The station optimization should learn from the practice of others rather than mere imitation

however, webmasters always love to imitate those websites better, others do, I will follow him to do, from the aspects of internal site optimization, you can see the webmaster friends mainly imitate others sites are mainly in the following aspects.

now Shanghai dragon has become a hot industry, engaged in Shanghai Longfeng more and more friends. Now the competitor analysis website has become a habit for many webmaster friends, whether it is the customer’s small business website is still relatively large portals in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion before, always love analysis of those in good website PR, snapshots, domain name, age and so on, then according to the location of the web site keywords, how much is expected the time you need to send much of the chain, in order to catch up with rivals ahead of this website, Shanghai dragon data analysis is a necessary work for Shanghai dragon er.

three, keyword density


stack, Ji believes that many webmaster friends have tried, and has also made no small achievement, has now been love Shanghai that is a means of cheating. But now a lot of friends still piling up at the bottom of the site keywords link to their website, perhaps those keywords ranking is also good, so many webmaster found that others, accumulation keyword ranking can have such a good ranking, why you not? When I just put up by keywords, search engine the punishment, so confused, in fact, you old practice too impulsive, others may, domain name age weight high website for a long time, the search engine doesn’t k it, just for it has some patience, and you have the new treatment is completely different.

this is a lot of webmaster friends concern, many owners in this area always feel confused about where many, many owners also have misunderstanding, think those large web site title, keyword description is very well written, many large websites are only a website name, such as Sina, NetEase such as large portal, in addition to many large sites high weight are not fill in the keywords and description of the two, if you are a small business website simply imitate it, not only for keywords ranking negative (we all know net station title writing on the keywords ranking to take great effect on the user experience); and adverse (description of the main is to attract users click). I feel the SMS site www.28dx贵族宝贝 on this practice still feel good.

two, the accumulation ofKeywords

keyword density, also not as popular keywords accumulation, now many webmaster, there is a feeling of want to return to the past. What is the keyword density how many percent percent how many good friends? Some of the keyword density reached about 20%, keywords ranking still some Adsense keyword density stand head and shoulders above others, are still subject to search > 0.


, a web site title, keywords, description

Website, how to minimize the loss


three: the replacement of domain name;

to replace the domain name with the above said link to change similar practices are the same, the reason is because the replacement out alone, spent a long time domain name, also need to pay attention to the problem, also is to use revision tools, submit revision rules, fill in the revision of the domain name, the domain name change is not the same place to do the station 301, there is the old domain name to ensure that at least able to access to more than three months, in order to ensure the completion of revision, submitted after we can see progress, if too many links, processing time is longer, until the modified version after the completion of that old.

sometimes involves all directories throughout the site, sometimes a single column, link structure changes, often because of the use of pseudo static or static, there is replacing the source program after the directory structure is different, but the content did not change, we will use the revision tools Webmaster Platform love Shanghai this time, the first revision the original content, and permanent redirect (301) to the revised content, then submit revised rules here, wait until the love Shanghai finished processing on the OK, it is best to change the uniform rules, submit such simple rules. Generally a week or so, not too much influence, but to ensure access when the old directory can jump into the new

this revision can be said to be a small change, if the site itself included is good, after crawling higher frequency, changes in next time love Shanghai update, you can show up, this change will not spend too much time to recover, after revision, try to update the relevant content and the chain love, let Shanghai faster updates included.


we usually said the revision, contains several aspects of change, are not necessarily take the same approach, a lot of the time we run the website for a period of time, that is not very satisfied, or want to change a direction for a domain name, even the overall change, these are in the revision of the category. We do not support the frequent changes in the establishment of the website at the beginning to consider comprehensive, accurate positioning, but also to avoid the late revision, when have changed, our principle is that the revision to early, less revision, revision to

The ! ;Change the directory structure of

website is the webmaster often face the problem of the problem is the biggest impact on the site, if not doing a good job may come to naught, take corresponding measures, can also reduce losses. Website, we face is nothing more than a search engine and users, search engine is the basic love Shanghai, love is to let the Shanghai reduce the revision of the punishment, the user is relatively good solution, key is to make love Shanghai regain weight on the website.

two: website directory structure, link structure changes, the replacement of Chen source program, itself does not change the content of


: site title, keywords, description of changes;

Explain those years deceive us Friends of the chain

chain That batch stationA few compared to the previous

friends do link

add the nofollow attribute in

We all know that

actually introduced above is not the most despicable, somehow somebody else is dark, there is a webmaster is directly out to lie to you, this is no reason to delete your friend chain, second days did you exchange friend chain, he will be arbitrarily canceled with your link, then to create an illusion of spiders, let him think this is a one-way link, so as to give the site a higher weight, but it also means that all easy to recognize, as long as you every day to check the chain OK.

spider is not cold on the JS code, not to identify which contains the text of the script, but it’s awful is the JS code can be made into a hyperlink, this will give some people an opportunity to have an ulterior motive, so as not to be identified by their links to exchange with others, not only their own weight without any loss. At the same time, the website can bring profits, more important.

this is a recent feeling, because now the Internet is jumbly, many owners do not hesitate to take some dirty means to deceive others for their own interests, the purpose is to give your own web site development to add oil stiffening, shortly before I cheated a webmaster, thought and other exchange friends the chain, who know each other I put out nofollow, equivalent to obtaining a one-way link, this sneaky heinous, so today I and you say I know the friends of the chain to prevent deception, we again deceived.

using Javascript to call

no reason to delete Links

this is one of the most frequently mentioned deception, understand the point code of the webmaster friends all know, add the nofollow attribute in the chain, the purpose is to tell the spider this link are not included in the page and the corresponding content, weight and integrate their own website, do not let the loss, in this case, there is no good webmaster tools to identify, the only way is to look at each other web site source code you regularly, search your domain name, check whether there is nofollow link tag.

this approach, the effects of our relatively small, as the name says, this kind of deception is batch and other sites (weight below their website) to exchange Links, even if such weight share copies of many, many new Adsense exchange links and also hope this the website, but often appear at this time, after the end of each other and their exchange links, will be in a day after the withdraw away, for the other side effect is small, but for us when it is done on a toil, in fact, to tell the truth, rather than on their weight as "mistress", as well as the same level of the original website "".

