The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love have to say the secret of optimization

straight into the subject, their company’s website "true hidden network" as an example, detailed steps are as follows:


2, improve the content of

on the site in the construction of the chain, the weight of love Shanghai love Shanghai products is very high given, I love the Shanghai encyclopedia and we talk about experience today.

note: a new love Shanghai encyclopedia, plus links too early, the audit staff don’t have brains to think. If the congratulations, you have to buy the 3D tonight.

love Shanghai encyclopedia is very high. If you can give your site for love Shanghai encyclopedia add the link to your website, can improve the weight, increase the chain, enhance keyword ranking effect. A lot of people say I have links in each big Forum blog post that can not do the chain?! but if you love Shanghai ranking, I will tell you I love Shanghai, love their children, if you can love the product of Shanghai fun, your ranking will be a straight.

two, through the audit, for a long time whether it, I usually put 4-7 days.

3, add the chain

three, using high level encyclopedia edit account. Add links will participate in editing with the commonly used Wikipedia account. To add the link I generally in accordance with the "three steps":

, a new "true hidden network" love Shanghai encyclopedia, editor of the point is to be fair and objective, can be exaggerated, but you have to let others believe that boast. Standing in the "mistress" view of editing, editing attitude must be correct, you can copy and paste, but you need to have a pseudo original level. This point is not discussed in detail. For the first time in editing, try not to add links, the rate is too low, also need to fill too perfect.

love Shanghai encyclopedia review now is very strict, the general method is difficult to add a link by the administrator audit. Because of the need of work in the long term to love Shanghai encyclopedia perfect, one account pass rate reached 95%, the Daily editorial by Wikipedia entries also have more than 20, of which there are a lot of added links. Edit more, they also summarized some methods, practice has proved that adding links through the audit rate as high as 85%. Don’t pull, pull you pull away.

at the same time more than three, to disperse the audit staff on wikipedia. First of all in the perfect directory, the directory may actually sound reasonable, increase the level of the directory and two directories, in perfect content, they can put the contents of all the previous deliberate omissions complete >

The quality of the chain

love Shanghai Wikipedia account, not highest, but basically some accounts are the core account 4-5, sometimes help friends to add links, sometimes the love Shanghai encyclopedia to earn extra money, but not here, this is my real purpose is to hand in the accumulation of resources.

1, improve the I had a lot of practice

How to solve the chain resource crunch problems caused by expansion of Shanghai Longfeng industry.

Shanghai dragon industry development speed is amazing, said Shanghai dragon industry development speed such as plumes are not unfounded, following the most representative argument argument on this point:

site on the Shanghai dragon article submission increasingly stringent audit, mainly because Shanghai is already out of the dragon.

encyclopedia chain has become more and more difficult, as long as the creation of a complex version, plus a link that is easy to pass, now create a complex version would be some genius plus links, or it won’t be easy.

value chain blog platform link control, many blog platform in order to avoid their own site.

Shanghai dragon related forums online number is astonishing (especially Shanghai dragon why).

Shanghai Longfeng index before hundreds of years to now where Shanghai dragon has reached hundreds or even thousands of index.


as above stated, Shanghai dragon industry is developing rapidly, resulting in many owners are set foot in the industry, and now the chain is the main factors of the website rankings, but the value chain of the platform is limited, but also in the export link control, because in addition chain resource crunch following is a representative be not at all surprising. Demonstration of the chain resources crunch phenomenon argument.

Taobao Shanghai dragon tutorial overwhelming, cheap a confused.

said Shanghai Longfeng network marketing industry is emerging industry is too far fetched, because in the domestic development of the industry from 04 years later will very rapidly, especially now is simply on the sky, the nature of the main and Shanghai dragon industry, the most important point is that it is very suitable for grass-roots entrepreneurship, it is this pace of development resulting in more than seventy percent of the webmaster understand Shanghai Dragon: all know that the chain is an important factor in the present of any website optimization ranking (resulting in many platforms become link farms); know to reduce export link weight in the station (leading to accumulation of outbound links many chain platform has been strictly controlled), eventually leading to the site the chain resource crunch.

know the chain of love, Shanghai know before the chain as long as it is rich in content through the basic question, became rich in Q & a plus links with Shanghai love products such as hi.baidu贵族宝贝/ head, the form of the domain name to show through, until today want to know on the left link can be said to slim, as long as the link appears in the Q & A requirements review.

