Detailed written website title

For example, Guangzhou is a

1: keyword stuffing

first of all, we should make it clear that, in the process of Web site operators, Shanghai dragon is the process, and ultimately bring business and order is the purpose, but the key is the sensitivity of the user. If an enterprise website written in title so it will give people a very irregular feeling, the sensitivity of the user naturally down, many potential loss of business. So for small sites those workshops, such wording may have little effect, but the regular big enterprises is intolerable million.

XX, the main flower service, many enterprises hope in any page on Title XX wrote "flower company,……" In this form, it is also a typical error.

second, from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, this is not a piece of optimization. Basically speaking, the current search engine segmentation technology has been very mature, highly repetitive keywords stack effect is not big, even have the opposite effect. Like the above title you write "Guangzhou site construction site, fast service providers can, through the word already in fact the main keywords are included.

in title, on the left of the general keyword weight is higher, the more important the right. For small businesses, the most important thing is not their company name or brand, but they want to promote a product or service, it is recommended that you do not in any page on the title must add the name of the company. If you want to add, also proposed in the back.

title is generally the first 25 words is the best, so we can say.

: a website title writing typical errors

If a company named

title writing is very important to do Shanghai dragon in the optimization step, the basic work is also a Shanghai dragon er. But the author found that in practice there are many websites Title actually wrote is a problem, and even some years of employment in Shanghai dragon Er are still making mistakes. In this paper, the author firstly lists the typical mistakes in writing the title website, website written title must follow the principle of.

to do for the home station site, the title in "Guangzhou station | Guangzhou website | Guangzhou website | Guangzhou website," this is a typical error, the reason has two:

3: there are too many irrelevant words

2: the name of the company at the forefront of

for large companies, this kind of writing is not a problem, because the company’s brand is their most valuable asset, but for small businesses, their brand is not yet established, this style of title is a kind of waste, the reasons are as follows:

Simple analysis on Shanghai Longfeng industry three well-known website

Chinaz Webmaster Tools: domain name time of 10 years and 8 months, included 3 million 10 thousand, outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query 5 million 120 thousand and 400, PR 7, Alexa average in March ranked 154, Shanghai love weight value 6;

: the basic information of the website

Figure Figure

, the basic information of the website

search outside Shanghai dragon why: Forum, written with the Discuz open source forum system using PHP script language, title tag search "Shanghai dragon Forum – the most popular Shanghai dragon industry community, time search engine technology update" hot in the Keywords tag, description tag, contains keywords Shanghai dragon, keyword density of 4.8%. The page keywords used by the H1 page on a label, with the anchor text link to another two level domain name; H2 tag 13 anchor text links to various kinds of forum; a H3 tag, for statistics in line member area. The URL path is static, love Shanghai scoring 2 half star query optimization.

Webmaster Tools

love Shanghai Encyclopedia: domain name time of 13 years and 10 months, included 9 million 800 thousand, outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query 99 million 410 thousand and 600, PR 8, Alexa average in March ranked 1347, Shanghai love weight value 10;

Chinaz: Webmaster Tools query tool, written by the independent development of the ASP.NET scripting language.

: search the basic information of the website


point directly into, today I said three case analysis under the most basic class website, to search for the words "Shanghai dragon", a search forum sub directory BBS, top-level domain name on page second, probably because of the previous revision of the two is the two level domain name Chinaz webmaster the three is a tool, love Shanghai encyclopedia pages Shanghai dragon entry, the three station as long as it is in the search engine in the field of Shanghai dragon, part of the search engine rankings are in the top three, which focuses on the inside pages of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai encyclopedia entries, this page in the rival search engine rankings show top three, a separation of fourth, the weight is high, is worth us to study Shanghai dragon heavy industry personnel.

site architecture

: love Shanghai encyclopedia basic information


why: domain name search outside Shanghai Longfeng time of 5 years and 8 months, included 2 million 200 thousand, outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query 1 million 236 thousand and 800, PR 5, Alexa average in March ranked 1347, Shanghai love weight value 5;




Shanghai dragon more needs to be done on the basis of facts

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce the "Shanghai dragon knowledge too cheap value experience is very scarce", get a lot of friend’s identity. Indeed, the Shanghai dragon, many of our friends understand too shallow, Shanghai dragon is definitely not the hair outside the chain, do false original so simple, we have a lot of things to do, Shanghai based dragon knowledge is easy to learn, the value of experience is not easy to obtain, and to obtain the value of experience we need to use the fact as the foundation.

basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon is the most important, this point that everyone knows, but can really sink in the heart in accordance with the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" to operate the webmaster not much, some owners even interpret out of context in the wrong direction, vague, or some also hold the lucky heart pretend to find a breakthrough from the search engine’s vulnerability, not entirely impossible, but it’s very difficult to do, as well as the foundation of Shanghai longfeng. Well, do the chain, from the two aspects of search engine and user implementation of Shanghai dragon you need to do.