Analysis on how to improve the local real estate website optimization

avoid "* * real estate network" keywords accumulation

real estate website on the layout of the keywords is prone to accumulation of a large number of keywords accumulation phenomenon will surely lead to be punished, in order to avoid the repetition of key words, can be divided into words, "* * real estate network" can be divided into: "the real estate network," * * * * "real estate transaction net", "* * real estate the information network, not only can make the website keyword segmentation can have more keywords to get ranked, but also can reduce the repetition rate of the main key words. Real estate portal is more to the page to get rankings, so for the link anchor text keywords, not all links to the home page, the corresponding keywords can be linked to the corresponding page, reduce home page weight loss, weight increase in the page.

Page Title Principle: real name – level two page title – Web page title;

for real estate website property page is the core and the website more user attention is the real estate information, real estate pages are included more effective traffic conversion can bring about more, improve the collection property page, based on the author’s practice to give you a few suggestions:

sidebar navigation sidebar navigation: real estate information pages, you can add the surrounding real estate "," the latest real estate information "," the related real estate evaluation ", the design can improve the navigation.


optimization projects page

for sale page crumbs navigation settings: Home – market Daquan – Region – real name;


content page content optimization: the content should be detailed, real estate, real estate apartment layout diagrams of the surrounding real estate information, customer reviews and customer message system;

recently many real estate website webmaster complain that the site is down right, the website can not get more traffic from search engines, the real estate website in the end how to improve the optimization, to obtain more users, through the practice of real estate website, in order to improve the real estate network traffic and weight, it is not a particularly difficult what, in the station optimization can be divided into the following steps.

real estate net profit is the main source of advertising, many sites will be at the top of the page length of hanging advertising, advertising effect is to think of publicity, advertising links for such sites do not need to transfer the weight, for the website advertising section can use the NF tag shield, or use the iframe frame structure construction. The website home page will call all the two channel content, anchor text for the "more" button navigation, can also add NF to it, to avoid too many "more" Keywords tag web page weight, but this kind of label is to improve the user experience, plus the nofollow label link spider is not transmit weight instead, capture, so webmaster don’t worry list pages will not be grab included.

Reasonable use of nofollow label

On the six misunderstandings of e-commerce website page Shanghai dragon optimization

remember, even if some other company’s products, you must spend in mind in the product description.

because the producers know their products, so it is very attractive.


4, using automatic description generator (text generator)

does not need to delete.

large-scale original product description (especially the series of products are you constantly updated) very time-consuming, but over time, you will reap the full return of the Shanghai dragon.

keyword density is an outdated concept, not so important, it is not so ideal. As long as the use of effective keywords in the content (if you not sure, try to read aloud) do not have to worry about the problem of density. Semantic search is very real, within a short time and will not be eliminated out of date.

translator: high proofreading:

information team

here is an example of Amazon, teach you how to do. This is a black Friday Amazon URL (https://www.amazon贵族宝贝/Black-Friday/), a short period of time to obtain the authority. Black Friday selling season when Amazon will update the web page.

yuan Shuai Wenning1, the use of 6,

3, while "keyword density"

fight a lone battle

takes every detail into the market of the Shanghai dragon team, let it become a habit rather than a burden.


at the same time, other transactions are also displayed for consumer choice.

2, as long as the selling period is over, then delete the seasonal "

this is the electronic commerce website of Shanghai dragon optimization often mistake.

, however, do you not only face the risk of duplicating the contents of punishment, at the same time you lost authority.

but in the long run, you will soon find that the user participation rate decreased, it also decreased the organic search rankings.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization needs different people together cooperation will be successful.

and your development team, UX team and other experts (such as paid search and social cooperation).


year seasonal "play a role in a very short time, so the behoove seems to be deleted. However, if you do so, every year you must be used to obtain the necessary authority to exhaust all the skills to rank, it will be too late.

in the short term, automatic description generator (text generator) can greatly save time.

manufacturers on the web products

Huairou Shanghai Longfeng analysis of several factors on enterprise website construction

domain is a prerequisite for enterprise network promotion, domain name for users is an image of the show. When choosing a domain name, we have to consider the domain name and the name of the enterprise, the enterprise characteristic, the unity of enterprise products. A good domain name, a simple domain name, the user is more easy to remember, setting a good image for the company.

enterprise website construction is not difficult, it is difficult to realize what the website function, the website can bring what? According to the different industry website, enterprise website positioning of different products and services need to be measured, after the relevant section, the focus of the search keywords organized together, presented to the user through the design page. Prominent features of website, in order to achieve the preliminary impression of an enterprise. According to their products, sales targets, clear their website is information service, sales, sales and service type or is integrated, the purpose is to sell products, corporate information, product name, contact information and other highlights can be displayed.

, 2 space and service providers

3, enterprise website construction to

enterprise website is just a simple website not only, should have the network marketing purpose, which played an important role in the promotion. The enterprise website promotion space, the major search engines, large enterprise site collection sites, such as hc360贵族宝贝, Alibaba. Search engines and e-business websites, for enterprises to establish a good platform, can effectively promote enterprise products. Many enterprises in the construction enterprise, provides online customer service function, can enhance relations with customers effectively, can better understand the needs of customers, improve the efficiency of enterprises, so the enterprise website promotion function, to create a foundation.

is a stable server space plays a big role on the website, the server stability is one of the factors influencing the website. When the enterprise website construction site, do not understand their own needs of the site, resulting in web access, speed, IIS number of links is not enough, some programs do not support website space. Select the server, to determine the target user, what is the general area, and the best choice for two space, the country can not cheap map. There are a lot of space for you to choose, civilink, Western Digital and so on good business space, the space to ensure the safe operation of the site quickly.

nowadays, enterprise website construction is a weapon, open the small and medium-sized enterprise product publicity, corporate image has been fully upgraded. The enterprise website also has its own space in the Internet field, more conducive to the promotion of the company’s products, the enterprise through the website timely delivery of their products and services, and receive the feedback information of users. Huairou Shanghai dragon introduced several factors in the process of enterprise website construction.

source: Huairou Shanghai dragon, 贵族宝贝>

1, enterprise domain name

4, enterprise website promotion


A Shanghai dragon in charge of Shanghai dragon team meeting speech

have something in my home yesterday morning, a temporary holiday, I got to the office, be startled at afternoon, and I usually focus website news section responsible for not updating. I know that this is because they are afraid to get scolded by me not good results, a lot of people because of non-standard work I have been scolded. Therefore, It’s better to save trouble. Besides, everyone with luck, one day does not update, the site does not immediately collapsed.

is afraid of being scolded, so don’t do the work, but if you do not work, how to improve? If no one beat you, how long memory — of course, this is not the reason for the curse. But I tell you how many times, if I called the wrong please point it out, I changed; if I did not scold the wrong, but the motivation is good for you, not to vent their negative feelings, show off their head of Shanghai Longfeng limited power, then you can only give me a bad temper.

is the site less on the one or two articles, the Internet late morning, the site won’t be broken, but your occupation spirit but not with the passage of time and progress, it is far better than the site for your loss.

in fact, there are not any occupation hunfanchi occupation, if you hold a living attitude, then in 20 years you are a living level. Today is a social contract, we still say "rights", the rights is the basis of contract. I hope that from today in the work is to develop their own kind of spirit of contract: the whole company, the whole team is my thing, dare to be responsible, the courage to take responsibility, push the work don’t expect.