Shanghai dragon training institutions continue to emerge.

in addition to the grassroots webmaster, enterprises have also joined the ranks of Shanghai dragon.


said the Shanghai dragon industry development such as the date up to


said the chain resource crunch phenomenon

Using mind map system of mining long tail keywords


based on two level key planning again thinking topology, obviously we can (2) part of the keywords for more accurate mining long tail word. Such as "Carslan whitening BB cream" and "whitening BB cream" or "Carslan BB cream" compared to its target is very strong, can match the needs of users more accurate, so the conversion rate will be higher, more important is the degree of competition will be "Carslan keyword whitening BB cream" will be much lower than two keywords, so it can greatly improve the rate of return on investment (ROI).

A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference

Related reading:


the diagram above, let us very system from the "BB cream" as the first (1) level topology display. The keyword from the price, function, brand, origin and other aspects of the topology analysis. As the first stage of the long tail word mining, although compared with the "BB cream" out of the topology "Carslan BB cream" will have an advantage, but the competition is still very strong, the cost is still high. How to reduce the proportion of high energy consuming long tail? So I of BB cream second long tail again topological dimension display. The following figure

through the above method, we can get a good BB cream of various types of keyword campaigns. The mind map, can be very good to you not to collect the keyword. If necessary, you can also expand the third long tail keywords. Keywords topology can also be the. For example, BB cream is belongs to the cosmetics category, and BB cream make-up to belong to a dozen, so it can provide the efficiency of our work.

this article finally, thanks to the cosmetics website Jingxi Rouge shop 贵族宝贝yanzhipu贵族宝贝 operations director Qi total trust and help and give the letter. The first A5, welcome to reprint the exchange of.

share an article "the electronic commerce website to share the experience of" mining long tail keywords, long tail keywords that article mining method is suitable for sharing when using the title keyword selection. Ten mining related long tail key words is not a problem, but if you want to dig one hundred or two hundred have difficulty. Is the long tail keyword is not systematic.

system? This is what I am going to share with you. The Jingxi Rouge shop and letter to the keyword "BB cream" to share my ideas.

Before the

The long tail key word mining target word how

Talking about the scheme of making money for the lazy stationmaster99 infinity and nails invisible c

ashamed, really ashamed, I have been on the Internet for 4 years. For 4 years, time and energy have been wasted on the internet. IP was also happy for 20 IP, no time to a lot, but I never discouraged. Use 3/4 of your time every day to stand, maintain, and promote. I haven’t made big money in 4 years or even made a small profit. You can earn most of the money back in the domain name space. Family and friends seldom have time to go with them. I believe many webmaster like me.

said, "from the bottom of his heart.".

, a famous investor who has made a fortune with this theory, began to layout the Chinese enterprise service market a few years ago and returned handsomely. "The United States business class service market, a number of revenue of billions of dollars of giant, China sooner or later a day will be."."

"The biggest mistake in his life was the Alibaba," Mr.

has been regarded by many as a challenger, and certainly not. But in the past few years, unlimited scenery of the industry tuyere, it has been difficult to produce the big mac. sh419 will be the NetEase beyond, millet valuation has shrunk dramatically, the new big difficult, while 360, almost invisible.

and the advantages of the Chinese market is that the highly efficient mobile Internet era, given the advantages of enterprise service products and cornering overtaking opportunities. Especially in the two new concepts of SAAS and PAAS enterprise services, BAT is a mature software users, efficiency of life had the skilled use of a variety of cloud platform, and has the good habit of paying a popular WeChat article reward a few.

actually, I’m using a simple Marx movie program to use it for the sake of saving time. Login background, click Update data, IU can be updated automatically. Unexpectedly, sh419 also included. Suggest no time management site friends can go >

this big brother, leisurely place a cigar, say the true words: "the world’s top 500 list of single Chinese enterprises more and more, for enterprise service, make enterprise money" era "."."

is 22 years old this year. He has nothing but his own, no friends, no money, no cars, no rooms……. I’ve been looking for something new and I can’t find my head. I know the myth that Internet flourishes is not going to happen to me. So I’m going to give up the Internet and go into other businesses. Several sites on their own to find a few relatively simple procedures, put on. Update one or two times a week. Not more than 20 minutes each time. No matter what he included pr.

a very quiet night I returned home rental as usual, open the computer to see the novel, hang general stealth on-line on the line after the stop flash open to see the 6 system messages XXX add you as a friend followed by the message sent several people. At that time, I remember clearly that 5 of them wanted to buy the connection on my website, and I didn’t care if they wanted to make a friendship link. I replied to them and helped them. One of his responses surprised me. "Help me with 3 links. 8 yuan a month." I’m a little surprised. What’s the link? Why do you want to give me the money?. So I talked with him up to know the link can also be sold for money. As it was very late, I made a good link to him and confirmed that I paid him 886.

stands and earns money,

statistics, there are about 2700 enterprises in Europe and America, developed the $350 billion market capitalization of enterprise service market; and China currently has 2200 enterprises, even a $1 billion level of the unicorns are not.

and the demographic dividend disappeared as well as rising labor costs, so that enterprises pay more attention to the pursuit of efficiency, the use of the system to enhance the efficiency of enterprises, the most direct impact is to create huge potential demand trillion enterprise service market. Industry believes that China’s enterprise class service market will be completely burst and ignited.

