The six big preparations for the new APP line

took the mobile Internet boom, many enterprises began to carry out a variety of mobile marketing activities, including the APP marketing, with its unique advantages in many ways of marketing talent shows itself, become a magic weapon for rapid rise of brand building, the small and medium-sized enterprise, enterprise deeply loved, but there are still many enterprises due to the just released app by improper operation strategy, causing it to be shuffling out in the mobile application of the tide, so just for the start-up of the app how to operate, what are the operating strategy, this issue, six suggestions are given the following small series.

1, accurate positioning,

this is a topic that is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, whether app or site should do the positioning in the early stage, but there are still a lot of product designers to ignore this problem, to know the location of new product is as precise as possible, what function to meet the needs of what what scene households, this operation for enterprise products the late great help. Such as: video class mother community, can be defined to provide their own service is the use of video to guide the way to treasure the mother let the baby eat healthier "theme of the statement is simple, clear, not only illustrates the products in the promotion of the selling point, also target user attributes clear product.

2, low-key work,

mall like a battlefield, a little inattentive is likely to die, there are many veteran operations on the Internet, their operating experience is very rich, like the Internet in a lot of good products, when you see them everywhere brush financing information, estimated home before the half have been melting money, they are basically they will only up to (or even already melt into the next round) money, only made public this round of financing. In short, the IT ring keeps a low profile, and a high profile will expose your product prematurely to the product manager’s radar, attracting too many competitors to join and increase competitiveness.

3, easy to operate,

for a professional specialist to know, APP application function is not the more the better, not the more complex the better, but more simple, more easy to operate better, because each day time is limited, however, is still very much in the Internet app development often reference station the application of the market more excellent app, the app content of many, many activities, many functions, integral system users are like, then some will go to the founder of the tragedy is asked his team to do a lot of columns and functions, and the final results not only delay the app application of the on-line time, still do not have access to the user love.

4, clear operational objectives

target will have power, operating according to the different stages of the development of different targets, which is more conducive to the normal operation, is conducive to better define the purpose of each stage, and then combined with the corresponding index, put forward different assumptions on the operational direction. Such as: just app application, just on line, >

The 8868 quarter still how do we become a monthly tour of tens of millions of hand travel trading pl


, he’s the youngest generation of entrepreneurs on the mobile internet. In 2012, he left the business from the UC game center business leader, from Beijing to Guangzhou alone, the creation of the 8868 hand travel trading platform ( In the recently concluded dark horse race TMT industry finals, he with a clear and mature business model and Baidu vice president Zhang Dongchen won the "best mentoring title."". In the mobile game rapid development of the tide, he through the original CBC embedded trading model, in just 1 and a half years, will be 8868 to create, monthly trading water million hand travel trading platform. He is the 8868 hand travel trading platform ( founder and CEO season. Recently, the dark horse will TMT branch, WeChat large group invited to season to share.

share content below:

, we have only two founders team. I was UC nine travel platform business leader, as a core member, to participate in the overall development process of UC, but also in the platform, game products and the overall operation has done some accumulation. Our CTO Li Yang has 10 years of Internet development experience, leading the development of nine clients and applications vertical search platform. At present, the team has developed to about 70 people, of course, in order to provide 7*24 hours of intermediary services, our customer service accounted for about 25 people. It is worth mentioning that, we also made a breakdown of customer service, including complaints, advice, sales, customer service, delivery staff in three directions, which is a special form of travel agents in the decision.

I chose to start my own business from UC, based on my consideration of my personal life and my consideration of market opportunities. I am not a complacent person, love new things, so when they are young, entrepreneurs choose to challenge themselves. Moreover, the attraction of hand travel market is also huge for me. From the PC end of the tour market, in 2013, the country’s largest end of the tour trading platform 5173 annual turnover of more than 10 billion of the water, its water accounted for 1/5 of the 2013 end of the tour’s top 53 billion of revenue. This proves that offline transactions are one of the core requirements of users. At present Mobile Games certainly not up to the end of the tour, but in combination, Mobile Games users of the game more time, more simple way to buy (direct mobile phone whenever and wherever possible the purchase and payment of universal value and equipment) money is far lower than the PC end of the tour. Therefore, the development potential behind this market is very huge. It also made me choose to join the entrepreneurial tide in this area.