I have been to you that you are young, you have to do now is to study technology, improve the level of their Shanghai dragon, accumulate experience, do you think I asked you to regulate the operation of a day I’m not tired? We think that one day I always ask you one some basic skills of the basic theory of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng problem knowledge and I eat more support? No, I is for your future, for the sake of the development of the company.

some of you know that the company asked me to give you the night training >

"sword" author Dou Liang’s novel "romantic color" in one scene, Zhong Yuemin gave the commandos before the war mobilization, said: "once wore this uniform is a soldier, we set up a contract with the state, all countries support you, so you need to serve the life blood the state", his conclusion is "the military is not a living world can live in the occupation, occupation and more, but not a soldier".

, of course, only the courage to be responsible for the spirit is not enough, but also must have certain professional skills, I know you for the current salary levels are not satisfied, but I have a friend that he would like to pay for the staff said: "do you think your work no one instead?" the staff said: "not!" he replied: "yes, this is what I now do not give you a raise reason."

Build a start-up company in the form of a pyramid scheme……Taobao alliance mid autumn day activit

2. takes part in activities as early as possible to boost promotion revenue.

, the beauty told her, "this project sounds like a pyramid scheme, but my brother has to listen to her.". The name of the project is called the five order three. Popular around the world, the model has won the Nobel prize HA HA, and now Amway is using this capital incubator model.

The following is the quoted content:

wins the prize small Cheats:

during this period, different members can have different dividends. And the final out, their earnings can be about to get 10 million 400 thousand yuan.


1, events registration time: September 13th to September 30th

, founder of Fu Niu Tong

‘s brother, A, contacted brother. He ran a good project in Ji’nan and made a lot of money. Brother asked what the project is, A Jun speech is very mysterious, said to know.

, A asked his brother Jun, said the project is not very exciting, but want to look at the "organization" can also have what strokes. A Jun confidently tell elder brother, today brother see only mode, but don’t know what people are doing, let elder brother and review two days.

September 13th -9 30, the new promotion integrated channel users, as long as the transaction will send cash 10 yuan

that day, at dinner, Mr. A called everyone in his group to cook together. At this time, only to find a few old friends are in the know, everyone cooking, playing cards, chatting, unconsciously brother forgot, this is in a pyramid scheme organization.

model is: to 3300 yuan as a unit, a share, each time to buy 21 shares, or 69300 yuan, to pay 500 yuan management fee, you can join the organization become a star member. Each member can develop three offline, offline also pay 69300 yuan. When developing over three line, will be upgraded to become star members, each of the same three referrals to develop three members, when the three line are full, before the two members will become Samsung membership upgrade. And so on, until this small system developed to about 800 people, the top five members can be out, take money, cash withdrawals.

promotion: Taobao customers only get integrated channel code from our Taobao alliance platform in proper form. Anyone who buys your integrated channel merchandise through your promotion text chain, web site, blog, or community, etc. and completes the transaction. You can get multiple awards and high commissions.

September 13th has been to promote integrated channel users, as long as the transaction will send cash 5 yuan

double Awards: by our bar, according to Alipay turnover reward activities after the cash payment to Alipay:

one big prize: successful promotion has high commission, everyone is polite,

specific activities detailed rules

The specific form of

is about beauty, also saw the elder brother’s joking, so quickly got up to leave. Not long, and has an uncle, a teenage boy, an aunt and brother came to chat.

arrived in Ji’nan, and Mr. A took his brother to a community in Ji’nan. Not long after, A took a graceful figure of women came to brother on the project.

brother squinted at the beauty in front of brother with beautiful enough to feast the eyes, heart thought this project is far less attractive in front of roaring waves.

the author of this article is

announcement page: club.alimama/read.php, tid=680819& page=1& toread=1


new promotion integrated channel users have 7 consecutive days of turnover, 7 days turnover of more than 200 yuan, and then bonus cash 100 yuan,

2, activities: as long as the successful promotion of integrated channels during the event, you can get a double prize:

1, landing Ali mom, in Taobao guest platform taoke.alimama/, select channel promotion – integrated channel, in the integrated channel, select the immediate promotion, copy the code can


4. through pictures, text chain and other ways to promote Taobao guest integrated channel. The channel has assembled Taobao’s most powerful category, featured high commissions, high conversions, best sellers and commodities, and is the most popular buyer of Taobao. The channel supports the simplest URL code.

awards setting:

3. be sure to sign up as requested. Replies registration information is activity appraisal basis, earnestly fills in the registration information.

A friend of

has had an experience with a MLM organization.

1., multi-channel, a variety of ways to promote integrated channels.

double Awards: by our great commission bonuses back home

second days, A began to bring his brother in the district

one big prize: promotion of integrated channels, earn lucrative Commission

elder brother listens to, happy, didn’t he meet the legendary pyramid selling? So, elder brother happily bought to Ji’nan of motor car ticket. Because, curious, how does a pyramid selling organization brainwash people?.

new and old customers washed off, double gold back home

A love with Google Shanghai for the difference of the web site included

4, love Shanghai love the top-level domain name in the title page keyword ranking, and no matter how much is Alexa, have quite the rankings. (the requirement is of course a top-level domain, and it is the home page file, super popular keywords except.

on your website impression rating in the first part, love Shanghai like grab a content page, of course, the importance of title is self-evident. We add >

from the content preferences on Shanghai love games, music, entertainment, leisure life; love Shanghai as a young man; if love Shanghai love mop贵族宝贝, Tianya etc..

3, Shanghai love to love the title keyword list, title keyword list contains the page ranking.

from the top:

1, love Shanghai love included static key word named directory or file html. Of course the very front rank.

2, love Shanghai love included single keyword "title, and the very front rank.


