Love Shanghai and 5 points for nobility baby website different attitude

has been in my last article in detail, here in the way. For a new station, love Shanghai is very strict, want to love Shanghai, first through an assessment period, you should stick to your work station optimization again during the period, including the content, website structure, when love Shanghai included your site, through the enhancement of external links and website content. Gets the ranking and flow easier, of course, this is mainly to see the mode of operation. Love Shanghai philosophy: user experience. Love Shanghai website’s purpose: original content.

Home pages and


for new sites to be nobility baby much more friendly than the love of Shanghai, as long as you submit your site in the noble baby, usually in a very short period of time will be included, the author of the Shanghai dragon is included in the two days after the submission. For the content of the no love Shanghai as strict, of course, the content of the original good, need to pay attention to is the nobility of the baby is the sandbox effect that this effect, your site will not be ranked, it also needs the test of time.

after analysis and summary for a period of time, I think for a website to say, love Shanghai and noble baby have different attitude on the 5, the following will be introduced one by one:

1. for the new station

for the noble baby, the website home page and inside pages will be subject to the same treatment, and often appear in search of red pages more directly.


for the love of Shanghai, home to the inside pages appear more often want to get good rankings, most of which depend on the home page, so in the process of optimization, and home to the inside pages of connection, there will be good results. The leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 of this site is not practical enough, but the author is trying to do in this direction.

in the previous article "the standard of the new station included four major search engine analysis" are analyzed, the noble love Shanghai baby, 360, and four soso search search engine for the new attitude, our study here will be more in-depth, to analyze the attitude of search engine for the website of the whole system. Including the inside pages, external links, website content etc.. Here only to love Shanghai and noble baby for comparison, because the two search engines at home and abroad to represent the two directions.

love Shanghai is sensitive to external links, but little dependence. That is to say love Shanghai through the quality of the chain you to your website to make the punishment or reward, but not completely depends on the chain. >

chain has a decisive effect on the site itself, is an indispensable work in the website optimization. But the search engine, different search engines still have differences on the chain attitude.


2. website

Alibaba store ranking optimization scheme to share

two: the column name Description for example, you do the wholesale clothing, the latest product column name can change: knit the latest products, adding the appropriate keywords. This can give the search rule.

in fact, whether independent website optimization, optimization, or Taobao Ali shop or software optimization, structure optimization, the final is around the user experience". We are in the Alibaba China Ali station opened shop. Ali shop ranking optimization mostly in detail, it can be said that in the product itself to do optimization. Because the shop code we certainly cannot change. It can be from two aspects: one is to improve the store itself, the product itself is two. Why do change? A: focus on the user experience two: Ali search rules (it is certainly a crawler, crawling store content, index calculation, display the ranking process, of course, is a lot of factors including ranking rules).

store itself changes, so the details of the optimization in what

four: Ali in the forum post, write about their own company’s products.

The following is a


the most basic factors:



optimization scheme of integrated document content:

: the length of time you open their corporate membership (Cheng Xintong), the higher the better the integrity index. Don’t think, members and non members of the treatment must be different.

three: how often update your shop like a web site, often users on a website, no longer ignore it, why should the website, is a dead stand. Why do you rank to Ali, reflecting a point this is the user experience.

three: This product category to search rules, it should conform to the user behavior. For example: Apple mobile phone and ipone6 is unlikely to be the same level of classification is certainly is a classification of Apple mobile phone, ipone6 is two. They correspond to the URL web site is also different.


recently a friend to do the Alibaba store ranking optimization, according to their own optimization analysis experience, give a friend made an optimization scheme about the document. Today Xiaobian want to Webmaster Platform webmaster and colleagues to share, discuss the convenience and we can study together.

two: the length of time you often online customer service online, give your customers to see your product ranking do not contact you, doubt how to do.

from the shop itself, the change can be

: a shop navigation changes can increase the relevant page single page. It can not only provide relevant content for the user, can also let Ali capture program to retrieve product related information.