The biggest advantage of the two tier

transaction is that it is cheaper than the official direct purchase, which can attract people to buy, otherwise the user will recharge the game directly. However, this is precisely a tour of the immature performance. Looking at the end of the tour, the end of the tour trading market transactions are mainly non binding equipment and game output currency, recharge money can not be traded. This kind of deal actually has a big boost to the game

Promotion of online stores, publishing information learned

more and more people now in the online shop, whether you are using an independent shopping system program with B2C or pat in the mall, such as Taobao, Baidu, the establishment of C2C network auction platform on network shop needs a good means of promotion, can increase the browsing rate of shops. The store’s browsing rate is similar to the daily flow of traditional stores. Is not afraid of deep alley, that is the past, don’t wait to know this, now the rabbit also learn tree than three, will not take the initiative to Huangbuzelu that a tree hit you guarding. The physical store’s flow is not big, the network shop’s browsing quantity is not big, this is decided by your transaction order transformation.

releases information, promotes its own shop, has pays, the commercial promotion and the free promotion two ways. Paid advertising is not discussed in this article and is not discussed. How can we promote our store free of charge on the Internet? We also need to learn the modern rabbit, and don’t cling to a tree. There should be a variety of channels, various ways to promote their own shops, such as forums, business information sites, and other ways, etc.. If you want to go fishing, of course you have to spread bait. Others also sprinkle bait can harvest, and you don’t seem to have less than others and bait, why harvest is always less than the others? How to effectively release information, should pay attention to the way, which is the focus of this paper.

often sees some useless information releases on forums or on some information websites, such as "welcome to my store" and then "URL". Even URLs don’t have hyperlinks. I really don’t know the release of information is how people think? Think these information has spreading function? If issued a valid information, first released information, you must have a preceding, the aforesaid is to sell their own products to do a simple description, in order to let visitors in understand, followed by a detailed description of the information content is a shop selling what, why would you need this product, I provide what kind of services, how to conveniently contact me. For example, one example of selling online baby products in Qingdao is

Information Title: 08 new koala bear, warm baby warm sticker, super low price + Gift

note: the title to see people understand that this is a warm baby selling information, and there are gifts both hands Oh, really very attractive, I see

information aforementioned:

cold winter, do you want your lover to be beautiful in winter without


you want to let the children go to school in the winter cold is no longer the dripping water freezes?

in Snow gleams white. season, parents are afraid of cold, warmth table you want to love


love yourself in winter, please use warm baby!!


in winter, send lovers, send warmth, expression meaning, table concern, please send warm baby!!!


in winter, send parents, send the elderly, table love, please send warm Bao

Why does website sale do not like to use Baidu statistic

Internet is not strange, and many enterprises and friends began to enter the Internet marketing website from their products, buy domain name, buy space, step by step over, also is in the website but there are so many friends made a website in the Internet marketing way is lost, not earn money and constantly harassing phone calls every day, whether you need to make the promotion of greetings. Today, rattan design for everyone to write a new topic, perhaps it is so long has not been everyone understand the secret, why do website marketing good people do not like to use Baidu statistics, why


some friends very puzzled, obviously my promotion is basically by this giant Baidu, and 360 other search engines is my website to get a small flow, why today is here to say a lot of rattan design website marketing do good people do not love with Baidu statistics? In fact, these friends may not clear Baidu why is the statistics exist, why service.

of course, here is not to say that no rattan design allows users to use Baidu statistics, but you should know the running time of the site, to complete the construction site, experience status and data capture in the testing stage can use Baidu statistics to analyze their site rate, if all good can no longer to use Baidu statistics. Just an ordinary webmaster statistics function can, although the data is not very detailed statistics to Baidu very accurate, but as long as you can get the user visits, time period, keywords, import rate. So why not recommended for a long time to use Baidu statistics? Because Baidu itself is through the code "spider" to analyze the amount of code paths and rules and visit your site than the moment, if you are using other Baidu webmaster tools, access to data is fuzzy, fuzzy ratio for new sites is the best display form. Baidu will take the initiative to data mining and differences of your sexual content, but if the moment your site has been Baidu statistics for every minute, then he can detailed statistics to the actual data of your site and user experience situation, which leads to the ranking drop right. There is one point, Baidu statistics is a tool for the promotion of Baidu, you will use Baidu statistics Baidu will know that you are care about the data and rankings, so Baidu customer service can be very effective to call you to ask whether you need to do Baidu promotion and other services.

why ordinary webmaster tools can be? Because when we do Internet marketing in fact we have more time to do is the user experience, we just have the value on the content and information issued by the user is, whether is worth paying attention to it, so as to adjust its. If the user experience isn’t good enough, you’ll need to think about whether the content is good enough, or because of a framework or a web page or browsing problem.

so in the end there is an old saying, Baidu statistics when Baidu promotion is indeed a very precise website data analysis tools, but for a marketing website, do you want to apply for a long time, still need to.

To improve website effectiveness, 17 problems need to be solved action call element

Beijing time on April 19th news, according to foreign media reports, your website is your "facade"". If you have a physical storefront, you’re sure to worry about how to put it in the window. You should also spend the same amount of time in virtual stores. Websites need to attract customers and make them repeat customers.

opens your web site and pretends to be a new potential client and asks yourself the following questions. It’s best to find people who have never seen your site before, and ask them to answer these questions:

1., where do you look first?