5, love Shanghai love automatically included in your website from other websites, such as I love Shanghai in the space contains its own website published the inside address, then Shanghai will be automatically included in the love. And the faster, but here we should pay attention to a little love, Shanghai space must not be hair, if you love Shanghai manual review found that the station will be artificial drop right perdition


A5 has many webmaster have doubts on this issue, I have some experience of my own summary of the focus from the hope can help to you, we need to understand that although SOSO is currently pushing the very fire, but QQ is not the engine was born, but also for the traffic control is dead, so the flow of SOSO most of their retention we, that is the main professional "Genzheng Miao red" engine: love Shanghai and Google. "Content is king, the chain for emperor" love Shanghai focus on the "King", while GG is the emphasis on the "emperor". From this also see, why love Shanghai will take Chinese market, while GG in China only at the door! This is why Chinese people are so love love Shanghai!

many owners because of the different types of Web sites, the need for specialized optimization of different engines, but many do not speak Shanghai dragon tutorial engine in the end what is the difference, for many webmaster a world engine technology concept everyone, almost everyone, in fact, this is completely different.

6, love Shanghai is paying more attention to the user experience of the website, which is what we call the site to keep updated, keep the original, if a website return rate is done if users stay for a long time, more content words of love Shanghai ranking will certainly be better

the love of Shanghai and Google what is essentially different?

Comparison of quality of weight two domain and two Shanghai Longfeng directory

two directory to open up a new plate or the advantages and disadvantages of the new channel. The two level is the form of directory, such as the www.*****贵族宝贝/bbs, the opening of the two level directory is two level domain name is a simple procedure, it is not a new name, directly create a new folder in the root directory of the host website can achieve access. Open a new plate or a new channel in this form has the advantage of weight, it can be directly integrated because of the domain name after all, even if the content is > two directory

first to use two level domain name in the form of new plate or channel advantages and disadvantages. In fact, the concept of two level domain and a domain name is sometimes very vague, such as some of the web page is bbs.*****贵族宝贝, then we can say that bbs.*****贵族宝贝 is a domain name, but the fact that the domain name should be prefixed with BBS two domain. That is to say, master most of the site is www.*****贵族宝贝, can be regarded as the WWW prefix two level domain name. So, we can draw a conclusion, that is the so-called two level domain name may just be a relative concept, the search engine is unable to determine the site to which the end is opened as the main domain name domain name prefix, so it must give two domain names to these relatively relatively equal weight. So, open up a new channel or a new plate to form two level domain name, the two level domain name in the beginning there was higher than the two level directory treatment. That is to say, the search engine might even see the domain name as the main domain relative to treat, then it will do in Shanghai dragon has own specific advantages. However, the two level domain is equivalent to a new domain, especially for the analysis to a new IP address on the two level domain name, to search engine, the basic equivalent of a domain name, the new site, in this case, even if the weight of the domain name is inherited the master of the domain name is high, it is very difficult to inherited. However, usually weight high master will have links the two level domain name, or transfer some weight, but the weight is not passed to the two level domain name innate weight, but received the equivalent weight of a high weight home page links.

Then we use

many sites when opening new plate or a new channel, will be tangled in a problem, that is the new channel plate or what is the two domain names show the form of good or to the two level directory form more appropriate. Of course, factors decide which way to use depends on many aspects, such as brand effect, content correlation factors and so on. For many small and medium-sized sites, because the search engine optimization for the site to bring the importance of traffic and visibility, so small and medium-sized site owners in the development of new plate and channel, we must consider carefully two domain names and two directories for new content search ranking advantages. In this paper the author is to talk about their own understanding.

From the classic Shanghai dragon skills law questioned enhanced combat experience

story above is because I want to talk today about half of the more similar to the above. We all know that a lot of grass when entered in just access to the Internet is basically a hot head came in, basically what all don’t understand. While many of the old owners became almost universal, is in the process of continuous exploration learning. So, one of the biggest characteristic, is the webmaster for application, or so only to learn, such as the Shanghai dragon, because I want to make a site with more traffic to learn how to do the Shanghai dragon. But at the same time, there is a big problem, is the most webmasters in the learning time is just in order to solve this problem is to learn, only know to achieve their effect on the line, and not to their own research and analysis principle. And there are a lot of people worship master on the Internet, regardless of technology or operation, including Shanghai Dragon technology too, and everyone on their point of view. It’s like the Copernicus era, perhaps like Copernicus have suspected geocentric theory, but because the authority of the church, he discovered a problem but thought he xueyibujing and give further research. We know that the world is changing, maybe something right now is not correct, with the dialectics of flowers is "impossible for two times to the same river".


in the practice of Shanghai dragon, we are often convinced of the classic techniques of law, even the search engine algorithm is so adjusted. For example, there is a very famous master is ZAC in Shanghai Longfeng field, I also admire him, he is very love writing style, very real. There is no doubt that many webmaster is his fans, can be said to his books.

search engine optimization technology this term I don’t think we need to explain the concept, if now who else was there to speak Shanghai dragon, that will make you laugh; not only is the concept, I believe that Shanghai Dragon Technology for the site of the importance we all know, especially for our grassroots website. I worked as a part-time Internet enthusiasts, but also an access to the Internet for several years, I have experienced many, at least in some sense in the Internet is understanding. Because I was a part-time personal webmaster, so whether it is technology or content and the Shanghai Phoenix is a person to do so, there is a deeper understanding.

to share my experience and I tell you a little story, we have heard about the story of Copernicus. In the middle ages, people thought was geocentric fetters, and the church in order to maintain its ruling position, also try to maintain the ideological weapon. So it seems nobody beyond the bottom line, and Copernicus through their own research on the geocentric questioned after the publication of the heliocentric theory, although the heliocentric theory is not correct, but at least one of the universe known progress, and he paid the price of life. But a heavy blow to the theological theory, greatly promoting the progress of human civilization.

I tell

Encyclopedia of experience summed up his own

1 and high quality

relatively simple method is to get through the small details of some layout, or add a few copies of the pictures, by the high rate of. If your connection when the hair is that advertising is connected, no matter how good you get content but also through the. If so, you can improve your pass rate, take the time to upgrade the account. Do the Encyclopedia of the job, there is a requirement to pass rate in more than 85% of the task, so the start should be simple to modify the entry, improve the pass rate.

to create or modify the entry

there is a little trick is, you search for dishes encyclopedia, what Braised pork in brown sauce, Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil such practices, add a few materials or the finished map map, can pass, is very simple, is a good method to upgrade the account. General 2 days can Wikipedia to upgrade to 4, and account pass rate in more than 85%, at this time to connect with the most effective, because your account has a position of authority, so connected by the rate will be much higher.

love Shanghai encyclopedia that needless to say we are very clear, get some connection weights to improve the effect of Wikipedia website is also very obvious, but the Encyclopedia also has a certain degree of difficulty, the share several skills yourself encyclopedia summed up to you.

the chain a Wikipedia account get more, I suggest you change or an account, or someone to report your entry connection, all entries you edit will be re examined once identified advertising account, before the efforts were in vain, but also leads to the chain the instability of your site is very bad! It’s best for an account issued 5 connection, for an account, a number is k if there are other in

2, modify the format, typesetting, typos, Cato

then advertising too obvious, audit people look at a few words are outside the chain of the same website would be submitted with the word will not give you several times, and are being returned to you, your account may also be included in the blacklist, will has no connection with the entry.

