How to make love Shanghai spider to grab information

in the network for the day in and day out in almost all over the web site. For example, the 58 city of Wuhan issued a list of online cleaning information; Wuhan Ming purple professional building in Wuhan or Wuhan wall cleaning cleaning information; and what is the Fair Online posting of things, this thought can be successfully registered as a member of the post, did not think of to establish what shops did not expect to end their shops the information has not been favored over the last love of spiders in Shanghai their contact information leaked will always have a phone call to say what launched what do promotion now can enjoy preferential or free of charge, what indoor installation is what activities is really attractive ah oh.

How The

for search engine optimization – Shanghai dragon in the face of this utterly ignorant of the people, the website maintenance work, often in this post under the condition of slowly learned how to locate what is called a key words such as do when cleaning the key words post should be written in Wuhan, Wuhan, Wuhan cleaning company cleaning cleaning or Wuhan cleaning services etc..

free release is really a very big thing information can be included in Shanghai love I think most maintenance of the website or see the Shanghai dragon do not feel strange. Twenty-first Century will bring us a computer technology as the core of the information age, open the computer, the classified information website advertising, information beyond count, promotion, website optimization, interactive link is the day will see.

deep experience, know how to make love Shanghai spider to grab information! (original small woman for a beauty in her hair) do a cleaning company — Wuhan site optimization, Wuhan bright purple property currently Keywords: Wuhan Wuhan Wuhan cleaning, cleaning companies, cleaning. The Wuhan wall cleaning and other words have a good ranking, I also moonlight admire her, she had just written soft – to share know that love Shanghai spiders to crawl the site information, as follows:

but in the end is to consumers. But again most of the things I do in addition to updating the website articles is to post some love life service information to provide convenience but also can improve the quality of the website chain said the post I really is strong ah, often because of speed reasons or content limit reason the tired of resistance again and again to release such as Wuhan cleaning companies, Wuhan wall cleaning services or service information security of Wuhan hosted the like, sometimes even I admire myself patience for example headline: Wuhan Ming Wuhan Wuhan purple property cleaning cleaning, cleaning, cleaning company in Wuhan, Wuhan clean. Wuhan clean company, wall cleaning, cleaning, security care, housekeeping services, stone conservation, waterproof, pipeline cleaning So, some can not link when doing the quiz had asked Wuhan to ask a bright purple property company’s website is XX? To increase my post quality and information.

Single page website to do it how to do optimization Shanghai dragon is the most effective

single page website also cannot do without the two, as to how the layout, how to do it, we can refer to some of the Raiders do and the method of the chain, the chain mode of single page website and multi page website the same method is general.

we all know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization follows the "content is king, the chain for emperor" this rule, for a single page website, the content is basically fixed, one less half can be done, this is not the means of single page site optimization in Shanghai dragon made useless?

however, the mobile Internet era, single page website seems to back angry, to navigate the site as an example, we found that the present navigation site seems to be far cannot satisfy a screen capacity, so it opens the pull-down mode; and electricity supplier website on any one single product, is then completed product introduction continues to drop down the mobile phone, the user’s reading habits, they love the kind of sliding mode, and forcing them to click on the next page, more or less have some pain, apparently, single page website still has the market, and the core is, how to do a single page website Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to get more the flow.


single page website, simple to understand is a very simple static page layout website. Because most of the single page site from the beginning of the day of birth, the content is almost fixed, with tens of millions of websites, single page website alone is weak, you want to make your site more wonderful, multi page website development become a trend.

single page website, keywords layout, website content, single page website was weak, but the speed of opening, mobile users from web browsing experience, convenient operation and other aspects, a single page website without reservation, and has a natural advantage in Shanghai Longfeng optimization theory, since the single page website do not content then, the chain of

in a single page website, SEM had this experience, the so-called SEM is actually a paid promotion, for some value of a single page, not.

Optimization of

in addition, single page website is the main service for mobile Internet users, so, when there is a single page website, also can’t let the isolated existence, as in a single page website to leave a two-dimensional code, and so on the micro signal or the public number cleverly linked together through the website and user communication channels.

