first_img Tags: asaph mwebazeMoses BasenaSC Villatop Basena has been in charge of Villa for three months (File Photo)KAMPALA – After a disappointing start to the 2018/19 StarTimes Uganda Premier League season, Moses Basena has decided to resign as SC Villa coach.The developments come just hours after the 16 time record league champions drew 2-2 away to Tooro United in their 8th game.The draw on Wednesday meant that they have now gone 8 games without victory in the league, a situation that has led to Basena’s departure.“I don’t think am the right man for the job, said Basena according to a source that preferred anonymity.“I have done everything in my powers to see the club perform well and I think it’s high time I paved way for another coach.Basena has been in charge of Villa for just over three months after replacing Wasswa Bbosa.The former Cranes interim coach took over the reign in a turbulent preseason that saw the Jogoos lose almost all their players and then Ben Misagga (former President) also quit the club.By the time of his departure, Villa are 14th on the 16 team league table with only four points.Several reports have already indicated that former Maroons and Onduparaka FC coach-Asaph Mwebaze is the man being lined up to replace Basena.Comments last_img read more

first_imgMore than 150 local children from all over the North West descended upon the Aura Leisure Centre in Letterkenny to take part in an “Urban Hoops” blitz this week. It was a day filled to with basketball and fun activities for all of the children that took part in the u12 leagues this season.The day was led by coaches from the local clubs and the American Victory Scholars who are students at LYIT under the Sport Changes Life Programme. On the day the league champions were presented with their trophies with Sligo All-Stars picking up the u12 boys’ trophy and Ballyshannon getting their hands on the u12 Girls league trophy.The focus of the day was having fun and making new friends as teams who had been competing hard against each other in the North West league all season were brought together to play in the one-day event with lots of fun games thrown in also.New friendships were made and there was some serious skill on show from the starts of the future.Special mention to Sligo All-Stars Cian Brooks who picked up an award on the day for his overall spirit and hard work. Letterkenny hosts over 150 local children for basketball blitz – pic special was last modified: March 9th, 2019 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:basketballlast_img read more

first_img26 January 2016South African music duo Mafikizolo was in the Swiss town of Davos on Saturday night to perform at the gala dinner to mark the closing of the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering.Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza were invited by the founder and executive chairman of WEF, Klaus Schwab, after he saw their performance at the WEF Africa regional meeting in June 2015, which took place in Cape Town.Arts and culture is a critical vehicle through which the spirit of South Africa’s national brand is conveyed within the country and beyond its borders. As such the role of arts and culture in building national cohesion and the economy is recognised in the National Development Plan.Mafikizolo’s sound is a fusion of Afro-pop, kwela, and marabi mixed with a little trance and house.The group released its debut self-titled album in 1997, followed by Music Revolution in 1999. However, it was the 2013 album, Reunited, that got the South African music industry buzzing. It scooped numerous accolades, including three Metro FM awards, four South African Music Awards (Sama) and two MTV Africa trophies.Watch the video of Happiness, the song that earned Mafikizolo a Best Collaboration Sama.Watch the video of Khona, the song that won four Samas, including Best Selling Full-Track Download.last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By John Brien, AgriGold agronomistUpon planting a seed into the medium called the soil, one could assume that it is tucked into a warm and inviting environment, where nothing bad can happen to it. If a grower had that assumption, they would be WRONG!When a grower plants a seed into the soil, the war begins. The war is between the seed and the “bugs” that are present in the soil. The seed’s goal is to sprout and grow, while the bug’s goal in today’s discussion is to decompose the seed along with any other organic matter, making it nonviable. Both sides are ready to wage war, but how do they plan on winning? The bugs: Who are they and how do they win?The bugs in this story are the fungi found in all soils. The fungi that battles corn seeds and seedlings are Pythium and Fusarium. The reason the bugs battle corn seeds and seedling is due to their role in the soil cycle. The bug’s role in the soil is to decompose any and all organic matter, much like the acids in our stomachs. Farmers like these bugs when they decompose corn, wheat and/or wheat residue, so next year’s crop can be planted and