The Shanghai dragon Er orders to have morals and social conscience

specific means of fraud is: first make a false online ticketing website to find Shanghai dragon company the target keyword optimization to love Shanghai before three, users need to buy a ticket that users dial the telephone booking, the implementation of fraud on the phone to let users, fraud liar remittances success through his website, the website to enter keywords.

, immediately take over this business (at the same time, he has paid the first payment and I), the other suddenly feel very surprised, ask me why? Because I don’t have any evidence, but his guess, so, I replied: because we have a moral and social conscience of the bottom line at least. Then, I will head back to him. The other called a "crazy, not to earn money to go. The author with a wry smile, he will pull the black.

So the author proposed

what is this: this morning, the QQ suddenly received a customer consultation, let me help his site sex in Shanghai standings, consulted some problem, and then take the XX train station booking telephone "three key words let me quote. I found these words through a comprehensive test of the optimization difficulty is not large, so the X thousand yuan (disclose specific amount) price and let his hair look. The other did not counter-offer, give me. At the same time, also ask for the first payment account. At first, I was happy about, thought the money was still pretty easy, but then I was not easy, but became very heavy, on the surface, the website of the customer without any normal, but after analysis, occupation habits tell me, let me be a client optimization a fraud site.

after the event, the heart can not be calm, because, in this materialistic age, moral and social conscience, more and more people are gone, they in order to pursue their own interests, with some unfair means, so all kinds of fraud cheated a people emerge in an endless stream, an unknown truth good. Today, although the author rejected this single business, but can not guarantee that all Shanghai dragon Er can resist the temptation. In our Shanghai dragon team, there is a small part of the money was reduced to practitioners and their accomplices, help the fraud site optimization to the forefront of SE, make money with Mei xin. Just think, when those victims of tears, these unscrupulous swindlers reviled, whether those who help cheat Shanghai dragon Er heart there will be a trace of remorse?

with a single customer initiative to seek cost up to thousands of yuan of business, and the optimization is not difficult. I think, each Er Shanghai dragon will not let go, wants to make every effort to talk down the list. But just now, but I firmly rejected this piece of delivery will get fat. Because I know that as a Shanghai dragon Er, must have a moral and social conscience of the bottom line at least orders.

finally, I want to say, is a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is to abide by the moral bottom line and social conscience, is a prerequisite for orders. Only.

Why love Shanghai know the row in front of our website

to do a little test: Shanghai dragon love Shanghai optimize the word index is up to 619

love Shanghai Changsha website optimization, the first page is some rankings better site, such as my Changsha there, but when we turn to page second, page second will find very love Shanghai that occupy the front, as shown below:


so, we no longer need to complain about love Shanghai products than we know the ranking, [PS: when I complain about, we have succeeded in other early], this only shows that our website is not enough to make the search engine identity, give us a good ranking. Instead of complaining, rather quiet on our website where a problem. If you are not a good webmaster, then your station slowly polished

threw, a week again, week end, recently often heard so several voices in the group: "love Shanghai" keywords ranking is not good "lost" and "love Shanghai related products is always in front of me" just the beginning, but also a detailed. As we explain, for a long time, do not want to explain one by one, today on this topic and write an article.

this time we will think: is our website as a love Shanghai know? And there are a lot of advertising, then you begin to complain love Shanghai to give their products too much weight, love Shanghai ranked too well done and similar complaints, then why do you actually love the Shanghai website product.

search results showed that in the second row is a page in Lu Songsong’s article, we think such a high index of the word, a page can be why Lu Songsong in the second row, because this article to meet the needs of users? Because this article meets the keywords to optimize it? Actually is not, we do have to understand what the Shanghai dragon Lu Songsong, his blog on IP in thousands, the web site of the weight of natural high, so the inside pages in ranking odds is very big. So in the front row naturally very easy.


from the original 贵族宝贝fanda1688贵族宝贝/question/wt/120.html loading, please indicate the source.


we love Shanghai as a search engine, a day to love Shanghai know active users than the Lu Songsong web site a lot more, love Shanghai know active users will lead to the love of Shanghai’s own ranking, which is actually indirectly by high weight website a demonstration of the inside pages of the drive we all know that advertising on the site of the special, when what we search, we tend to believe that love Shanghai, love Shanghai according to the user’s click to show to the user preferences ", so that the natural ranking will be in front.