Web site examples share 10 months love Shanghai weight 8, the flow of more than 200 thousand

to tell you the truth, a short time to achieve such amazing weight is only a "terror" to describe. But this may not be a real new, for example, although the domain name is new, but it may be composed of other high weight website in 301 after the jump, the weight passed over. But I query the data show that 301 sites after the jump, although the weight transfer can reach 100% (Google 80%-90%, but only transfer) this process is short for two or three months, as long as half a year or more, and the higher the weight transfer is slower, so this is not a surprise that I often point.

three: 10 months outside the chain of up to 450 thousand

Using In fact, as long as the

manpower enough to do more than 450 thousand, the chain has no ground for blame 10 months, but through the chain query it, I found mainly from 3 aspects: 1, the chain Alexa ranking information generated outside the chain; 2, webmaster tools, love stand nets after the query; 3. The website itself the links in the formation of "chain". In particular about: the snapshot of the chain, I also found some snapshot is 07 years, the site should not be new, but why the domain name age but showed only 10 months, and these 07 years is now the snapshot inside the domain name, I don’t know why.


I entered the site to see the content, but also some inspirational quotes of the article, some small game, why are there so many people love it? We look at traffic sources:

in addition, before the two outer >

special one: 10 months in Shanghai but today [8 love weight view when weights into 7 A]

two: 10 months IP daily traffic of more than 200 thousand [see] today less than 200 thousand

there may be a lot of people see the title feel very exaggerated, even dare to believe that I really had never seen a website within 10 months (actually 8 months when it can reach Shanghai), love weight is 8, and the daily traffic of more than 200 thousand, this is really eye-opening, and eye-opening. Not only is the surface phenomenon, the site has several aspects of the performance even more fantastic. So today specifically to share, but because of my limited ability, this paper only temporarily share some special phenomenon in this website.

Webmaster Tools query traffic source, found a love Shanghai ranking record up to 30 pages of the site, although this for many high weight site is very normal, but not normal is the website of its 30 page rankings, all is love Shanghai ranked first, which makes me surprised, 30 pages with less than a hundred keywords more than a few thousand love Shanghai index, ranking is the first, you say it can not flow high? And is the most powerful place is ranked first in the column page or the article page page, a few.

Shanghai dragon is a brave game

attack: you can feel it, you can feel it, you can feel

in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng ER and the webmaster, everyone is very careful in the test as if these search engines love Shanghai Google’s bottom line.

fashion all Shanghai dragon ER Adsense governors, the ranking in front of the site or to brood on in the heart, immediately use love Shanghai Google K station is on these sites by the greatest in the world K station so smother! In a network of rivers and lakes of blood rain fishy wind, infighting began……

three way to improve search rankings

weapon list:

? be nothing difficult?

search engine optimization in a nice hobble

today, a dedicated to K off the web site UN Posada Shanghai Longfeng means out. K out of the opponent’s website, your website is not naturally ran ahead of

K station Nirvana: input ranking web site, click on the button. Command love Shanghai Google K off this station warrant is irretrievably out! Who hate k who died, who died who love brush. I love the sea at the mercy of Google Beck, Bing is listening to my words, Youdao Sogou SOSO

there is a taboo in the field of search engine optimization: just don’t instantly increase the number of the chain to the site. The website instantly increase the number of the chain, only one — love Shanghai Google search engine K off this station, this station is not included, the site does not appear in the search results. Why? Because a large number of the chain in the short term, will be the love of Shanghai Google as an invitation to play. Love Shanghai Google ten nine nine head just a long root, the root of humor yet mature, understand what is called humorous romantic, is not love any website to give it to this one, so.


search engine optimization is reasonable, what is the search engine optimization over? Don’t have a clear red line to mingduan? The answer is no..


in the network of rivers and lakes in the legend, there is a magic and evil weapon – love Shanghai Google K station. Any website with love as long as Shanghai Google K station, have loved Shanghai Google K off site risk, from the love of Shanghai Google’s search results, no news.

What is the

Shanghai dragon is a brave game. If the opponent’s Web site K input, not the input of K own site. Who stood the most loathed? Who is the station issued a top secret to death? Love in Shanghai Sogou K station in the express.