Visitors to

sites usually only last a few seconds. This means that your site must hook them in a few seconds. Make sure that the first thing they see / notice is interesting enough to gain more time for you.

2., you’ll soon find out what this site is for,


you have to communicate your message in a limited amount of time. If there are too many distractions on the site, visitors may not know what you’re selling.


3. important information on the front page,


most visitors want to know the details without too much effort. If they need to scroll down to find the point, it is possible to leave your site early. Please ensure that your unique sales proposition (Unique, Selling, Proposition) is clearly defined. A unique sales proposition is a message in a sentence or in several words that explains why people should buy things from you. Please highlight this information on your website. (Note: above, the, fold, "front page" or "one screen" is part of the web page. You can see it first in the browser window when the page is loaded, without scrolling down the scroll bar.


4. can you easily find out what the benefits of this product / service are?

visitors want to know as much about the benefits of your product or service. The function of the website is important, but the most important thing visitors can take away is a feeling they feel that this product or service will have an impact on their lives and make their life better.

Is there a clear element of action on the

5. site,


if customers like your products and services, it’s important for them to act quickly. There should be a prominent and clear action call element on the site. It can be "buy immediately", which can be "take a free trial" or "see more."". Make sure you don’t use too much action summoning elements to make customers feel overwhelmed. Choose one or two of the most important ones and put them where they are easy to see.

6. color and image beautiful?

Teach you how to play public praise, open the market with brands

enterprise development and expansion, and ultimately user word-of-mouth baptism. Especially those newly started enterprises are developing vigorously, and they hope to gain the advantage of market competition through brand publicity. However, this problem often arises, spent a lot of money, but not the brand you want, advertising, promotional or selling products also, is not very good, it really is a brand of a problem? Actually, I where the founder International Software Co., Ltd., brand needless to say, the "founder" brand. But we are Faye did not like those other founder software products sell business, which is why


my personal view is that the reputation of the product has not been done yet. Simply speaking, it is better to do a good job of making a brand than to do good word of mouth. Really let me think of that sentence, "not every company can be like millet like fun, reputation and brand marketing."". Well, how do we like this company,

?Where is the

brand positioning,


even though the millet phone mentioned earlier, its attributes are limited, it is impossible to ensure that everyone likes it. Therefore, the product must be accurate positioning, find a good user base. Founder Faye founded in the beginning, the market will be locked in those companies engaged in software development and software development in the R & D personnel, some experts is a software development platform. Brand positioning in the IT software industry. Through a lot of online and offline promotion, and gradually established the "leading domestic process management software brand" positioning.

What is the connotation of


?The connotation of

brand is not to let you advertise everywhere, but let everyone know you this brand is how it is, what to do, like said founder, we will not consciously think of computer and securities. And we want to do is just mention the founder Feihong, will think of software development time and save money, will be able to think of the concept of industry alliance. Through the collaboration with many schools, product launches, product images appear on the company’s official website, the company’s official website, micro-blog, and some other pages.

How should the

brand be delivered?

we all know that the official website is to let the outside world understand your important channel, in fact, the official website is also talking about positioning, positioning accuracy is also related to the impact of the brand. Although the official website also has a certain sales function, but we are more willing to do Faye’s website is a window brand display and dissemination. The website founder Feihong will provide a lot of product related updates and download free trial experience for everyone, many more activities and participate in the activities of our products. There are also many professional knowledge materials and our product forum, which brings you a lot of reading and communication.

line activities can be the promotion of brands, but also as an important part of the accumulation of reputation. A lot of offline activity is meant to be able to accumulate this part of the user

Chinese stationmaster should have six big abilities

I really do not long time, Qiazhiyisuan is two years, but always feel so many things that do not consider now, there is saying, personal webmaster has arrived in the winter, then spring comes after winter, how long we the station for the winter, how to laugh for tomorrow? I combine their do stand experience, summed up the following points together, and the vast majority of the new station.

one, keen insight,

before the establishment of a new station, everybody into the detailed investigation, what is popular now, since the popular, what we want to use the word as a starting point, but also should grasp the popular point is not able to last for a time. And many new station, as a non profitable station, after the establishment of the station can not improve interest.


site you have to rely on the flow of money, not how to talk about SEO, it can be said that half of the correct choice of entry point is the starting point of success, the smaller the better, this may we all know, but often are not very good, my new station is an example, I do stand is recipe network (, at the time of selection is to do this but in the recipe, column arrangement to add the article to the surface, cut or large, can actually smaller constraint point, I can do this diet or other corresponding sub sections, it can be targeted, and now face a good grasp of this is to remind the novice should pay attention to the places where.

two, have the learning ability of not suffering hardship and keeping pace with the times.