use the nutrients released from the decomposed residue. Unfortunately, these bugs do not differentiate between residue and valuable seeds. If there is material to decompose, they will attack it, with full vengeance.There are three strategies bugs use to win the battle. The first strategy the bugs use is time. The bugs will have a better chance of outnumbering and overtaking a corn seed or seedling if the corn is slow to grow and develop, thus giving the bugs more time to attack and win. Conditions such as day time temperature in the mid to low 60s, wet to saturated soils and cloudy days are a bug’s dream environment to prosper due to the slow growth of corn plants in these conditions. The second advantage is numbers. There are billions of bugs attacking one seed or seedling, given time and numbers, the bugs tend to win. The third advantage is skill. The bugs only have one job and they are masters at their craft and their only goal is to eat and decompose. So, with skill time and numbers, the bugs can be a tough enemy to defend against. The seeds: How do they out-maneuver the bugs?Corn seeds and seedlings have no natural defense against their enemy, so they must rely on some allies for victory. The first ally of a corn seed is the seed treatment that comes on the seed. The seed treatment is designed to be the first line of defense for the corn seed. Seed treatments are designed to protect the seed while it is beginning its new life. Unfortunately, the seed treatment only protects the seed for approximately 21 days. After that critical window, the seed must then rely on its second ally.The second ally and the most successful defense against the bugs is good growing conditions. Good growing conditions allow the corn plants to utilize the only method available to them that can truly beat the bugs and that is to outgrow them. Meaning the corn plant grows to a size where the bugs are no longer a factor for defeat. The corn plants need to establish a good set of nodal roots to ensure a complete victory over the soil bugs.The war is raged every year in the Eastern Corn Belt, on every soil type and on every farm. Planting into a warming trend and into soils that are not saturated provides a battlefield that is favorable to our seed. Any help a grower can provide will reap huge rewards as the enemy is small but mighty and never seems to get tired!last_img read more

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Non-game developers may be in a bit of trouble though. Yet there are things that developers can do to entice their audience to pay up. The idea is to first acquire users (through a variety of means), retain them by delivering excellent apps and customer service and then turn them into passionate users. It is only then that you can ask them to pay you for your product.5 Keys To Android App SuccessElbouchikhi and Meese highlighted five important aspects of Android that make it easier to monetize an app:Tablets pull in 70% more revenue than smartphones: It helps to create a version of your app optimized for the tablet form factor, which Google made easier to beginning with Android 4.0, known as Ice Cream Sandwich.Employ in-app purchasing systems: In-app revenue increased seven-fold in 2012. While the “freemium” model can be manipulative, it does help developers make money from their users. Once you have created a relationship with a user, you can then hit them up for the “upgrade” (usually in games) or the subscription model (like Pandora). You’ll have to deal with any ethical dilemma concerning in-app sales on your own.Subscriptions work: Android has seen 200% app subscriber revenue growth in recent quarters. This approach can work for app developers focused on businesses and enterprises, media publications or music services. Some games employ subscription models but most go for the in-app purchase freemium model. (Meese noted that almost all of the top apps are free-to-play. “The barrier to success for a paid title is very high.”) Better ratings means more revenue: Google has done significant work to help developers get better ratings for their apps. That entails standardizing design principles for Android, working to minimize fragmentation and performance issues and letting developers reply to users who have rated their app. This critical, because the higher the rating, the more money the app earns. According to Google, apps that earn a 4- or 5-star rating average almost 29 times more revenue than do lower rated apps.Go global: Google realizes that most of its subscriber base is not in the United States or even in Western Europe. This is why it released its transcription service in the Google Play Developer Console at I/O last week.“I think we are at the beginning of that and we will see that beginning to happen next as people get used to the process and developers get creative in figuring out how to build those passionate users and when the right time is to ask for payment,” said Ellie Powers, product manager for Google Play. “And also what are the types of things that people are willing to pay for. There are things that people are not willing to pay for and some things that they are.”Top photo by Nick Statt: Google’s Ellie Powers introduces new Google Play Developer Console features at I/O 2013. