Love Shanghai search market share decline

this is perhaps one of the most important reasons. Since 360 and turned the barbaric growth became the third largest search engine, and love all kinds of struggle in Shanghai between 360 and has never stopped. 360 to go all the way from the initial development of free antivirus software, then the search engine, then later commercialized, the old week ares sword at Shanghai love. In order to cope with the 360 attack, love Shanghai joint Jinshan Tencent and some other strong opponents to fight, but 360 of the momentum of development has not been weakened, and now has more than second domestic search engine become Sogou, in the search Chinese love Shanghai market is facing the pressure of competition is more and more big.

recently saw the news, as the search giant market, domestic and international search engines love Shanghai search engine giant Google search market share in China have varying degrees of decline. What is different, Google fell all in liquidation, after all, Google have to withdraw from the Chinese market for several years, but has been ranked the domestic search market dominance of the market share in Shanghai love unexpectedly from the peak of more than 80% dropped to less than 70% since the number in surprise at the same time but also makes people the reason behind this need to explore.

2, the way people use the Internet to change

4, the promotion of information negative effects

1, 360

as the saying goes, There are no waves without wind. Guangzhou Qiyi network Xiaobian today will lead you to explore, love why Shanghai lost more than 10% of the market share.

competition from competitors

in the past, the Internet is not yet universal, people are used to search all kinds of information on the Internet, but with the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, and the Internet is becoming more and more popular, people no longer need and can be accessed through the corresponding website directly to obtain information through search engines, such as domestic electricity supplier giant Alibaba group and Jingdong etc. large electricity providers have completely rely on their own strength to attract users without the need for drainage through the search engine.

3, the search engine ranking competition, enterprises have to find more ways to promote

before the popularity of the Internet, the enterprise through the web site keywords optimization can improve website rankings in search engines to get traffic and more orders, but with the popularity of the Internet, more and more enterprise website, search engine ranking competition intensified, coupled with changes in user habits, obtained by the search engine the flow is less and less. Therefore enterprises have to change their way of promotion, to the popular social network marketing. This type of marketing from once keywords optimization ranking — get traffic – into order through the search engine as an intermediary in the Internet into broadcast information directly to the target audience of the model.

promotion is the network marketing mode > Shanghai’s first love

A love with Google Shanghai for the difference of the web site included

4, love Shanghai love the top-level domain name in the title page keyword ranking, and no matter how much is Alexa, have quite the rankings. (the requirement is of course a top-level domain, and it is the home page file, super popular keywords except.

on your website impression rating in the first part, love Shanghai like grab a content page, of course, the importance of title is self-evident. We add >

from the content preferences on Shanghai love games, music, entertainment, leisure life; love Shanghai as a young man; if love Shanghai love mop贵族宝贝, Tianya etc..

3, Shanghai love to love the title keyword list, title keyword list contains the page ranking.

from the top:

1, love Shanghai love included static key word named directory or file html. Of course the very front rank.

2, love Shanghai love included single keyword "title, and the very front rank.


5, love Shanghai love automatically included in your website from other websites, such as I love Shanghai in the space contains its own website published the inside address, then Shanghai will be automatically included in the love. And the faster, but here we should pay attention to a little love, Shanghai space must not be hair, if you love Shanghai manual review found that the station will be artificial drop right perdition


A5 has many webmaster have doubts on this issue, I have some experience of my own summary of the focus from the hope can help to you, we need to understand that although SOSO is currently pushing the very fire, but QQ is not the engine was born, but also for the traffic control is dead, so the flow of SOSO most of their retention we, that is the main professional "Genzheng Miao red" engine: love Shanghai and Google. "Content is king, the chain for emperor" love Shanghai focus on the "King", while GG is the emphasis on the "emperor". From this also see, why love Shanghai will take Chinese market, while GG in China only at the door! This is why Chinese people are so love love Shanghai!

many owners because of the different types of Web sites, the need for specialized optimization of different engines, but many do not speak Shanghai dragon tutorial engine in the end what is the difference, for many webmaster a world engine technology concept everyone, almost everyone, in fact, this is completely different.

6, love Shanghai is paying more attention to the user experience of the website, which is what we call the site to keep updated, keep the original, if a website return rate is done if users stay for a long time, more content words of love Shanghai ranking will certainly be better

the love of Shanghai and Google what is essentially different?

