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will serialize article series

Muzi Zhou soft



is a website of the soul, there is no good content support, the website cannot show its value, not the value of the site is difficult to obtain user acceptance, and an important component of the content on the website is the update of the article, I believe we have a set of methods and ideas of their own, renewal of everyone may vary, but only one purpose: in order to better user experience, let the web search engine become trusted sites; although the direction may all understand, but in addition to the original content, readability, inside chain settings and so on, but many of the details are worth learning.

series of writing must be prepared, that is to say when we write these articles to have a very good idea, it is better to be the title column of each article, there is a good idea to write good articles; instead, when we don’t want to finish the system. A think of the next write another article, this time there will be confusion, we may be second of the topic has been in the first appeared, when users see, will think this article has not read what value, or speak about the question, at the same time in writing may have a great impact, hold a word, want to write it can only be constructed ahead of freely flowing style of writing.

here’s what the series, although it looks very ordinary, but it is far greater than the power of our ideas, as a valuable article show in front of the user, if there is a series of articles, then the user may for other articles to read, it is the same in the soft. Most of my friends write soft are now separate, look at Muzi into the boat,

may also show not only continued its power, when every article spread out "

series of construction is very important, according to your own ideas about how to create


it will be a very good one topic extension, become a system topic, when an article as long as the user to read the content, as long as the feeling of good quality, so many friends will browse on the other, because everyone has the same mentality, that is the system of learning. If this is not to let us know if we can give an example to illustrate: we usually watch TV at home, to see if the random, we feel that this TV show is boring, don’t know what to say; and when we see from the first episode, slowly we will find the TV there are a lot of interesting place for us, each evening at the same time will keep on waiting next to the TV, TV is coming, when suddenly one day did not see, we feel very uncomfortable, this is the so-called

, building

system is the topic of the article

Website, how to minimize the loss


three: the replacement of domain name;

to replace the domain name with the above said link to change similar practices are the same, the reason is because the replacement out alone, spent a long time domain name, also need to pay attention to the problem, also is to use revision tools, submit revision rules, fill in the revision of the domain name, the domain name change is not the same place to do the station 301, there is the old domain name to ensure that at least able to access to more than three months, in order to ensure the completion of revision, submitted after we can see progress, if too many links, processing time is longer, until the modified version after the completion of that old.

sometimes involves all directories throughout the site, sometimes a single column, link structure changes, often because of the use of pseudo static or static, there is replacing the source program after the directory structure is different, but the content did not change, we will use the revision tools Webmaster Platform love Shanghai this time, the first revision the original content, and permanent redirect (301) to the revised content, then submit revised rules here, wait until the love Shanghai finished processing on the OK, it is best to change the uniform rules, submit such simple rules. Generally a week or so, not too much influence, but to ensure access when the old directory can jump into the new

this revision can be said to be a small change, if the site itself included is good, after crawling higher frequency, changes in next time love Shanghai update, you can show up, this change will not spend too much time to recover, after revision, try to update the relevant content and the chain love, let Shanghai faster updates included.


we usually said the revision, contains several aspects of change, are not necessarily take the same approach, a lot of the time we run the website for a period of time, that is not very satisfied, or want to change a direction for a domain name, even the overall change, these are in the revision of the category. We do not support the frequent changes in the establishment of the website at the beginning to consider comprehensive, accurate positioning, but also to avoid the late revision, when have changed, our principle is that the revision to early, less revision, revision to

The ! ;Change the directory structure of

website is the webmaster often face the problem of the problem is the biggest impact on the site, if not doing a good job may come to naught, take corresponding measures, can also reduce losses. Website, we face is nothing more than a search engine and users, search engine is the basic love Shanghai, love is to let the Shanghai reduce the revision of the punishment, the user is relatively good solution, key is to make love Shanghai regain weight on the website.

two: website directory structure, link structure changes, the replacement of Chen source program, itself does not change the content of


: site title, keywords, description of changes;

Analysis on how to improve the local real estate website optimization

avoid "* * real estate network" keywords accumulation

real estate website on the layout of the keywords is prone to accumulation of a large number of keywords accumulation phenomenon will surely lead to be punished, in order to avoid the repetition of key words, can be divided into words, "* * real estate network" can be divided into: "the real estate network," * * * * "real estate transaction net", "* * real estate the information network, not only can make the website keyword segmentation can have more keywords to get ranked, but also can reduce the repetition rate of the main key words. Real estate portal is more to the page to get rankings, so for the link anchor text keywords, not all links to the home page, the corresponding keywords can be linked to the corresponding page, reduce home page weight loss, weight increase in the page.