!5, do not rely on The If you The weight of

4, don’t put all your egg in one basket on

user experience is the main, if you love Shanghai no follow>

transition Encyclopedia

you get more rich content, with the greater the probability of connected by. When editing Wikipedia, the manual is not own original content, as long as you can find, get rich, good entry, then write detailed modification reasons there, let people know you a lot of effort, it is very easy to pass. This can get a high quality of the chain.

3, not a one-time submit some connection entry

As long as you have money, it’s really easy to start a businessThe end of entrepreneurship rumors ju

is that 99.99% of entrepreneurial stories are not the case at all.




from the view of history, is a China from thousands of years of feudal slavery national development evolved, that is to say, for thousands of years, we are living in a "kneeling" state, that the power of the "name" on the vanity of the deep accumulation of long-standing worship. Even the evolution to now, we still use every opportunity to win a "name" "face" "reputation", such as speech. To show off his cleverness, for example, at all costs to the civil service exam and so on.

The most often make ?

in fact, the success of these so-called "successful" entrepreneurial teams is not always their first product. Everyone loves to talk about how popular angry birds are, and over 1 billion downloads around the world. But few people are willing to understand is that the angry bird is already Rovio in sixty products. Prior to that, Rovio had been in business for 6 years, and spent thousands of people in troubled northern europe.

like this story, I can also cite a few dozen, because every successful Network Inc, there are behind this unknown past. Of course, this time is different, for some one or two years, some of the people for six years, eight years, but you can hardly find any new team, on the first day of product launch, there is panic buying.


if you are a corporate shareholder like, you have no idea for you with a special office? Somehow you are the boss in the company, you can not drop price, right? So, supporting office equipment also have to do this, don’t let your identity and how consistent are? Other companies make a small administrative document what my sister ran to our office on several singles several shareholders, it is a little thing, you have to recruit a little sister to do administrative compulsion? Even if the company is not a lack of people

was a good example of Pinterest, a that was considered a potential "" to challenge the supremacy of the Facebook in February. They began to rise from the end of last year, just a few months on the world’s 50 largest website ranking position, so the venture capital are rushing to give their money". But when we talked about this "red burst" story, in fact, few people noticed the Pinterest team from early 2009 to start a business, 9 months before the Pinterest website just on the line, the number of members 10 thousand are unable to break even. To break through, Ben Silbermann, the founder, wrote letters to the users every day, asking them to have coffee and see what was wrong with the site.

says entrepreneurship. No matter how many people, no matter how much, is also a team, a company, an organization, since it is the organization, it will involve "name", "face" these things. Honestly, if you just got a company, you have a kind of want to engage in the office very beautiful impulse? Did not want to rent a high-grade office idea? Of course, we can endure crowded in the basement with a few people to office, but a friend what a look: office space is so poor, what companies like? You keep others contempt in the eyes of

The problem with

was very red, and more than 35 million people were playing "Draw Something", another example. This App is actually the more than 30 game of OMGPOP, and before that, OMGPOP had existed for 6 years. In fact, they also admit that before Draw Something explosion of red OMGPOP, just a little bit so that we should put up the shutters go home. Of course, now they have successfully sold to Zynga for $200 million, and it’s easy to forget how painful they are for 6 years before they have today’s results.

startup mistakes, is that everyone in the world would want to get the product he is, like the huge crowds of people already crowded in the outside waiting in line, as long as he put this cover, open the door, you can see the guests start into madness, the White Bill spilled down from the sky a lot.

in imagination, a lot of people think entrepreneurship is a few people together, the resources, the output power, money money, together for a common goal of such a thing; here, some people may laugh, you said like bandits, at all not a team. To be honest, as a fool with a strong entrepreneurial experience, it’s natural to know the difference between a team and a gang of bandits. We’re talking about teams here. Some people may say, entrepreneurship, is not the money thing? Have money, what are easy to handle, no money, nothing to do; but the fool said that entrepreneurship is not a question of money, have money, the project may die faster, faster to disband the team. Why is that,

one, can you resist the "vanity"?

is the most important thing is, you will frequently in front of friends to show you that the business didn’t think of myself as a company? What boasting a kick in front of others in Haikou, the company’s disclosure policy management mechanism is what the thing; or all day so strategic analysis of the strategy. The comments, is not willing to do, or do the market survey; all day old said such as pretending to pressure, a few months do not know what is the company’s main business, the company is not a specific thing, but every day love >

Analysis Shanghai Longfeng optimization of thinking from life


why enforcement? Even if know how good skills, not to perform, talk only, what’s the result? And is not a simple implementation, to persist and reflection. Shanghai dragon in this way, once selected, please make a stubborn efforts for their own


in the occupation on the road, the exchange will make progress, human thinking is not the same, in some industry exchanges, we must learn to take the initiative to become attached to, take the initiative to share and humbly ask. Looking for the progress of thinking in others thinking, but also thinking of others to learn to filter absorption, avoid foolish imitation, because they are only responsible for sharing, thinking through the practice of family income, while he just heard, not necessarily suitable for themselves, so communication is very important, the blog is to exchange the principle of sub.

accumulated life experiences make us different view of the world, why not the same people? Some people are good, but some people take a wrong step, a bad person? This is the different life experiences, create a different person, if all the same, this world and what fun huh? Talk! Far, Shanghai dragon is the same.


implementation of


operation and technique

talked about the harvest, sometimes feel that they do so long Shanghai dragon, always feel no harvest. But to determine the harvest, the harvest is very deep. Luo said: every life come into the world, are destined to change the world, this is your fate, you have no choice. You can make this world a better place, or make this world a worse place. Whether the harvest is successful, is still not achieve the results you want, keep trying to find the direction to go all the way, will meet a better future.