Encyclopedia of experience summed up his own

1 and high quality

relatively simple method is to get through the small details of some layout, or add a few copies of the pictures, by the high rate of. If your connection when the hair is that advertising is connected, no matter how good you get content but also through the. If so, you can improve your pass rate, take the time to upgrade the account. Do the Encyclopedia of the job, there is a requirement to pass rate in more than 85% of the task, so the start should be simple to modify the entry, improve the pass rate.

to create or modify the entry

there is a little trick is, you search for dishes encyclopedia, what Braised pork in brown sauce, Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil such practices, add a few materials or the finished map map, can pass, is very simple, is a good method to upgrade the account. General 2 days can Wikipedia to upgrade to 4, and account pass rate in more than 85%, at this time to connect with the most effective, because your account has a position of authority, so connected by the rate will be much higher.

love Shanghai encyclopedia that needless to say we are very clear, get some connection weights to improve the effect of Wikipedia website is also very obvious, but the Encyclopedia also has a certain degree of difficulty, the share several skills yourself encyclopedia summed up to you.

the chain a Wikipedia account get more, I suggest you change or an account, or someone to report your entry connection, all entries you edit will be re examined once identified advertising account, before the efforts were in vain, but also leads to the chain the instability of your site is very bad! It’s best for an account issued 5 connection, for an account, a number is k if there are other in

2, modify the format, typesetting, typos, Cato

then advertising too obvious, audit people look at a few words are outside the chain of the same website would be submitted with the word will not give you several times, and are being returned to you, your account may also be included in the blacklist, will has no connection with the entry.

!5, do not rely on The If you The weight of

4, don’t put all your egg in one basket on

user experience is the main, if you love Shanghai no follow>

transition Encyclopedia

you get more rich content, with the greater the probability of connected by. When editing Wikipedia, the manual is not own original content, as long as you can find, get rich, good entry, then write detailed modification reasons there, let people know you a lot of effort, it is very easy to pass. This can get a high quality of the chain.

3, not a one-time submit some connection entry

The difference between winning and losingNo Baidu will do the same


a few days, I think many webmaster and I like depression, we do not have the Zuo Bi, a literary network, can make a pure art, what? Many members still in our province and the Provincial Writers Association and essayist Association members.

I got the most active Internet writer

I always support the national policy on the network, but also has always insisted on not let go of a bad standing on the Internet ", is not a good foreign aid" of the faith, I will believe that as long as we do, no matter what the search will not affect our.

due to dissatisfaction with the design of the network company, when I was ready to give up, an enthusiastic hometown friends readily gave me a station, function is not bad. I’ve also learned a lot about website making techniques. I really appreciate this friend and thanks to my readers.

when I sit in the United States military command center of the reception room, waiting for a project to make a simple statement of my group, I saw the wall saying unintentionally. "I am too weak to defend. So, I attack." The famous quote comes from Robert · E· Lee, a prominent leader of the northern Virginia army, is one of his explanations for the strategy that led him to win one of the many victories in the civil war. I savor the audacity of the phrase and begin to think about the difference between Lee and his main rival, the George · of the federal army, major general Mcclellan.

whenever Li Jiaofeng and Mcclellan are the eternal, that may be the worst result is the most likely outcome. He was obsessed with a pile of "if – so". What if Li’s strength is beyond me? What should I do if Li surrounds me from the side? What if Li Zaiwo is back and ready to attack Washington? What should I do if my troops panic and flee? What if Lincoln orders me to do something stupid? What should I do if the news media betrays me? "If – then" bothered Mcclellan, which led them to lose all the initiative they might have. In the battle of Antietam, he accidentally got real combat plan Lee, but he still slowly react very reluctant to use his reserve, and then completely lost his own absolute advantage. Mcclellan’s fear of making mistakes and his dislike of taking risks led to the cost of countless lives, and ultimately he was a failure.

first went to an Internet company and told them about their plans and ideas, but it didn’t always meet my requirements. It might be that they don’t know the features of literary networks and what writers and readers need,

after 2008, the hundreds of articles published on the network, has gathered around him a group of literary enthusiasts and readers, and so, with a cavity blood and love, calmly into the internet.