Page Title Principle: real name – level two page title – Web page title;

for real estate website property page is the core and the website more user attention is the real estate information, real estate pages are included more effective traffic conversion can bring about more, improve the collection property page, based on the author’s practice to give you a few suggestions:

sidebar navigation sidebar navigation: real estate information pages, you can add the surrounding real estate "," the latest real estate information "," the related real estate evaluation ", the design can improve the navigation.


optimization projects page

for sale page crumbs navigation settings: Home – market Daquan – Region – real name;


content page content optimization: the content should be detailed, real estate, real estate apartment layout diagrams of the surrounding real estate information, customer reviews and customer message system;

recently many real estate website webmaster complain that the site is down right, the website can not get more traffic from search engines, the real estate website in the end how to improve the optimization, to obtain more users, through the practice of real estate website, in order to improve the real estate network traffic and weight, it is not a particularly difficult what, in the station optimization can be divided into the following steps.

real estate net profit is the main source of advertising, many sites will be at the top of the page length of hanging advertising, advertising effect is to think of publicity, advertising links for such sites do not need to transfer the weight, for the website advertising section can use the NF tag shield, or use the iframe frame structure construction. The website home page will call all the two channel content, anchor text for the "more" button navigation, can also add NF to it, to avoid too many "more" Keywords tag web page weight, but this kind of label is to improve the user experience, plus the nofollow label link spider is not transmit weight instead, capture, so webmaster don’t worry list pages will not be grab included.

Reasonable use of nofollow label

From the classic Shanghai dragon skills law questioned enhanced combat experience

story above is because I want to talk today about half of the more similar to the above. We all know that a lot of grass when entered in just access to the Internet is basically a hot head came in, basically what all don’t understand. While many of the old owners became almost universal, is in the process of continuous exploration learning. So, one of the biggest characteristic, is the webmaster for application, or so only to learn, such as the Shanghai dragon, because I want to make a site with more traffic to learn how to do the Shanghai dragon. But at the same time, there is a big problem, is the most webmasters in the learning time is just in order to solve this problem is to learn, only know to achieve their effect on the line, and not to their own research and analysis principle. And there are a lot of people worship master on the Internet, regardless of technology or operation, including Shanghai Dragon technology too, and everyone on their point of view. It’s like the Copernicus era, perhaps like Copernicus have suspected geocentric theory, but because the authority of the church, he discovered a problem but thought he xueyibujing and give further research. We know that the world is changing, maybe something right now is not correct, with the dialectics of flowers is "impossible for two times to the same river".


in the practice of Shanghai dragon, we are often convinced of the classic techniques of law, even the search engine algorithm is so adjusted. For example, there is a very famous master is ZAC in Shanghai Longfeng field, I also admire him, he is very love writing style, very real. There is no doubt that many webmaster is his fans, can be said to his books.

search engine optimization technology this term I don’t think we need to explain the concept, if now who else was there to speak Shanghai dragon, that will make you laugh; not only is the concept, I believe that Shanghai Dragon Technology for the site of the importance we all know, especially for our grassroots website. I worked as a part-time Internet enthusiasts, but also an access to the Internet for several years, I have experienced many, at least in some sense in the Internet is understanding. Because I was a part-time personal webmaster, so whether it is technology or content and the Shanghai Phoenix is a person to do so, there is a deeper understanding.

to share my experience and I tell you a little story, we have heard about the story of Copernicus. In the middle ages, people thought was geocentric fetters, and the church in order to maintain its ruling position, also try to maintain the ideological weapon. So it seems nobody beyond the bottom line, and Copernicus through their own research on the geocentric questioned after the publication of the heliocentric theory, although the heliocentric theory is not correct, but at least one of the universe known progress, and he paid the price of life. But a heavy blow to the theological theory, greatly promoting the progress of human civilization.