since the choice of IT this line, then we must have a clear understanding of learning at all times, "learn", and then know inadequate." Only by learning advanced knowledge of this industry can we achieve something. And IT is a changing industry, where time is doomed to be eliminated. Like now stationmaster station, figure wangdage Admin5, Qiu Shida SEO data are very good learning exchanges, the station every day I browse the latest article information, take the experience of others to use their own website, as its own increase more rapidly with


three, enduring endurance,

now the search engine because of too many garbage station harassment, changed the rules of the collection, if we do not have a certain endurance, it’s a pity to give up halfway. Here is Baidu, GG included is no doubt. Do a new half a month included has been very good, in fact, for before we say new sites not included in fact do not worry, new content can be directly submitted to the search engines, but are generally after the submission was included, but not released to my diet,. Filed in March 16th, but 17 is collected, but until April 2nd was released. My is the same

In the tide of e-commerce can also join the clothing store

now we know that in a huge e-commerce market, many of us feel that we can not afford to open a clothing store, the shop will certainly lose money, but is it true? Today we will look at, in the e-commerce environment, how should we run a clothing store.

how to open clothing shop to make money? Do not think that women’s discount stores, cheap clothes, clothing can casually decorate the can, the overall image should be in place, the overall look is the brand store, the door marked advertising clear store sales price, let the people passing by at a glance what the shop sells! The renovation of old should spend money to get the customer’s psychology, are so poor decoration shop is sure to sell cheap goods, good decoration shop is selling expensive goods, to buy cheap goods is in good shops for decoration! Otherwise, why should pay attention to the overall brand image?


Little red book founder how to make products in 90 after explosion red

[Abstract] in Mao Wenchao’s view, the key to attracting users is to move users and meet their core needs.

"our Slogan is’ finding good things abroad.". Little red book hopes to help 85, 90, these represent the next generation of China’s consumer groups, to find the world’s good things."

as a 100% mobile Internet Co, the little red book APP combines the community and electricity supplier features, users can share or find through the community, Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe and the world’s good products. Products through the "Welfare Club" function, to provide users with a good buy electricity supplier channels.

below is the conversation between Mao Wenchao, founder of Zhi Xin and little red book:

how does little red book attract female users, especially in the "post 90s" group? "Red explosion"?

currently 90% of our users are women, 50% of whom are 90. In my opinion, the key to attracting users is to move users and meet their core needs.

simple, enhance the young generation consumption ability Chinese, hoping to find some more, lifestyle and his own life to cognitive commodities, but in the domestic counter category of Goods Co., Taobao and other platforms are more dragons and fishes jumbled together sellers, consumers want to buy a global commodity.

even if shopping abroad, shopping knowledge is relatively scarce. For example, I used to go to the drugstore in Japan, but because cannot read, the language of cosmetic limited understanding of other reasons, even know that there are a lot of good stuff cosmetic shop, but did not do their homework in advance, it will not start.

first meets the needs of people who have been shopping abroad before, to share shopping experiences, or to live abroad and tell them what is worth buying.

we’re also constantly learning ways of thinking about women: "joining the wish list is like buying something", "even if you can’t buy that much, you’re constantly adding a shopping cart."". In the process of continuous learning, we find that girls do a lot of homework in shopping, and the sum and share of shopping knowledge has never been done before.

so I think the right time to provide a right product for a right crowd is the reason why the little red book moved users. The so-called "red explosion", just because at a specific point in time (such as June 6th), we have done a series of market activities, so that more people know us, understand us. In fact, before that, there were already many 90 women using the little red book and silently liked us for a long time.

red book was founded early on how to grab the user, the first batch of users how to come,


has been out of the country, and shopping is an important trip, so you need to do your work before you go

How to build a good website What are the standards for good websites

today, the website construction industry no longer stops building websites for building a website. But really taking into account the actual situation of customers, building a customer really effective and effective website, to achieve an excellent input-output ratio.

so, this paper introduces a new word, which is the website function. The function of the website is the summary of the function that the client can realize to the website. Functions such as: demonstrating the image and strength of an enterprise; enabling customers to understand products, packaging products, customer services, and so forth. Therefore, a good website is able to fully play out the functions that are planned before the construction and according to the customer’s needs.

you may ask the indicators so often talked about before is not good web standards? Such as user friendliness, search engine performance, code optimization, system capacity, design aesthetics and so on. As a matter of fact, when we build a website in detail, we will find that a website can not use all of these standards. So, isn’t it a good site to use a standard site? Obviously, this view is very one-sided.

according to the specific needs of the site, we only used some of the standards. For example, the SONY website uses a large number of Flash, in search engine performance is certainly not the best, but can we say that it is not a good site,


so, the website construction standards is the means and methods used in the construction site, were used when necessary can be, not all good website must be strictly in accordance with these standards.