life experience

learning is everyone in life, less essential courses, but often can not find the correct way of learning. Sometimes, they do not have to head broken and bleeding, harvest, life rarely encounters a good teacher. Nick has stressed that fate is very important, please grasp the opportunity to meet. Shanghai Longfeng operation and skills are simple things, you can buy books, can also go to the Forum (love Shanghai Webmaster Platform), can also go to the training class, but stressed that, people just teach him to fish ", rather than" delegate to fish". So the skill is the most important part of.

regardless of the industry, learning is a very simple technique and operation, is mainly a matter of time? Back to Shanghai dragon industry, operation and skills are easy to learn, and Shanghai dragon industry is the most easy introduction to the Internet industry, unlike some to write code, written procedures and so on, it to establish English understand on the basis. Shanghai dragon industry, many novice in, out of the veteran also, doing fine little. That is why Shanghai Longfeng optimal thinking comes from life? Please see below

From the 6 major web search engines of grassroots webmaster must know the basic optimization problem

: search engines do not fill in the user information and the registration number and password, will not be able to break through and read the front page login information.


is a web search engine to determine the basic basis, if the webmaster can avoid these, then love will Everfount Shanghai spider crawling to your site.

reason: with a question mark, sign parameters of dynamic URL generated is not conducive to the search engine to read, and bring some problems to the railway station by

This paper by Feng Zhiyong

4. do not use dynamic URL, should use static or pseudo static URL

6.URL should be as short as possible, the more clearly the better


blog (贵族宝贝 submission release, please indicate the copyright and links.

hierarchical directory

a lot of grassroots webmaster how to build websites, but for how to optimize the site, let site in line with the search engine, it also further study, so today let Feng Zhiyong take you to the website analysis from the perspective of a search engine, look at the 6 basic problems encountered and the search engines index ranking:

2. do not use a variety of URL (in addition to the 301 station to jump outside)

5. cancel login to the home show information

3. sites do not use the framework of

: the URL is shorter for users to spread and copy, also makes the search engine better included; hierarchical directory more clearly more conducive to search engine perceived consistency, is more conducive to search engines and read.

: in addition to the 301 station to jump outside, other URL will only make the search engine feel disgusted, which directly considered cheating.

1. web page to prohibit the use of Flash files and Flash animation

framework and Flash, the search engine also cannot be read, so as not to be included.

reason: Although Flash will enhance the visual impact of the site, but all of this is only limited to the user see, our search engine can not see, can not lead to Flash cable on text information, it can not be determined and included.

According to their website performance analysis is mainly based on Google PR and speculation

first, this site is updated regularly to benefit PR update the quality of content. The author is responsible for the 5 stations, 3 enterprise website because of the keyword of more intense competition, the author insists on the update frequency fixed, the sites add high quality original content, after Google PR this update, found 3 frequently updated site is obvious, PR has a different degree of improvement, some from 0 to 1, some rose from 1 to 3, while the other two sites almost once a month, so I was PR have a slight decline, one of the PR 3 website currently directly reduce the weight to 0, this update the profound understanding of the true meaning of Efficiency comes from diligence.. The shortage in the play, through the Google PR update for here I emphasize, if you want to get the approval of Google believes that the current must be the quality of the original content as the core, although Google launched Chinese Market However, Google in the station for the quality requirements are also gradually upgrade, the Google PR updates the original quality content for Google search engine value is really deep.

third, the high quality of soft is helpful for improving pr. I was very fond of writing, Adsense nets.

as everyone knows, Google PR a small range of update on Friday, Saturday is the scope of the day of December the 7th update, the author is responsible for the five companies and 2 individual station by station last week to update the PR’s performance and their usual maintenance site experience, the author analysis and we present promotion website Google PR what are the main reference for us, good gossip short continued, let’s enter the theme of today.

second, Links to influence cornerstone website weight and PR value. This is actually in the Google PR’s influence is obvious to people, remember before 2010 to 11 years, a lot of friends exchange links with PR as the standard, because a lot of statistical tools no love sea weight that said, this is why some understanding of Google PR update cycle of friends, in a few weeks ahead of time for the reason Links exchange website wantonly, now I want to say is high quality good correlation Links promotion effect on PR website is very obvious, before the author of a corporate website is PR 3, because the industry is more than a lot of the exchange connection is irrelevant, when this update is directly reduced to 2, a class Links portal website is relatively easy to exchange, then this update from the PR before 1 rise directly to 3, by comparing the two site performance The author thinks, the relationship between the quality of high Links for promotion website PR has a very big role in promoting, here I recommend is to try to exchange some of the industry website, if their website industry is more and more and more loopholes, some frequently updated site link exchange, because PR is a vote only, the more good quality of high-quality sites give you a connection, may influence for their website PR is huge.

Starting a cell phone is one of the pits Luo Yonghao has a different experience in lifeProfiteering

is a well-known Internet commentator Lang Xi wrote in his article "Luo Yonghao’s death" after a text, compared to those with manufacturing concept and tear forced sales ranking of the domestic counterparts, the hammer technology is decent. Of course, this does not mean that the old without liquidation, a small Czech battle can not cover up the strategy significantly behind, even in an eventful year of millet, it is only after touching the ceiling bottleneck, placed in front of Luo Yonghao’s return to the runway, is already from a single product to upgrade the competition composite competitive industry and he scorched earth, busy.

last year, one day, there are two people to my company website to me things, they ask me to know rainbow? I said I don’t know, they explain to me for a long time, they want to be a gay website, so I use the word "gay" in the shlf1314 search at see, a row of two sites in the front, the above advertisement was shocked, the two site is a simple web site navigation, but advertising is definitely more than hao123 even N>

PW website can be so huge profits, the main reason is it industry profits, the Internet friend said, set up a PW in their own Internet cafes, Internet cafes to play simply within the Internet, selling equipment revenues are much higher than the access fee.


WOW is hot all over the world, and it also brings a small but huge market, which is the international trade of virtual game equipment. In English shlf1314, Yahoo wow gold and other search keywords, you can see this kind of website is very much, basically have SEO, these sites are very simple, but the profit ability, will make many people feel surprised, the most powerful companies are hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

as the saying goes: the election of the industry to make a lot of money! Website, the truth is the same, but very much now the network entrepreneurs do not understand this sentence, always do what what industry hot industry, the result is keep going by painstaking effort. Here to share some of the small profits I saw in the industry website, perhaps you can inspire.

