Love the sea to follow Google search results page with time factor

2, after the time factor is also a factor in ranking search results. For example, under the same circumstances, the latest information ranking than the old information ranking, of course, this is just a guess at Yang Changsheng.

search engine to search results into the time factor in the page? Yang Changsheng think there are the following factors:

! Why the

why love Shanghai to follow Google search results page with time factor. In the search results page in the earliest time factor is found in Google, a detailed introduction of an article before the Yang Chang Sheng wrote the Google search results page through 2 major changes, interested friends can see. While Google launched this feature soon after, recently when Yang Changsheng collected the Bamin shangmeng query surprised in Shanghai love the search results page found this. There are pictures and the truth:


4, his waiting for you to add.

but I always do not understand is that why these nice features, the ratio of foreign search engines China search engine is always one step behind? We are not also the reflection of

3, a preliminary understanding of the website. Grassroots friends can not use tools to query, can understand the weight of this website. As long as the extraction time and through the search engine search engine snapshot comparison, we can know how the weight of this web site.

because: www.8m3m贵族宝贝 owners to provide investment, so please keep the source, thank you



recently love Shanghai also moves constantly, from love Shanghai love Shanghai site incident, "Shanghai dragon artificial event", love Shanghai Shanghai dragon suggested the introduction of love, push Webmaster Platform Haili, has recently attracted great attention and grassroots friends. Be careful friends will find another little change in Shanghai: love love sea follow Google search results page with time factor.

?In this paper, by Green Tea

1, provide a better user experience, let users know to view reading information is born in the BC did not click on a specific page before the birth of the information, or yesterday. The users to save valuable time, faster and more accurate for the information they need.

Pulse depending on the network client download CPA ad line, 1.5 yuan success4.8 yuan registered publ

expert Island founder Shen Yifeng think, and in some enterprises encounter difficulties to help them, as in the beginning of the creation of enterprises to help them achieve a complete and conform to the standard registration scheme, and as a starting point, to provide follow-up service in the extension of financial agents, enterprise change, qualification application, enterprise trademark and patent application etc. hand.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

is the early entrepreneurs, more needs to build a good foundation, expert island more willing to put value-added services revenue >

Since the establishment of

company registered 4.8 yuan, no hidden fees, any bundled consumption, to ensure that every entrepreneur hand is a copy of business license three in one, the official seal, financial and legal chapter, even engraved chapter is included in the cost of 4.8 yuan.


Internet is a huge market, the Internet business threshold is relatively low, but from zero to one from scratch, to a company had established, and allow the company to survive and develop, it is not easy to do what.

, expert island has had more than 100 thousand user experience, adhering to the "business is" business philosophy, to create efficient entrepreneurial career for the majority of users, to achieve the great cause of the dream.

is also because the main profit point is not in the company registration, so are more willing to put value-added services expert Island benefits for most to the user, so that entrepreneurs can save time, more money, and more willing to have long-term cooperation with the expert Island, forming a virtuous circle of an industry.

did not expect, only 4.8 yuan of registration fees, including such a big mystery.

depending on the network client download CPA ad online, 1.5 yuan / success.

therefore, the product at the import level is not a profitable way for cattle island. After that, a series of additional services are offered.

but 4.8 yuan, with a meal are not enough, how profitable? Many customers are not clear, the company registered expert Island only products, based on company registration, the same enterprise financial expert Island agent services, 98 yuan / month; so many entrepreneurs are accustomed to the tedious the financial matters entrusted to the expert Island sole agent, not only because the expert Island rich industry experience, but because the island expert from all over the country have registered accountants, financial planners, tax accountants, appraisers, auditors and other more than 100 people’s excellent service team.

island as a butler, strict with oneself excellence of service for enterprises.

Shanghai cattle Island niurendao focused on corporate registration, financial agents, trademark registration, enterprise change and many other enterprise services. As a butler, for the enterprise service excellence strict with oneself.

Talking about QQ group joint function and another network marketing tool

talk about QQ group joint function, will become network marketing tool

, if you don’t keep up with micro-blog’s big stream, you’re OUT,


, if you don’t join the WeChat public platform, you’re OUT again,

, you’re lost in the Marketing Marathon,


now, Tencent Inc launched another marketing tool ——-QQ group, if you have not yet acted, then your promotion channels will become narrow, competitors are suppressed, there is no opportunity to breathe.

