Sabor Espresso in Simcoe intends to be much more than a coffee shop with sweets on the side.The McCoy family also wants it to be an international crossroads where visitors can come in and work on their Spanish.They are making space for a member of their congregation who works with local youth. And they are looking to forge stronger bonds as a family as they build a loyal clientele.“That was a key part of it,” Rob McCoy said Thursday as the finishing touches were put on their renovated storefront. “We wanted to do something as a family; run a business together.”In his previous life, McCoy was a website developer. His partner Brenda Vedra Ballinas is an early childhood educator who recently worked at the Calvary Daycare Centre in Simcoe.Ready to serve customers alongside his parents is son Mathias, a student at Holy Trinity Catholic High School who already knows what his summer job will be.Sabor Espresso opens for business Friday at 11 Norfolk Street North. The previous occupant was McFarland’s Olde Tyme Sweet Shoppe.McCoy and Vedra Ballinas initially thought of setting up shop on the Queensway. They dropped the idea after finding lease rates beyond their price range.The family then entered negotiations with Brimage Law Group, the law firm next door that owns 11 Norfolk Street North.“We started talking and in three days we had signed a lease,” McCoy said. “It went very well.”As the name suggests, the mainstay of the business is espresso-based beverages – lattes, cappuccinos and the like.A traditional Mexican coffee known as cafe con leche consisting of coffee and steamed milk will be on tap, as will brews considered standard at coffee shops everywhere in this part of the world.An off-site baker will supply date squares, Nanaimo bars and a delicious traditional Mexican dessert known as churros. McCoy and Vedra Ballinas will mix up the menu until they find their customers’ sweet spot.Vedra Ballinas is especially excited because Sabor Espresso has taken on a modest social mission through the family’s friendship with Dan Avey, a youth worker who worships with them at Evergreen Heights Christian Fellowship in Simcoe.“Our son is part of Dan Avey’s group,” said Vedra Ballinas, who was born in Mexico. “We’re really happy with what Dan is doing with youth. He understands them.“We have the space here to help with his ministry. We want this coffee shop to be more than just a business. We also want to connect with people.”

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