2016 the agency awards on Enterprise Service Awards awarded more than 300 large and small, from big data, human resources to cloud services such as the best barrage at the market when general, investors and industry one step ahead of good, that the explosive growth of the air outlet is coming.

According to

true investment logic, indeed. In 2016, the Chinese investment market favored the service products at the enterprise level and became an emerging outlet for venture capital. And the most sensitive sense of the industry, has long been the major awards awarded to the enterprise service market.

I’ve searched sh419 for links, and there are thousands of related information on sh419. I know about the detailed process of buying and selling links. Check my station collection and PR value right away. Read the data is even more surprising, sh419 included 7000 articles for the general station has been very good, home update time is yesterday. Pr=3. Up in the morning and go to see, also included yesterday that is updated every day, no wonder they find me to buy links. So I saw sh419 AD5 is a good place to link transactions, went in to register. In the link transaction, a few messages were published briefly. Over the next few days, I sold more than 100 links on AD5 and earned more than $1000. I think the cost of the website is back. So I sold the station. Or on the AD5 released the sale of information, 20 days later, someone came out, satisfied with the price, bought the station. Finally, the rest of my love is not sold. The others are all sold.

because there are at least one million Chinese people thinking every day: "how is money better than ma?".

? Daniel quietly opened stocks, see NASDAQ and NYSE, you want to find a group of emerging companies. In China do not have, and quickly copy plagiarism model; in China, and quickly took a check stake.

Online part-time money the latest, most popular, new ideas, big exposureDomain name jump also need t

industry insiders believe that the domain name jump record for illegal sites understandable. If the requirement is large, it will impact investors who have no domain name. finished

new network interconnection, said the company received a notice of the Ministry of industry, requiring its thorough investigation of those who did not pass the record, but set up a jump business domain name. The company decided to shut down the domains from April 24th.

X smart anti-theft mobile phone cover and ordinary mobile phone cover is exactly the same, the phone will automatically alarm before the theft, to remind the host and the surrounding masses, and scare off thieves, while the host himself does not open the police. Functions include: sound, vibration, sound and vibration alternate alarm, alarm at the same time, music alarm, etc.. The style is casual, sharp, rounded edge type, folding type, oil type, divided into pure leather and leather series series of two types, high, medium and low-grade 100 kinds. The product came out instantly detonated the small commodity market, a hot national anti-theft mobile phone sets.

startups have the most profitable ideas, which many entrepreneurs know. The new project competition is less, the foreground is broad, not for the best choice, the new year began. What are the new ideas of entrepreneurship at the moment? Here comes the introduction of small series, new ideas, big exposure,

entrepreneurial new ideas recommend: 2014 what do you make the most money? Do Taobao customers, help others sell goods earn commission.

interested in understanding, you can add :800098286 direct consultation.

startups recommend new ideas: anti-theft

New ideas for

another registered service provider, new network marketing department official said, the Ministry recently issued the document. However, as of press time, 10 thousand nets, new network, resource register business has not been issued a notice.

new network interconnection said, only jump the source domain name and the target domain has been suspended by the case of the record, you can normally use forwarding business. For example, if you want to jump the 9wenxue settings to, the two domains must be filed.


startups: Recycling computers,

we usually refer to the technical brokers, mainly refers to in the process of technical transactions, between the seller, the buyer, to match, link, and promote technical transactions middlemen. The broker how to explore and seek customers: 1 through newspapers, magazines, television, radio and so on can get lots of rooms on the information and data; 2 to make new friends by classmates, friends and other relations, potential customers and old customers; 3 through the introduction and recommendation of discovering new customers; 4 to attend the fair >

April 24th, the reporter learned from the new network interconnection, the company will start from April 24th to clean up those who did not record, but set up a jump business domain name. Insiders expressed frustration with the move, saying it would hit the domain name investment market.

startups recommend new ideas: Technology broker

every time a new computer comes out, there are always a lot of old computers being eliminated. First of all, as well as the use of machines to pick out the value, discount again after market or donated to charity; secondly, for those who can not find a second-hand market once again sold for dismantling the machine, put the cardboard, plastic, glass to the recycling station, non precious metal to metal recyclers, precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and so on, will be transported to the precious metal refinery, can also be useful to dismantling circuit, chip label for sale.

he is the new normal, Taobao mall customer agent, agent after you have this: http://381713669.ku copied to the browser to open the same mall, mall merchandise is the system automatically calls Taobao sales of goods, that is: you help Taobao sellers to sell their goods, you do not need to supply and don’t need to do not need to send customer service, logistics and customer service to do, as long as you allow buyers to buy things from your store, you have a commission Commission, commission and Taobao customers are the same, the highest percentage of 50%.

