How do the construction site outside the chain of high quality

kitten fiddle time is not long, but also know that the high quality of the chain on the site of the role is very great, just give me a friend of the chain website as his website for three months in Shanghai love are not included, the cat started to write two the day of the original article to bring down the chain, the Baidu is included, and is a snapshot of recent day, now that several articles have kittens that website brought more than 100 friends of the chain, to know the kitten made only five sites only, can imagine the high quality of the original this is how great a role, so the cat began to write the article from said to myself: we must insist on writing this article, on their own, to the website and will help to the webmaster buddy

kitten when you go online owners found that many of the buddy released outside the chain of one of the quality are not, directly copying others article and then add links to your web site is released, even not to let the beautiful layout, this article kittens are lazy, direct shut down. Buddy you send the chain, your family know?

Although Shanghai dragon

said this correlation is links to the other theme is associated, at least in the page link has relevance, not related to the link is not no effect, but the relative effect is very small, a large quantity will also show the effect, but there are a few problems cat reminder: own the workload is two, if not related links the proportion of site outside the chain is too large, it will make Baidu pull into a small dark room, so the correlation link is the best link.

page A page authors recommend the contents of B, and use the link text description of the page B to page A, the link text is the anchor text writing. This method in the ideal of the world wide web, the correlation with the anchor text is the two basic elements of a link should have, it is subject to Baidu recognition, obviously the anchor text is very large for keywords ranking function.

generally high quality of the chain has several features, the cat will give you the vernacular Vernacular:

said there is the most authoritative position within the scope of a certain person or thing. Web page links authority (which is recommended), this effect is not a kitten, like A5 webmasters a recommendation of your article, so the number of approval must be more than you published on their website approbate degree is much higher, so the one from the relevant authority page links to the value of your site is very high.

The not?

four: more domain name and link

: correlation of

outside the chain of quality first, quantity, the meaning of the title is from 10 different.

three: authority

The construction site of

two: anchor text

The Google ranking soared on Google algorithm change

Look at the Google website through

two, pay more attention to the station anchor text.


Links choice according to my experience, most are looking for the same industry, and their PR value, do not blindly pursue high weight PR or buy. According to this view is purely personal opinion, everybody has different opinions.

believe most people love through the chain to improve the main keywords ranking, but few people through the original content within the site to add master keyword anchor text, I just take this a little bit, to the station to station anchor text to improve key words as the key. Believe that love is Google, Shanghai is also very love, the chain more but just the opposite, K was punished. But for the love of Shanghai, the diversity of the anchor text to note that not all to the front page and the anchor text, the need for a proportion, such as home station anchor text anchor text keywords accounted for seventy or eighty per cent of the so-called, anything we have, "

surge algorithm, summarized three people don’t see that in fact the Google algorithm change, where the largest possible action than the station, for the website internal construction value, such as the original content, anchor text and Links station. For the majority of Shanghai dragon Er friends, I hope you can come up with their own case summary and share, ready access to search engine and the trend of change and adjust our thinking.


, Google will pay more attention to the content of the article.

贵族宝贝zpq01贵族宝贝: the contents of the original reproduced content please keep the source address, thank you. >

through personal analysis, it is concluded that the future in the Google ranking more to more in the following aspects:

three, Links choice.

this is perhaps somewhat similar to the love for Shanghai, the weight of the chain will be part of the original content to. Maybe Google for the first collection of requirements is not high, whether it is reproduced or pseudo original, almost all good included, whether in the late screening or later included. The site is currently operating, launched more than two months, the main content and the chain together, later to content, even every day not to send the chain.

Google every year several algorithm update change, action is also more frequent recently. So the Shanghai dragon who wants to ER website ranking can often occupy the first place, ahead of others, we should always pay attention to and study the Google algorithm change. The Google algorithm change between a site operation of my ranking is also suddenly, from the position of Hurricane third page on the home page of the first, it can be said that the "hope every month to see if the Ming", with respect to love Shanghai often convulsions, rather than accidental, Google should be more rational.