Defense Force: you can feel you can feel it, you can feel you can feel

meet the new Shanghai dragon means the webmaster is not only to increase the weight of their own website, and by the fear of a search engine drop right. This kind of complex mood, it is inextricably involved.

Shanghai dragon venture ER must understand six aspects

your courageShanghai dragon ER

to clear a successful website to reach the ideal height takes a year or even years, in this process, all the accumulated are thick and thin hair product. If anxious, want three to five months to make a big change by the website, or every two or three days a new project to do, so to finally lose only us.

Shanghai dragon

some of the basic things often on the website of the major, such as the station optimization, soft Wen promotion, link building and so on, in the opinion of some Shanghai Longfeng staff, these are Chen sesame rotten millet, rather than burn promotion, this is not what, but actually not, often a good grasp of the fundamentals, the site slowly there will be a primitive accumulation of basic things is always the most important.

does not intend to start must be drilled into the hot market, although popular market user group is large, but the competition is unprecedented. So, to find a niche in the market is quite a good idea, and immediately begin preparations, by using the previous advantages quickly occupied the market, and establish barriers to competition in the process.

cumulative sublimation

Grasp the basic things

grasp the niche market

if you are not careful you are engaged in industry research, it is likely to last no market, no customer. Not only by virtue of their warm blood or personal preferences to market positioning, customer positioning, in addition to the market investigation, understand what the customer needs, what problems to solve, need more comprehensive planning. Lay a solid foundation for future development.

entrepreneurship to do a thing for most of their accumulated funds, rather than the same money distributed to multiple things, or your energies will be dispersed, the time will be scattered, very likely to be worn down. Especially in the early days, most do not need very high technology, strong capital surplus, but a firm and indomitable heart.

before the start of meticulous investigation

Learn to work with

this seemingly, actually has the very big impact. Entrepreneurship in Shanghai Longfeng ER should not be perennial locked in a place, it is not conducive to the long-term development of you, should go out more exchanges of experience, pay more attention to the advanced experience of others and strategy. Now’s not actblindly >

learning to a certain degree, there are two options, the first is for the service of others, the second is for their own services. More and more owners to experience familiar with Shanghai, after a period of time, to go from the entrepreneurial road, but the road is not easy, in addition to Shanghai Dragon Technology and thinking to grasp, but also need to put aside this level, standing on the other point of view seriously, below to give you six reasons summed up in Shanghai dragon ER on the road of business should understand.

The world’s youngest billionaire Spiegel has put out a business partnerZhang Xiaolong it’s only 11 d

1, where will future applets come from?

, this is the second public appearance of the super product manager. Zhang Xiaolong, who was not used to the lights and the attention, was obviously a little nervous looking at the stage. He spoke slowly, paced around the stage, and his blue sweater and jeans were wrinkled.

small program on official news release and the product has been speculation that the true mingled with the false many times. But until today, people didn’t have much more precise information about it.

Snapchat founder Spiegel

and your imagination is not the same as small program

lead: U.S. IT website CNET published today entitled "Snapchat founder Evan · Spiegel said: not lucky boy of 3 billion" Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel: Saying no to $3B, and feeling lucky review article said, as the son of a lawyer and his wife, Spiegel, was born in an influential family but, now, the 23 year old boy because they rejected Mark · Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg to be remembered.

, did not waver in his belief, even daring to bet.

Spiegel goes out >

but WeChat in today’s open class, Zhang Xiaolong almost put these speculations all overthrown, in 10 he briefly answered, you are more likely to understand the "applets" what kind of product:

, as outside speculation, in this year’s WeChat open class, Zhang Xiaolong finally want to uncover the WeChat applet veil. In the WeChat public class in January 2016, Zhang Xiaolong was "very surprised" to reveal information about the application number, the small program that we know later. After a year, after numerous speculation, Zhang Xiaolong finally announced the official release date of small program: January 9, 2017.

: he’s very confident and even stubborn about his own ideas." Leo School Rofe · Crossroads for Arts and Sciences at the Santa Monica Cross School in Santa Barbara, has been a classmate of Rio Spiegel; Luo Fei said.