I tell

Analysis of the reasons for the depth of love network operation, cherished network, has appeared three hegemony in China dating sites in the industry situation, especially after the Jiangsu satellite launch If You Are The One, Jiayuan and became the dark horse, the fast growth in the marriage industry, and the industry under the original online active intermediary marriage that is moved to the Internet good, but the profit pattern is very clear, that is the two sides to charge membership fees, to know that the network is free even if the marriage is also very difficult to obtain the user, and now want to find happiness in marriage network partner, spend some money many people still believe that like.

but the passage of time, only less than three years, was once very popular dating website operation seems not so happy, the profit level showed a declining trend, many on the Internet dating sites and re open the intermediary model line, such as lily network, now in our country a lot of hit TV drama often see the online intermediary organization Lily network blind assembly, these giants have suffered marriage in the process of operation is difficult, for many small and medium-sized dating sites, especially the grassroots dating sites such as the yuan net more is difficult.

then what causes the dating websites of former owners to become poor? I think there are three main reasons for this dilemma.

first has a natural sense of fear about the internet. Because marriage have to pay attention to, when all the good will for the rest of his place in the virtual Internet website, for fear of the unknown will arise spontaneously, especially often there are news reports on dating sites have finally Piancaipianse story, so many people have to seriously consider whether so hard to find the rest of his life living on dating sites.

second has a relatively low success rate on love and marriage websites. As society increasingly fast pace of life, people seem to have less leisure time to talk about love, some enterprising men and women seem to marriage as a common mode of living, for the marriage of love seems to look more pale, so a lot of people flocked to the Internet looking for a partner, but this after all the people in the society of our country is still in the small part, and registered in the marriage network of men and women although the purpose is to get married, but in the process towards marriage or to enjoy the love of moisture. It is the demand among these users there is diversity, coupled with different places, non city and other factors, so that the success of online marriage is relatively small.

third mobile Internet social tools have a huge impact on the marriage network. WeChat once is to change the social tools, from now on development of social networking tools, WeChat is apparently defeated micro-blog, WeChat has the generalization tendency, while micro-blog began to step into the blog, segmentation of the road to go. WeChat’s circle of friends makes the social networking function of love and marriage sites dispensable, so marriage is already known through WeChat’s circle of friends

Shenzhen network business exchange conference return, feel the webmaster should change to e-commerce

webmaster should transition to e-commerce

The first

statement is not well written, because I did not write, we want to take the shot. To be honest, I every day on the Internet every day to stay in the mix, the online time call super imagination, can always see some QQ spam or sending a message, say what can make money, how much money. I do not believe in the beginning, because I too believe this network.

you often assume things is good, because your circle is too small, as Mr. Wang Xianbiao said, if you want to open shop, in the hundreds of your friends, you can not find the source if you live too failed. I should reflect on. 07 years of contact with the network, the beginning of the end of that SEO is what, later met several webmaster friends, just know do stand to make money, slowly, I picked up the Po network formally established, but how to extend into my heart. Ah, ah. Although the location of pain in the Taobao customer, temporarily can earn a living, but not a long-term plan, IT can not be a lifetime of work, to find their way out to the point when the boss. You can’t ask us to do IT’s job as a construction site owner. No matter what you do, you can’t hang on the line with your bank. So choosing an online store is definitely no money. You’ll have to listen to me this time.

Wang said, and in the group of South Korea’s national online transactions 3/4, but in China, 1/10? You can imagine, a e-commerce website in Chinese how much profit. How strong the development of space. Others say that in early twenty-first Century is IT years, and eventually IT fire into a bubble, a few years ago is the property year, and now it will soon become a bubble. The next few years, I heard it was an energy year. Why not e-commerce? E-commerce is not always a fire? Yes, because e-commerce is a protracted war. It won’t bubble. Ha ha, say a joke.