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology This post is the third in the ReadWrite series Making Android Pay, focusing on the opportunities and challenges that mobile developers face trying to make money from Android Apps.In the waning hours of the Google I/O developers conference last week, an Android developer stood at a microphone to ask a very pertinent question: “If I am in the top 2% of Android apps on Google Play, how much money am I really making? $30 a month? $3,000? $300,000?”The two poor Google product managers on stage couldn’t or wouldn’t give him an answer. They declined to cite revenue of other Android apps on Google Play’s top lists. They refused to share a general number of how much successful Android apps earn. The two Googlers, Ibrahim Elbouchikhi (product manager of Google Play Commerce) and Bob Meese (Google Play games business development), had highlighted earlier in their session that average revenue per user had more than doubled in Google Play in 2012.But the developer in the audience was essentially saying was that twice zero was still zero.To The Winners Go The SpoilsUnless your apps are massively popular on Google Play, it is very difficult to make a good living with Android app development. Developers building apps for Apple’s iOS still make more money than those building for Android, and Apple’s download rate is considerably higher (50 billion for iOS against 48 billion for Android) despite Apple’s considerably smaller installed base).During their session, Elbouchikhi and Meese gave developers several tips on how to make money from Android. The focus was on two specific topics: games and the top lists in Google Play. Essentially, Google is saying that you need to hit the top lists on Google Play to even have a chance at making a decent living. (Getting there is difficult, of course, but developers “get a lot of sales [just] from being on the top sellers list.”) The top lists are almost all games – and almost all monetized via in-app purchases. Look at the top grossing apps in Google Play. Of the top 25 grossing apps currently in Google Play, 24 of them are games. The only exception is Pandora, which brings in most of its money from its subscription service.Top grossing Android apps on May 21, 2013The domination of games is not unique to Google Play. The Apple App Store’s top grossing and paid sections are also filled with games. Smartphones and tablets are great for gamers, especially casual gamers. This has led us to believe that there is a coming golden age for game developers.  dan rowinski Related Posts Tags:#Android#Android app development#app developers#gaming#Google#google io2013#Making Android Pay#Monetization last_img read more

first_imgThere are more ways to get a demo wrong than there are ways to make it compelling and useful. If what you sell requires you demo for your prospective clients, the following eight laws will allow you to rule your demo—and improve your odds of winning.A Demo is a Sales CallThe first—and most important—law when giving a demo is to operate as if it is a sales call (because it is a sales call). When you get this wrong, you behave as if the software is going to do all the selling for you (entering from the left). When you approach the meeting as a sales call, you start with the outcomes the software generates for your clients (entering from the right).Because the sales call includes a demo, you are likely to have different levels of stakeholders in the meeting. These stakeholders need different outcomes, and the four levels of value to speak to this fact, treating all levels as necessary. The end users care about the product and need to know it works. Other stakeholders want to know about the experience working with you and your company. Still, others care about strategic outcomes.Your ability to link what you share to the outcomes is what makes for a successful sales call, even if you call it a demo.Open StrongLike any sales call, a successful demo starts with a strong opening in which you 1). Thank the practice and the stakeholders for their time, 2). Share your agenda, 3). Suggest the next steps you will ask for at the end of the meeting, and 4). Invite the stakeholders to share with you any adjustments to the agenda they may want or need from you.The pro tip here is to preview how you intend to speak to the individual needs of the different stakeholder’s needs. The more you demonstrate you understand each individual’s needs and concerns, the more effective the demo, and the better the sales call.It also doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humor.Confirm AttendeesWhen you are meeting with a group of people from your dream client’s company, you want to acknowledge them and learn a little bit about how you might best serve them. Start by asking for the attendee’s name, title, and how long