, cherished network, has appeared three hegemony in China dating sites in the industry situation, especially after the Jiangsu satellite launch If You Are The One, Jiayuan and became the dark horse, the fast growth in the marriage industry, and the industry under the original online active intermediary marriage that is moved to the Internet good, but the profit pattern is very clear, that is the two sides to charge membership fees, to know that the network is free even if the marriage is also very difficult to obtain the user, and now want to find happiness in marriage network partner, spend some money many people still believe that like. read more

The only way [

] twisted core tip identification verification code and not distinguish human beings, so the designer should be how to change the verification code? In the mobile device may be the upcoming verification code is how to design the


what is the verification code?

In the eyes of ordinary users

verification code is definitely a nuisance, especially for myopia users, we do not know why we always have to repeat input letters and shapes that are difficult to identify. However, when we think carefully, we will find that this complex verification code is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. read more

this year, the new line of some hard management of the site, I almost have tracking observation, see how others operate a media, one to my own learning, for a year after the foundation of entrepreneurship. Secondly, I will write what I see is worth studying and write it down and share it with our grass roots webmaster. The first thing I’m going to talk about today is tiger sniffing. This site is a hot spot in the TMT field for the past six months.


tiger sniffing network launched in May 2012 I have paid attention to this website, first not talk about the function and content of the website, first talk about how I know this website, and why I decided to focus on this website. I don’t remember in which science and technology blog Links point to the tiger sniffing the network, a starting point in feel disdain, is a technology blog, this technology blog similar too much, I do not have a good impression on them, the reason is very simple because the technology in most excited blog I’m not interested, but their contents are similar. read more

studies the importance of user interface design by classifying the different requirements of user interface design and the impact of UI design elements on user behavior. Interaction has become the goal of design in network interface design. In order for the design to meet the usability requirements, a comprehensive understanding of user characteristics and diversity requirements is essential. This requires finding the right way to record and implement a wide variety of user requirements.

  read more

last week, a friend from Beijing, said an industry B2B website to recruit personnel introduced me to do CEO, an old friend yesterday in Hongkong BILL students have a website is looking for talent, let me do CEO, in fact to see such opportunities, sometimes really very seductive, but now for me and I refused.

now is my most important how to make money online (  ) bigger and stronger, although there are many temptations in the face of temptation, but I know how to refuse, although the friend said he reserved shares in money online, and then to other company to do the occupation managers, it is every 2, but at present so, I choose, often 2 head not, because I left the money online if there is no money estimate the momentum of development, I have been positioning themselves a grassroots entrepreneurs, rather than an occupation manager. I might not be a manager. Because I’m weak. read more

            with the development of the Internet industry, more and more enterprises realize the importance of the website, at the same time as a website external display window of the enterprise also began to receive the attention of the user, to find what the Internet search cable, a few seconds to show in front of their own, so convenient so many people are not willing to go to the library to read the data in what ROBIN said, remember it, said he seldom reads after graduation, basically what you need to get this knowledge on the Internet can, ha ha, a little pull away, back then as rushed in front of information the enterprise how can we do this? This is undoubtedly we draw a question mark. read more

Abstract: O2O car company to be in an invincible position, except that Internet Co has characteristics, operation of thinking, more attention should be paid to the market and the needs of the user pain points of attention and breakthrough, more and more professional, more extreme. Car O2O rules of the game is not king enclosure, but the operation is king.

‘s recent hot list of O2O deaths on the Internet has given the O2O industry a hot spell of ice water, triggering a rethink. Among them, the automobile O2O industry is more thought-provoking. Data show that the Chinese car O2O market, including taxi, car, car, driving on behalf of the market are very broad, there are hundreds of billions, trillions, why so many cars O2O read more

yesterday, I wrote a website brand image, what should be paid attention to? Simple analysis of the importance of website brand image and create brand image of the website should pay attention to. At the end of this paper have emphasized the webmaster do not remember the complacent, today to talk about the webmaster do the transformation and development of the problem.

