Master K before sign to avoid sinking into the abyss

this sign, the site in the optimization process, may lead to a failure because of the problems, such as the original normal construction of the chain, suddenly have become law, some owners love through the software group outside the chain, it will give you save a lot of time, but the mass of the chain is very obviously wrong, in addition the original content updated quality is good, then a period of time, update, or large-scale acquisition of content, in other words, this behavior is the site optimization not many, but only because of you! In the optimization, a love that. Shanghai can not spare, will naturally give up included on your website

webmasters may have such a depressed, that is in accordance with the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide said on the text, to enhance the user experience, improve website content and so on, but also encounter love Shanghai K station, many people may find themselves in the website by K, then come back to check one by one. Still no idea, because it is in strict accordance with the theory of how to do, it will be K? Estimates that many webmaster hand complain love Shanghai does not have the rule, on the other hand, let oneself become dejected and despondent, sink the

but for the old station, if there is love Shanghai snapshot then must be vigilant, if the site outside the chain and the content of your site is no problem, it should start from other aspects of analysis, such as your site chain if there is a problem, if you are a chain of the site was K, that is

! !

maybe many readers think the above description is not possible, indeed, if really honest in love Shanghai search engine optimization guide to do, there is no K problem, but the key to many webmaster do so at the same time, a careless mistakes, even thought this misunderstanding is in strict accordance with love Shanghai optimization guide instructions to do so, one wrong, even if it is not easy to come back to check, found easily, so the webmaster in optimize their website, we should grasp the website by signs of K before, so he promptly reversed the direction of optimization, so as not to make their sites continue to sink below the author! To share the website by several signs before K

three: Web site keywords ranking completely disappeared, or sharply

this is a very clear signal, and many sites in the carefully done site outside the chain construction and content construction, still will appear this kind of symptom, of course, this sign will not sure your site has been K, it may be because the station was included in the Shanghai love fall in love with the sand box, if the quality and quality you are still able to enhance the chain website content of well, believe will be released, then love Shanghai snapshot date will return to normal

this is the case for the new.

website! will get in!

: a snapshot date correction

two: the web site included the dwindling number of


See from the search engines love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot date

a few days ago, I sent a page in the management of the channel (Note: the author is a Chongqing Hualong portal network staff), a direct link to the external original page I, after a few days, I am out of increased channel original proportion, the original content of this page is to release paste I channel management system, generate the domain name of the page. After less than 2 hours, falling in love with the sea search, collection.

so snapshot love Shanghai so that we can see in this page, because my release date is 15, so the page is displayed on the release date is 15, despite the fact that this page is really out of 18. If you love Shanghai snapshot shows the date is 18, then a netizen from Shanghai love search came to this page you will find love in Shanghai include the page than the release date of late for 3 days, then he will have some views on love Shanghai, love Shanghai feel should be so slow, 3 days a page has to be included.

maybe this would you say, what get excited over a little thing. However, a very interesting phenomenon out of love, Shanghai snapshot of the date shown is the number 15, which is the date of my hair in this chain a few days ago, but 15 of the time this page does not exist, how can love Shanghai in 15 had grabbed this page this? He is not TM.

maybe some friends will say, many web pages are included in 1 weeks, 3 days late is what ah. So here I want to add that I manage channel of Chongqing is the first portal of Hualong network 2 channel, Hualong network Chongqing news portal, the weight is very high, even my management level 2 channel, are PR6, SR4, and Links are high weight love Shanghai web site. The equivalent in Shanghai love eyes, can be considered an authoritative high quality channel.

Why is

from this event, we can see that love Shanghai search engine some of the essential things, that is to do anything to improve the user experience, stick to the user. In order to let it firmly hold the first search engine Chinese dominance. The user experience is the love of Shanghai search the eyes of the most important things, Tencent and love Shanghai why can the development of today’s Internet companies 2 brothers take turns when the boss’s position, are like this, their essence is in some of the details, try to make the user satisfaction, the user experience in the first place.

so, Shanghai will want to show love, if love is really a snapshot of the page of Shanghai date number 18, and then displayed on the page than the release date of 15 days and 3 nights, so maybe it will have some views on the Internet I love Shanghai, love Shanghai will affect the user experience, simply to love Shanghai snapshot date display and page release date, it is not on the line. So love is magic that Shanghai became a No. 15, this page does not exist to date, if the love of spiders in Shanghai time.