The chain of

because there is only one page, a web address, the chain is particularly concentrated, the way of the chain website but on the two, for example, we in the QQ group website address, QQ interested users click on this website address, you can directly open the web site, this is a dynamic chain, and a a chain is, in stationmaster net left link is an anchor text, this is for the chain oriented search engine, the purpose is to improve the weight of the website.


According to their website performance analysis is mainly based on Google PR and speculation

first, this site is updated regularly to benefit PR update the quality of content. The author is responsible for the 5 stations, 3 enterprise website because of the keyword of more intense competition, the author insists on the update frequency fixed, the sites add high quality original content, after Google PR this update, found 3 frequently updated site is obvious, PR has a different degree of improvement, some from 0 to 1, some rose from 1 to 3, while the other two sites almost once a month, so I was PR have a slight decline, one of the PR 3 website currently directly reduce the weight to 0, this update the profound understanding of the true meaning of Efficiency comes from diligence.. The shortage in the play, through the Google PR update for here I emphasize, if you want to get the approval of Google believes that the current must be the quality of the original content as the core, although Google launched Chinese Market However, Google in the station for the quality requirements are also gradually upgrade, the Google PR updates the original quality content for Google search engine value is really deep.

third, the high quality of soft is helpful for improving pr. I was very fond of writing, Adsense nets.

as everyone knows, Google PR a small range of update on Friday, Saturday is the scope of the day of December the 7th update, the author is responsible for the five companies and 2 individual station by station last week to update the PR’s performance and their usual maintenance site experience, the author analysis and we present promotion website Google PR what are the main reference for us, good gossip short continued, let’s enter the theme of today.

second, Links to influence cornerstone website weight and PR value. This is actually in the Google PR’s influence is obvious to people, remember before 2010 to 11 years, a lot of friends exchange links with PR as the standard, because a lot of statistical tools no love sea weight that said, this is why some understanding of Google PR update cycle of friends, in a few weeks ahead of time for the reason Links exchange website wantonly, now I want to say is high quality good correlation Links promotion effect on PR website is very obvious, before the author of a corporate website is PR 3, because the industry is more than a lot of the exchange connection is irrelevant, when this update is directly reduced to 2, a class Links portal website is relatively easy to exchange, then this update from the PR before 1 rise directly to 3, by comparing the two site performance The author thinks, the relationship between the quality of high Links for promotion website PR has a very big role in promoting, here I recommend is to try to exchange some of the industry website, if their website industry is more and more and more loopholes, some frequently updated site link exchange, because PR is a vote only, the more good quality of high-quality sites give you a connection, may influence for their website PR is huge.

InSenz the first ad fees to the webmasterDo Wangzhuan the right direction is more important than exe

this station, from construction to optimization, with more than a month of my time, it can be said that in accordance with the plan is absolutely meticulous execution. But there are number of traffic, the shadow is not money, which can be said to be a problem of execution? So I think not only to engage in Wangzhuan execution, more important is to grasp the right direction. If the direction is wrong, even if the effort ultimately only to fail, it would really be not hit the south wall does not look back, was laughable.

do respect for intellectual property rights of civilization station, reprint must note source: wing68/

      InSenz community marketing alliance, the first round of mobile advertising costs have been sent to all stations of the union.

in these two points, I think the choice of the product is the most serious mistake. Because this kind of products in sh419 do bidding promotion, there are four, if not profitable, no one will spend so much money advertising. But all of these companies have their own products and sell at a premium, so even if only a few deals are made each day, the profits are enormous. The most important thing is that every penny of the customer will go straight into their pockets, and there will be no loss. With the guidance of online customer service, the transaction rate is even higher. In order to make my station profitable as soon as possible, the best way is to re select goods.

in helping the owners to make money, InSenz once launched on the good performance. Zhang Wei said: "after adding to the InSenz system, I found a surprise in the use process, put the cost comparison from the advertising point of view, shlf1314 Adsense is even higher than that, not on the sh419 theme promotion and Yahoo directional promotion." NOKIA mobile phone forum webmaster Wu Peng also has deep feeling, "NOKIA mobile phone forum has successfully launched 4 InSenz marketing activities, and achieved very good results, I will help the InSenz Forum’s popularity into real money."