The real standard of

is whether this website can complete its function, do a website that sees effect.

so how can a website perform its functions and how can it be more effective? We need to discuss this process carefully.


site implements its function and is actually a process of interacting with visitors. First, visitors come to the site for some reason. Then, visitors browse the site or interact with the site. Finally, the visitor left. This process is divided into three parts, the most important is the first and the second link.

the first link is the visitor’s visit. As we all know, the number of visitors to a website is more and better, that is, our independent visitor index. This number can be a hard target for evaluating a website. So we need to upgrade this metric as much as possible to make the site more efficient. How does this figure make up? Visitors can be divided into two groups: Visiting for the first time and visiting again.

source of the first visit = the company’s own promotion + search engine + word of mouth (others spread).

promotes itself: the company invests in human resources on the web site >

Discussion on future development of website navigation station

is now the rapid development of Internet technology, the development of technology of search engines, the public Internet, civilian Internet is becoming increasingly popular, but those who come into contact with the network of friends all know, at the beginning you do not know what the website to go to, also do not know what the website, and certainly do not know how to go to the site. As a result, some web site navigation websites came into being. Among them, "hao123" is the most familiar leader.

first of all, I would like to say the scale of navigation. Must it be big? Now most of the navigation sites will advertise that they have included thousands of websites that are known to be in the process of increasing. In fact, we think we know, how many people will enter the "not to mind taking the trouble every corner time-consuming to find them to the site in the Internet? How many people can be tolerant in everywhere. The page is too much to stay? An action I want us to do more or in the home page and click on the website that we often go to the left, then regardless of the navigation network. In my opinion: navigation site only two to three pages is good, this is what I see in many communication group in the navigation do not say anything else, just look at the domain name is very arrogant, but the navigation is popular, I think it will be more navigation users in the shortest time in love. (1) the domain name is good to remember. As long as you can know the telecom, you’ll definitely play the 2 pinyin. Two, in fact, this is the cooperation with telecommunications navigation, that is, the so-called potential stocks.

website content to update: after the site to have content, you should always update, and some garbage sites, websites without content, want to borrow famous navigation, hang some trojan website, delete in time. The users to the site navigation is to find the things they need, if not found, or did not find a good website, for users, the website will lose its attraction to him, also lost (such as: a viscous after recruitment sector, in 123 there I found a connection, Suzhou talent but the open market website website. Incredibly inside the content or a few months ago, and even for these owners do not have a good site to operate, we help it propaganda, no matter how good it is useless. Websites like this should be deleted in time.

web site recommendation: in the first row of the website, you can recommend a really good site recommended to everyone. Let everyone believe that the good 123, so that users feel good 123, "has been doing it attentively, all for the user", these should be considered the content of the site planning. It can also be promoted in millions of squares, and although the mega grid is not successful in China, I think there is no innovation, and it might be better to do it in a vertical search. It is not easy for a user to find things in one million compartments and find what he needs.

so, we do navigation website, also need to have user experience, also let the network after civilian, can become >

Hard to stand for three years experience

unknowingly climbed the Internet for 3 years, has done several garbage stations, traffic from tens to tens of thousands have. But K’s K, the advertising Union, is black. Money is not earned, but is a mess of their own, originally wanted to run a formal industry station, and finally did not make it.

now finally repent, by doing garbage station is never out for the head, so back to do their own design my website. I finally built my website today. Just add resources later. Before, I was a rookie webmaster, the reason why I used to be rookie, because my webmaster experience to a certain extent, then can not inch into. Not now. After a few days of effort. It made me learn a lot. Learn from Tencent and surpass it in imitation. I’m not making money this time. It’s about improving your ability to see if I can do it. I just want to prove one thing. Proof: only pay, can get repayment. Prove the deepest meaning of this sentence. Network business, although hard, I did not say I did not fail, because I am not afraid. I tried it myself. If you don’t try, chances are 0. To the ego, I have tried it now. I tried. There are still opportunities for success. It’s just small. I will not give up any chance that only 1/10000 is possible.

remembers the first stop was Every day I stare at the website and feel like my own child. I can’t tell the joy of seeing it. Then I send my address to friends on QQ and MSN, and let them play on my website. Watching the flow of the website rises day by day, I feel a sense of achievement. But I found the website traffic good times don’t last long, suddenly no, then check out the reason. I just know it’s Baidu K. Think of me then. Just funny. Now the view: do not stand so easily, and rely on QQ and MSN above hair is not possible. Depend on many aspects. Website optimization, website promotion, to understand the SEO. A lot of Web site construction problems, whether it is planning, construction or promotion, there are many problems.

now I made progress, not 1 years ago I was, for some improved methods of their own, the first statement of our proposed method may not be comprehensive, but on the other hand also reflects the defects existing in the process of website. I see the opportunities from the Baidu games, learn from Tencent, and surpass them in imitation. A good website is created like this. Everything is done by yourself: website planning, website layout, website art, website program, page code, neat link, website optimization, website promotion, website filing. Wait a series of questions. You can do it yourself. Of course, I can’t write programs, but I’ll change them. New cloud boss also said. As long as you change the program, do not count your infringement. I really found himself is the all rounder. Oh, but also want to thank all my friends praise you, praise to me, I am very grateful to look up, really let my vanity to be satisfied, but I was calm, "