Through the Alexa analysis of user needs in order to improve the user experience

most of the time, it is difficult to fathom the needs of users, because the user needs are not the same, we need to keep the website with the user’s needs and update. For an old old station said, with some users can understand their own statistical background users, users know what the recent use of keyword search, the search results inside and outside of the station will be known, but only the results of a web site is one-sided, not representative of the needs of users, but also a new word no, a certain amount of users, it is difficult to understand this information.



the above data is some of the user’s search, user can understand what page visited in the station, what is more concerned about the user page, shown above, the dry cleaning franchise project search, content is more concerned about the user consultation. By using Alexa tools, can understand the industry user attention, what information is more concerned about the user, can increase website information according to the needs of users.

improve the user experience, in addition to the basic function to improve the site, but also the users in the shortest time can get the information he wants, not only the website page, or content, must stand in the user’s point of view, such as: the site opened the next page, open a new the window is to help the user experience, because if you want to go back, directly off the new window on it, so when the setting window would use target= _blank". The content of the website is very important for the user experience, a website to attract users come to the site information, the information is reflected by the content.

by the above data, the user can understand the relationship between coffee to join, join, join the textile accessories information, here is just 2 sites results, if you put the top ten industry analysis, you will find more user concerns.

through Alexa analysis of the development and the needs of industry users, join type website, can be used to analyze the situation of the industry by some of the more powerful website industry, with two well-known station analysis, through some of the user’s search, users can learn more about the relationship between what the problem is what is the demand.

with love Shanghai algorithm update, more and more attention to the user experience, improve the user experience is very useful for web sites, not only contribute to the site’s ranking, can also understand the needs of users, website ranking is Shanghai dragon Er most want to see, but the boss would like to see is the conversion rate to achieve the business purpose. To improve the user experience of the website, no matter from which point of view, it is beneficial.

to do a commercial website, the ultimate purpose of the conversion to >

The 8868 quarter still how do we become a monthly tour of tens of millions of hand travel trading pl


, he’s the youngest generation of entrepreneurs on the mobile internet. In 2012, he left the business from the UC game center business leader, from Beijing to Guangzhou alone, the creation of the 8868 hand travel trading platform ( In the recently concluded dark horse race TMT industry finals, he with a clear and mature business model and Baidu vice president Zhang Dongchen won the "best mentoring title."". In the mobile game rapid development of the tide, he through the original CBC embedded trading model, in just 1 and a half years, will be 8868 to create, monthly trading water million hand travel trading platform. He is the 8868 hand travel trading platform ( founder and CEO season. Recently, the dark horse will TMT branch, WeChat large group invited to season to share.

share content below:

, we have only two founders team. I was UC nine travel platform business leader, as a core member, to participate in the overall development process of UC, but also in the platform, game products and the overall operation has done some accumulation. Our CTO Li Yang has 10 years of Internet development experience, leading the development of nine clients and applications vertical search platform. At present, the team has developed to about 70 people, of course, in order to provide 7*24 hours of intermediary services, our customer service accounted for about 25 people. It is worth mentioning that, we also made a breakdown of customer service, including complaints, advice, sales, customer service, delivery staff in three directions, which is a special form of travel agents in the decision.

I chose to start my own business from UC, based on my consideration of my personal life and my consideration of market opportunities. I am not a complacent person, love new things, so when they are young, entrepreneurs choose to challenge themselves. Moreover, the attraction of hand travel market is also huge for me. From the PC end of the tour market, in 2013, the country’s largest end of the tour trading platform 5173 annual turnover of more than 10 billion of the water, its water accounted for 1/5 of the 2013 end of the tour’s top 53 billion of revenue. This proves that offline transactions are one of the core requirements of users. At present Mobile Games certainly not up to the end of the tour, but in combination, Mobile Games users of the game more time, more simple way to buy (direct mobile phone whenever and wherever possible the purchase and payment of universal value and equipment) money is far lower than the PC end of the tour. Therefore, the development potential behind this market is very huge. It also made me choose to join the entrepreneurial tide in this area.

The biggest advantage of the two tier

transaction is that it is cheaper than the official direct purchase, which can attract people to buy, otherwise the user will recharge the game directly. However, this is precisely a tour of the immature performance. Looking at the end of the tour, the end of the tour trading market transactions are mainly non binding equipment and game output currency, recharge money can not be traded. This kind of deal actually has a big boost to the game

Why does website sale do not like to use Baidu statistic

Internet is not strange, and many enterprises and friends began to enter the Internet marketing website from their products, buy domain name, buy space, step by step over, also is in the website but there are so many friends made a website in the Internet marketing way is lost, not earn money and constantly harassing phone calls every day, whether you need to make the promotion of greetings. Today, rattan design for everyone to write a new topic, perhaps it is so long has not been everyone understand the secret, why do website marketing good people do not like to use Baidu statistics, why


some friends very puzzled, obviously my promotion is basically by this giant Baidu, and 360 other search engines is my website to get a small flow, why today is here to say a lot of rattan design website marketing do good people do not love with Baidu statistics? In fact, these friends may not clear Baidu why is the statistics exist, why service.