An economic crisis

08 years has caused great impact to Chinese economy, coupled with the snowstorm, 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, long-term downturn in the stock market, the economic situation is not optimistic, especially some of the southern city, more and more foreign enterprises, many companies are in a wide range of staff. Every year, millions of graduates are under pressure from employment. With the economic downturn, it is easy to join the entrepreneurial force, but the answer is: NO. If easy business than employment, the recruitment will not crush. Many graduates choose to join the grassroots webmaster army, they are carrying a dream, hoping to create a world of their own on the internet. Similarly, there are people from all walks of life joining the army. read more

We consider

as a webmaster, the most urgent thing is how to make the website into profitability, we began to put in into revenue, so as to realize the value and return to do stand in this respect. However, the reality is if we for some technology, especially SEO and website promotion knowledge is not enough to know, not enough to grasp, the result is often do stand for a long time but also it is difficult to achieve profitability goals, not to mention a quick profit.

careful analysis and summary, in fact, is not necessarily a problem in do not understand the technology, but do not open the ideas, the site did not find the correct development of ideas, and at the level of thinking he was destined to do by standing in a relatively short period of time to achieve the goal of profit. Therefore, before doing the station, do a good job of thinking ideas of homework, so as to make the station to develop the line of planning, and find a suitable for their own station, profitable road. read more

webmaster should transition to e-commerce

The first

statement is not well written, because I did not write, we want to take the shot. To be honest, I every day on the Internet every day to stay in the mix, the online time call super imagination, can always see some QQ spam or sending a message, say what can make money, how much money. I do not believe in the beginning, because I too believe this network.

you often assume things is good, because your circle is too small, as Mr. Wang Xianbiao said, if you want to open shop, in the hundreds of your friends, you can not find the source if you live too failed. I should reflect on. 07 years of contact with the network, the beginning of the end of that SEO is what, later met several webmaster friends, just know do stand to make money, slowly, I picked up the Po network formally established, but how to extend into my heart. Ah, ah. Although the location of pain in the Taobao customer, temporarily can earn a living, but not a long-term plan, IT can not be a lifetime of work, to find their way out to the point when the boss. You can’t ask us to do IT’s job as a construction site owner. No matter what you do, you can’t hang on the line with your bank. So choosing an online store is definitely no money. You’ll have to listen to me this time. read more

for the owner, the importance of traffic is self-evident, and because people already on Taobao more likely to have network clearing means, so Taobao station traffic is more important to the store owner. Well, what are the Taobao web traffic matching rules,


often asked me how the Taobao station traffic matching rule is, how can enhance some popularity, a number of business opportunities?.

through a number of surveys and depth data analysis, I summed up the understanding of Taobao shop traffic matching rules: read more

attaches great importance to many webmaster website backstage data analysis, data analysis to fine tune the website, but ignore the analysis of web server log, some owners believe that the server log analysis is not important, there is no analysis, this is because they do not know to enhance network ranked server log analysis, today Taiyuan SEO learning network to read the server log broke beyond the competitors:

1. User access

1, the user’s IP address,

2, access time

3, what browser

? read more

Obama is the first black president of the United States, while netizens say Obama is the world’s first Internet president". Because, in the election of Obama, make full use of the Internet to canvass. Many people believe that Obama’s election, and its unique internet marketing is not unrelated. Even with Obama’s election, the Internet played a decisive role.

many domestic marketing experts in the study of "Obama case", the Internet industry has also conducted in-depth study of Obama’s election. Obama, the name has hooked up with the internet. And I, as a marketing practitioners, but also as an Internet industry’s concern, from Obama’s election, to see some worthy of China’s Internet industry to learn the ingredients. read more

At present all the webmaster

discussed the most is the network, this line has become more and more difficult, has come to the winter of the Internet, ready to withdraw from the team, and so on, very thorough analysis, seem as if to stay in perfectly logical and reasonable, the Internet is like a day wasted one day, no longer it is too late to escape the feeling, is it really so serious? Let us carefully analyze the psychological factors of these people.