Shanghai dragon Er why in the traditional enterprise can’t do anything



Er why Shanghai dragon in the traditional enterprise can’t do anything? Take my personal experience tells me that there are three reasons.

I am engaged in a one year and four months Shanghai dragon Er, pre engaged in Internet companies, and later entered a mold of traditional enterprises in 2012.12.8. The company is building more than 20 years, never tried to do business on the Internet, can be regarded as a team of Shanghai dragon babies, my department (not the Department, only three people, 5 die after the station, there may be more), the company I am the only one in Shanghai dragon Er, a clerk, the Commissioner of the chain, a word or two from her, can understand that she was tired of the chain work, feel dull and boring. And another is the art, specifically responsible for the site. Of course, from a few he built station can be seen in the layout, keyword positioning, product classification, as well as some unnecessary JS code can be seen in these stations have no good planning, possibly because they do not understand the Shanghai dragon.

company came less than two weeks, the boss is also very trust in me, but the status of the traditional company still let me not see much light. At present in the depressed period.

The boss of

decision is not unified;

Moon – Shanghai dragon small mushrooms, please indicate the source; www.bdhthpsy贵族宝贝


, daily attention to new ranking, the background can be seen from the website statistics, many websites are two dozen words with one click and search words in the words of a company’s brand. You said the boss would point to you is more a few pages of it, spend some time ah, did not think the manager just click on the home page, read immediately turn off, the bounce rate reached 69.5%, have increased so much bounce rate, fortunately site early, have urged why there is no order these trivial problems.


The boss of

decision is not unified

The This article by The boss of


so I work now, because the site has been included, so not too much. Only a bit of blood filling it. Every day to update the page and send some chain for some friends of the chain of this type of work.

team is not professional;

because I was the boss of the Shanghai dragon, this piece is not well understood, let me what things and art to discuss, because the early discovery of a lot of JS station and a lot of code is not correct, this piece of code I also know a little, then asked him to correct, but still failed. If go down for a long time, personal independence of conduct, the company’s situation as can be imagined..


team is not professional


these points made me cornered.

Explain those years deceive us Friends of the chain

chain That batch stationA few compared to the previous

friends do link

add the nofollow attribute in

We all know that

actually introduced above is not the most despicable, somehow somebody else is dark, there is a webmaster is directly out to lie to you, this is no reason to delete your friend chain, second days did you exchange friend chain, he will be arbitrarily canceled with your link, then to create an illusion of spiders, let him think this is a one-way link, so as to give the site a higher weight, but it also means that all easy to recognize, as long as you every day to check the chain OK.

spider is not cold on the JS code, not to identify which contains the text of the script, but it’s awful is the JS code can be made into a hyperlink, this will give some people an opportunity to have an ulterior motive, so as not to be identified by their links to exchange with others, not only their own weight without any loss. At the same time, the website can bring profits, more important.

this is a recent feeling, because now the Internet is jumbly, many owners do not hesitate to take some dirty means to deceive others for their own interests, the purpose is to give your own web site development to add oil stiffening, shortly before I cheated a webmaster, thought and other exchange friends the chain, who know each other I put out nofollow, equivalent to obtaining a one-way link, this sneaky heinous, so today I and you say I know the friends of the chain to prevent deception, we again deceived.

using Javascript to call

no reason to delete Links

this is one of the most frequently mentioned deception, understand the point code of the webmaster friends all know, add the nofollow attribute in the chain, the purpose is to tell the spider this link are not included in the page and the corresponding content, weight and integrate their own website, do not let the loss, in this case, there is no good webmaster tools to identify, the only way is to look at each other web site source code you regularly, search your domain name, check whether there is nofollow link tag.

this approach, the effects of our relatively small, as the name says, this kind of deception is batch and other sites (weight below their website) to exchange Links, even if such weight share copies of many, many new Adsense exchange links and also hope this the website, but often appear at this time, after the end of each other and their exchange links, will be in a day after the withdraw away, for the other side effect is small, but for us when it is done on a toil, in fact, to tell the truth, rather than on their weight as "mistress", as well as the same level of the original website "".