accidental phenomenon that we can get more experience. Because only new problems will stimulate us to acquire more knowledge, to analyze what we did not do well, >

second based on the data analysis of the phenomenon of Shanghai dragon

a lot, we do in Shanghai dragon will encounter some special phenomena, such as the site is K, website does not increase, the website is not a new snapshot, this phenomenon seems to be difficult to solve, but it will certainly be able to through the data analysis to find the reasons. A very important principle which is also in Shanghai Dragon: do analysis of Shanghai dragon phenomenon based on the data from the data, found the problem, solve the problem.

actually refers to the real situation of things, including things, events, events, which happened all the objects and social phenomenon, the objective existence of the unusual things and situations and the variation trend. But in fact Shanghai Longfeng includes some of the techniques and rules of Shanghai Longfeng existence, an event in Shanghai dragon in the process, we should analysis of the data, and the dynamic website and we need to pay attention to the search engine. This should hold these things, you start to Shanghai dragon absolutely no problem.


any good Shanghai dragon is certainly the most important for Shanghai dragon knowledge and mastering methods, which I in the previous article also recommend the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", believe that people will certainly be able to find the breakthrough point of the Shanghai dragon in this guide. Always think of a good website, a good article will let you absolutely always look new, because of the different time period for our Shanghai dragon’s cognition is different, coupled with the increase in different time experience to be confirmed, you will continue to deepen their understanding of the Shanghai dragon.

first Shanghai dragon

knowledge and methods

Shanghai dragon website optimization of a full range of construction site outside the chain

A, a catalog of classified information this station includes 114, Amazon Chinese directory, Chinese open directory, classification Daquan, point me, chain network, station search, the first time to play, get a day, seemingly only joined the 15 directory.

?Second step

directory of many sites require you to do his home site, you can. The site also contempt, not very good, others are in the home to do his own station, in order to hang him page a link. But the catalogue is useful, the second day I query to my chain increased.

this paper aims to explore the all-round construction of the chain, he produced a form, to share for everyone to see, there is no shortage and wrote the place, please enlighten.

The main reason is the

I test for two days, the fact that I really is a slow, generally the entire half can be up to 50 outside the chain, but the two station together with the count of 100, hey

B, Links exchange platform to hang up your website it is today I do, always get the evening meal to eat a meal at noon, only up 40, but the next day the liquidation rose 60… I am tired… But at night have heard Links exchange platform links from Shanghai love love, I think it is right. But hey Something is better than nothing..

, determine the competitor’s website is very important, we can’t open times, otherwise is not alone? Efficiency than work silently standing on the shoulder height. Take my first website, the Yo Yo Tour – Game Forum, so I established the "Monkey Island Forum Game Forum" keywords ranked first as the first competitor to me. Through the chain chain query tools to find sites which are located, when I will send the chain, as long as it had the place to go, is not to reduce a lot of work? Tools well before using the YAHOO webmaster tools, now not, although it is recommended to use English, but it is better than nothing.

Shanghai Longfeng chain construction of the third step: the audience will be able to extend the site classification generally outside the chain, then a kind of website, so that a more objective, more efficiency. Can be divided into the following categories.

C, forum signature or article hanging links this is very simple, but I think it points to tell you, and I also do so.

Shanghai Longfeng chain construction site is currently the first step: Statistics of the chain, and in accordance with their time planning, the daily need to send outside the chain.


NO1 to determine the competitors at the same time, also set two and you almost the station as a competitor, or looking at first, and miss, much self-confidence ah

The use of WordPress plugin to add

settings, YARPP also supports more powerful settings. For example, you can set the related links of the HTML template. This link can be used to specify the style > display station

In addition to the simple

chain in the chain to easy, at least the webmaster can decide where to put the link. But with the link is still a relatively heavy labor. Think, you have to find the relevant articles in the previous page, and then make the anchor text to the new page. This time may not write an article than to spend much less. At that time I also encountered this problem, is very distressed. Since the search engine can use technology to automatically identify the relevant results, why in my website can automatically find related pages into it. Fortunately, I was using WordPress, the thought of the cover and contain everything plug-in libraries, have found a bit. Sure enough, there have been more than one specially used to automatically generate the relevant article plug-in. I use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, referred to as YARPP. There have been about 1000000 times the plugin download, can be regarded as a relatively successful plug-in.