of course, here is not to say that no rattan design allows users to use Baidu statistics, but you should know the running time of the site, to complete the construction site, experience status and data capture in the testing stage can use Baidu statistics to analyze their site rate, if all good can no longer to use Baidu statistics. Just an ordinary webmaster statistics function can, although the data is not very detailed statistics to Baidu very accurate, but as long as you can get the user visits, time period, keywords, import rate. So why not recommended for a long time to use Baidu statistics? Because Baidu itself is through the code "spider" to analyze the amount of code paths and rules and visit your site than the moment, if you are using other Baidu webmaster tools, access to data is fuzzy, fuzzy ratio for new sites is the best display form. Baidu will take the initiative to data mining and differences of your sexual content, but if the moment your site has been Baidu statistics for every minute, then he can detailed statistics to the actual data of your site and user experience situation, which leads to the ranking drop right. There is one point, Baidu statistics is a tool for the promotion of Baidu, you will use Baidu statistics Baidu will know that you are care about the data and rankings, so Baidu customer service can be very effective to call you to ask whether you need to do Baidu promotion and other services.

why ordinary webmaster tools can be? Because when we do Internet marketing in fact we have more time to do is the user experience, we just have the value on the content and information issued by the user is, whether is worth paying attention to it, so as to adjust its. If the user experience isn’t good enough, you’ll need to think about whether the content is good enough, or because of a framework or a web page or browsing problem.

so in the end there is an old saying, Baidu statistics when Baidu promotion is indeed a very precise website data analysis tools, but for a marketing website, do you want to apply for a long time, still need to.

The SNS of China from Obama’s election

Obama is the first black president of the United States, while netizens say Obama is the world’s first Internet president". Because, in the election of Obama, make full use of the Internet to canvass. Many people believe that Obama’s election, and its unique internet marketing is not unrelated. Even with Obama’s election, the Internet played a decisive role.

many domestic marketing experts in the study of "Obama case", the Internet industry has also conducted in-depth study of Obama’s election. Obama, the name has hooked up with the internet. And I, as a marketing practitioners, but also as an Internet industry’s concern, from Obama’s election, to see some worthy of China’s Internet industry to learn the ingredients.

Obama’s election, in fact, is the use of SNS. On Facebook, I received some news from my friends and asked me to support Obama. Unfortunately, I am a Chinese citizen and can not give an actual vote. But on the Internet, I still gave my support. Why would I trust my friends and support Obama because the SNS in the United States, in contrast, gives more realism?. A lot of friends, I know each other through friends. So I don’t worry about cheats.

, and from the domestic SNS point of view, I have not been very promising. I’ve tried some, but I don’t usually use it for long. For me, the reality of making friends is very important. If there is no sense of reality, I will never go on. So, in China, I rarely go to SNS. At present, most of the domestic SNS entertainment routes. Every day I get an invitation to a lot of applications, and there are invitations to a wide variety of games that I hate. If you want to play the game, I will select the game, why in the dating site disorderly waste of time? In the actual dating function, do not pay attention to the true feelings, just blindly add applications, like online games development path. Online games do not pay attention to the physical and mental health, only pay attention to attract people, so many people obsessed. SNS do not pay attention to the friend, only pay attention to the game, we can make love


I see Chinese SNS, the only thing that makes me feel real is YAHOO. At first, it was because YAHOO sent me an inquiry to get the message. YAHOO made a detailed survey of our mailbox users and heard some of our comments on SNS. I wish I had a better SNS in China, and I did the survey. After the official on-line, YAHOO relations invited me to join, I will go in and have a try. From experience, I can find the reality of facebook. A lot of mail friends can find it on it. Because of this, I am absolutely true. Many of my friends, most of whom are friends, give me full confidence. I am a man who dislikes falsehood. I like truth and pursue truth. So, for the likes of Facebook >

The Internet is not winter, winter is just some people’s excuse

At present all the webmaster

discussed the most is the network, this line has become more and more difficult, has come to the winter of the Internet, ready to withdraw from the team, and so on, very thorough analysis, seem as if to stay in perfectly logical and reasonable, the Internet is like a day wasted one day, no longer it is too late to escape the feeling, is it really so serious? Let us carefully analyze the psychological factors of these people.