Starting a cell phone is one of the pits Luo Yonghao has a different experience in lifeProfiteering

is a well-known Internet commentator Lang Xi wrote in his article "Luo Yonghao’s death" after a text, compared to those with manufacturing concept and tear forced sales ranking of the domestic counterparts, the hammer technology is decent. Of course, this does not mean that the old without liquidation, a small Czech battle can not cover up the strategy significantly behind, even in an eventful year of millet, it is only after touching the ceiling bottleneck, placed in front of Luo Yonghao’s return to the runway, is already from a single product to upgrade the competition composite competitive industry and he scorched earth, busy.

last year, one day, there are two people to my company website to me things, they ask me to know rainbow? I said I don’t know, they explain to me for a long time, they want to be a gay website, so I use the word "gay" in the shlf1314 search at see, a row of two sites in the front, the above advertisement was shocked, the two site is a simple web site navigation, but advertising is definitely more than hao123 even N>

PW website can be so huge profits, the main reason is it industry profits, the Internet friend said, set up a PW in their own Internet cafes, Internet cafes to play simply within the Internet, selling equipment revenues are much higher than the access fee.


WOW is hot all over the world, and it also brings a small but huge market, which is the international trade of virtual game equipment. In English shlf1314, Yahoo wow gold and other search keywords, you can see this kind of website is very much, basically have SEO, these sites are very simple, but the profit ability, will make many people feel surprised, the most powerful companies are hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

as the saying goes: the election of the industry to make a lot of money! Website, the truth is the same, but very much now the network entrepreneurs do not understand this sentence, always do what what industry hot industry, the result is keep going by painstaking effort. Here to share some of the small profits I saw in the industry website, perhaps you can inspire.

Luo Yonghao himself obviously also know, "perhaps in the headline of the students seems," do poineering work mobile phone "this thing is the moment most pit father’s work."

since Luo Yonghao entrepreneurship, hammer phone first, thousands of new feelings questioned, followed by mobile phone test report questioned, but also Alibaba millet may receive disk news. With all this upset, no wonder the headline quiz invited Luo Yonghao to answer the question.

network game industry is huge, around the network game profits small website very much, so the industry website servers, these sites are super simple, may be a web page, packed all advertising, this website, as long as the first page in sh419 shlf1314, whether it is love or other PW, advertising revenue more than 100 thousand month is easy. One page, more than 100 thousand a month income. It is said that one of the more popular web sites is tens of millions a year.

1, pharmaceutical investment

four, gay website

two, private server industry

in October this year, Smartisan M1 conference third days later, hammer technology redeemed pledged to equity interest in Alibaba. Read the outside world, hammer M1 sales continued to look good, gave Luo Yonghao a helping hand.

to say, Luo Yonghao mobile phone after the biggest change, should be more low-key?. The change may be interpreted as a big grievance for his cellphone. But Luo Yonghao admits, "in fact, nothing wrong.". It all depends on whether you are a critic or a person to work for yourself. You define yourself as a critic, a critic, a critic, and a fight. In the past I didn’t do business. I was just a critic. If another critic challenges me, I’ll call. But now I define myself as a person who works, then the person who works should play with the person who works. When criticizing people to comment, if you fight him, there may be a little problem."

TechWeb December 26th news reports, Luo Yonghao’s personal WeChat public earlier today published an article, Luo Yonghao replied, "you ask about the headline work is cheating", made this answer, "in fact do mobile phone this four years is four years of my occupation career the most happy, no what is particularly painful, sometimes a little tired, there is a time is always not enough, so only two days a bath in winter. In short, relative to this four and a half years of entrepreneurial happiness, that little tired nothing."

three, game currency sales

pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industry, pharmaceutical related websites is profiteering, you can search "Medicine Merchants" on shlf1314, and then look at the row in front of the site, do not, basically on the page are all packed ads, these ads are costly. I have a student to do such a website, traffic is not big, every day on thousands of traffic, but the word "medical investment" in top5, so monthly advertising income easily several thousand yuan. Of course, some of the company’s operation is better, every month there are millions of.

mobile phone market ups and downs, Luo Yonghao look very pale. "There is no heart plug," he said, "of course," but as Ma Ma said: "entrepreneurs’ mind, are wronged by the big.". I used to quarrel on the Internet is never lost, but after doing business the four and a half years of bloody, my heart has been to >

Personal webmaster beware of deception Post hand must see

told me about my first experience of cheating. I spent 3 years in college in my spare time, and now I’m out of school and came to social college. When I was sophomore, I became interested in the website, and I began to work on the website. Because of the heavy study time, it was gradually forgotten. Until I left school, I finally got the time to get the website.