Luo Yonghao himself obviously also know, "perhaps in the headline of the students seems," do poineering work mobile phone "this thing is the moment most pit father’s work."

since Luo Yonghao entrepreneurship, hammer phone first, thousands of new feelings questioned, followed by mobile phone test report questioned, but also Alibaba millet may receive disk news. With all this upset, no wonder the headline quiz invited Luo Yonghao to answer the question.

network game industry is huge, around the network game profits small website very much, so the industry website servers, these sites are super simple, may be a web page, packed all advertising, this website, as long as the first page in sh419 shlf1314, whether it is love or other PW, advertising revenue more than 100 thousand month is easy. One page, more than 100 thousand a month income. It is said that one of the more popular web sites is tens of millions a year.

1, pharmaceutical investment

four, gay website

two, private server industry

in October this year, Smartisan M1 conference third days later, hammer technology redeemed pledged to equity interest in Alibaba. Read the outside world, hammer M1 sales continued to look good, gave Luo Yonghao a helping hand.

to say, Luo Yonghao mobile phone after the biggest change, should be more low-key?. The change may be interpreted as a big grievance for his cellphone. But Luo Yonghao admits, "in fact, nothing wrong.". It all depends on whether you are a critic or a person to work for yourself. You define yourself as a critic, a critic, a critic, and a fight. In the past I didn’t do business. I was just a critic. If another critic challenges me, I’ll call. But now I define myself as a person who works, then the person who works should play with the person who works. When criticizing people to comment, if you fight him, there may be a little problem."

TechWeb December 26th news reports, Luo Yonghao’s personal WeChat public earlier today published an article, Luo Yonghao replied, "you ask about the headline work is cheating", made this answer, "in fact do mobile phone this four years is four years of my occupation career the most happy, no what is particularly painful, sometimes a little tired, there is a time is always not enough, so only two days a bath in winter. In short, relative to this four and a half years of entrepreneurial happiness, that little tired nothing."

three, game currency sales

pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industry, pharmaceutical related websites is profiteering, you can search "Medicine Merchants" on shlf1314, and then look at the row in front of the site, do not, basically on the page are all packed ads, these ads are costly. I have a student to do such a website, traffic is not big, every day on thousands of traffic, but the word "medical investment" in top5, so monthly advertising income easily several thousand yuan. Of course, some of the company’s operation is better, every month there are millions of.

mobile phone market ups and downs, Luo Yonghao look very pale. "There is no heart plug," he said, "of course," but as Ma Ma said: "entrepreneurs’ mind, are wronged by the big.". I used to quarrel on the Internet is never lost, but after doing business the four and a half years of bloody, my heart has been to >

Give an idea of how to make money from more than 20000 client computer resourcesI understand do Wang

        I am equipped with Internet advertising system in Internet cafes, there are currently more than 20000 client computer. The home page can be set into their own website, ask a senior how should I use these resources. What a website can get extra income.

Answer: 1

2 to do their own home, fully exchanged for your home page flow and other website

3 put some of the most Internet users can earn affiliate products

4 to search some transformation. For example, Yahoo shlf1314.

I used to think that only those who can master Wangzhuan Wangzhuan play things, so for a long time without contact with the network and the higher electric shock. Later, once accidentally saw Wangzhuan post, let me re recognize, do Wangzhuan do not necessarily have the technology, as long as you do, as can be successful. Here I share my Wangzhuan experience.

so I buy six thousand dollars to buy two movie station, hang alliance advertising, through alliance to make money online. The two stations now have two hundred yuan a month. After a month, I’ve got the money back. I feel lucky, but that’s the result of my efforts. I heard that garbage station can not do long, so I think it is better to do a formal stand, because the regular station is more stable. 09 years quietly approaching, I found my own site, this site is my Wangzhuan precipitation, I hope this is a new beginning. China Wangzhuan forum. Love Wangzhuan friends can go to my learning forum, there are currently the most popular Wangzhuan project, but I suggest that you should pay attention to when do Wangzhuan liar, now Wangzhuan environment has changed a lot, as before. Do Wangzhuan adhere to the most important, this is the greatest experience I do wangzhuan.

I was building, had been building for years, then accidentally exposed to Wangzhuan, then switch. Little began to understand network knowledge, even what is the domain name all don’t know, but it won’t stop me Wangzhuan enthusiasm. Others can, why can not I? So I went to the bookstore to buy a new site to do the book, crazy look at a few days, and finally learned some knowledge about the site. But I believe the distance is still very far away, so few days I have been thinking, what what to do next? Time is very important, if you find it, at least half the time it may make a stand, have two years to be successful, so I think it is better to buy a station, do not waste time.

Talking about the scheme of making money for the lazy stationmaster99 infinity and nails invisible c

ashamed, really ashamed, I have been on the Internet for 4 years. For 4 years, time and energy have been wasted on the internet. IP was also happy for 20 IP, no time to a lot, but I never discouraged. Use 3/4 of your time every day to stand, maintain, and promote. I haven’t made big money in 4 years or even made a small profit. You can earn most of the money back in the domain name space. Family and friends seldom have time to go with them. I believe many webmaster like me.

said, "from the bottom of his heart.".

, a famous investor who has made a fortune with this theory, began to layout the Chinese enterprise service market a few years ago and returned handsomely. "The United States business class service market, a number of revenue of billions of dollars of giant, China sooner or later a day will be."."

"The biggest mistake in his life was the Alibaba," Mr.

has been regarded by many as a challenger, and certainly not. But in the past few years, unlimited scenery of the industry tuyere, it has been difficult to produce the big mac. sh419 will be the NetEase beyond, millet valuation has shrunk dramatically, the new big difficult, while 360, almost invisible.

and the advantages of the Chinese market is that the highly efficient mobile Internet era, given the advantages of enterprise service products and cornering overtaking opportunities. Especially in the two new concepts of SAAS and PAAS enterprise services, BAT is a mature software users, efficiency of life had the skilled use of a variety of cloud platform, and has the good habit of paying a popular WeChat article reward a few.

actually, I’m using a simple Marx movie program to use it for the sake of saving time. Login background, click Update data, IU can be updated automatically. Unexpectedly, sh419 also included. Suggest no time management site friends can go >

this big brother, leisurely place a cigar, say the true words: "the world’s top 500 list of single Chinese enterprises more and more, for enterprise service, make enterprise money" era "."."

is 22 years old this year. He has nothing but his own, no friends, no money, no cars, no rooms……. I’ve been looking for something new and I can’t find my head. I know the myth that Internet flourishes is not going to happen to me. So I’m going to give up the Internet and go into other businesses. Several sites on their own to find a few relatively simple procedures, put on. Update one or two times a week. Not more than 20 minutes each time. No matter what he included pr.

