there differences between the two sesame seed stalls business

says many people are not unfamiliar to Clay oven rolls, now, near any snacks will have different sellers and different stalls Clay oven rolls, Clay oven rolls may also have different business, two, this is so Clay oven rolls out. East side of the district has two sesame seed stalls, on the south side is a middle-aged couple, monopoly Taishan sesame seed". North is a pair of young couples, the main Beijing sesame seed. Every day after two sesame seed stalls, and sometimes buy on the one or two.

with the heart, the two different characteristics: Taishan Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls Congxiang smell salty fresh oil. Beijing sesame cake in the fragrant crisp, soft taste. However, I can find an interesting phenomenon: to the Taishan sesame seed stalls to buy fried sesame cake is significantly less than the number of people in Beijing sesame shop, and most of them are young customers, come and go in a hurry. Beijing TanQian is Clay oven rolls those elderly customers face. Many customers would rather stand in Beijing Clay oven rolls waiting in line, nor to Taishan shop to buy Clay oven rolls.

Driven by curiosity,

decided to find out. So, go to Taishan to buy Clay oven rolls TanQian Clay oven rolls. A Clay oven rolls are middle-aged women on the board before baking, and sell Clay oven rolls is a middle-aged man Clay oven rolls. Middle aged man asked me: buy a few? I replied: 5 dollars. The middle-aged man no longer speak, give me the bag deftly handed me 5 handed over 5 yuan Clay oven rolls, I took the money, Clay oven rolls away.

second days, because it is a Sunday, I took a little granddaughter to buy Beijing Clay oven rolls TanQian Clay oven rolls. TanQian customer is still Clay oven rolls waiting in line. I looked, I stood in front of more than and 10 people. Here is the young man to do before the young woman in a Clay oven rolls, baking and selling Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls. A young woman he deftly cooked with a smile and Clay oven rolls, while customers laughing. Listen to the conversation, mostly look at the situation and some small household affairs, and the customer is very familiar.

When it was my turn to buy

, I asked, "is there any sugar cake?" The young woman replied with a smile: "yes, who to eat?" I said, "no, my granddaughter wants to eat." The young woman asked me to say, "it’s too hot for the new hot sesame cake." I am busy thanking and saying: "your heart is fine." The young woman smiled again and said, "yes."." I handed over the money, the young woman gave me a pack of 6 sesame seed. I asked one Leng: "I want 5 yuan." The young woman smiled and said: "it seems that you do not often come to my stall to buy me 5 dollars to buy more for a."

row behind me is an old woman, the old man wants to buy ten sesame seed cake. The young woman asked, "is there anyone at home?" The old woman said: "no man, no food at home, I took a day to buy out." The young woman said: "aunt, you do not buy so many times, now eat now buy it, a cold sesame cake is not delicious. If you do not want to come out, and so my mother came over at noon I let her send you, not too far away from the right path." The old woman said happily