they’ve worked for their company. If you have done enough discovery that they know what to expect and you know enough about their needs, you can ask them to share what they need to see from a demo to be confident it can meet their needs and improve their experience.The more productive you are at making sure everyone gets to see and hear what they need to be confident in changing, the more effective your sales call (demo).Confirm Decision-Makers AttendanceOne of the significant problems you run headlong into when you provide a demo is that the person with seniority and authority often goes missing. What most people do when this happens is plow through the demo without addressing the fact that the person you need in the room is absent; pretending it is okay may be polite, but it doesn’t do anything to improve your chances of winning without a person you know is critical to the process.You ask if the person can join you, and if they cannot, you ask if someone can confirm a follow-up call where you can bring them up to speed. To make this work, you have to identify the person that will help you acquire that meeting and ask them directly for help. You do not have to wait until the meeting ends to recruit their help.Start with Why ChangeIt is natural to want to dive right into your demo. That is what you believe your contacts are there to see. You are better starting off by sharing the reason your product or service exists in the first place. You expect too much of your product or software if you believe it is going to answer the question, “Why should we change what we are doing now?“Differentiate your product or software by explaining how it improves your client’s lives by eliminating the difficulties they struggle with as it pertains to the outcomes they are charged with creating. However, it is important to remember that different stakeholders will have a different view of what that value is.Tie the Value to the Future StateYou might say something like, “You know how you have that one problem that causes you to have to do this difficult thing using that cumbersome process? Here is how we get that outcome without all that effort.”Alternatively, you say, “You know how you have struggled to acquire the new clients you need and have experienced more churn than you believe is warranted? The outcomes we help our clients generate reverse these trends.”The demo is not going to connect the dots between what you do and how it benefits your clients. It is your job to show them the connection between what your product or service does and how it ensures the outcome your dream client needs from you. This is pure sales. The demo helps support the conversation; the conversation doesn’t support the demo (see law number 1).Confirm the ValueYou want to ensure that the stakeholders are tracking with you and agree that what you are showing them will help them produce better results. One of the outcomes of a sales call is to ensure it was valuable for your clients. You also need them to share their questions and concerns, which means you must ask for them.Schedule Next StepsNo sales call is successful if you don’t gain a commitment to do what comes next. This is as true for a demo as it is for every other sales call you might make. You want to control the process, sharing what works best for your clients after a demo—and when they want the better results you just spent an hour or more discussing with them.Follow these laws and make your demo the best sales call your dream client has ever experienced.last_img read more

first_imgA day after the Supreme Court indicated that BSP chief Mayawati might have to repay the money spent on erecting statues and memorials in parts of Uttar Pradesh, the senior leader urged media to not “distort” the oral observation of the court.“Sure to get justice in this matter also. Media and BJP leaders please stop kite flying,” Ms. Mayawati said on Saturday.Taking to Twitter, Ms. Mayawati said marvellous memorials and parks “built to honour hitherto ignored great Sants, Gurus and great men born in deprived and oppressed Dalit and OBCs are new grand identity and tourist attraction of Uttar Pradesh which gives regular income to government.”“We are of the tentative view that Mayawati has to deposit the public money spent on her statues and party symbol to the State exchequer,” Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi orally observed on Friday, while hearing a petition alleging that crores worth of public money was spent by then Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on these acts of self-aggrandisement.last_img read more