How do you sell your website from 20 to 5000

each site must have their own value, even the garbage station, how there is some value, believe that the webmaster have experience, a website if you want to sell a higher price, which is related to many factors with the. I stand on the line less than a month, want to purchase the number has exceeded two hundred, for a simple station, the result is very good, and I am an amateur developed, ready to enter the market to Amoy, did not expect to do their own guest website program so popular. Written before the " reproduced thousands of times; how to build soft? " this article is also very popular, but his potential was so big, ha ha, don’t keep me in suspense. Let’s talk about my station, the purchase price from 20 to 5000, the price range. And this station program discussed in dark Empire be in full swing in the group, are talking about what is the development of the program, I did not think it is a manual development. Here’s how I promoted the value of the website itself. I’d like to list some ways for you to discuss it.

, a simple and easy to remember domain name, I use the domain name you can understand it, very simple, easy to remember, not much associated with the content of the website, no way, can not find the domain name for this comparison, only after all, this is very easy to remember.

two, choose fast and stable space, personal Adsense not much money, can only use some virtual space. Dozens or even hundreds of sites are shared on a single server. Before I was the same, but found an independent IP host, I immediately changed, and here does not say that the space service providers, and we go to my website to understand it.

three, the website frame structure is clear, can bring the hobby to the reader. I’m sure you all take my stand, and that’s why. Here’s his comment:

looked at the page, simple and elegant, the website structure conforms to the SEO model, related to the exchange of a chain are relatively high, the title of the site is a long tail word long, contains a number of keywords, this point is doing well. But the original article does not seem to be much, and you sell weight loss products at the same time, also sell breast enhancement, acne and some products, I think the product should be market segmentation, focus on doing a project, often better.

thanked him for his comments on my website and thanked him for better advice. Everyone can communicate so that they can grow and learn together.

four, the website is rich in content, try to be original. Because content originality, in the website is made and the website is optimized, the function that is having is more and more important. A way for users to discover the value of a website, and what you really like is content. It’s valuable content.

five, the chain. As we all know, good promotion, we should pay attention to content and the chain. Effective and stable outside the chain for the site ranking is very helpful. Through the original article, I a month when the chain number reached more than 4000, should be pretty good. < >

In the middle of the exam, my website should go from here

for the website, I began to do the first time, and was also with a curious heart. But at that time I thought the domain name can make a web page, actually I was wrong, but also to server space, these auxiliary things. All know, two years ago, I didn’t know what, just entered the ranks of the rookie webmaster.

is perhaps the age, family relationship, I unlike most webmaster, do not matter, only for some spiritual sustenance and meet at home. Money is not my task, in life, like me, and the age of the children eat a ready-cooked meal, clothing to hand.

for the network, I touch this stuff than most of their peers to be early, at that time the Internet is just popular, then I started my primary school, and some friends to play CS. when I was sitting on their legs to play. And yes, like other children also, I am obsessed with online games, of course, what I said was a long time ago, not associated with the subject, just a story..


is playing online games, but the computer thing has some understanding, but also for the future of the site is foreshadowed. Two years ago, a sudden feeling of network game has not appeal to me, but the computer field is great. So I started learning to do ", the beginning I did CMS do not know this thing, is modeled on some pages, with some understanding of their own, write your own code, to form a web page. Each article is made up of" made out, and now there is no way, management system, a generation. However, doing doing, total feel the need to find a breakthrough.

in the confusion of the tracks, I suddenly found that not only the domain name com, CN, net, org, in fact, there are other countries, is very promising, I think one afternoon, decided to note a la, Qiao Qiao also, a two letter word La not registered. Well, note, after a few days, 270 note, 700 will be sold. In fact, I say I want to invest in this, parents do not believe me but also to make money. In this way, the first small fortunes over.


La gave me a bit of power meters, down the necessity, I invested second pure digital La meters, is three digits, the three digit is not common, due to sell, is not easy to say what is the meter, the meter I made myself a week, because of this figure three is a key selling point, very easy, to the Baidu first page fifth (plus one said, the three digital Baidu index 10 thousand), every day to 1000IP also became behoove, I actually want to do it, it must be harvested, but the third half semester already here, no way, I had to sell eagerly, temporarily break the site to quickly, within three days, 2000 yuan will be sold out.