after two weeks, my station was Baidu included more than 1400 pages, I was very happy in the moment, in May 31st when I check included, but became zero, although Google included my station page more than 12700 here but still feel great sweep of my faith, I do not why is this the case? Is the test of our Baidu or Baidu? What to do


I am a grassroots webmaster, no big thing, in addition to writing a little text, published some articles, there are a number of enthusiastic network of friends to help me. At first, the station was mainly interested, and after many months of editing in many large literary networks, Meng came up with a literary network suitable for himself and literature lovers. In fact, many things are easier said than done.

wish webmaster out of the confusion as soon as possible, and also hope to connect with you, cooperation, bigger and stronger! Anhui art network welcome you

finally, I hope like me just site webmaster, Baidu in the face of such a situation, do not give up not discouraged, go forward and forward again, victory will belong to us, who we love it??

How to write articles that readers really like

writing online in fact and the traditional sense of the creation of similar, but the difference is that online articles are to see friends, friends have a characteristic, it is surfing the Internet easily distracted, do not pay attention to do not know which sites. Then, for the online soft writing, the author provides the following suggestions to help you catch the reader’s eye, and strive for readers to share the article to more places:

recommendation 1., the article context clear, paragraph simple and reasonable,

you know, every reader every day is a "very busy" in the Internet, because they are likely to face any pop-up dialog box QQ, news, reading mail, search the temporary whim, even suddenly thought of today is not to steal food points to open the QQ farm… The author must consider this situation, must streamline own article, lets the article have a very good logic, conforms to human’s reading custom and so on, the paragraph cannot be too long, otherwise the reader will lose patience.

recommendation 2. abstract, small headlines are required, and the emphasis is placed on

says, in order to attract readers, the article should pay attention to the use of abstract or outline the way on the above article, let the reader can quickly find the gist of the article, and the search engine is the analysis of the information retrieval of love true meaning; similarly, the each part must have H2, H3 and other titles in addition, divided into different themes; involving important phrases or need to be paid attention to the statement, but also the use of italics or underline mark and other means to emphasize.

recommends more than 3. for readers to consider, creating boutique articles


readers easily distracted, but definitely not stupid, readers can easily judge the quality of an article and water quality, so how to provide readers with many high quality articles, readers will remember you forever.

I suggest you stand in the angle of readers up creation, for example if your article mentioned in the annual output value of an industry in a region for billions of yuan, most readers of billions of RMB is no concept, you can add a sentence, which is equivalent to a certain town a year’s total GDP and so on, which can give the reader a a direct comparison. Apple in the new Ipad conference does not directly say how much the new Ipad screen resolution, but that the new IPAD will be clearer than high-definition digital TV, this is also a satisfactory answer to the user.

there is some industry terminology must be careful, because not everyone is an expert, they may not know what you said BL refers to the foreign trade of the bill of lading English – and the reader may think you say is "Boy s Love; and pay attention to the dialect ambiguity, if must speak dialect, you should be careful choice, because many people might misunderstand your meaning, for example, the word" waves "in the words of Shandong dedicated to describe women debauchery, while in the East.

Webmaster should make good use of cross-border thinking to make profit diversification

We consider

as a webmaster, the most urgent thing is how to make the website into profitability, we began to put in into revenue, so as to realize the value and return to do stand in this respect. However, the reality is if we for some technology, especially SEO and website promotion knowledge is not enough to know, not enough to grasp, the result is often do stand for a long time but also it is difficult to achieve profitability goals, not to mention a quick profit.

careful analysis and summary, in fact, is not necessarily a problem in do not understand the technology, but do not open the ideas, the site did not find the correct development of ideas, and at the level of thinking he was destined to do by standing in a relatively short period of time to achieve the goal of profit. Therefore, before doing the station, do a good job of thinking ideas of homework, so as to make the station to develop the line of planning, and find a suitable for their own station, profitable road.

in most of the time, we do stand for the definition of "narrow", often do too much of the station is limited to the site itself is through the alliance advertising, pop ads and other money, and this is just the most profitable station do foundation, one level is the most simple, to do the station profitable road widening and it is necessary to broaden their thinking, to explore and form a more diversified profit model, so that the profit diversification, not only rely on the website hanging on the way of advertising alliance this "heaven" way to make money. Here, I would like to share with you the "cross-border thinking" in the application of ideas on the website profits, through the use of cross-border thinking, so that we do station station to achieve a more diversified profit.

