Reporters learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, last month, the Xining air quality index for the good number of days is 5 days, excellent rate of 17.9%. Among them, 15 days of mild pollution, accounting for the total number of days of the month of 54%; moderate pollution for 5 days; severe pollution for 2 days; serious pollution for 1 days.According to

, February 9th to 15, during the Spring Festival holiday, February 11th to 18, 8 consecutive days, the primary pollutant is particulate matter (PM10), and this reduces the travel of the vehicle, there is a certain relationship with the smooth road. During this period, the main pollutants from fine particulate matter (PM2.5) into respirable particulate matter (PM10), indicating that automobile exhaust has become one of the main sources of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions. February 24th (day fifteen) eight pm to half past nine, PM10 has reached the highest value of the measured three urban environmental air automatic station, an average of 354 micrograms / cubic meter, was heavily polluted and that the fireworks have great influence on the regional environmental quality, but when I was in grade three or four late blowing wind. The spread of pollution degree on New Year’s eve. (author: Rong Lijun) read more

to ensure that the global fund tuberculosis multi drug resistant smooth implementation of the project in the city, to further strengthen medical anti cooperation, resistance to clear diagnosis treatment and management of MDR-TB patients responsibilities; according to the plan of project implementation of multi drug resistant tuberculosis in Xining City, the global fund tuberculosis disease control project office in Xining in June 11, 2012 held a during the period of multi drug resistant tuberculosis project medical anti cooperation seminar. From the Municipal Health Bureau, Qinghai Fourth People’s Hospital and Xining City Center for Disease Control and prevention of the relevant leaders and experts a total of 14 people attended the meeting.
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vehicle, dusty winds, a murky sky over a dark earth. This is a lot of people in Xining before the impression of exports to the west. After many measures to remediation, and now the west to curb dust exports.

‘s survey found that the west exit of major air pollution site dust, for the west area to increase the supervision of the construction site, the establishment of environmental protection four grid monitoring system, the area of construction sites and key roads, pollution prevention and control in key areas to determine the relevant responsible person, and the use of HD monitoring facilities West comprehensive information the platform of social service management, within the jurisdiction of the construction site, key areas, key road to build a all-weather, multi-level coverage of video surveillance skynet". In the process of cleaning the road, west area road cleaning frequency, according to the inspection at any time to adjust the cleaning scheme, according to the weather conditions in a timely manner through the sprinkler spray to reduce air dust and other suspended solids, make the air cleaner. On the other hand, on both sides of the road on the west side of the road dust removal, hardening. In addition, the strict implementation of the West District 24 hours of key sections of the vehicle inspection system, requiring all vehicles into the urban areas in the implementation of the transport process to the body, the car to take purification measures, there can not be thrown drip phenomenon. The transport of goods can not exceed the prescribed length, width and height of the body, take airtight, covering such measures for failing to take effective measures to seal and cover or goods beyond the compartment of the vehicle, will be prohibited from driving on the road. After a period of renovation, the area of road dust is significantly improved, road and landscape has been further enhanced. (author: Zhang Xu Liang)
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In 2012, the city continued to carry out the work of the city’s urban solid spot pest control

2012 years, the city continued to carry out the work of the city’s urban solid spot pest control. In order to anoplophoranobilis forestry pest prevention and control work, forestry, forest departments to further increase the strength of management, clear the county, each unit of control tasks and objectives, the implementation of biological control work system of harmful forestry, do prevention plan record. At the same time, actively fight for the prevention and control of funds, the purchase of non pollution prevention and control drugs distributed to the relevant units for the smooth development of the prevention and control of the prevention and control of the prevention and control of the work. read more

March 3rd, the Fourteenth National "love day", the "love day" is the theme of healthy listening, happy life — focus on healthy elderly hearing. The same day, Xining CDPF and the relevant units in the Central Plaza launched a variety of promotional activities.

on the same day, Xining City CDPF four district CDPF, joint health departments to carry out a number of promotional activities, calling attention to the health of elderly people hearing the whole society, promoting healthy habits with the ear, and the related knowledge of elderly hearing disability prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation. read more

health products industry is now relatively hot, if you want to open a shop like this, what needs to be prepared to do a better job? Xiao Bian introduced.