Taobao customers grow up with Taobao. If you open an online store, you can worry less about it. At least you don’t have to worry about Taobao’s strategy any day. If you open an online shop, how to open a web site, not to say that you can open, you have to locate. Today, Mr. Wang said, the best to locate themselves for which industry, is to do an experiment. Select a few you are interested in buying on Taobao, in a month, you take the transaction records and browsing out, do a statistics on it out, you are suitable for which line, certainly turnover will be high. After positioning, you have to start, and do not have the strength of the first to do on Taobao, after all, we believe that many of Taobao, I believe that this treasure less net. As you slowly in Taobao has accumulated a number of stable customers when you open a shop or wangcheng. Of course, if you want to make a big thing, you can change your website from domestic trade to domestic and foreign trade. Towards the international market. You must be the big boss this time. Don’t forget my Xi Li Ge when you drive the BMW.

it’s easy to say, it’s difficult to do. Where’s my spring? The China Ministry of industry, when can you let us grass and stationmaster go out?.

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How to promote and marketing new products


cigarette market in constant innovation, more and more new products into the market, however, if the promotion of these new products cannot do better, not only for customers to accept, bring more profit to operators. For this reason, the majority of cigarette dealers are reluctant to order new cigarettes, the reason is very simple, because the new cigarette is not known, not known and accepted by smokers, it is difficult to sell out.

but all cigarettes are going through this experience must also be hidden in purdah no one asked "to" a world famous ", all the new cigarette have slowly been familiar with smokers and acceptance to approval process. The process of cigarette business households can not be absent, there is no recommendation of the cigarette business households, new cigarettes can not be familiar to the majority of smokers and accept.

actually, introduction of new products is cigarette cigarette businesses can not shirk the responsibility and obligation of all cigarette businesses have the responsibility and obligation to assist the tobacco companies and cigarette cigarette factory to promote new products, so that the new cigarette smokers as soon as possible into the field of vision, for the majority of smokers are recognized and accepted. So, in the daily cigarette business, how to carry out new cigarette promotion and marketing?

1, actively ordering new cigarettes, enhance sales confidence.

for the new cigarette, our retail business in the first place should not be psychologically excluded, to allow smokers to accept new cigarettes, cigarette dealers first to accept new products from the psychological. At the time of each cigarette, retail businesses should actively order some new cigarettes, in the sale of new cigarettes, retail businesses should also enhance confidence, the initiative to promote new cigarette to customers.

as long as retail businesses do not abandon, do not give up the promotion of new products, persevere in cigarette smokers, will gradually accepted and recognized the new cigarette, the cigarette smokers into new horizons, known for the majority of smokers, and gradually open the market, become the well-known brands of cigarettes. Our retail businesses will seize the opportunity to seize the new cigarette market, improve the sales revenue of cigarettes.

two, new cigarette eye-catching display, attracting eyeballs to promote sales.

new cigarette because it is a new factory new listing of cigarettes, no awareness among smokers, so it is not concerned about smokers. Therefore, in order to attract the attention of smokers, it is necessary to work on the display. The retail merchant ordered new cigarette, the display will be the best new cigarette prominently placed in the counter, so that customers entered the shop after the first glance to see new cigarette.

At the same time,

should also actively promote new products to customers, detailing the origin, taste, specifications and characteristics of new cigarettes, so that customers produce new cigarettes is "hot smoke", "selling"

Hair Coloring agent ten brands list – the whole

a perfect face, hair accounted for a lot of points, but want more beautiful hair, in addition to various shapes, natural hair color also plays a very important role, so Hair Coloring agent began to play a role. So, hair dye which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to disclose the top ten brands of hair dye, so as to help consumers choose to be more suitable hair dye products.

agent Hair Coloring ten brands list NO.1: Li Jie

Kao (China) Investment Co. Ltd., Liese Li Jie, ten Hair Coloring agent brand, leading the trend of the Japanese hair styling products, the world’s leading beauty brand, Kao’s.

hair dye ten brands list NO.2: Wella

Procter & Gamble (China) Co., Ltd., Wella Wella, founded in 1880 in Germany, the world’s top 500 enterprises, known for its professional hair dye products, specializing in the production of professional hair salon specialized multinational companies.