first_imgIll Winds “Promote deforestation, pollute without restriction and you shall be rewarded with retribution: no wind, no trees, no rains.”ANKANA DAGA, on e-mail Cloudy Prospects Given the ominous weather looming large over the globe, countries should focus on fighting this natural threat rather than indulge in skirmishes over region and,Ill Winds”Promote deforestation, pollute without restriction and you shall be rewarded with retribution: no wind, no trees, no rains.”ANKANA DAGA, on e-mailCloudy Prospects Given the ominous weather looming large over the globe, countries should focus on fighting this natural threat rather than indulge in skirmishes over region and religion (“What’s Wrong With the Weather?” August 12). The global weather waft will annihilate life on earth if this deterioration is not curbed. K. CHIDANAND KUMAR, Bangalore Rather than fighting among ourselves, we would do well to reduce our contribution to the environmental crisis before it overwhelms us. Each of us has the responsibility to make this planet a decent legacy for our children. It requires 625 sq ft of green surface area to produce one’s daily requirement of oxygen. If you do not have this much in your garden, you are using someone else’s oxygen. V. VENKATARAMAN, on e-mail The effects of global warming will have to be borne by the people and politicians alike. The Kyoto Protocol will probably get drowned in the melting of polar ice and the rising sea levels around the globe. Since the developed countries seem to be paying lip service to the problem of global warming, India should devise a meaningful long-term strategy for combating the monsoon’s erratic behaviour. SUJA NAMBIAR, Karaikal “Unless junior officers get dignified status and quality life, campaigning cannot attract talent for the officer cadre in the defence forces.” SADHNA UPADHYAYA, on e-mailMahatma Gandhi’s words ring true: “There are sufficient resources to satisfy everyone’s need but there’s not much left for anyone’s greed.” To satisfy our greed we have exploited nature to such an extent that nature has now decided to retaliate. It will not be long before Homo sapiens cease to exist. DIPTANSU SHARMA, Guwahati What is the purpose of sending rockets and satellites into outer space in search of extra-terrestrial life when our own planet remains unexplored and our people live in danger? To save the earth, Indians have to control population growth since overuse of natural resources is beginning to wreak havoc. Either we mend our ways or prepare to vanish from the face of the earth. Politicians, too, should relin- quish petty politics and work collectively to save the earth. BHUPINDER S. PARMAR, Jalandhar Bad Karma No one can deny that Sanjay Dutt has been reckless and self-destructive in continuing his relations with the mafia after getting a second lease of life (“Bollywood’s Bad Boy”, August 12). He has displayed immaturity and a tendency to run after the forbidden like an uninformed child. This time though, there does not seem to be any way out for Bollywood’s ill-fated child-man. SOWMYA RAJARAM, on e-mail What inspires dutt in repeated trysts with the underworld-fame, money or power? In a country like India where filmstars are revered as demi-gods, Dutt has lost the moral right to play the hero. SUSHANT SACHDEVA, on e-mail For Dutt, the thin line between life and art got blurred when he played the role of a mafia leader in one film after another. But he is only a victim and not a perpetrator of crime. B.K. BHATTACHARYA, Delhi I have often wondered what people who sympathise with Dutt’s “hard life” mean when he has always had everything going for him-a caring family, an affluent background and a flourishing career. His so-called misfortunes have been a result of his own actions. RADHIKA OLTIKAR, Mumbai After all that he went through for his alleged connections in the 1992 Bombay blasts Dutt should have had the good sense to maintain his distance from the underworld even if he could not completely cut off connections with them. At least now he must learn for the sake of the people who still have faith in him. KEERTHI MEHER ALLOJI, on e-mail Talking Point In an era of recession the only industry that seems to be flourishing is the cellular one (“Unlimited Mobility”, August 12). With rate cuts, alluring deals and affordable handsets, the one beneficiary, apart from the industry itself, is the subscriber. No wonder mobile mania has gripped even smaller towns. AMIT PARTAP, Solan, Himachal Pradesh Mean Machine If children show ruthless behaviour, it has to do with the media depicting violence as a way of life (“Rage of Innocents”, August 12). While the moral police is worried about the portrayal of sex in movies, they miss out on one point: domestic violence, wife-beating and bullying scenes also affect the young viewer adversely. Parents too fail to see how aggressive, selfish and reckless their children become playing violent computer and video games. J. VARGHESE, on e-mail It is unscientific to say that behaviour problems are on the rise in the present generation of children by quoting a figure from one or two current studies without providing a reference point for comparison. A few decades ago the figure based on a few quick-fix surveys used to be 20 per cent-far worse than the 12 per cent figure quoted now. Every generation tends to have a negative view of the younger generation although the world has evidently changed for the better. DR PREM LATA CHAWLA, DelhiDown, Not