store location

health food stores, beauty products are mainly for the crowd for women, most of these people to employees, this kind of crowd social activities more, but still often go to shopping malls, supermarkets, commercial street, fashion office; most of the day in the office, will take a little rest at noon the time to stroll around the office, may go to the supermarket at night. How to do health care products store? Weekend shopping mall. From the social activities of these people can be seen in the main activity place is super, commercial street, surrounding the office, the surrounding communities, so for health products store these people must choose the appropriate location, should also be in these areas to expand market research read more

for two days before the provincial capital large supermarkets in Xining salt stock of the situation, the provincial commerce department to arrange supermarkets increased the salt supply organization efforts to ensure market supply, residents worry to buy salt panic gradually eliminate.

from the beginning of March 17th, Xining supermarkets arrange supply organizations, by increasing the supply, ensure the normal sales of edible salt, and take reasonable measures to prevent the purchase of people hoarding and profiteering. 17, -18, salt salt company in Xining and the surrounding areas of retail enterprises supply of more than and 300 tons. 18 am, the major supermarkets have been on the salt of goods, and arrange for the subsequent supply supplement, adequate supply, there is basically no queuing to buy the phenomenon, salt market sales tend to normal. read more

Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the province issued preferential policies to support the accelerated development of human resources services. By 2020, the total number of human resources services will reach 130.

the Notice provides a number of preferential policies to promote the development of the human resource service industry in our province mainly include: the elimination of double taxation human resources service industry in the middle part of the human resources service organization; new jobs to absorb the employment permit "or" personnel employment of college graduates, can enjoy preferential tax or social security for 4 years allowance and a one-time reward; arrange the employment of college graduates can apply for trainee, trainee stipend; support qualified city (state) to set up the human resource service industry park, gradually upgraded to the provincial human resources park; human resource services independently, can apply for business loans and enjoy the financial subsidy policy; business success more than 1 years can apply for a one-time business awards.  
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in the first quarter of this year, the province’s investment and consumption of two carriages together force, collaborative pull to promote the steady growth of the province’s economy. At the end of March, the province’s total fixed asset investment 19 billion 988 million yuan, representing year-on-year growth of 12.8%; the province’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 16 billion 405 million yuan, up 10.8% over the previous year.

since the beginning of the year, facing the hitherto unknown downtown pressure on the economy, the provincial government regulation, more precise force, set the power of the province to take measures to promote the steady growth of investment. Provincial Development and Reform Commission resolutely implement the provincial government decision to deploy, led the convening of the two investment and key projects will be scheduled, early arrangements, early deployment. At the same time, the timely issuance of the province’s investment in key projects and responsibility, a quarter to the key project of the division of responsibilities, preliminary work responsibility arrangement and PPP project to promote the work of responsibility, clear the list of items and a list of responsibilities at every level, layers of implementation. On this basis, the provincial key office also opened a special fund, the project focused on the allocation and the existing problems, on-site supervision of Xining, Hainan, Haidong, Haibei, Huangnan and other key areas, to further accelerate the construction of key projects. At the end of March, the province’s 170 key projects to the rate of 72%. read more

Recently, the "2016 provincial tourism bureau organization for the city of 100 · Damei Qinghai tour activities into the Guangdong province and Shenzhen City, Zhuhai two. A key part of the tourism resources in the province, Xining, Haidong, Haibei and Yushu Tourism Bureau respectively made regional tourism products exhibition.

it is understood that the "Chinese city of 100 · Damei Qinghai Guangdong Tour" promotion activities, our province "one circle and three line three plate three corridor" of tourism products and tourism enterprises with regional characteristics of tourism products is highly concerned by the tourism enterprises in Guangdong, showing great interest in many local tourism enterprises and tourism initiative our province enterprise communication, access to travel information in our province. read more

September 16th, in the city fair city construction projects to promote the meeting, the development of modern commerce and trade in Xining so that the adjacent areas of peer optimistic, is expected to become the new darling of investment and cooperation. A master eight pairs of nodes to create a pattern of the development of the business center, wealth Plaza, South Gate and other major commercial projects to attract a lot of attention from the world.