Hair Coloring agent ten brands list: NO.3 matrix


(Chinese) Co. Ltd., MATRIX matrix, ten salon brand, L’OREAL group, began in 1980 in the United States, focusing on the hair, and other Hair Coloring product development research and production enterprise internationalization.

Hair Coloring agent ten brands list: NO.4


Zhejiang Zhanghua Health & beauty hair industry Co. Ltd., founded in 1980, Zhejiang province famous trademark, the development of the peak day senior Hair Coloring agent is more famous, focus on Hair Coloring, perm, wash hair care products research and production enterprises.

Hair Coloring agent ten brands list: Decolor


Guangzhou Decolor Cosmetics Co. Ltd., a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, launched earlier gel water companies in shampoo, hair care, skin care, cleaning and shaping, Hair Coloring products R & D, production and sales in one of the industrial company.

Hair Coloring agent ten brands list: NO.6

Guangdong Tiggo Fine Chemical Co., Hair Coloring ten brands, the domestic well-known brand Hair Coloring enjoys very high reputation, brand and products, China healthy hair leading enterprises, the production of cosmetics sales as the main body, a variety of industries (including catering, retail service etc.) the combination of large-scale comprehensive group company.

hair dye ten brands list NO.7:>

Do not do business shuaishouzhanggui shop

shop to do business, if not able to audit accounts every day, shop cleaning every day, but also can not do not say what, with real "shuaishouzhanggui". If the business has become shuaishouzhanggui shop, and the outcome would probably be similar. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce "shuaishouzhanggui" after the results of.

"eleven" during the golden week, Wuqiao acrobatics world tourists seem to play more than usual, I shop and acrobatics world scenic six hundred or seven hundred meters apart, the business of the shop with the number of visitors to get busy. That day, it was more than eight in the evening, I was about to shut the door to rest, Zhang Aiguo pushed the door came in. He came in and said, "give me 10 yuan of red river."!" This patriotic is my colleague friend, his shop business area, the goods are complete, the location is on the opposite side of the acrobatic world tourist attractions.

I took a cigarette for him and smiled and joked with him: "Zhang boss is really a surplus of energy, busy in the day during the day, but also out of the evening stroll ah?" "Where is the shop, my shop was transferred a month ago!" Zhang boss made me very surprised, before every tourist season, Zhang boss shop around a few shops in the business but the busiest and most profitable, although it is not easy to do business, compared to his home shop still has the advantage.

originally, at the beginning of the year, Zhang boss in a friend’s Guide to play speculation stocks. At the beginning, Zhang boss has earned several small sum, this let a boss think, shop business is bad now, the stock market also may become a way of earning money. Zhang Aiguo’s shop only a computer, put in his shop upstairs bedroom, since Zhang boss on stocks, he is not all tied in the upstairs staring at the computer to buy and sell sell stock, is to go to friends "study" the stock market, the downstairs cigarette and liquor vendor business solely to hire him and one of his distant niece, on their own shops completely as a "walk away treasurer", he no longer had opened, and there is no longer any time pondering some promotional ideas. Every day, Zhang boss just close the niece to collect the money.

let the boss Zhang did not think that his mind is not only a distant niece "flexible", and the hands are not clean. Zhang boss inadvertently, his niece sellers, regardless of how much to sell, she has written in the business log is the lowest, earn all the money in their own pockets, she saw Zhang boss did not mind to take care of the shop, lax management, often ten block eight to steal the money till. In this way, more than half a year down, Zhang boss not only did not make money, lost sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan, the store’s business is deteriorating, almost every month to lose money. Finally, Zhang boss had to transfer the smoke of the hotel to go out to work in the glass factory development zone.

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