Zhang Xiaolong burst into cheers as he walked into the middle of the stage.


WeChat doesn’t specifically develop an entry for small programs. We want users to drive more through two-dimensional code scans. I always think that two-dimensional code is the entrance of mobile internet. Just like a >

just a few months ago, this "post burn" picture and video sharing app has a valuation of only $800 million. The service sends 400 million messages per day, which is very popular among young people. Although they are still on the specific number of users carefully conceal mentioning, but in any case, sober venture capital or the company invested a great deal of attention, and given its huge financial support, eager to develop the next Faceboook. So Spiegel does not have to worry about the company’s future in the short run.

no matter what he did, the 23 year old would always be remembered for refusing Zuckerberg. Whatever the original intention, it really shows great confidence for a young man. But if you’re surprised, it just means you don’t know Spiegel yet.

Zhang Xiaolong and small program team a year ago


, a small program is a "accident", "WeChat rarely put a function or not made product form prior to the outside world, are generally the first to give you a surprise. Although the expression on his face had not changed, Zhang Xiaolong said he was "very excited," "for a long time," he said. "I need to make a response here last year.". "

, like many young people, Evan, ·, Thomas, ·, Spiegel Evan Thomas Spiegel is also obsessed with luxury cars. But unlike many young people, he can afford a luxury car.

childhood, superior

graduated from Stanford University after more than two years, the co-founder of Snapchat have made many people dream of the peak, he founded the business empire received billions of dollars worth of offer. The news that Facebook had spent $3 billion in cash to buy Snapchat, but was rejected.

below is the main content of the article:

in September this year, WeChat released a beta version of the small program, Zhang Xiaolong’s circle of friends to explain the small program as a "no need to download, install", "within reach", "just use, go" light applications. Many people speculated that WeChat super app can take this to become the next App Store, and many more entrepreneurs eager to think ahead of time to seize the new round of flow bonus entrance opportunities finally arrived.

Spiegel, who grew up with According to Zhang Xiaolong

but from Zhang Xiaolong’s next argument, the WeChat small program that made him "full of excitement" was quite different from what many people thought before.


In the tide of e-commerce can also join the clothing store

now we know that in a huge e-commerce market, many of us feel that we can not afford to open a clothing store, the shop will certainly lose money, but is it true? Today we will look at, in the e-commerce environment, how should we run a clothing store.

how to open clothing shop to make money? Do not think that women’s discount stores, cheap clothes, clothing can casually decorate the can, the overall image should be in place, the overall look is the brand store, the door marked advertising clear store sales price, let the people passing by at a glance what the shop sells! The renovation of old should spend money to get the customer’s psychology, are so poor decoration shop is sure to sell cheap goods, good decoration shop is selling expensive goods, to buy cheap goods is in good shops for decoration! Otherwise, why should pay attention to the overall brand image?


The car O2O death list reflection no godfather to die quickly, from Wang king to operation

Abstract: O2O car company to be in an invincible position, except that Internet Co has characteristics, operation of thinking, more attention should be paid to the market and the needs of the user pain points of attention and breakthrough, more and more professional, more extreme. Car O2O rules of the game is not king enclosure, but the operation is king.


‘s recent hot list of O2O deaths on the Internet has given the O2O industry a hot spell of ice water, triggering a rethink. Among them, the automobile O2O industry is more thought-provoking. Data show that the Chinese car O2O market, including taxi, car, car, driving on behalf of the market are very broad, there are hundreds of billions, trillions, why so many cars O2O

company to become cannon fodder?Several

car O2O death not the most common

backed Godfather


reached the car O2O company is nothing more than these types of situations: one is the internet background, proficient in technology, through a platform to subvert the traditional industry, being called the Internet, this play is the mainstream of the industry. The other one is the traditional automobile industry knows, even with the traditional industry of the company, and then "Internet plus". Why are there two cases of death? The following are the reasons:

Internet faction stressed that staking the land, in the shortest possible time to obtain scale advantages, establish market base and establish a competitive threshold. Therefore, if the starting time is not early, requires behind capital and godfather of strength is strong enough, have enough cash to cultivate the market, expand the scale of subsidies to users, catch up from behind in the market.