QQ group features:

‘s main function point:

group – you can set multiple group linked to a group consisting of a group of medium. You became the leader of the alliance. You can contact group each group sending notification information, each group members will receive notification. Play an important role in many fields such as pushing, gathering, convening and so on.

QQ contact is still in beta, there are a lot of people don’t know this new function, perhaps you also for your micro-blog fans less than competitors and distress, push for the WeChat public platform restrictions and worry, but if you see this article so very glad to tell you of the shipment, you get a more modern weapons. In the network marketing promotion level, this will be helpful for your promotion work.

below, I will explain in detail how to operate QQ group.

first, because it is currently QQ group is still in beta stage, apply for experience also need to see your luck and skills.

1. applications, as far as possible to choose your own QQ group built more QQ number, so easy to get beta qualification, currently small series tested 3, QQ through 2.

2. chooses active, high grade QQ to apply, and yesterday, some friends passed.

3. applies multiple, try to avoid the same IP, you can restart the router or ADSL.

group address: login your QQ number, click on the application experience



will go through the second step, not through, it will prompt: "in beta" prompt

second, create QQ group

1. choose to create QQ group, and fill in the necessary information according to the procedure.


You also need to download a QQ version of the

2. contact QQ group after the application is successful, the address will prompt

To improve website effectiveness, 17 problems need to be solved action call element

Beijing time on April 19th news, according to foreign media reports, your website is your "facade"". If you have a physical storefront, you’re sure to worry about how to put it in the window. You should also spend the same amount of time in virtual stores. Websites need to attract customers and make them repeat customers.

opens your web site and pretends to be a new potential client and asks yourself the following questions. It’s best to find people who have never seen your site before, and ask them to answer these questions:

1., where do you look first?

Visitors to

sites usually only last a few seconds. This means that your site must hook them in a few seconds. Make sure that the first thing they see / notice is interesting enough to gain more time for you.

2., you’ll soon find out what this site is for,


you have to communicate your message in a limited amount of time. If there are too many distractions on the site, visitors may not know what you’re selling.


3. important information on the front page,


most visitors want to know the details without too much effort. If they need to scroll down to find the point, it is possible to leave your site early. Please ensure that your unique sales proposition (Unique, Selling, Proposition) is clearly defined. A unique sales proposition is a message in a sentence or in several words that explains why people should buy things from you. Please highlight this information on your website. (Note: above, the, fold, "front page" or "one screen" is part of the web page. You can see it first in the browser window when the page is loaded, without scrolling down the scroll bar.


4. can you easily find out what the benefits of this product / service are?

visitors want to know as much about the benefits of your product or service. The function of the website is important, but the most important thing visitors can take away is a feeling they feel that this product or service will have an impact on their lives and make their life better.

Is there a clear element of action on the

5. site,


if customers like your products and services, it’s important for them to act quickly. There should be a prominent and clear action call element on the site. It can be "buy immediately", which can be "take a free trial" or "see more."". Make sure you don’t use too much action summoning elements to make customers feel overwhelmed. Choose one or two of the most important ones and put them where they are easy to see.

6. color and image beautiful?

Excellent brand silver shop manager to do what work

since as a manager, if you want to get a better store operations, naturally also need to do more related work. In short, only the work done in place, will allow the store to operate better. So, excellent brand silver shop manager to do what work? Let Xiaobian for you to do a simple analysis.

brand silver shop manager as a silver shop supervisor and operator, plays an important role in the management of the store in the process of playing the role of a connecting link between the preceding and the following. Manager’s quality requirements. To become a manager, first of all, to understand the concept of corporate culture, to be familiar with the business processes. Manager is the core of a shop, the shop all the staff work depends on the reasonable arrangement of the manager and management supervision. In addition to these essential qualities, the manager in the daily business activities but also do a lot of aspects.

operating a brand silver shop, in addition to the location of the store to the sales staff recruitment, until the official opening. Management is the primary link. How to do a good job in the operation and management of the store, first of all from the manager’s daily work to proceed. So in the daily business activities, the manager should do what?

inspection: the opening of the work must be done carefully every day. Brand silver shop manager should do a good job in the number of store inventory verification, commodity hygiene, props, display inspection. Identify problems and deal with them in a timely manner.