How does the car sale type website use sh419 search to carry on marketingADSENSE PIN detailed report

that last point

third, the amount that browse, click and enter the customer search site, on page views, if customers are not interested in the content of the site, directly off the page, there is no effect, this requires us to the appearance of the site so beautiful and exquisite, the function of the website to be convenient and practical, website the contents do rich and attractive. How do the content can attract people? It is actually very simple, as long as we have for his useful information to the customer, will attract them to remember and repeatedly visit our website, what kind of information is most useful for our customers, I do not think what than our preferential policies more attractive the.

fourth, the consultation, this is a process of connecting, third well, fourth is certainly not bad, but the way to facilitate consultation, consultation to answer to the professional consultation into the volume, therefore I on the site every page left side is increased a floating window online consultation, this window is placed on my telephone sales consultant or , the company’s sales calls, and an online message function.

ADSENSE reports, PIN, detailed collection!

first to emphasize just registered friends, we must carefully read the ADSENSE plans and policies to ensure compliance with the provisions of the policy, plan, do not understand can send directly to the MAIL ADSENSE advisory group to the forum or question, honest honest do stand will enable you to obtain a stable income ADSENSE, don’t have any idea of cheating, because this will hurt yourself but also hurt other people. Please install the official ADSENSE – click Tools, so you can click ads in their debugging will not be counted as income, maintain the best way is to help the interests of publishers shlf1314 ADWORD on the maintenance of business interests.
from the beginning of the registered ADSENSE, you put on the page of the advertisement advertisement will have a period of time shows that, this short one or two days long 10 days, do not worry, that is, in your web page, ADSENS-E will launch targeted advertising, advertising, "in theory and technology let, ADSENSE is the strongest, he will put a very targeted advertising. As for the placement and optimization of advertising, the government has provided a lot of advantages and disadvantages, which need to be tried. Many methods are very good and will obviously increase your income. Advertising to the web page when people click on the ads will bring you income, no matter how much, after all, you’ve got a very good start, many people on the advertising price with this or that view, click rate and income is calculated according to the complexity of the algorithm, according to the station you matching advertising and display quantity are very different, the same amount of flow station will not have the same income, because the site has different forums, articles, downloads, we adjust the position optimization of color advertising in different sites of the effect is not the same, spoke of it is very complex. So we suggest that – according to their actual situation of site optimization, not competition, to achieve their best results can stand. After all, to improve their site level, increase content is the real way out.  

when we search for information in sh419 search, search results are presented in front of us various websites. Then how can our website use sh419 search for marketing? By studying the usage habits of sh419 users, website promotion can be divided into the following processes. 1., the site should have a show amount, 2. sites to click on 3., the site should have a browse amount of 4., the site to have Advisory volume, 5. site to volume.

this requires each department, every month or even a week, the models of prices and concessions collected and passed to me, and I will release them on the website for regular updates. In addition to these preferential policies is not enough, we will show our showroom photos, photo of the car, put the car photos of customers, company organization, enterprise culture, published on the website, a jenuine Zhongtian company on the site, so as to increase customer confidence in our website. In addition, we should also publish some promotional soft words from the manufacturers, such as radio advertising, video advertising and so on, to enhance the brand image.

is the first point, showing the amount of time the customer search information on the web site of our present times in the search results, such as the search for certain areas of car sales company, search for certain areas of Chery 4S shop, search for certain areas of Yi Weike, or are we search for a certain area of Chery A3, the Chinese H530 in certain areas, certain areas of Lexus so, will appear on our website, this is to show the amount of.

second points, click the amount, that is, users search and see our website, click and enter the site, and this is related to the search results ranking, the results in the forefront of the most attention.

How to open a new look at the underwear chain

looks like a small underwear inconspicuous, but every woman can not do without, so the underwear market is still worth our attention. How to open underwear chain? Want to open a shop to make money, some things still need to pay attention to, hurry up and look at it.

lingerie chain investment, to vision business, to find a good place in the beginning of the site, is to choose the right underwear brand, so as to ensure the underwear business to carry out more stable. Underwear chain how to open? Vision to be unique, in the time of purchase to find a unique product to attract the public to come.