currently, the car O2O market, BAT three giants were dabbled in drops, fast, Uber three taxi projects, so the taxi platform basically no opportunity to speak of. But in the generation market, E-Drive timely use of policies and market window period, 4 years of operation has done enough to scale to occupy 70-90% share in the vertical market, for newcomers, chances are slim.

is not difficult to find that the Internet sent car O2O, often die in no backing or cut the godfather; the wrong time to scale success. However, another easily overlooked, is the traditional industry understanding and operation is not in place, the occupation of the market, but does not give the user the continuous, reliable and high-quality service, in addition to subsidies, not what advantage. While the subsidy is not a permanent solution. Therefore, can not form a virtuous circle, bigger and stronger.

traditional automotive industry cut into O2O, often brain into the Internet, and the body is still in the tradition. Show is the capital investment and the pace is too small, the market marketing is awesome. Because too conservative, or finally die, or rely on traditional industries to support the survival of embarrassment.

and overall, the death of car O2O is the worst lesson

Recommend a good way to make money online 6

in the network so developed today, there are many ways to make money online, many people want to make money online, but there are also a lot of money to make money on the Internet, many people do not believe. So, on the Internet to make money on the fly? Whether or not to make money? Next, we will introduce a few more realistic online money work.


1, open a shop selling things

2, the Internet to do Witkey make money

3, build their own personal website

4, apply for moderators, earn pocket money

apply for moderators, to some forums such as apply to do Sohu forum moderator. Moderator treatment is more stable but not high, and different sites to pay the moderator is not the same treatment. Be the first to be interested, and must have a fixed time every day to manage the forum. For a large number of friends, may wish to apply to do the moderator, not only to meet the moderators do vanity, you can also get a little material gains.

5, do bidding to sell products

Do these seven points so that children’s clothing store business is more popular

parents want their children to be better, is very important in children’s wear, children’s wear that everyone thinks that it is, a good choice to make money, but to the success of the operation of a children’s clothing store, not only to have a good product, but also have good management methods, so as to make children’s clothing store prosperous. So, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate in order to let the children’s clothing store business fire?

1, children’s clothing store location is critical. A lot of good will, the flow of people is also large, will make your business in the shop fire up, so people often choose the address, to find some large flow of people. Good lot, the flow of people, which can save money to do publicity, but also to save time to improve the brightness of knowledge, contrary to a lot of relatively long period of time to keep. In particular, the competition is so fierce, can not afford to spend much time.

2, market objectives to be clear. It is impossible to do a business, a person can not be to do all the business of the market. So, when you have to put your market positioning, know where your customer base? Then the bombardment group".

3, children’s clothing to be unique. Good or bad goods directly related to your business is good, but also related to your inventory. And other places of exchange of children is certainly good, ask them what version of the good, to share with each other. Others tried the version of the clothes, of course, sell.

4, pay attention to children’s clothing store decoration and display. Look at the decoration of others before the decoration style, look at what desirable. The decoration of the best one step, don’t be afraid to spend money, decoration grades, or selling clothes. Lighting is also very important, good lighting can arouse the desire of customers want to buy.

of course, in the autumn and winter seasons can be appropriate to use some warm light, give people a warm feeling. Clothing is also very particular about the display, different display selling points are not the same. However, children’s clothes are hanging more easily than hanging side, side hanging is to do a little drop, two is to save noodles, there are also desirable.

5, to be willing to do promotional activities. Keep in mind: to advertise, is to let you pay for the opponent. Why? Customers are coming to your store, is not the opponent is giving you an advertising fee.

6, on the question of counter-offer: whether or not counter-offer, which is my own repeatedly wandering problem, has not yet jumped out of this cycle.

7, the establishment of membership system. The main purpose of the establishment of the membership system is to retain old customers, to create a file for each of the old customers, according to the amount of consumption in his shop to give a different discount. For example, in a special holiday asked: gifts to be creative, do not always send socks what. Send a book on parenting education to a large customer, or the current popular fashion accessories, toys, what recommend