How to complete the details of the site

product information: search keywords recommended adjustment product many times the user enter our website will look for a product, but they need every one to click on the query is not increased to find that, at this time will be wasted too much time to the users; and we will according to the most recommended users click on the product the information displayed on the home page, for example: to buy a mobile phone that is not to counter the above several mobile phone customers want to buy the most on the counter, allowing users to more quickly find their own needs.

in order to cater to the needs of users to search, so as to make a series of changes in the details of the Optimization Website Optimization; these details not update the article, a chain, a Links like; these are not the details of the optimization. Modify the details not only to rank and choose to modify, and to the user more love our website, love web content and other things; but modify details not every day or every month to modify some of the column names, navigation, site layout, title and description, major changes are not belong to details. Often modify things for us are harmful; for example, your car every day to repair, you dare to open it? Certainly not, if it is easy to cause the accident problem. Details not every day but the need to modify after a period of time or according to user needs to determine the need to modify.

details of the optimization is time the site from the beginning to do so there will be some problems, many webmasters will not some of the details of the problem; they think that as long as the rankings do, he not fine details. Then the Wei Wei told us: if we give the details of the optimization well, the ranking problem is not naturally up; we optimize the website, need to go through some tests, found the problem, find the root of the problem and then solve it; there is no details of the optimization time period, because from the line to the site included. Then to get the keyword ranking between us will encounter a series of problems; and finally to the site later stable ranking is also need to go through the details of the optimization process, because of the need to adjust according to user needs; so fine optimization is no time required.

column: some order row column sorting is not so in accordance with the user’s click to row, then we can slightly adjust.

Title: I recently adjusted when searching for soldering found this website does not match the column name and title is the title is too long; as shown in figure


if we do the title out of order; so when the user enters our website click on the column column name and click on the column that is not the same as would be in the wrong site, which will affect the site in time on page. The appropriate title should be "R & D – > rising

Why need to resolve the details of

details which need to deal with

Wei Wei told you


Process analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon in user experience

fifth: construction site within the chain, also is the page in the page directly connected, connected directly in the page, remember to do connection between pages, connect to the relevant page through the anchor text, if connected to a network promotion page through the word Shanghai Longfeng, imagine what the user feel, feel be deceived.

second: the number of entrance website. This is very simple, a website, not others can directly in the IE address bar enter your URL into your site, so the site has more convenient entrance, the user enters into your website, it is also a reflection of the user experience.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization many people pay more attention to the user experience, user experience has a direct impact on the development of the website. In each big forum is also a lot of people published about the user experience of the post, but the general feeling that is not comprehensive enough, here TJ Er Shanghai Longfeng according to how to do user experience site optimization process in their empirical analysis.

: the first web hosting space access speed and stability. Just imagine, if the site opened slowly, often can’t open the website of this phenomenon is normal, the user is likely to give up the browse information from this website. At the same time also affect the search engine user experience.

third: website design, website design appearance, does not affect the user’s visual enjoyment, focus on practical aspects of web design, don’t let users find the information you want in difficulty, also can do some special design to guide the user to make a choice. For example, the purchase process, the direct impact on the success of the transaction.

first said that the definition of user experience: simple example is that users feel site usability, you can pass the website can easily understand that the user wants to know the information.

site optimization need to pay attention to in the process of the user experience we need to fully tap. Here TJ Shanghai dragon Er summarizes the website user experience points to ensure: practicality, the function of the website, reliability, beauty, meaning. To do this, net >


so what factors affect the user experience of

sixth: highlight the main page, such as a Shanghai dragon tutorial this important page page, can put a link on the page above, directly to this page by clicking on the above link home page.

seventh: website to users some interactive pages, users convenient and timely communication, to meet the special requirements of users.

Shanghai dragon

fourth: website content, website content is very important, "content is king" is not so simple to talk about the content of the website, directly affects the quality of the user to be on the site of the time, this directly through the bounce rate, exit rate, as well as the page directly reflects the length of stay. So the content of the web site to ensure high quality content is related to the theme of the site.