incentive: brand silver shop manager do not think that every day and colleagues have been very familiar with the sale of positive no need to have more tips. Be aware that morale is a constant need to be constantly motivated. Sometimes a smile or a look can bring the clerk full confidence.

perfect service: for the daily operation of the brand silver shop, in the service of this piece must be done in place. Manager can be in the daily business before, explain what the staff to introduce the product needs to pay attention to what and the need to have the service specification.

observation: manager as the second manager, in addition to do a good job in the store’s daily sales, how to improve the sales performance of the brand silver shop should be analyzed. One can through the daily business process, customer selection and contributed turnover reasons, including the sales service and so on, have to be observed, so that with the current performance to the induction, analysis and summary, and then formulate or modify the better management skills.


shop operation results in the end how, and the manager has a direct relationship, it can be said that the manager can decide to a shop "of vital importance", so the manager who only learn more, will make the store better operation. So, if you are a brand silver shop manager, you know

Shanghai Yangpu District Beijing raised wide talent – Business

a lot of time, people want to find suitable for their own work, a lot of colleges and universities in Beijing, ushered in the recruitment. From March 16th to 18, respectively, Shanghai, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Peking University, held a job fair, on-site acceptance of the resume received consultation. This is the first time into the Beijing higher education scale to recruit talent.

Shanghai city Yangpu District district Party committee secretary Li Yueqi in the "national demonstration base of youth reserve talent recruitment management of Tsinghua special lectures on introduction, the recruitment introduction activities included four" 3 ", namely the 30 young reserve jobs, 30 teachers, 300 students, 3000 post enterprise internship.

2016, Yangpu was named the first batch of the State Council of the people’s entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and Technology identified as a national innovation city. Li Yueqi admits, although Yangpu is the largest center of Shanghai City, but compared with the size of Beijing, Haidian District is still small. "But we" little man "ambition", we aspire to become Shanghai and the country’s most active innovation, entrepreneurs are most likely to succeed where." In preaching, he mentioned in the leading enterprises in Yangpu Mobell cycling, such as SIEMENS and IBM, also referred to the "Tsinghua venture in Yangpu three musketeers".

in the development of enterprises, natural talent dedication, with them, you can bring a better development. Yangpu area with Fudan University, Tongji University and a number of famous universities, 7 National University Science and Technology Park, hundreds of scientific research institutes, is the first batch of Shanghai, the only countries in the region hit demonstration base.

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Venture capital casual easy money project

casual wear in our lives, has been very much concerned about the choice. So, the business will choose to join casual dress? High quality entrepreneurial projects, easy to make money without worry!

now with more and more people’s favorite casual clothing, many people are very optimistic about the future development of leisure apparel industry, leisure clothing to join also make a lot of people get a huge profit. As for the franchise business is also necessary to grasp the skills of casual clothing, and then come together to see what the operating skills of investment leisure clothing.

for casual clothing stores, we must ensure that the quality of sportswear in the store clearance. Only good quality sportswear to stabilize the old customers, but also to improve store reputation, bring more new customers.

in addition, in today’s such a new society, leisure clothing also have to pay attention to the style of the novel and fashion, or else can not attract consumers’ eyes, naturally unable to achieve sales targets.

in order to make casual clothing store to get better performance, in terms of publicity, franchisees to spare no effort. Propaganda should pay attention to efficiency, in the way of leisure clothing on the timely innovation, standing in the customer’s point of view to complete the propaganda work.

2017, the popular joining the project, the hot market, it is worth our choice! Casual items to join the project, then, what are you still hesitating? Come and leave a message! Let’s work together to create wealth!

90 girls fast food shop to achieve entrepreneurial dream

a lot of people have entrepreneurial dreams, female friends are no exception, in our side there are many examples of women entrepreneurs, which also gave the majority of female entrepreneurs more confidence. Let’s look at the following 90 girls start fast food shop to earn nearly a few hundred thousand dollars of entrepreneurial stories.