a very quiet night I returned home rental as usual, open the computer to see the novel, hang general stealth on-line on the line after the stop flash open to see the 6 system messages XXX add you as a friend followed by the message sent several people. At that time, I remember clearly that 5 of them wanted to buy the connection on my website, and I didn’t care if they wanted to make a friendship link. I replied to them and helped them. One of his responses surprised me. "Help me with 3 links. 8 yuan a month." I’m a little surprised. What’s the link? Why do you want to give me the money?. So I talked with him up to know the link can also be sold for money. As it was very late, I made a good link to him and confirmed that I paid him 886.

stands and earns money,

statistics, there are about 2700 enterprises in Europe and America, developed the $350 billion market capitalization of enterprise service market; and China currently has 2200 enterprises, even a $1 billion level of the unicorns are not.

and the demographic dividend disappeared as well as rising labor costs, so that enterprises pay more attention to the pursuit of efficiency, the use of the system to enhance the efficiency of enterprises, the most direct impact is to create huge potential demand trillion enterprise service market. Industry believes that China’s enterprise class service market will be completely burst and ignited.

2016 the agency awards on Enterprise Service Awards awarded more than 300 large and small, from big data, human resources to cloud services such as the best barrage at the market when general, investors and industry one step ahead of good, that the explosive growth of the air outlet is coming.

According to

true investment logic, indeed. In 2016, the Chinese investment market favored the service products at the enterprise level and became an emerging outlet for venture capital. And the most sensitive sense of the industry, has long been the major awards awarded to the enterprise service market.

I’ve searched sh419 for links, and there are thousands of related information on sh419. I know about the detailed process of buying and selling links. Check my station collection and PR value right away. Read the data is even more surprising, sh419 included 7000 articles for the general station has been very good, home update time is yesterday. Pr=3. Up in the morning and go to see, also included yesterday that is updated every day, no wonder they find me to buy links. So I saw sh419 AD5 is a good place to link transactions, went in to register. In the link transaction, a few messages were published briefly. Over the next few days, I sold more than 100 links on AD5 and earned more than $1000. I think the cost of the website is back. So I sold the station. Or on the AD5 released the sale of information, 20 days later, someone came out, satisfied with the price, bought the station. Finally, the rest of my love is not sold. The others are all sold.

because there are at least one million Chinese people thinking every day: "how is money better than ma?".

? Daniel quietly opened stocks, see NASDAQ and NYSE, you want to find a group of emerging companies. In China do not have, and quickly copy plagiarism model; in China, and quickly took a check stake.

InSenz the first ad fees to the webmasterDo Wangzhuan the right direction is more important than exe

this station, from construction to optimization, with more than a month of my time, it can be said that in accordance with the plan is absolutely meticulous execution. But there are number of traffic, the shadow is not money, which can be said to be a problem of execution? So I think not only to engage in Wangzhuan execution, more important is to grasp the right direction. If the direction is wrong, even if the effort ultimately only to fail, it would really be not hit the south wall does not look back, was laughable.

do respect for intellectual property rights of civilization station, reprint must note source: wing68/

      InSenz community marketing alliance, the first round of mobile advertising costs have been sent to all stations of the union.

in these two points, I think the choice of the product is the most serious mistake. Because this kind of products in sh419 do bidding promotion, there are four, if not profitable, no one will spend so much money advertising. But all of these companies have their own products and sell at a premium, so even if only a few deals are made each day, the profits are enormous. The most important thing is that every penny of the customer will go straight into their pockets, and there will be no loss. With the guidance of online customer service, the transaction rate is even higher. In order to make my station profitable as soon as possible, the best way is to re select goods.

in helping the owners to make money, InSenz once launched on the good performance. Zhang Wei said: "after adding to the InSenz system, I found a surprise in the use process, put the cost comparison from the advertising point of view, shlf1314 Adsense is even higher than that, not on the sh419 theme promotion and Yahoo directional promotion." NOKIA mobile phone forum webmaster Wu Peng also has deep feeling, "NOKIA mobile phone forum has successfully launched 4 InSenz marketing activities, and achieved very good results, I will help the InSenz Forum’s popularity into real money."

since mid May, Comsenz integration of more than 40 million Discuz! Adsense launched InSenz community marketing alliance, for InSenz’s various experiences and comments will be heard. The success of the first round throw mobile phone communications Fetion, such as Samsung and MOTO advertisers, it is triggered a great concern of the majority of owners and the media.

believe do Wangzhuan friends all know such a word: execution. A lot of master and introduce the experience in Master Wangzhuan or project always special mention: if you want to make money, must have enough execution. I absolutely agree with that, but I think there is something more important than execution. That is the right direction.

accepted as mobile phone advertising to try Zhang Wei said, InSenz is the biggest feature of the innovation community launched the "invisible" advertising theme stickers advertising, this form of advertising will not affect the use of members of the forum experience, at the same time advertising content and forum type has a certain matching degree, is a supplement to the additional the contents of the forum, so easy to accept by the webmaster.

it is understood that, InSenz community marketing alliance in May 10th began to introduce mobile advertising, there are about 200 mobile forums successfully accepted the launch activities, they will receive different amounts of advertising revenue. Relevant responsible person said that the first round of mobile phone advertising advertising costs have been involved in the success of the settlement is completed, the owners can now have your login InSenz platform, tax free of charge.

a month ago, I built a small station, specializing in Taobao customers, and now, all the key words of this station have been stabilized in the top three of sh419, and every day there are more than 60 directional IP. If such a good flow of income should be good, but the actual situation is that the station didn’t earn me. See other people do similar sites have got money, I am confused, and then made a detailed analysis.

through analysis, I found that there are two major weaknesses in this station. First of all, the main keywords do not have enough profit value, although the index of this word is very high, it brings pure directional traffic, but the Internet users who come over are not those customers who have strong desire to buy. Secondly I choose products also have problems, by browsing the promotion of the shop, I found that the volume of these products are meager, Internet users to purchase page will carefully view the evaluation and transactions, if there is no high trading volume is very difficult to let the visitors come out of pocket. In addition, when communicating with some webmaster, we also complain about the phenomenon of Taobao customers losing bills. And some bad owner in order to gain more benefits will deliberately guide users to bypass Taobao customers directly generate orders, this will lead to a lot of webmasters pay but all in vain.

InSenz launched the theme stickers advertising can make the site without sacrificing the user experience of the community at the same time, there is still a steady source of income and long-term business, so we will always use the InSenz community marketing alliance." "The first to experience the InSenz system," says Zhang Weiru, owner of symbian.