In March 14th, a reporter from the Xining city service industry to promote the development of bureau, as the national comprehensive reform pilot services, this year, Xining will focus on the development of cultural tourism, finance, exhibition, logistics, real estate, community, intermediary, electronic commerce, science and technology service nine service industry, the service industry to promote the rapid economic growth in Xining.This nine

services in the field of cultural tourism industry will accelerate the mining, protection and exploitation of Xining culture resources, enrich and enhance the cultural connotation of tourism products, and actively create cultural tourism brand series, extending the value chain of culture and tourism. The financial sector will be a premium service for diversified financing, modern credit means, speeding up the construction of ring sunning Plaza, Central Plaza and the Lake District Central Business District, the introduction of foreign financial institutions, improve the venture investment, industrial investment, equity investment and guarantee system construction. The exhibition industry to build advanced facilities, brand collection, service quality, management norms "China Summer Exhibition" in Qinghai Exhibition Center City "as the goal, vigorously the introduction of well-known brand exhibition, foster a number of strong sense of innovation, good quality of service of the large exhibition enterprises, and promote joint development of the exhibition industry and other industries. read more

This is the Xining City, the "year" working sprint. At present, Xining city has completed 21 indicators 26 indicators in the "model". August 21st, held in Xining in 2012 to create a joint meeting of the national environmental model city.

in the first half of this year, Xining sewage treatment plant running smoothly, Xining City, a total of 3404 tons of sewage treatment, sewage treatment rate reached 90%, the sewage treatment rate has been effectively improved. At present, the first sewage treatment plant mentioned standard renovation project has passed the feasibility assessment, second sewage treatment plant relocation and transformation dibiao transformation is the research phase, fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant and associated pipeline project will start building in October. This will play an important role in improving the sewage treatment rate in Xining. read more

December 12th, in support of Xining City Administration Bureau, Fang Wencheng in the city’s four city of eating red "point of sale" opened a Red Plateau on the unusually hot. Only one day, retail plus buy, plus on-site picking, sales reached 17 tons. Since the day of sales are now picking a lot of red morning, it came late. A lot of people in Xining has long wait, and to reporters call Fang Wencheng, asked how not Red Plateau shipped to Xining. Some units of the spontaneous organization of employees to buy the phone is constantly coming in, reporters and Fang Wencheng’s two mobile phones, as well as the newspaper’s news hotline has not broken. Time: the morning of the 10 place: built in the north area of Bei Xiang plateau red point of sale, full of red box car, just a stop, immediately attracted a lot of people. "How much is it?" "How much is a box?" "Real estate?"…… After receiving the reply, the sales site is unusually hot. "I saw in the newspaper that there are red sell, come quickly." Xining citizen Ms. Lee bought a box on the spot, she said, she from the "West Sea metropolis" see the newspaper launched the "city of eating red" campaign, as his power to help farmers, on the one hand can eat just picked fresh red, on the other hand is to help the fruit farm although busy, I just bought a box, but it can be considered as a heart." Ms. Lee said. At the scene, crying out to sell grapes to sell raisins, sales suddenly lively up, then put on the ground of the box down half. Time: the morning of the 11 place: Saline Lake Saline Lake Lane cross "we went to Saline Lake and Saline Lake Lane Cross Red Plateau for a long time, how not to?" Xining citizens Ms. Liang anxiously asked in the phone. 12 early in the morning, Ms. Liang and several colleagues rushed to the Saline Lake cross, ready to "group purchase" plateau of red globe, but find a circle did not find, call ordering telephone inquiries. Because according to the arrangement of the urban management department, to have the Red Plateau booth sales after Saline Lake Lane morning evacuated the city. After reply, Ms. Liang said, Red Plateau is fresh and cheap, and can help farmers to buy Red Plateau, waiting is not what. When we start from the construction of Bei Xiang arrived at the scene, the plateau red box has been placed in the assigned place, many people around the globe to ask the price of plateau. "I came to report to buy grapes." Mr. Zhang saw red after hurried over to buy some, "you help me help, not sold red!" Time: 12 noon location: City District Hongjue temple street when we are Saline Lake Saline Lake Lane cross help when selling red, ordering hotline has been ringing, "could not find a place in the Hongjue selling grapes temple street." A lot of people have to call to consult, this sales place in the end where? After we check, because the point of sale city area Hongjue Temple Street is relatively remote, red car sales plateau has not arrived yet, so just let other people very worried. When we arrived at the Hongjue Temple Street, with the help of a vehicle designated to find the red plateau; read more

for the promotion of real estate to the inventory, the Qinghai provincial government issued "on the day before the implementation of opinions" to promote the real estate inventory, introduced a number of measures.