Out Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest players of all times and casting doubts on his performance is like committing a sin (“Testing Times”, August 12). He has always given his all on the field, be it batting, bowling or fielding. It is only a matter of a couple of Test innings and the same critics who are now running Tendulkar down will start singing paeans in his honour. RAKESH SINGHVI, on e-mail Bowl to Cup If we are aiming for the World Cup, producing Yuvraj Singhs and Mohammed Kaifs will not be enough (“Generation Next”, July 29). We need some Shoaib Akhtars and Glenn McGraths too. ROHIT SAINI, on e-mail Flesh and Blood Standards of morality cannot be equated with those of decorum (“Is Sex Okay?”, August 5). There is nothing immoral about making love but it is an act that needs privacy. The trouble with sexual events as an object of artistic or literary representation is that its meaning is not always apparent to a spectator who doesn’t know the motivations. Sex is okay but pornography is not a spectator sport. JOTIN D. PHUKAN, Guwahati The censor board believes that its duty is to protect Indian children from violent films. What its members should know is that anyone anywhere in India can readily get CDs and cassettes of X-rated movies. VINIT MATHUR, Barmer, Rajasthan The censor board needs to take a stronger position in curbing violent scenes in Indian cinema than the concupiscent ones. C.P. BELLIAPPA, Coorg All the Hindutva leaders who scream in support of astrology and vedic maths in school curricula should perhaps think of introducing the Kamasutra for sex education. Anyway, if we can decide who should govern us, why should someone else get to make the decision about what we should be able to see? RAHUL PRASAD, on e-mail The censor board may be hypocritical and inconsistent but the liberals of Bollywood and the media should stop pushing sex in films under the cover of democracy, free speech and progress as this has nothing to do with being a liberal democracy. It is simply a matter of economics: sex sells. BEN OBERKIRSCH, on e-mail advertisementadvertisementMature Bonds”Marriages of senior citizens is society’s way of adjusting to changing trends.” AANCHAL ARORA on e-mail “It just shows that it is never too late to attempt anything in life.” SARITA WARIYER on e-mailRocking the Boat It is unfortunate that the company claiming to be a role model for the Indian industry has suddenly developed cold feet at the whiff of bad news (“Silicon Jitters”, August 5). By remaining tight-lipped, Infosys of ficials have shown that its avowed adherence to corporate governance is a sham. Particularly galling was CEO Nandan Nilekani’s statement praising Phaneesh Murthy for driving US sales when at stake was the integrity of the top management, something found lacking at the time of reckoning. SUNIL NAGAR, Chennai Beating Retreat If their instruments are now dying a slow death, India’s classical musicians have only themselves to blame as they played to the gallery, promoted only their children and did not create enough following despite 50 years of state grants and promotion (“Discordant Notes”, August 5). ASHISH KHOKAR, Bangalore It is appalling that our culture is being allowed to die a silent death. If we don’t preserve these instruments, we shall be guilty of burying our past and such a country cannot have a future. It is time to take action to keep the instruments alive. ABHIGYAN VADERA, on e-mail Milk Shake While the ravals deserve appreciation, their claim that groundnut milk is a new discovery is far fetched (“The White Lie”, July 29). Mahatma Gandhi successfully produced soymilk in his ashram, with the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore, being the first in India to perfect the process of making groundnut milk. A pilot plant for mass manufacture was established at CFTRI, which blended groundnut protein with milk to produce Miltone with nutritive value almost equal to that of milk. CFTRI did not file for a patent for these processes as it felt that they should be made available to as many people as possible. The Miltone plant in Bangalore was active till Operation Flood made milk more available. M.R. CHANDRASEKHARA, retired scientist, CFTRI, Mysoreadvertisementlast_img read more

first_imgDon’t miss out on the latest news and information. DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew Panelo: Duterte ‘angry’ with SEA Games hosting hassles Hontiveros presses for security audit of national power grid Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Rockets set NBA record with 27 3s, rout Suns PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss “Let me just say that for 47 years, Warriors fans have stuck with us through thick and thin,” Kerr told the crowd moments after the final buzzer, also thanking arena staff. “Let’s be honest, most of those years have been a little thin.”Landry Shamet scored 17 points with five 3-pointers for a Clippers team still missing Patrick Beverley because of a right hip pointer. Los Angeles dropped into a seventh-place tie with San Antonio in the West by losing its third straight. Now, the Clippers play the Jazz in the regular-season finale Wednesday and with various scenarios very well could be returning to Oracle next weekend for Game 1 in the first round of the playoffs.Green just missed a triple-double with 10 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists in Golden State’s seventh win over the last eight games and fifth in a row at home. DeMarcus Cousins contributed 12 points, nine boards and four assists playing with foul trouble.Even with the playoffs around the corner, this was a night of celebrating the end of a nearly five-decade run in the arena.