Opposition UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe says Minister Maithripala Sirisena should go to Geneva and complain that his human rights is being violated by the government.Speaking at an event in Kandy today Wickramasinghe said that Sirisena had alleged that a private newspaper was attempting to destroy his life. “Politically we are on the opposing sides. But at no point would be say that his life should be harmed. We should see what is happening in the government. If what he is saying is true then his human rights is being violated. He must then go to Geneva. If he has no security here then he must go to Geneva and speak out,” Wickramasinghe said.The UNP leader also urged Sirisena to make a statement in Parliament regarding his concerns as there clearly seems to be a rift in the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party. CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO PART TWOCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO PART THREE Wickramasinghe says if the government house is cracking then the “stones” should be removed, the house demolished and Presidential elections held early.The UNP leader also insisted that he does not intend on taking the UNP to power for personal gains but in the best interest of the party.He also said that the opposition should be ready to take to streets from June and gather support against the government and prepare for an election at any time. (Colombo Gazette) He quoted the Minister as saying that the private newspaper is more pro-government than the State owned Lake House newspapers and is yet trying to harm him. CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO PART ONE Wickramasinghe says that by saying a newspaper which is more pro-government than the State owned Lake House newspaper is trying to harm him, the Minister is trying to say that the government is trying to harm him. read more