since mid May, Comsenz integration of more than 40 million Discuz! Adsense launched InSenz community marketing alliance, for InSenz’s various experiences and comments will be heard. The success of the first round throw mobile phone communications Fetion, such as Samsung and MOTO advertisers, it is triggered a great concern of the majority of owners and the media.

believe do Wangzhuan friends all know such a word: execution. A lot of master and introduce the experience in Master Wangzhuan or project always special mention: if you want to make money, must have enough execution. I absolutely agree with that, but I think there is something more important than execution. That is the right direction.

accepted as mobile phone advertising to try Zhang Wei said, InSenz is the biggest feature of the innovation community launched the "invisible" advertising theme stickers advertising, this form of advertising will not affect the use of members of the forum experience, at the same time advertising content and forum type has a certain matching degree, is a supplement to the additional the contents of the forum, so easy to accept by the webmaster.

it is understood that, InSenz community marketing alliance in May 10th began to introduce mobile advertising, there are about 200 mobile forums successfully accepted the launch activities, they will receive different amounts of advertising revenue. Relevant responsible person said that the first round of mobile phone advertising advertising costs have been involved in the success of the settlement is completed, the owners can now have your login InSenz platform, tax free of charge.

a month ago, I built a small station, specializing in Taobao customers, and now, all the key words of this station have been stabilized in the top three of sh419, and every day there are more than 60 directional IP. If such a good flow of income should be good, but the actual situation is that the station didn’t earn me. See other people do similar sites have got money, I am confused, and then made a detailed analysis.

through analysis, I found that there are two major weaknesses in this station. First of all, the main keywords do not have enough profit value, although the index of this word is very high, it brings pure directional traffic, but the Internet users who come over are not those customers who have strong desire to buy. Secondly I choose products also have problems, by browsing the promotion of the shop, I found that the volume of these products are meager, Internet users to purchase page will carefully view the evaluation and transactions, if there is no high trading volume is very difficult to let the visitors come out of pocket. In addition, when communicating with some webmaster, we also complain about the phenomenon of Taobao customers losing bills. And some bad owner in order to gain more benefits will deliberately guide users to bypass Taobao customers directly generate orders, this will lead to a lot of webmasters pay but all in vain.

InSenz launched the theme stickers advertising can make the site without sacrificing the user experience of the community at the same time, there is still a steady source of income and long-term business, so we will always use the InSenz community marketing alliance." "The first to experience the InSenz system," says Zhang Weiru, owner of symbian.

The third party website comment said plug-in announced the closure of export data before June 1st

March 22nd news as a plug-in comment system often appears in the third party website, said the comment system due to simple login (third party account directly authorized) and controlled by the users and welcome the simple personal webmaster.

, however, said last night that its comment system would be closed in June 1st this year, and that the site could export its own site review data by June 1st, using background data export capabilities. The official said the closure was due to a change in the company’s business.


said the comments from the function update log, the last update from May 10th last year, after a period of eight months that did not update the new function, feedback from individual owners should be more stable that the lack of cash, and ultimately can only be closed.


for the shutdown after the alternative, some users suggested that more open source in Github, this proposal has also been supported by many users.

The six big preparations for the new APP line

took the mobile Internet boom, many enterprises began to carry out a variety of mobile marketing activities, including the APP marketing, with its unique advantages in many ways of marketing talent shows itself, become a magic weapon for rapid rise of brand building, the small and medium-sized enterprise, enterprise deeply loved, but there are still many enterprises due to the just released app by improper operation strategy, causing it to be shuffling out in the mobile application of the tide, so just for the start-up of the app how to operate, what are the operating strategy, this issue, six suggestions are given the following small series.

1, accurate positioning,

this is a topic that is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, whether app or site should do the positioning in the early stage, but there are still a lot of product designers to ignore this problem, to know the location of new product is as precise as possible, what function to meet the needs of what what scene households, this operation for enterprise products the late great help. Such as: video class mother community, can be defined to provide their own service is the use of video to guide the way to treasure the mother let the baby eat healthier "theme of the statement is simple, clear, not only illustrates the products in the promotion of the selling point, also target user attributes clear product.

