Shanghai dragon industry development speed is amazing, said Shanghai dragon industry development speed such as plumes are not unfounded, following the most representative argument argument on this point:

site on the Shanghai dragon article submission increasingly stringent audit, mainly because Shanghai is already out of the dragon.

encyclopedia chain has become more and more difficult, as long as the creation of a complex version, plus a link that is easy to pass, now create a complex version would be some genius plus links, or it won’t be easy. read more

based on two level key planning again thinking topology, obviously we can (2) part of the keywords for more accurate mining long tail word. Such as "Carslan whitening BB cream" and "whitening BB cream" or "Carslan BB cream" compared to its target is very strong, can match the needs of users more accurate, so the conversion rate will be higher, more important is the degree of competition will be "Carslan keyword whitening BB cream" will be much lower than two keywords, so it can greatly improve the rate of return on investment (ROI). read more

ashamed, really ashamed, I have been on the Internet for 4 years. For 4 years, time and energy have been wasted on the internet. IP was also happy for 20 IP, no time to a lot, but I never discouraged. Use 3/4 of your time every day to stand, maintain, and promote. I haven’t made big money in 4 years or even made a small profit. You can earn most of the money back in the domain name space. Family and friends seldom have time to go with them. I believe many webmaster like me.

said, "from the bottom of his heart.". read more

industry insiders believe that the domain name jump record for illegal sites understandable. If the requirement is large, it will impact investors who have no domain name. finished

new network interconnection, said the company received a notice of the Ministry of industry, requiring its thorough investigation of those who did not pass the record, but set up a jump business domain name. The company decided to shut down the domains from April 24th.

X smart anti-theft mobile phone cover and ordinary mobile phone cover is exactly the same, the phone will automatically alarm before the theft, to remind the host and the surrounding masses, and scare off thieves, while the host himself does not open the police. Functions include: sound, vibration, sound and vibration alternate alarm, alarm at the same time, music alarm, etc.. The style is casual, sharp, rounded edge type, folding type, oil type, divided into pure leather and leather series series of two types, high, medium and low-grade 100 kinds. The product came out instantly detonated the small commodity market, a hot national anti-theft mobile phone sets. read more

that last point

third, the amount that browse, click and enter the customer search site, on page views, if customers are not interested in the content of the site, directly off the page, there is no effect, this requires us to the appearance of the site so beautiful and exquisite, the function of the website to be convenient and practical, website the contents do rich and attractive. How do the content can attract people? It is actually very simple, as long as we have for his useful information to the customer, will attract them to remember and repeatedly visit our website, what kind of information is most useful for our customers, I do not think what than our preferential policies more attractive the. read more

looks like a small underwear inconspicuous, but every woman can not do without, so the underwear market is still worth our attention. How to open underwear chain? Want to open a shop to make money, some things still need to pay attention to, hurry up and look at it.

lingerie chain investment, to vision business, to find a good place in the beginning of the site, is to choose the right underwear brand, so as to ensure the underwear business to carry out more stable. Underwear chain how to open? Vision to be unique, in the time of purchase to find a unique product to attract the public to come. read more

is well known, the new store, the most important thing is to expand market influence, attract new customers. But for the lack of experience of the novice, how to store for their good promotion in order to attract more tourists advertised? Look at the following methods, perhaps to store publicity for your help oh.

new store promotional skills one: by the decoration for the opening up

Many stores in

during the renovation of marketing is a blank, ten days of renovation period, the store is wasted, in fact People are hurrying to and fro., then you can do a conspicuous large painting, a temporary advertising spending is not a lot of advertising content can be the upcoming opening of the brand image promotion, can also be a promotional revealed shop, there is a way to save money is to pull an opening of the countdown banner, creates the customer expectation and curiosity, for the upcoming opening rally. read more

speaking of men’s brand, if you are only limited to those domestic brands, you can really are derailed, because in the men’s clothing market, with some brand top brands in Italy, but visibility is very high. According to a sample survey of the American Institute in luxury Regal, the world’s top ten men’s brand, the brand of Italy accounted for 8 seats, and Versace tied Tom Ford standing behind a Italy tailor. The Italians know about his men — "a defect of the tailor of Italy trying to cover the wearer, try to make a man look slimmer, more elegant, more tall, God who can make up for the wrong committed." read more

people pursue beauty, especially women, all want to become more perfect, nail is a woman’s favorite. Many of my friends also want to open a Manicure shop, but the operation strategy of most Manicure shop lack of professional, in order to gain market share of the tricks, leading to fierce market competition and confusion. Faced with this situation, the nail shop how to operate it?

new operation idea and operation mode of

read more

business has become a means of many people to become rich for a living, and now business clothing store although the outlook is good, but in the face of many of the clothing to join the risk, how can investors have more chance of success? Here is a suggestion for investors to join.


clothing franchisee must first understand, to join us and not profit guarantee.