, but I don’t want to invest too much, so I think of the idea of "standing by the station", that is, to help other stations post to earn some money in their own web site!


so I put into the job posting for the webmaster hand in the ranks, beginning in the recruitment area had a job posting, then God guxinren had been contacted! Remember that more than 12 points at midnight. There is a QQ named "don’t have money, I have to say I started ahead! What price, patch number, time and manner of payment of all say it


and then he started to turn his back on him. It’s about 100. It’s already a little bit more. I stopped and looked at it. Then, I’ll check with the station where I posted it.

! see the domain name owner but didn’t think so much. He is a liar! You do! Time to pay I made him pay! That is my hair 200+ paste! Casually asked how to ignore people! When I was in my head for a long time Mongolia! Only one word "caught" I Speechless! Actually have such a black head? What do not want to go directly to my posts are deleted.


I in the webmaster nets, outdated post that he is a liar! Another day! In the personal information at the forum, someone sent me Short Message, a look at the subject "wronged", who showed the identity: he is also one of the victims said they cheated 50. I was dizzy, you cheated, cheated ah! Come and tell me what is the use of crying. Puzzled when the sentence came: "we are victims, that is my web site.".

has that stationmaster to sue that swindler to cheat him 50 yuan, originally he acted as intermediary role. And the webmaster here said he want to post to him, and then find me, post to him, so that second days to find the webmaster settlement, of course not me. I am out of power and not get paid! And what is the webmaster did not get, I was wronged


since that is in the past, I was in front of others to post, call the webmaster, first let me see the domain name ownership certificate, open the remote, not much time, so that two parties are assured


is the first time I write, write well but also hope you bozhuan.! Nothing we see a joke! A liar QQ:447502811! The name Xie Haidong, Zunyi! The phone number is 13984982524. Alipay: > please

How can Taobao continue to operate from a web site

these days have seen many owners in the condemnation of 360 browser, 360 browser is contained in the online shopping assistant plugin can be webmaster Taobao customer rebate code clear, resulting in the operation of Taobao webmaster can’t get off the normal shop fee rebate. To tell the truth, the author of pure Taobao customers really do not look good. Before many webmaster said, I built Taobao off with what program? How to promote the Taobao customer? A domain name, a set of procedures, without any substantive content, only for users with other online shopping platform to buy goods. This model is indeed debatable.

some people say, someone else’s website, do Taobao customers a month can earn tens of thousands of pieces. Yes, Youku one month do Taobao can get hundreds of thousands of passengers, but Youku he simply Taobao off platform? It’s really still do content, only Taobao off him a profitable channel, and for a monthly cost of tens of millions of websites, with hundreds of thousands a month do you think Taobao rebate many? If 360 browser plug-ins affect its earnings, it can immediately replace Taobao off the ads, but if you are a simple Taobao guest website? What do you change? So as a webmaster, if you really want to take the development of a website, in the business of their website at first, you should have a rational thinking of the future, at the beginning of the site should earnestly consider the following:

1, is the stability of the upper and lower streams?. Upstream and downstream stability, only a website can continue to go down the necessary conditions, the stability of the downstream, so that the site can continue to have users, traffic, upstream stability, allowing the site to continue to profit. For Taobao customers, that is, belong to the upper and lower reaches of the instability. For this type of website, the beginning of the site should have a clear understanding and a good attitude. Because guerrilla warfare is basically guerrilla warfare, it is difficult to maintain stability and continuity, as there are too many unstable factors. For example, this 360 browser plug-in, it seriously interferes with the normal operation of such sites, which belongs to the third party instability. It may also include instability in Taobao, Taobao, shopkeepers, buyers, and so on. Any factor is beyond the control of the master. And because the website has too many factors that cannot be controlled, it means that your website is not competitive indeed. It’s hard to believe that you can continue to operate on sites that aren’t competitive enough.