The Compared to the

YARPP is very easy to use, do not take a few minutes to set up, it will help you put the site all pages and links, and these links are calculated according to the matching algorithm. In the background of the settings page, specify a webmaster is mainly the matching degree limit, below the limit value of the article will not be listed in the article. The webmaster can try to set the value, according to the decision on their effects on a web page. Another is to set the maximum number of links, links is automatically added up to how many. Generally 5 to 10 on the line, too much is not good. Set the two, YARPP should be able to play a role. Then, whenever you open a page, a group of related links on display at the rear, very convenient.

believes that the site of the friends all know "content is king, the chain for the king" saying this. But in addition to the content and the chain, there is another important aspect of Shanghai dragon in the chain is urban legends. Some people love Shanghai more attention within the chain. The inner chain, is pointing to the other pages on the web site of the internal links. Within the chain in addition to help Shanghai Longfeng, can also help you keep users on the site, to extend the user on the web browsing time.

in the chain in the form can be divided into two kinds. One is in the paper, with keywords for the anchor text links to other pages. The other is a list of related articles in the end. When visiting some of the more famous website, can see this two links regularly. Because these links are associated with the current web page, so if you want, is not when I saw these links when they are interested in, will point to open it? Improve the user experience, but also improve the PV website, it is double unevenamerica.

National entrepreneurship leading to serious problems faced by all entrepreneurs

in the era of entrepreneurship, although entrepreneurs have brought a very good entrepreneurial environment, but also to bring entrepreneurs a variety of problems.

1, the company registered

The first hurdle is the company registration problem placed in front of

2, corporate finance

3, legal issues

from the current trend of the domestic point of view, although the national policy is to provide a relaxed business environment for entrepreneurs, but many of the necessary procedures in the process of entrepreneurship is not reasonable, recommended

Vegetarian restaurant small business plan

with the accelerated pace of life, people’s desire for the quality of life is becoming more and more intense, a lot of people who pursue the quality of life like vegetarian, so open a vegetarian restaurant is a good choice. Special

vegetarian in the static location is different from other hotels. Usually suitable for vegetarian restaurant where there are three: first, large residential areas and food stalls lined Shijie and roads. Usually these places are food and beverage gathering places. Business prosperity, popularity, where a vegetarian restaurant, guests will visit a lot.

Rural hot entrepreneurial projects recommended

now because the domestic urbanization continues to deepen, and the vast rural areas have begun to gradually introduce some commercial elements, in the vast rural market, a lot of business opportunities, so what are the good project


rental store supplies in rural areas

Agricultural Machinery Management

swap shop

special snack

if you have good character city hard hard, with the hands of ten thousand yuan of funds, can be considered in the city downtown or the seat of township government to open a special snack, operating varieties in accordance with local people’s eating habits. For example, a spicy soup shop, shop, shop, shop, cake soup wonton shop, barbecue shop, silk shop in cereals, breakfast, dinner, lunch, with a characteristic, fast, affordable, flavor win, let diners spend two or three yuan will be able to eat eat. What is the most profitable to do in the countryside? Store rent, liquidity, the purchase of tables and chairs and tableware and kitchen utensils together, there are ten thousand yuan enough.

please carefully evaluate you are ready to shop location, such as belonging to the tourist city or crowded areas, the larger flow of people, and the local government really support, you can try to start. The new venture projects in rural areas, however, remember, 1, health is very important, the first visual basically laid the status of your hotel in the heart of customers; 2, please analyze other similar and you store stores, from them you can learn a lot of things.

Public space into a new base for innovation and entrepreneurial talent gathered in Shanxi

after a year of development, around the public record from the free development space has entered into the official civil cooperative stage, Shanxi identified 35 provincial public record in January, let startups have more reliable choice.

"public record space for start-ups to achieve" bag "settled, not only provide soft service training, information network and technology sharing site also provides free, public facilities and other hardware services." In February 14th, Shanxi Gaochuang · the leader of space innovation development department Yang Qian introduction, 35 public space as a leader in our province the first batch of a space, has completed the construction of double service online and offline, a total construction area of 1000 square meters.

the provincial science and Technology Department released the January 7th 35 provincial public in our province the first batch of a space list. The confirmation received from 10, a total of 83 units to declare material, through the form of review, expert assessment and other aspects, to lead the space, clear control of 35 public space public record as the representative of a space through the review, was identified as the first batch of Shanxi province public record space.

"with the province" double "related policies, the province’s public record space model innovation platform construction become, operators and service mode are showing a variety of situation." Provincial Science and Technology Department of high-tech development and industrialization department director Zhang Kejun introduced, at present, our province formed a leading space, clear control of integrated service type public space public record as the representative of a space; stainless steel deep processing of the public record space, Li Guang mechanical processing industrial park public record space as the representative of the industry chain service mode of the public record in space; Yuncheng Galaxy multi-creation space as the representative of the real estate restructuring public record space; in the 88 together to vote for the representatives of the investment driven by a public record space; wisdom training and coaching public passenger space represented by a space and to a number of workshops as the representative of the media driven public a space six development mode.

incubation platform role has been recognized, but because of the public record space in China is still at the initial stage of development, still has a lot of defects, the majority of guests need to pay attention in this regard.

related recommendations

Investment analysis of home improvement store

In the process of looking for the

project, we will not be fooled by the surface of the hot project, before making the investment, we must calm down to do in-depth analysis of market and investment, so that it can better choice, more security investment returns! Today, we would like to introduce you to the home improvement consulting shop investment analysis.