The basic concept of

read more

is now very much on TV, a variety of entrepreneurial projects on the Internet, but not all are suitable for venture investment to join at any time, so today the business network Xiaobian for you about 2012 the most profitable venture is what 10. Now, the most popular investment industry can be seen as a rich machine, if you do not have the vision to find, then there is no claim to the peak of the ranks of the rich, which is a shortcut in the first place.

the ten most popular investment industry infant supplies industry read more

brand snacks to join the project selection, has been a very hot choice. Zhao leather shop snacks come out, the success of attracting the consumers and franchisees sight. Successful entrepreneurs to choose how to join the leather shop Zhao snacks? With the strength of the brand to join the project, you are still hesitant what?

is now a lot of investors in the early entrepreneurs do eating snacks is a very good choice, because it does not require you to put too much effort and money, and the mass of consumers of snacks have been very popular, so it is quite promising, but in the choice of brand we don’t careless, choose a good quality the snack brand can bring more advantages for you, as Zhao Jia brand snack shop leather, leather shop Zhao Jia snack is a big brand, headquarters is strong, many investors are more fancy brand. read more

: old NianJiu fast-food franchise

1, with a sincere and long-term cooperation attitude, in the region has a certain channel influence;

2, familiar with the food and beverage market, has a wealth of product resources, in the region has a wealth of channel resources;

3, there are more professional marketing team is responsible for channel development, to maximize the channel to achieve;

4, can y tap their own channels and resources to carry out publicity and promotion work;

5, to strictly implement the policies we have formulated. read more

March 3rd, the Fourteenth National "love day", the "love day" is the theme of healthy listening, happy life — focus on healthy elderly hearing. The same day, Xining CDPF and the relevant units in the Central Plaza launched a variety of promotional activities.

on the same day, Xining City CDPF four district CDPF, joint health departments to carry out a number of promotional activities, calling attention to the health of elderly people hearing the whole society, promoting healthy habits with the ear, and the related knowledge of elderly hearing disability prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation. read more

September 16th, in the city fair city construction projects to promote the meeting, the development of modern commerce and trade in Xining so that the adjacent areas of peer optimistic, is expected to become the new darling of investment and cooperation. A master eight pairs of nodes to create a pattern of the development of the business center, wealth Plaza, South Gate and other major commercial projects to attract a lot of attention from the world.

The most beautiful Qinghai Lake, Qilian, golden days throughout the Menyuan, mirror in the sky Saline Lake tea card…… Year after year Wang Qinghai tourism, really let the world see the upgrade of the United States and Qinghai, the United States move quartet.

in addition, I also arranged through the new form of tourism projects, support the self driving tour camp, field development activities, the depth of experience, leisure picking, ecology and rural tourism projects, accelerate the development of special tourism products. Arrange funds for the construction of tourism infrastructure and tourism scenic area and the surrounding environment for 890 million yuan of funds, focusing on new road traffic travel toilet and scenic five-star toilet, perfect scenic roads, water supply, emergency rescue, waste water treatment, fire safety and other infrastructure construction and the surrounding areas of environmental remediation.   read more

Korea Bibimbap delicacy brand what is better? Xiaobian also is the most characteristic of Han sangdoo bibimbap brand wealth opportunities. So what are the advantages? Look at the following Xiaobian for you:

huge market unconstrained

Han sangdoo brand market management is not limited, the flow of people and places to shop business, Han Shangdao love Korean stone pot cooking people no matter where to shop, meet the eye everywhere! Always popular! "Han sangdoo" taking into account the breakfast, lunch and dinner three big market, can do meal and leisure food, want to how to eat, how to eat, not constrained by the market, Korean cuisine Bibimbap to occupy the market terminal. read more

This year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the rural "two" construction as the carrier, in-depth implementation of rural housing reconstruction, reward, immigration down housing projects in rural areas to improve the housing conditions and living environment at the same time, with a real popular project to improve the rural people’s happiness index. Qing Lin Xiang Lin Zhang Cun tree is one of the typical remote poverty-stricken village in Datong county. Due to the high altitude of living in the mountains, the students go to school far away, the production and living conditions of the masses behind the village 70% of the housing has been formed. In order to change the backward living conditions, from the beginning of November last year, the township party committee and government to the forest tree palm village relocation work as a top priority, and the relevant departments of civil affairs, the integration of housing, poverty alleviation, implementation of the overall relocation project construction funds 4 million 85 thousand yuan for the village of 35 people. In the flat Hering River, their relocation of farmers built 6 spacious and bright brick cottage. Eligible households in the support of supporting funds, but also built a two storey building. At present, the new village of the village of palm trees not only to achieve the water, electricity, roads, information through the dream, but also became the province’s first solar heating village. In the "two rooms" in the construction of Datong County, adhere to government guidance, graded responsibility, social support, self, county housing security and construction sector through government funded in part, personal financing financing part of the rural reconstruction households subsidies from 22 thousand yuan in 2013 increased to 25 thousand yuan this year. Rural housing subsidies reward households from 19 thousand and 200 yuan in 2013 increased to 22 thousand yuan this year, fundamentally solve the housing difficulties of the masses in rural areas the problem of shortage of funds, effectively boosting the process of the construction of new countryside.   read more