Afghans overtook Iraqis as the nationality with the largest number of asylum applicants in 2009, according to a report issued today by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).Last year, 26,800 Afghans submitted asylum applications, a jump of 45 per cent from 2008 figures. Iraqis submitted some 24,000 claims in 2009, with Somalis coming at third with 22,600 applications. Russians, Chinese, Serbians and Nigerians also submitted large numbers of applications.UNHCR defines an asylum-seeker as an individual who has sought international protection and whose claim for refugee status has not been determined. A person is considered a refugee, the agency said, if he or she fulfils criteria set out in the 1951 Refugee Convention.In its annual report, UNHCR analyzes asylum levels and trends in the 27 European Union (EU) member States and more than one dozen other countries, including the United States, Canada, Turkey, Australia and Japan.It found that the overall number of asylum-seekers in industrialized nations remained constant in 2009, with 377,000 applications, with most originating from Asia and the Middle East.“The notion that there is a flood of asylum-seekers into richer countries is a myth,” said High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres. “Despite what some populists claim, our data shows that the numbers have remained stable.”The number of asylum applications rose in 19 countries, but fell in 25 others. The Nordic region saw a 13 per cent spike, receiving 51,000 requests, the highest in six years. By contrast, the number from Southern Europe dropped one third, down to 50,100 claims, with the greatest decreases recorded in Italy, Turkey and Greece.The US remained the main destination for the fourth year running, with 13 per cent of the claims, or 49,000 people, mostly from China. France came in second with 42,000 new applications, representing a 19 per cent increase from the previous year, due mainly to increasing claims from Serbian citizens originating mostly from Kosovo.Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany rounded out the top five destination countries, which together received nearly have of the total claims recorded in 2009. 23 March 2010Afghans overtook Iraqis as the nationality with the largest number of asylum applicants in 2009, according to a report issued today by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). read more

Police updated details to a deadly crash Monday night. 33-year old Gordon Hall from Beamsville was ejected from the vehicle after a crash on the QEW in Niagara Falls. He was then run over by another vehicle that didn’t stop. Hall’s Father said that just as Gord was turning things around, his life was cut short.Gordon Hall, or Gord as many called him is being remembered by his Father as a Son who was trying his best to make his life better. A recovering drug addict, Gord had a job opportunity in Niagara Falls and was temporarily living with his Father William and Step-mother Joanne in Beamsville.William Hall said: “He was very good hearted. Would help anybody, made me proud.”But Gord was killed in Niagara Falls Monday night on the QEW at McLeod Road. Derrick Burgess of Grimsby spoke with CHCH News on the phone. Derrick was a passenger in the car and Gord’s long-time friend. When the car crashed, Derrick says he and Gord were thrown from the Buick Allure. Neither of them were wearing seatbelts. Gord’s on and off girlfriend Terry Nicholson of Hamilton was driving.Derrick says Terry had been drinking alcohol. Terry and Gord were arguing in the speeding vehicle. As Terry became more upset, her driving became more erratic. Derrick says he asked Terry to stop the car and let him out, then suddenly the car crashed.”Derrick says he was lying in the ditch and saw another car run over Gord. The car did not stop. The Ontario Provincial Police want to talk to that driver.William said: “I hope the driver comes forward who ran him over. That bothers me that they wouldn’t stop.”He feels like his heart is in pieces. “Come to grips. Can’t believe he’s gone eh?”The Ministry of Transportation had to repair the damage to the highway where the crash happened. As the Halls prepare to bury their son, the driver, Terry Nicholson, is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Derrick Burgess says he’s been released with some bumps and bruises and is ok. Police are asking any witnesses to the crash to come forward. They would like to speak to the driver who hit Gord and didn’t stop. read more