You have to know the new store propaganda skills

is well known, the new store, the most important thing is to expand market influence, attract new customers. But for the lack of experience of the novice, how to store for their good promotion in order to attract more tourists advertised? Look at the following methods, perhaps to store publicity for your help oh.

new store promotional skills one: by the decoration for the opening up

Many stores in

during the renovation of marketing is a blank, ten days of renovation period, the store is wasted, in fact People are hurrying to and fro., then you can do a conspicuous large painting, a temporary advertising spending is not a lot of advertising content can be the upcoming opening of the brand image promotion, can also be a promotional revealed shop, there is a way to save money is to pull an opening of the countdown banner, creates the customer expectation and curiosity, for the upcoming opening rally.

new store promotional skills two: borrow time for opening up

can’t believe what the opening time but auspicious occasion, it is important to choose the opening day, as far as possible to snare the most customers, caused a sensation effect, usually on a Friday and Saturday opening is the best, because these two days a week is one of the most two days shopping, but most of the time the flow of people; the customer is a herd mentality, love lively. Some shopkeepers say well, no matter how much performance today, watching people more comfortable.

new store promotional skills three: by the atmosphere for the opening campaign

The opening of

must have opened the atmosphere, let the customer know you are new, small is not in favor of what fireworks, but we must think of a way to put some blue flowers, a little quantity, otherwise there is no atmosphere; and the music is also very important, but also must have the dynamic music, no music store horrible opening when you try to stop the music, people speak loud suddenly come out, you will suddenly appear music covered the people at a loss, noise, but also increase customer safety, quietly stores make female customers lack a sense of security, is not conducive to relax shopping.

new store promotional skills four: to promote the opening of the campaign by

due to the habit of long-term development, if there is no business promotion and so on, the customer will not adapt, in fact, is not required to sell goods have much value, nor is it required to make profits. In fact, VIP card is a good way, but a lot of Manicure stores in the production of VIP card, concern is how much of a discount, and some interpretation of such words, small advice to focus on the process of collection card, from a higher level to explain the VIP card, improve the ornamental at the same time also can improve the utilization rate.

Italy ten men’s clothing brand list

speaking of men’s brand, if you are only limited to those domestic brands, you can really are derailed, because in the men’s clothing market, with some brand top brands in Italy, but visibility is very high. According to a sample survey of the American Institute in luxury Regal, the world’s top ten men’s brand, the brand of Italy accounted for 8 seats, and Versace tied Tom Ford standing behind a Italy tailor. The Italians know about his men — "a defect of the tailor of Italy trying to cover the wearer, try to make a man look slimmer, more elegant, more tall, God who can make up for the wrong committed."

while this may be an exaggeration, but also point out the Italy clothing to be based on the key experimental world, which is different from the French fashion, purely commercial is different from American fashion, it should have superb production technology, excellent workmanship and novel fabric design and relatively simple real wear. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten men’s clothing brand in Italy, so you have a greater understanding of the men’s market.

Italy ten men’s clothing brand NO.1, top luxury: Brioni

stands for the Rome style Brioni, which has the support of Annan and ·, such as, and from the beginning of the era of the · the era, the Brioni is locked in 007 of the time in the. This is a vector of tailor-made brand recently is to enter the field of luxury sportswear, and in the recent Saks Fifth Avenue opened their first store. Of course, Brioni is considered to be the most valuable brand.

Italy ten men’s clothing brand NO.2, a standard: Ermenegildo Zegna


Italy men’s clothing is always unable to circumvent the Zegna do not talk, and even can be said that the entire Italy fashion industry, is standing on the shoulders of Zegna. For business men who don’t need to wear too much of their aesthetic taste, the quality of men simply means fit and advanced fabrics. As the leading supplier of Italy fabric industry, Zegna has become the brand of high quality fabric. In the business of great success, but also makes Zegna become a lot of designer brand fabric suppliers. Tom Ford self-reliance hill, the first to get support there will be Zegna.

Italy ten men’s clothing brand NO.3, simple and exquisite: Giorgio Armani

if the United States CalvinKlein, Ralph >

Nail shop how to operate small series to weapon

people pursue beauty, especially women, all want to become more perfect, nail is a woman’s favorite. Many of my friends also want to open a Manicure shop, but the operation strategy of most Manicure shop lack of professional, in order to gain market share of the tricks, leading to fierce market competition and confusion. Faced with this situation, the nail shop how to operate it?

new operation idea and operation mode of

new services and projects, so that consumers have more choice

advertising means good

The above is the "