In order to adjust the formula

2012, who graduated from the Qingdao College of hotel management major, and thousands on thousands of just out of college students, Wei Yajing chose the professional and related industries to work, but her heart had a dream." Foreign fast food sold all over the world, there are a lot of big brands, I am learning to eat and drink, but also hope to create a big brand of Chinese fast food. Wei Yajing said that in school, she will go to a number of hotels, fast food restaurants, and after graduation, she also served as room workers, do steamed buns.

because itself is engaged in hotel management professional, Wei Yajing learned the use of classroom knowledge, combined with the practice in the work, continue to find out the operating method of the catering industry. "At the end of 2012, I opened a bun shop with my classmates. Wei Yajing said, because his cousin also operated several Baozipu, so from the aspects of feeding, formula and so on, she can get help cousin." Selling steamed stuffed bun let me earn some money, but later because the store to dismantle the transformation, so I have to give up. Wei Yajing said.

with hundreds of repeated flavouring recipes

"due to funding constraints, I chose the low starting point of fast food industry. Although the point is low, but you can do a wide range, I would like to make their own fast food restaurants into fast food carriers. Wei Yajing said with confidence, focus on doing a good meal, so that fast food can eat the taste of the monk.

Why do chicken Steamed Rice this food? Wei Yajing said she is working in the hotel when everything is hard, but when she got to pay special attention to the fact that, in many of the guests in the hotel Pingdu, very little love braised chicken in this dish, but also love to eat with Steamed Rice.


Female master start selling squid into 4000

is a beautiful 27 year old graduate student, give up decent work, give up high wages, striving to be the beauty squid. Near the Zhongshan Park in Yinchuan, Li Wenjun is grilled squid, she is a graduate student of China University of Geosciences, operating a more than ten square meters of squid shop. Store opened in May 20th, but with imported squid from Argentina, a combination of a variety of flavors, clean and healthy operation, the average daily sales reached 4000 yuan.

The proportion of female entrepreneurs in

The high degree of

excellent business groups

from the barberry church to the universe to Rice noodles rolls squid beauty, it is not difficult to find, the high degree of targeting the third industry (service industry), but also create new styles, in a large industry, a subdivision of others do not notice, take it as a starting point, to start their own business therefore, the third industry is the economic and social development of the sunrise industry, has gradually become the entrepreneurs "land".


Beijing into a product of joy baked field let your youth never finish

youth is the personality of the era of publicity, youth is the courage to stride forward, as long as you have a brave heart, youth becomes permanent heart. Death is not old. The choice of food can still make your youthful personality, the market into a product of a happy barbecue to give you a different experience.

with the endless variety of food we eat what the problem is prone to disagreement. Some people like to eat barbecue, and some people can not resist the charm of the hot pot, when the difference between the two, how to choose?. Whether it is a couple dining or friends gathering is your best choice, not only to make everyone satisfied, but also in the deep taste of the deep taste of love.

has been in the South Korean capital of Seoul, there is an inconspicuous shop every day diners in a continuous line, more guests from admiring, all for a unique combination of delicacy. The shop owner is a more than and 70 year old couple, local regulars affectionately called love, the host is a rinse roast "Chinese, the hostess is Korean, they will be home sign of old Beijing Hot pot and delicacy Korean barbecue together, let the soup boiled and roasted to bring new feelings to the taste buds.

Beijing into a happy barbecue

, a South Korean investigation into Beijing, founder of a product attracted by its novel mode, the full spirit of love more people moved, so he decided to carry forward the combination of China and South Korea will rinse roast, the two old people "love grilled" concept spread to Asia, but to all over the world, providing a reliable for all consumers, a great brand, worthy of respect for Beijing, a product brand came into being, from birth to perfect the management idea, the continuous improvement of technology, to create a healthy grilled new standard.

Beijing into a product with spices are the origin of special secret materials, pure flavor, long aftertaste. More with a variety of rare Chinese herbal medicine, so that food is more health care magical effect. Both the marinade, sauces, dips, dry material, oil, water and material, Beijing into a product to strictly control all aspects of food production, but also for the ingredients and taste the crowd around the development of a variety of taste, so that the customers can find the most delicious barbecue


Beijing into a happy barbecue

Beijing into a product by the customer care, barbecue buffet way to entertain in business, will eat and drink and play, into one, here you can enjoy authentic Korean barbecue, can also feel the Chinese Shabu is more suitable for Chinese taste. Beijing into a product of a buffet barbecue two flavors, China and South Korea integration of the two is not wrong, so that customers eat happy, eat satisfied. More people feel full of love, eat not only comfortable and happy!