one, these people are enthusiastically put into this team, the Internet blueprint is too beautiful and perfect. It seems as long as the input to the Internet can overnight overnight, overnight became the Internet leader all-powerful. And the reality is not so, even from the desire of the value of thousands of miles, it will inevitably be lost, it will inevitably produce winter feeling. But please don’t forget, the Internet and other media, just a media, he could not completely replace the TV, it is impossible to completely replace the print media, they are equal, or is said to be later to squeeze to the media family, it is not necessary to God, the Internet is not a panacea and it has the characteristics of it, but it also has its limitations, so it is still some rational look at the newborn, the bubble era has passed, the blind stage has passed, the Internet also return to the rational stage, the rational view.

two, these people look more pessimistic, give you a few examples, we all know that this year from the start of the year to now all the ups and downs, the first is to not occur even in a hundred years of snow disaster; Tibet riots heinous; then is sad concentric Wenchuan 8 earthquake; then is frightful to the ear milk scandal. One time all the Chinese are weaned. However, the governments at all levels have taken all kinds of positive measures, and the development of China has not stopped. The Olympic Games in Beijing are exciting. The success of the 7 manned spaceship is more exciting to the Chinese people. I think so is the Internet, on the road of development will inevitably lead to various unfavorable factors, but the key is we these people how to take measures to change the way of thinking, innovation, make the Internet again, I think after some setbacks, the pace of Internet will go more steady, bold.

three, another factor, to the end of the year, all walks of life into the end, which summarizes and plans for the next year, the Internet will inevitably ignore this one, so feels like winter, after all, the Internet is also an industry, and other industries do not have what different, why can’t we summarize this year, next year plans and preparations.

colleagues advise you don’t complain, complain that the environment is not well, so similar to the winter sigh. Or to act quickly, to explore their ability and cleverness, develop their own ideas, development of the Internet is still waiting for you by.

the Internet doesn’t have winter. Winter is just an excuse for some people

Recommended ten thousand yuan venture

would like to start a shop to make money, the small project is the best choice, the following Xiaobian for everyone to recommend some of the current surge in the popularity of thousands of entrepreneurial projects, I hope everyone can find their own.

1. degradable environmental protection flowerpot

currently on the market are mainly wooden pots pots, clay pots, porcelain pots, plastic pots. Although the wooden flowerpot is light, but there is no color, mud pots and porcelain pots good ventilation, beautiful flowers, but too heavy, the price is higher, the plastic flowerpot air permeability is not good, easy to pollute the environment. This product overcomes the above shortcomings. At present, mainly exported to the European Union, the United States and other countries, the domestic market mainly in Guangzhou, Beijing, Yiwu and other places to sell.

2. family small garden

with the city to the development of modern, high-rise, nervous rhythm of life, give people cause a dull feeling, sense of oppression. As a result, people living in the city are increasingly attached importance to the beautification of the living room and office, seeking to hate the natural green decoration. And this product is different from the ordinary flowers and plants bonsai, not only beautify the room, but also to the city people in the experience of planting fun at the same time, to eat their own novice planting vegetables. 1000 yuan how to start the business there is no similar products on the market. Products are mainly in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang sales, monthly sales of up to 30 thousand to 50 thousand yuan, the market prospect is broad.

3. baby temperature measuring spoon

the baby products market growing in recent years, the average annual increase of more than 17%, while the spoon is the daily necessities, has broad market demand. How to start with 1000 yuan? Ordinary spoon to baby feeding, watering, feeding, mother or nurse usually temperature by mouth, there is the possibility of disease infection, and sometimes with milk, water, soup, medicine etc. overheat and burn the baby. The product overcomes the disadvantages, and is more safe and convenient. Usually do not need to do when the family thermometer, can be described as two birds with one stone, the market prospects.

4. dust absorbing blackboard eraser

1000 yuan how to start a business? The product is applicable to all kinds of schools, troops, enterprises and institutions, can wipe the metal blackboard, glass blackboard, cement board and wooden blackboard and other light plane. At present, the products are sold in Beijing, Sichuan, Hebei, Hubei and other places. In Hebei, a distribution point, for example, the monthly sales of 2000-5000.

5. mobile phone emergency charger

the product size, appearance and lipstick. As the charging power supply is 1. 5 volt dry battery, the product can be set up by the unique booster circuit, will be 1 of the. 5 volts to + 5. 7 volts, can meet the emergency charging mobile phone use.

6. multifunction electronic cane

Value-added wealth of the most profitable projects

is now a society of soaring prices, what prices are rising, that is, wealth does not rise, how to do it, which requires us to continue to find ways to find some money to do the project.

, a health care products

advantages: network mature weakness: high investment, high requirements for   connections; see naobaijin will know.

two, the Internet industry + e-commerce

With more and more will change

advantages: good prospects, small start-up capital.   shortcomings: the need for a certain amount of time on the Internet, skilled in computer operation.

three, modern animal husbandry (Agriculture)



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