“Are they not going to make the playoffs?” Clippers coach Doc Rivers quipped. “I hope they don’t make it. That would be phenomenal. I’m just saying, it would be.”ADVERTISEMENT Clippers: Rivers would like to play the Warriors in the playoffs, just not in the first round. “If you want to win, you’ve got to play somebody at some point. We’re not dodging,” Rivers said. “I just want to be healthy and playing great in the playoffs. Do we want to play the Warriors in the playoffs? Yes. Do we want to do it in the first round? Probably not, but you’ve got to take it when you get it.” … Los Angeles is 0-4 without Beverley, who missed his third straight game. … The Clippers were outscored 42-18 in the third. … All five starters reached double figures.Warriors: A tribute to Al Attles was shown on the big screen during a first-quarter timeout for his selection into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Attles, a former player, coach, general manager with the Warriors and current ambassador, hasn’t been well enough to attend games this season but received an ovation. … Cousins received his third foul 6:49 before halftime on a debatable charge. … Shaun Livingston, who had been questionable with a bruised left knee, made all four of his shots in 13 minutes. … Every Warriors player scored. … Andre Iguodala sat out with a sore left toe. … Golden State finished 30-11 at home and 19-7 against the Western Conference.UP NEXTClippers: Host Utah on Wednesday.Warriors: At New Orleans on Tuesday to start a back-to-back to conclude the season at Memphis on Wednesday.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Philippine Arena Interchange inaugurated Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry greets fans as he takes the court for warm up shots prior to an NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday, April 7, 2019, in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)OAKLAND, Calif. — Steve Kerr sure would like to properly thank the loyal fans at Oracle Arena one more time. In June. With another championship in hand.“Hopefully we’ll have another send-off in a grander manner,” Kerr said.ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte LATEST STORIES Soaking in the franchise’s nostalgia of yesteryear, Stephen Curry scored 27 points and helped the Golden State Warriors clinch the Western Conference’s top seed with a win in their final regular-season game at Oracle Arena, beating the Los Angeles Clippers 131-104 on Sunday night for a fifth straight victory.Kevin Durant added 16 points and seven assists, making six of seven field goals, as the Warriors players opted to honor the past by sporting throwback white “We Believe” jerseys worn during the 2007 playoff run that snapped a 12-year postseason drought.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logistics“These jerseys hold a special place in Warriors’ fans hearts and this organization and the history of this organization,” Draymond Green said.A banner commemorating 47 years at Oracle was unveiled afterward and it will move across the bay to hang inside new Chase Center in San Francisco where the Warriors will play next season. Duterte wants probe of SEA Games mess The Warriors beat the Clippers for the 16th time in the last 18 matchups and 15th in 17 at home.Golden State made 10 of its first 13 shots — Durant hitting his initial four and Curry starting 3 for 3. Curry wound up just 3 for 10 from deep.“We just got frustrated with not making shots and against them you have to make shots,” Rivers said.HONORING ORACLEThe Warriors played their 1,936th regular-season game at Oracle, where the first game was held on Oct. 24, 1967, against Cincinnati. Golden State’s overall record in the venue: 1,166-770.“Since it’s not really the last game here, I know it’s a ceremonial final game, I didn’t get too sentimental or emotional or anything because hopefully we will be coming back here and playing a lot more games in the next couple months,” Kerr said. “I’ll probably hold off onto the emotion until it actually happens.”Kerr narrated an appreciation video to fans and the arena on a night old favorites such as Sleepy Floyd, Rick Barry, Adonal Foyle and Marreese Speights were on hand for the festivities.The Oakland Symphony performed at halftime as more highlights played.“I think sports history is going to remember those teams that played here,” Shamet said.TIP-INS View commentslast_img read more