For example, Guangzhou is a

1: keyword stuffing

first of all, we should make it clear that, in the process of Web site operators, Shanghai dragon is the process, and ultimately bring business and order is the purpose, but the key is the sensitivity of the user. If an enterprise website written in title so it will give people a very irregular feeling, the sensitivity of the user naturally down, many potential loss of business. So for small sites those workshops, such wording may have little effect, but the regular big enterprises is intolerable million. read more

Chinaz Webmaster Tools: domain name time of 10 years and 8 months, included 3 million 10 thousand, outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query 5 million 120 thousand and 400, PR 7, Alexa average in March ranked 154, Shanghai love weight value 6;

: the basic information of the website

Figure Figure

, the basic information of the website

search outside Shanghai dragon why: Forum, written with the Discuz open source forum system using PHP script language, title tag search "Shanghai dragon Forum – the most popular Shanghai dragon industry community, time search engine technology update" hot in the Keywords tag, description tag, contains keywords Shanghai dragon, keyword density of 4.8%. The page keywords used by the H1 page on a label, with the anchor text link to another two level domain name; H2 tag 13 anchor text links to various kinds of forum; a H3 tag, for statistics in line member area. The URL path is static, love Shanghai scoring 2 half star query optimization. read more

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce the "Shanghai dragon knowledge too cheap value experience is very scarce", get a lot of friend’s identity. Indeed, the Shanghai dragon, many of our friends understand too shallow, Shanghai dragon is definitely not the hair outside the chain, do false original so simple, we have a lot of things to do, Shanghai based dragon knowledge is easy to learn, the value of experience is not easy to obtain, and to obtain the value of experience we need to use the fact as the foundation. read more

A, a catalog of classified information this station includes 114, Amazon Chinese directory, Chinese open directory, classification Daquan, point me, chain network, station search, the first time to play, get a day, seemingly only joined the 15 directory.

?Second step

directory of many sites require you to do his home site, you can. The site also contempt, not very good, others are in the home to do his own station, in order to hang him page a link. But the catalogue is useful, the second day I query to my chain increased. read more

settings, YARPP also supports more powerful settings. For example, you can set the related links of the HTML template. This link can be used to specify the style > display station

In addition to the simple

chain in the chain to easy, at least the webmaster can decide where to put the link. But with the link is still a relatively heavy labor. Think, you have to find the relevant articles in the previous page, and then make the anchor text to the new page. This time may not write an article than to spend much less. At that time I also encountered this problem, is very distressed. Since the search engine can use technology to automatically identify the relevant results, why in my website can automatically find related pages into it. Fortunately, I was using WordPress, the thought of the cover and contain everything plug-in libraries, have found a bit. Sure enough, there have been more than one specially used to automatically generate the relevant article plug-in. I use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, referred to as YARPP. There have been about 1000000 times the plugin download, can be regarded as a relatively successful plug-in. read more

with the accelerated pace of life, people’s desire for the quality of life is becoming more and more intense, a lot of people who pursue the quality of life like vegetarian, so open a vegetarian restaurant is a good choice. Special

vegetarian in the static location is different from other hotels. Usually suitable for vegetarian restaurant where there are three: first, large residential areas and food stalls lined Shijie and roads. Usually these places are food and beverage gathering places. Business prosperity, popularity, where a vegetarian restaurant, guests will visit a lot.

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after a year of development, around the public record from the free development space has entered into the official civil cooperative stage, Shanxi identified 35 provincial public record in January, let startups have more reliable choice.

"public record space for start-ups to achieve" bag "settled, not only provide soft service training, information network and technology sharing site also provides free, public facilities and other hardware services." In February 14th, Shanxi Gaochuang · the leader of space innovation development department Yang Qian introduction, 35 public space as a leader in our province the first batch of a space, has completed the construction of double service online and offline, a total construction area of 1000 square meters. read more

In the process of looking for the

project, we will not be fooled by the surface of the hot project, before making the investment, we must calm down to do in-depth analysis of market and investment, so that it can better choice, more security investment returns! Today, we would like to introduce you to the home improvement consulting shop investment analysis.

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for entrepreneurs, financing is the first step in entrepreneurship, a good financing channels to give entrepreneurs more opportunities to get rich. Currently around the implementation and innovation of SMEs financing mainly has the following 12 kinds:

1, integrated credit

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do not look at many shopkeepers are constantly learning a variety of business skills and the like, however, many times the business is good or bad, often depends on some small details of the operation. Some time ago, my cousin came back from overseas workers, decided to do business at home roasted business market.

I know, there are two perennial fixed do business on the market stalls roasted. Among them, there is a do roasted taste is very good, a lot of customers who love to buy his house. The cousin is done before the construction work, heard that he was going to do business I was very worried about food. read more

The emergency Lane on the highway

design can be said to be a life passage, the relief channel is designed in an emergency, let rescue keep smooth and efficient, social vehicles are prohibited to enter or stay in the emergency lane for any reason. But in real life, the emergency lane is often unruly drivers forcibly occupied, in this regard, our province traffic police department will be from December 15th to March next year to carry out the illegal occupation of the emergency lane highway vehicle special rectification actions.

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many catering entrepreneurs to invest to join the chicken market project, Zhao Qingli DaPanJi selected, but the mass of resources on the Internet so that they do not know what the letter is good, so Xiaobian to introduce Zhao Qingli to join the market conditions and procedure of chicken.

Zhao Qingli chicken market conditions:

1, agree with Zhao Qingli brand management concept, risk awareness, entrepreneurial spirit; have good communication and coordination ability; recognition and acceptance of the headquarters of the management of the will and determination to ensure the maintenance of brand reputation and image. read more