The station optimization should learn from the practice of others rather than mere imitation

however, webmasters always love to imitate those websites better, others do, I will follow him to do, from the aspects of internal site optimization, you can see the webmaster friends mainly imitate others sites are mainly in the following aspects.

now Shanghai dragon has become a hot industry, engaged in Shanghai Longfeng more and more friends. Now the competitor analysis website has become a habit for many webmaster friends, whether it is the customer’s small business website is still relatively large portals in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion before, always love analysis of those in good website PR, snapshots, domain name, age and so on, then according to the location of the web site keywords, how much is expected the time you need to send much of the chain, in order to catch up with rivals ahead of this website, Shanghai dragon data analysis is a necessary work for Shanghai dragon er.

three, keyword density


stack, Ji believes that many webmaster friends have tried, and has also made no small achievement, has now been love Shanghai that is a means of cheating. But now a lot of friends still piling up at the bottom of the site keywords link to their website, perhaps those keywords ranking is also good, so many webmaster found that others, accumulation keyword ranking can have such a good ranking, why you not? When I just put up by keywords, search engine the punishment, so confused, in fact, you old practice too impulsive, others may, domain name age weight high website for a long time, the search engine doesn’t k it, just for it has some patience, and you have the new treatment is completely different.

this is a lot of webmaster friends concern, many owners in this area always feel confused about where many, many owners also have misunderstanding, think those large web site title, keyword description is very well written, many large websites are only a website name, such as Sina, NetEase such as large portal, in addition to many large sites high weight are not fill in the keywords and description of the two, if you are a small business website simply imitate it, not only for keywords ranking negative (we all know net station title writing on the keywords ranking to take great effect on the user experience); and adverse (description of the main is to attract users click). I feel the SMS site www.28dx贵族宝贝 on this practice still feel good.

two, the accumulation ofKeywords

keyword density, also not as popular keywords accumulation, now many webmaster, there is a feeling of want to return to the past. What is the keyword density how many percent percent how many good friends? Some of the keyword density reached about 20%, keywords ranking still some Adsense keyword density stand head and shoulders above others, are still subject to search > 0.


, a web site title, keywords, description

Together with the money is not a novice webmasterVideo games are full of players, and advertising va

CNET Interpret, a March 23rd International Reporting marketing research company, reported that gamers played video games more than retail figures.

Interpret’s Gameasure report comes as game makers attract advertisers. Advertisers are looking for new ways to connect with young men, who spend a lot of time playing games, and less time to watch online tv. "Retail numbers represent only a fraction of the players playing games," said Michael, CEO of

Interpret, in a statement, suggesting that in-game ad transactions underestimated the value of the media. The report shows that advertisers should take into account the impact of groups playing game players, game rentals, second-hand game sales, game sharing.

time flies, since I graduated from the University for one year, a year ago I to the website construction and promotion from 2007 to 2008, utterly ignorant of, experienced the whole years of experience, Admin5 I do not know how many times I was refreshed, the countless predecessors saw how many articles, 2, 3 yuan I finally, in 40, to now 50 yuan from the day, all this is a process, a process of self growth.

station is in early September of the 07 year, is the last time when the graduation work took 800 salary, because I am a college student can only get out of these, but I’m not willing to take 800 ah, how keep live yourself, how can there be a deposit. I inadvertently contact Wangzhuan, because my first job is to do network promotion, so contact some webmaster, do stand that can earn extra money, I would not hesitate to join the ranks of the grassroots webmaster. 07 years of non mainstream sites is still relatively hot, first I chose the non mainstream, after several twists and turns of the webmaster friends recommend, through their own practice, choose easy, and new wind driven cloud these station system, the best choice of a new cloud template to do the first virgin tournament Q net already closed now. The experience is the system of demolition and installation, installation and disassembly, template change and change, but also understand the experience, grasp the basic HTML language, Dreamweaver and PS also have some, laid a foundation for the future owners of the road. Therefore, any thing is the most important practice, the practice of genuine knowledge.