According to the implementation of the views of the

, the greater the commercial housing stock in Qinghai or in the construction of large commercial housing land area, according to market conditions to reduce the supply of land. Guide enterprises will not be adjusted to the development of real estate land for emerging industries, pension industry, tourism industry, sports industry and other purposes, to promote investment in other industries. read more

set up outdoor advertising, illegal Jeeves, graffiti writing in public facilities…… At the end of July, Xining urban management department investigation of large health problems in the city appearance and environment involves five aspects, a total of 841 (times).

July, Xining City Management Office of the city’s urban environment and sanitation carried out a comprehensive investigation. Find some larger problems mainly are: the illegal installation of outdoor advertising, door plaque set and worn messy problems (152); chaos stallage, Jeeves, the factory and Luandajian issues (124); the construction site management is not standardized, Weidang site does not meet the requirements of the problem (12 pieces); wall facade, store window of civil strife and public facilities posted graffiti writing, chaos posting problems (266); the problem of environmental health "in front of three" responsibility system is not implemented and other aspects of the 224 (Times), garbage corner 63. read more

1 22, 2009, the provincial people’s Congress organized part of the Qing National People’s Congress on behalf of the focus of the inspection activities carried out in the twelve. Mu Dongsheng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, led the inspection and made an important speech, Deputy Director Su Ning attended the inspection and presided over the forum.

inspection team in the thematic study of the general principles of the civil law (Draft) three reviewers and thematic counseling report on the basis of one by one discussion, fully brewing, make suggestions for amendments. Deputies listened to the provincial people’s government, the Provincial Higher People’s court, the provincial people’s Procuratorate on behalf of the proposed preparations for the work of the report on the proposal to modify and improve the material suggestions. read more

Missing person…… Look forward to good people forward." In micro-blog, almost every refresh, are looking for lost elderly help micro-blog out of the police station received the alarm, the old man lost, Xining city rescue station staff said that the rescue lost man is an important part in the rescue work daily. Reporters found that in recent years, the number of elderly people in many communities are on the rise.The old man had lost

"some elderly people suffering from mental illness, sometimes sober sometimes confused, out of sudden onset may have lost." The ancient city homes for the relevant responsible person said, the home had a mental illness in the elderly, before the children live in homes for the elderly, she will be locked in the house, conscious, he unlocks the door to go out, result in the street is lost, but the incidence, not far away, the children were found the.

old lost how to do

Xining relief management Zhanfuzhanchang Ma, January 2015 to August, Xining city rescue station took a total of 522 missing elderly, and eventually they will be sent home.

if lost by the public security department or the elderly people to the rescue station, the old man was unable to tell the family address, the assistance station will according to the old man’s clothing, accent, preliminary screening is lost in what part of the.

if you still can not check out the old address, the assistance station through newspaper advertisements, publish information on the tracing network, or be published news and other channels for the elderly through public assistance station WeChat platform, compared to the previous only small ads posted along the street, to find more opportunities, cooperate with each other in the rescue station, public security, the community and other departments under the lost man can find the family.

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Xining City Bureau of education for the first time the large organizations to Beijing to participate in the "dynamic" of basic education reform of special training activities at the end of the day before, this is a special training educational system in Xining City, the largest city, all secondary school principals and school units is mainly responsible for the District (county) Education Bureau, a total of 61 people participated in the the seminar activities.

in order to accurately grasp the new situation and new requirements facing the development of basic education under the new situation, and effectively promote the curriculum reform, the full implementation of quality education, and effectively improve the management level of primary and secondary schools in our city, promote the school to improve the quality, brand building, city board of education in charge of the organization after attending the 12 day the Beijing special training activities. During the training, the participants by listening to reports, seminars, visits and other forms of training, the interpretation of law of compulsory education of primary and secondary school principals leadership, the objectives of the new curriculum reform and the implementation of quality education, and classroom teaching reform 11 topics. Through training, make our city school district (county) Secretary for education are many insights and inspiration, and greatly improve the implementation of the party’s education policy and the implementation of quality education, enhance the confidence of education in Xining. (reporter Cara) read more