one, these people are enthusiastically put into this team, the Internet blueprint is too beautiful and perfect. It seems as long as the input to the Internet can overnight overnight, overnight became the Internet leader all-powerful. And the reality is not so, even from the desire of the value of thousands of miles, it will inevitably be lost, it will inevitably produce winter feeling. But please don’t forget, the Internet and other media, just a media, he could not completely replace the TV, it is impossible to completely replace the print media, they are equal, or is said to be later to squeeze to the media family, it is not necessary to God, the Internet is not a panacea and it has the characteristics of it, but it also has its limitations, so it is still some rational look at the newborn, the bubble era has passed, the blind stage has passed, the Internet also return to the rational stage, the rational view. read more

would like to start a shop to make money, the small project is the best choice, the following Xiaobian for everyone to recommend some of the current surge in the popularity of thousands of entrepreneurial projects, I hope everyone can find their own.

1. degradable environmental protection flowerpot

currently on the market are mainly wooden pots pots, clay pots, porcelain pots, plastic pots. Although the wooden flowerpot is light, but there is no color, mud pots and porcelain pots good ventilation, beautiful flowers, but too heavy, the price is higher, the plastic flowerpot air permeability is not good, easy to pollute the environment. This product overcomes the above shortcomings. At present, mainly exported to the European Union, the United States and other countries, the domestic market mainly in Guangzhou, Beijing, Yiwu and other places to sell. read more

said, "today is a time when experience is king, not at all.".

consumer who may have felt today, consumers’ right to speak more and more strong, if you are doing well, soon if you are word of mouth; do well, will soon be condemning. All this is inconceivable in the past. But today, everyone can publish information, everyone’s voice, even weak, can always be heard. In the Internet age, the success of the product, the user experience has become a key, the user bought your product, not with you to end the transaction. On the contrary, when the user picks up your product when using your product, user experience tour began, and the user experience is good, will directly affect your reputation, affect your sales. read more

as micro-blog’s page construction engineer, the main responsibility is to use html&, CSS, high-quality completion of the production of static pages, to ensure that the project completed on time. The JS effect required by the page is given to the downstream JS front-end engineer. At micro-blog, the two posts are separate. But in everyone’s thinking may think this two jobs should be a person to complete the best, after all, the page HTML construction engineers to write is not the JS engineers want JS engineers may have a more efficient way. So, before you build a page, you’d better communicate with the JS engineer and determine the implementation plan. read more

to write this article, declared a bit, I am a technician of a 3D animation and CG Global Market Research director. After reading this article, I believe that I would like to do long-term development of friends who have some help.

to talk about the unpopular industry website, it should be said that the production of three-dimensional animation technology exchange station. You search, there are few can develop, and I also believe that there are few webmaster contact, and are blindly doing what the movie station, beauty station, Download station. China’s movie station, beauty station, download the number of stations really according to the world’s first, search engines are also every day K these stations, K confused. read more

Remember that

should be started from the second half of 2007, the term "non mainstream" began to pop up, I do not know what is the non mainstream, in the Baidu search one, probably understand what is non mainstream, imitation of others, also built a non mainstream website non mainstream front until now.

is now mostly non mainstream sites, and QQ associated with the content are pictures, photos, PS tutorials, QQ signature, QQ data, QQ space code such as similar, attract users are mostly 90, traffic is not small, but the revenue model is still single. read more

many novice webmaster will enter such a vicious circle: hard do stand, update every day, and insist on pseudo original, a cycle, the site will be the major search engine included. The novice webmaster to start some edgy, a victory will make the mind faint. In the daily routine update is finished, the novice Adsense looking at his station is more see more happy, always want to make their station more beautiful, and some webmaster even began to worry about their website keywords not hot enough. As a result, the novice station master is not proficient in his skills and experience, began to search the Internet for templates, popular rankings and the like, and when he found it, he did not hesitate to change everything that made him satisfied. read more