Wangzhuan road is hard, but the triumph will be willing. I first do not over 1 weeks later, the basic contents are filled immediately on the application of the shlf1314 Adsense, did not think 3 days passed, perhaps this is luck, I do not know what advertising optimization, only know the site as long as you can put ads to put on. I hope a lot of advertising revenue which is why some novice webmaster general psychology. Results as can be imagined, income is not ideal, around 0.2-0.5 knife every day, after Admin5 webmaster kind advice, adjust the total advertising, including size, location, color, form of advertising, no income rose to 2 months every day more than 1 knives, for the novice webmaster 1 knife is a threshold! The 10 knife is a threshold back! Money immeasurable, hehe! Then due to the large number of non mainstream sites, for a not SEO me, income has been maintained at $1 this level, I finally decided to choose to abandon it, follow me half a year’s virgin station ended. From the beginning of 08, I began to have a certain SEO specialized research, in my eyes, SEO ranked first is always user experience, has been convinced that the content is king, these 2 points is my principle. Perhaps this is the insistence of 2 points, now I am, in the 08 years, this half a year, I have done paper stations, novel stations, local theory

101 indicators of a perfect website. The seventh part,.W3C standard

conforms to the W3C standard is the development trend of the website at present, almost all browsers use the W3C standard, W3C standard to ensure your site have obtained consistent performance in all major browsers, you no longer need like that at the end of 90s, to a different browser output different content.

W3C has a number of standards, and there are HTML, XHTML, and CSS for website construction. For these standards, you can refer to the following article or resource:

W3C official website of some information   (W3C

abroadSome of the domestic

and W3C standards related to

Website flavor, from five aspects of tiger sniffing network success

this year, the new line of some hard management of the site, I almost have tracking observation, see how others operate a media, one to my own learning, for a year after the foundation of entrepreneurship. Secondly, I will write what I see is worth studying and write it down and share it with our grass roots webmaster. The first thing I’m going to talk about today is tiger sniffing. This site is a hot spot in the TMT field for the past six months.


tiger sniffing network launched in May 2012 I have paid attention to this website, first not talk about the function and content of the website, first talk about how I know this website, and why I decided to focus on this website. I don’t remember in which science and technology blog Links point to the tiger sniffing the network, a starting point in feel disdain, is a technology blog, this technology blog similar too much, I do not have a good impression on them, the reason is very simple because the technology in most excited blog I’m not interested, but their contents are similar.

, but what really impressed me about this site was that I clicked on the bottom of tiger sniffing, about us". The following words are presented to me:

, Q: what does "tiger sniffing" mean? What is the website’s location?

A: Congratulations! You are not a young man of literature and art. The young people in art and literature know that golden sentence: "the tiger is in the heart, and the smell of the rose is fine."". Why do you want to congratulate me? Because you are not a literary young man! That’s the place for business youth.

tiger stands for business; smell is natural sense of smell. We will focus on the most active series of star companies and people in the market, sniffing the company smell with you and sniffing the trend. Detail, inside story, material and topic. Our aim is to increase the efficiency of users’ acceptance of business information. The first area we cut into: technology and the internet. "


to tell you the truth, just enter the website, I do not have the "tiger sniffing network" and "heart of the tiger sniffs the rose" together, let them explain that I think that is such a website to remember this. In addition the tiger sniffing the network domain name is also good, five Larry, easy to remember.

through the above gives us some enlightenment to the site webmaster, the name will be smooth, and it is best to let the rich meaning, typically overnight visitors would remember your site. When choosing a domain name and the webmaster must carefully chosen, I suggest using Pinyin domain name, a name is the first step to build a website, choose a good domain name is not to regret after.


today, I was in the official communication QQ group on this website. I asked netizens how they knew the tiger sniffing network, and most of them were in micro-blog. Indeed, many of the content of this site is spread by celebrities on micro-blog, as I see Li

Taobao online traffic matching rules

for the owner, the importance of traffic is self-evident, and because people already on Taobao more likely to have network clearing means, so Taobao station traffic is more important to the store owner. Well, what are the Taobao web traffic matching rules,


often asked me how the Taobao station traffic matching rule is, how can enhance some popularity, a number of business opportunities?.

through a number of surveys and depth data analysis, I summed up the understanding of Taobao shop traffic matching rules:

1. Taobao for all kinds of activities, resources and support all kinds of activities investment efforts are quite large, with the improvement of credit has increased traffic, to participate in various activities organized by the Taobao official is the fastest way to improve the flow, of course, also be prepared, activities of goods is almost impossible to make money, but to invest a lot of energy to maintain product information in order to avoid the waste of resource, should see it as a part of the shop construction cost.