that’s it. I’m in a learning state. Actually, I’m studying

I was fooled by the World Wide Web

day in March 7th, I came to a domain name expired in disorderly fashion website, with a look, No. 8 has many 3 domain names expire, so I want to rely on the good domain name registration, until four I started (when the domain name expired four start can register). I went to the world wide web, put my favorite registration look, registration, web and no tip can not be registered, I put the information right, he also send mail to inform my registration, I will pay by Alipay, I am happy to what a good registration, then more than a few registered (Rookie do not know the competitive domain, so… Are…)! Web to inform me, I have to pay for a long time, so he didn’t see the mail that you have successfully registered, I think tomorrow will have, it was already five in the morning, I went to bed. Second days Up or not to see, perhaps I really cheated, and now bring evidence to you, please be careful later,





hope you will be careful later, although this money is nothing, but still despise the world wide, I hope you no longer like me, ha,


How to write articles that readers really like

writing online in fact and the traditional sense of the creation of similar, but the difference is that online articles are to see friends, friends have a characteristic, it is surfing the Internet easily distracted, do not pay attention to do not know which sites. Then, for the online soft writing, the author provides the following suggestions to help you catch the reader’s eye, and strive for readers to share the article to more places:

recommendation 1., the article context clear, paragraph simple and reasonable,

you know, every reader every day is a "very busy" in the Internet, because they are likely to face any pop-up dialog box QQ, news, reading mail, search the temporary whim, even suddenly thought of today is not to steal food points to open the QQ farm… The author must consider this situation, must streamline own article, lets the article have a very good logic, conforms to human’s reading custom and so on, the paragraph cannot be too long, otherwise the reader will lose patience.

recommendation 2. abstract, small headlines are required, and the emphasis is placed on

says, in order to attract readers, the article should pay attention to the use of abstract or outline the way on the above article, let the reader can quickly find the gist of the article, and the search engine is the analysis of the information retrieval of love true meaning; similarly, the each part must have H2, H3 and other titles in addition, divided into different themes; involving important phrases or need to be paid attention to the statement, but also the use of italics or underline mark and other means to emphasize.

recommends more than 3. for readers to consider, creating boutique articles


readers easily distracted, but definitely not stupid, readers can easily judge the quality of an article and water quality, so how to provide readers with many high quality articles, readers will remember you forever.

I suggest you stand in the angle of readers up creation, for example if your article mentioned in the annual output value of an industry in a region for billions of yuan, most readers of billions of RMB is no concept, you can add a sentence, which is equivalent to a certain town a year’s total GDP and so on, which can give the reader a a direct comparison. Apple in the new Ipad conference does not directly say how much the new Ipad screen resolution, but that the new IPAD will be clearer than high-definition digital TV, this is also a satisfactory answer to the user.

there is some industry terminology must be careful, because not everyone is an expert, they may not know what you said BL refers to the foreign trade of the bill of lading English – and the reader may think you say is "Boy s Love; and pay attention to the dialect ambiguity, if must speak dialect, you should be careful choice, because many people might misunderstand your meaning, for example, the word" waves "in the words of Shandong dedicated to describe women debauchery, while in the East.

101 indicators of a perfect website. The seventh part,.W3C standard

conforms to the W3C standard is the development trend of the website at present, almost all browsers use the W3C standard, W3C standard to ensure your site have obtained consistent performance in all major browsers, you no longer need like that at the end of 90s, to a different browser output different content.

W3C has a number of standards, and there are HTML, XHTML, and CSS for website construction. For these standards, you can refer to the following article or resource:

W3C official website of some information   (W3C

abroadSome of the domestic

and W3C standards related to

How does individual stationmaster raise fund

for individual webmaster, want the website development must invest some money, the website does not have income, this funding has not yet return, which makes many owners are unwilling to invest more funds is insufficient, often see online that certain website access to venture capital and how many million, many owners also dream of the day the VCs also watch their own website, cast a few million, ha ha, for individual webmaster, this is · · · · · · or that can not, after all the opportunity, or reality, here to talk about personal webmaster how to seek financial website that have greater development.

1, if your website is really promising, rare in the industry have the potential, then you can go to some kind of investment cooperation website information, seek cooperation, there are many such sites, in order to prevent the ad I do not say this, most individuals, companies rarely, the general quality of tens of thousands also, many rich people, maybe which are not impossible, to say this website can also bring traffic, one a double.

2, if you have confidence in yourself, that put a little money into absolute return, then you can borrow money from relatives and friends, to show them as they use, analysis of your plan, generally can raise a little money.

3, can know some rich people, if you do is the portal site, some of the rich discussions can find a local, your website all have a certain reputation in the local, and that he would like to talk with him, into good profit, and play their own a little risk, so most will be happy, as long as he has a point of vision.

4, loans, bank loans, but the interest rate is high, I recommend to you a loan of Dashi=qq8513 provided specifically for personal webmaster loan services, online application second days to know the results of the audit, do not charge any fees, although not 100% success, you can loan or what VCs saw in you the website, oh.

anyway, I think the website development not to spend the money is not enough, especially now is the winter of the Internet era, large and small sites everywhere, want to highlight, no electricity funds is very difficult, but believes that as long as the stick must return, adhere to the personal website is king.