2, low-key work,

mall like a battlefield, a little inattentive is likely to die, there are many veteran operations on the Internet, their operating experience is very rich, like the Internet in a lot of good products, when you see them everywhere brush financing information, estimated home before the half have been melting money, they are basically they will only up to (or even already melt into the next round) money, only made public this round of financing. In short, the IT ring keeps a low profile, and a high profile will expose your product prematurely to the product manager’s radar, attracting too many competitors to join and increase competitiveness.

3, easy to operate,

for a professional specialist to know, APP application function is not the more the better, not the more complex the better, but more simple, more easy to operate better, because each day time is limited, however, is still very much in the Internet app development often reference station the application of the market more excellent app, the app content of many, many activities, many functions, integral system users are like, then some will go to the founder of the tragedy is asked his team to do a lot of columns and functions, and the final results not only delay the app application of the on-line time, still do not have access to the user love.

4, clear operational objectives

target will have power, operating according to the different stages of the development of different targets, which is more conducive to the normal operation, is conducive to better define the purpose of each stage, and then combined with the corresponding index, put forward different assumptions on the operational direction. Such as: just app application, just on line, >

In the middle of the exam, my website should go from here

for the website, I began to do the first time, and was also with a curious heart. But at that time I thought the domain name can make a web page, actually I was wrong, but also to server space, these auxiliary things. All know, two years ago, I didn’t know what, just entered the ranks of the rookie webmaster.

is perhaps the age, family relationship, I unlike most webmaster, do not matter, only for some spiritual sustenance and meet at home. Money is not my task, in life, like me, and the age of the children eat a ready-cooked meal, clothing to hand.

for the network, I touch this stuff than most of their peers to be early, at that time the Internet is just popular, then I started my primary school, and some friends to play CS. when I was sitting on their legs to play. And yes, like other children also, I am obsessed with online games, of course, what I said was a long time ago, not associated with the subject, just a story..


is playing online games, but the computer thing has some understanding, but also for the future of the site is foreshadowed. Two years ago, a sudden feeling of network game has not appeal to me, but the computer field is great. So I started learning to do ", the beginning I did CMS do not know this thing, is modeled on some pages, with some understanding of their own, write your own code, to form a web page. Each article is made up of" made out, and now there is no way, management system, a generation. However, doing doing, total feel the need to find a breakthrough.

in the confusion of the tracks, I suddenly found that not only the domain name com, CN, net, org, in fact, there are other countries, is very promising, I think one afternoon, decided to note a la, Qiao Qiao also, a two letter word La not registered. Well, note, after a few days, 270 note, 700 will be sold. In fact, I say I want to invest in this, parents do not believe me but also to make money. In this way, the first small fortunes over.


La gave me a bit of power meters, down the necessity, I invested second pure digital La meters, is three digits, the three digit is not common, due to sell, is not easy to say what is the meter, the meter I made myself a week, because of this figure three is a key selling point, very easy, to the Baidu first page fifth (plus one said, the three digital Baidu index 10 thousand), every day to 1000IP also became behoove, I actually want to do it, it must be harvested, but the third half semester already here, no way, I had to sell eagerly, temporarily break the site to quickly, within three days, 2000 yuan will be sold out.

that’s it. I’m in a learning state. Actually, I’m studying

Jin Haitao integration of the Internet and traditional industries become more diverse profit point

with the continuous development of the Internet, its business opportunities are constantly being displayed, and constantly adapt to the development of the law of the market. In Jin Haitao view, the Internet must actively explore and traditional industries, and in the process of creating a diversified business model to achieve sustainable profitability, and change the community.

Snack stores to pay attention to the details of the business to do better

snack market fiery, snack bar has become a choice. But there are a lot of attention to the snack bar. As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, especially in the business, sometimes because of not paying attention to detail, directly led to the failure. What are the details of the snack chain stores to pay attention to the following entrepreneurs for the analysis of three points.

1, post with

2, material preparation

3, promotion


The whole network Xiaobian to share with you the future of the ten industry making the rich

recognize the trend of economic and social development, the most promising prospects for the industry, the road to your entrepreneurial wealth has a very good protection. The future of the ten industries including what wealth, we go and have a look!

1 Sports Management


representative: clise Murdoch? — Forbes in 2005 forty-ninth in the global rich list.

4 local clothing brand

A walk in the two or three line of the city’s streets to

, we see more and more domestic consumption.