2 avoid legal and moral risks. It’s a good idea of what can be done, what can not be done, what should be done, and what not to do. As a webmaster, before the site should be clear understanding. Sites that touch the edges and touch the moral baseline may be good in the short run, but after all, the tail of a rabbit is not long. Don’t say anything in foreign space. That doesn’t solve the problem at all. Operators can easily shield foreign IP, for some serious violations of the site, I believe the relevant departments will find you through all means. Now, no more than a few years ago, the relevant departments of technology and efficiency still improve a lot.


3", "is the site >?"

What to do in 2015 to make money to make money to recommend good projects

is now at the end of the year, many people are taking the time to prepare for the 2015 business plan. Indeed, entrepreneurship should be made as early as possible. We are about to usher in a new 2015, so in 2015 what business to make money? Today we recommend a few good projects to make money.

2015 what business to make money? Pet shop

2015 what business to make money? Children’s furniture store

2015 what business to make money? Home decoration oil painting shop

2015 what business to make money? Fat clothing store

1) store location: rent a 30-50 square meters of houses; 2) store decoration: store for a simple decoration, the 50 square meters of housing to attract customers, as the front One divides into two., accept orders of the dressing room, behind the clothes as a processing plant; 3) the purchase of equipment and sewing machine other related equipment; 4) service: special form; 5) market orientation: fat people clothing store, in addition to the market.

Opportunities in the world cup

world cup not only to the fans around the world to bring a wonderful scene, but also brought a lot of opportunities for the industry, the community has been concerned about. Let’s take a look at the hidden opportunities in the world cup.

is a multi terminal program

boost business


Maternal and child supplies store how to operate well

maternal and child supplies industry has now become a better development of the industry, the industry has a significant advantage, many friends want to invest in this industry. With their own mother and child supplies store, then how to operate in order to make money fast, visitors rolling it? Many friends in the search for business methods, the following are a few suggestions for you.

one: choose the site to see the maturity of the community

maternal and child supplies store if it can be close to the big hospital, especially maternity hospital, business is certainly good. However, large hospitals are usually around the commercial center, the rent is expensive, the investment is less than a few hundred thousand. If the home of more than a dozen mothers and children of the chain, the location of the community. Because not only to look at the living population, but also to see the maturity". The old community birth rate is not enough, the new residential occupancy rate is not enough. If a child selling chain stores are located in the South Lake Garden, Baibuting garden and other large communities, as well as tens of thousands of resident population, and new residential construction, to ensure that 5 to 10 years of continuous birth weight infants. The maternal and child supplies store specific location in the community there are also stress.

two: rich variety of products, brand exquisite

maternal and child shop to try to meet the needs of customers one-stop shopping, but the mother and child supplies shop novice to enter the shop area is often small. To complete the brand to select varieties. Baby products category meticulous, each category featured two or three main brands can be. Even the largest sales of milk powder, diapers, not more than 5 brands. Maternal and child supplies store brand too much, a large amount of capital occupation, inventory risk. Operators can develop flat effect index, that is, the number of sales per square meter area should bring about sales, if some of the products on sale for a long time, it is necessary to determine the shelf.

three: clear display area, guide flow

if the mother home Guiyuan Buddhist Temple store of more than and 110 square meters, the middle of the two row of shelves are selling health care products, food and daily necessities, toys on the left wall put milk, on the right side wall is the rear of the shop selling clothing, diapers. Maternal stores such clear division, associated products placed nearby is the basic principle; diapers are necessities, but low profit, placed at the end will guide customers through health care products, toys and other non necessities, increasing the opportunity to purchase high profit products; milk concentration display, convenient customer purchase baby supplies compared; small volume, price high, on the door of the place, maternal and child care store clerk, prevent being pilfering". Maternal and infant supplies store opening, we must put the milk powder, diapers on the most conspicuous place to attract customers into the store. And other maternal and child supplies stores have a stable customer base, can be displayed, intended to guide the flow of customers.

four: promotional gifts to have a sense of value

maternal and child store promotional activities can mobilize Gu