Grassroots game

"the effective installation price for Firefox has been adjusted from $0.1 to $0.01. Please get ready."." In February 26th, a well-known domestic IT webmaster forum first released the news, and then, the news in the webmaster circle widely circulated, a moment of comment.

"this is by no means a good thing, and suddenly adjusted to 1/10 of the original price, this earned too little."." The QQ group, constantly refresh, users in the group are discussed on the Firefox price adjustment.

for ordinary people, the title of the webmaster, or career, is still a strange word, the webmaster on the network, usually refers to the site of the founder or manager. Do not think that the webmaster of the website is shining, IT community darling, in China’s Internet, big web site is a mainstay, but support the banner of the Internet, more is large and small personal website. Network management of Internet cafes, next to the dorm buddies, restaurant waiter, perhaps is a small webmaster.

just like on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. In the webmaster circle, when a webmaster, not what is very successful thing. "Too many webmaster network, Electronic City computer city to throw stones down, can hit three owners, when the owners are not particularly good thing, spend a few hundred dollars to buy a space, a domain name, just put on the domestic free forum, everyone can be a webmaster." On the Internet eight years old networm steeped Xiao Xu says.

because of low barriers to entry, the webmaster in the old users in mind, the webmaster is only an ordinary even more hard work, but is the network of grassroots – websites cannot provide everything for young users of information, through the network to make odor congenial friends, of course, or expression some of their own ideas, and the best hobby can also be linked to money, for example, to earn some money through the website.

webmaster is "nobody loves people who want something your network by others, not to say thank you, if your network hang, let people hang horse, houses will scold you one or two sentences. Stationmaster is not what the darling of venture capital, how much money spends on the net, rely on oneself all the time, accordingly, the website that feeds a website through the network, it is the main approach almost." Xiao Xu serious and said helplessly, "but now, really not easy to earn money, just want to deduct the amount of several League, are the League say, most poor (website) and small, is not what the right to protest, anyway, you do not put ads, other people lined up. Wait for a League through the audit, the less you an alliance, so the operation."

Xu said the alliance refers to the network advertising, this kind of alliance, similar to the advertising agency, on the one hand to find hope advertising in the small ads on the site, a liaison to thousands of households small website, through for advertisers to make and monitor network.

How can Taobao continue to operate from a web site

these days have seen many owners in the condemnation of 360 browser, 360 browser is contained in the online shopping assistant plugin can be webmaster Taobao customer rebate code clear, resulting in the operation of Taobao webmaster can’t get off the normal shop fee rebate. To tell the truth, the author of pure Taobao customers really do not look good. Before many webmaster said, I built Taobao off with what program? How to promote the Taobao customer? A domain name, a set of procedures, without any substantive content, only for users with other online shopping platform to buy goods. This model is indeed debatable.

some people say, someone else’s website, do Taobao customers a month can earn tens of thousands of pieces. Yes, Youku one month do Taobao can get hundreds of thousands of passengers, but Youku he simply Taobao off platform? It’s really still do content, only Taobao off him a profitable channel, and for a monthly cost of tens of millions of websites, with hundreds of thousands a month do you think Taobao rebate many? If 360 browser plug-ins affect its earnings, it can immediately replace Taobao off the ads, but if you are a simple Taobao guest website? What do you change? So as a webmaster, if you really want to take the development of a website, in the business of their website at first, you should have a rational thinking of the future, at the beginning of the site should earnestly consider the following:

1, is the stability of the upper and lower streams?. Upstream and downstream stability, only a website can continue to go down the necessary conditions, the stability of the downstream, so that the site can continue to have users, traffic, upstream stability, allowing the site to continue to profit. For Taobao customers, that is, belong to the upper and lower reaches of the instability. For this type of website, the beginning of the site should have a clear understanding and a good attitude. Because guerrilla warfare is basically guerrilla warfare, it is difficult to maintain stability and continuity, as there are too many unstable factors. For example, this 360 browser plug-in, it seriously interferes with the normal operation of such sites, which belongs to the third party instability. It may also include instability in Taobao, Taobao, shopkeepers, buyers, and so on. Any factor is beyond the control of the master. And because the website has too many factors that cannot be controlled, it means that your website is not competitive indeed. It’s hard to believe that you can continue to operate on sites that aren’t competitive enough.

2 avoid legal and moral risks. It’s a good idea of what can be done, what can not be done, what should be done, and what not to do. As a webmaster, before the site should be clear understanding. Sites that touch the edges and touch the moral baseline may be good in the short run, but after all, the tail of a rabbit is not long. Don’t say anything in foreign space. That doesn’t solve the problem at all. Operators can easily shield foreign IP, for some serious violations of the site, I believe the relevant departments will find you through all means. Now, no more than a few years ago, the relevant departments of technology and efficiency still improve a lot.


3", "is the site >?"