2. Pu and consumer protection, Wang Pu flow priority reflected in the display thumbnails of the catalogue, the display mode is only extracted Pu data, various types of consumer protection is the user’s choice to increase the flow of goods, consumer protection is often easier to attract users to click.

3., according to the credit grade, this is actually Taobao an incentive for high credit rating, after all activities such as both are likely to become popular service fees need follow-up support, but buyers preferred to search high credit rating shop merchandise, will also increase the confidence of Taobao.

4. by the end of time, end time, from nearly a priority, because automatic shelves only once, and then back on the shelves requires manual maintenance, if you only want to put an end to get some short time to maintain the goods has been on the shelf, often need to maintain their own goods, this is a kind of active encouragement of Taobao the seller.

5. according to the online time matching, to encourage more use of the owner and buyers want to communicate, and less with the help of other communication tools, nature is the reason why, in order to promote their products, but also want to remind some security measures, also compared with other communication tools. After all, specifically for the network for trading.

know these rules, it should know, in Taobao do business, to enhance popularity, there are several ways:

1. if you average value is relatively high (such as a single, reaching two hundred) can buy train advertising, according to my statistics, an average of three hundred hits (including machine search engine browsing) can bring about a deal, if you average value is relatively low, do not buy, will lose money (this is about the train advertising Raiders repeatedly stressed, to see the commodity value and gross profit level of their own).

2. to participate in activities, pay attention to the activities of the official release of Taobao information, participate in several events, to enhance the credit rating up to get the credit rating after matching flow >

Zhou Hongyi talking about operations what is a good user experience

said, "today is a time when experience is king, not at all.".

consumer who may have felt today, consumers’ right to speak more and more strong, if you are doing well, soon if you are word of mouth; do well, will soon be condemning. All this is inconceivable in the past. But today, everyone can publish information, everyone’s voice, even weak, can always be heard. In the Internet age, the success of the product, the user experience has become a key, the user bought your product, not with you to end the transaction. On the contrary, when the user picks up your product when using your product, user experience tour began, and the user experience is good, will directly affect your reputation, affect your sales.

has a Scott McKain of Americans encountered such a thing: he went to the United States a city to a group of business leaders to make a speech, but unfortunately, his suit suitcase into another airline flight. So he tried to call the men’s brand store called Men Warehouse s to prepare his suit on the phone. McKain had known the brand before, but never bought its clothes, but this emergency service allowed McKain to become a loyal customer of the brand.

is very simple, because the Men ‘s Warehouse rapid response, the clothing quality is quite good, at the same time provides the Navy with two carbon black suit for him to choose, let him not only the completion of the speech, and completely beyond his expectations.

Scott MaKain is the "commercial show" the author of the book, in fact, I think this book English name better and more direct: "All Business Is SHOW Business", in which all industries are entertainment. He believes that all industries should be to the entertainment industry, the most important thing is not to sell products, but to sell the user experience.

entertainment is a very mysterious industry, for example, you spend $100 to Las Vegas to see a show, or to spend 70 dollars to see the 3D version of the "Titanic" came out, although it was a lot of fun, left with nothing whatsoever, even boasted to the relatives and friends. In fact, the entertainment industry is selling two words: experience. It has no physical object to sell, so the experience must be studied to the limit. In addition to the feeling at that time and the later memory, nothing is gained. Like Disney, Picks, the Berlin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and Cirque du Soleil, the magician David Copperfield, and so on, they are all top-notch user experience sales gurus.

commercial show, which I read in early years, was a great inspiration to me. Work in the Internet industry for more than 10 years, experienced many failures and setbacks, more and more understanding of the importance of user experience. >