the first from the "cross-border thinking about itself, the thinking source of business model and products from the western modern design process, meaning that the business model development and product design process, to break the existing traditional mode, the more diversified mode and design idea can be integrated in. The product or business model has become more diversified, not only can give customers more surprise and novelty, but also by virtue of this innovative products to win more customers and increase profit.

the "cross-border thinking" thought is applied to the website development process, needs the webmaster to give full play to their ability and cleverness, combined with their own resources and materials, the website as a platform, a "grafting" can be integrated into more other elements of the platform, and innovation in this integration profit the channels and modes, find more ways to make money, so the profit has become more diversified. Here are some specific ideas for application:

The application of "

" and "cross boundary thinking" in educational websites.

object oriented education sites often focus on schools, in addition to many pro forma examination community, in the face of these different but consistent classification of background objects, how to attract and retain them through the website, even through its legitimate profit is the application of cross-border thinking.

Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of website automatic collection and originality

we all know, since the automatic acquisition software was invented, he has been one of the numerous grassroots webmaster site tools necessary! A new station has been completed, but the total can not appear empty! In a short period of time to make a very rich original! Unless you are a diamond bachelor, please vote for professionals in making original! A person’s energy is limited! So can only rely on the automatic acquisition tool! Good! The whole space can rub card fill


today I want to say is not automatically collecting benefits! Everyone knows that he has what good! I got hold of it is because the personal experience that things on the site is not possible! Is good for users, extensive content! But today countless webmaster may not standing in the real user to consider something! Are thinking of so do their optimization! This is a contradiction, how good and bad! Please prawns shrimp drifting across the road to listen to me slowly.

on my own website as an example, we can in what I am going to describe the contents of site to see if you will understand! I just built the site when not now like this, was originally intended to make a source trading website, because I have thousands of sets of templates sold in Taobao, I personally put the source of all goods to explain the label name bar! Large quantities of people now know as can be imagined, it is truly original. Although the value of the user is not very high, but from the perspective of optimization to pay attention to is not the same, you can see the site: I had been included in the content of the goods, all not a leak were included, and very detailed, update soon! This is my unexpected statement:! At that time I also did not contact the following is my SEO! Give me some detours do website optimization, for your reference, only personal views.

when contacting SEO, the psychological side feels that if it has been optimized. On site will go up, volume naturally go up! In order to get more clicks! I put the whole website originally not good-looking make only superficial changes! Is now neat, beautiful, rich content that natural needless to say! With the automatic gathering the content now! Is at least 1000 times before! What is the


site the results we also know, I am so much rich content, so for a long time, the number of the major search engines is not to me before the original, during which time and experience has greatly exceeded my original.

the last bit of advice: automatic acquisition, but it is best to look a little change, or re arrange the layout! So others thing not into their own it? Although the quantity will be larger, but for the sake of their own site quickly included. Spend a little time for what! Or make some absolutely original, such things are the most precious things on the site.

Lighting shop needs to pay attention to what

now with people for life quality requirements are increasingly high, how can the achievements of his wealth, has now become a headache thing many franchisees, people now pay more attention to the details of life, Home Furnishing lighting is to enhance the quality of life of a show, so it is very profitable to open shop lighting the. So, how to join the open shop?

to open lighting shop need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, funds. First, you should be able to determine how much money you can put into the shop, generally speaking, the city is estimated to require two or three 5-10 or more of the opening of the fund, the city needs more than a few small cities need a few. This is related to the rent, water, electricity, labor and local price level, can not be generalized. However, the removal of rent, decoration and other expenses, liquidity on hand is usually not less than 50 thousand yuan.

3, selected items. Join the opening of the lighting store, then you have to choose a good brand to join, that is, sales positioning. There are many brands of lighting, high and low points, when you need to determine what the consumer groups to determine what brand to join the project. As the operating in the low mass lighting can choose new energy-saving lamp project to join zoher.

2, location. If you do not allow the material, it is best to choose the existing building materials market around, or around the place where there is a retail lighting shop. If those good aspects are difficult to rent, you can choose to open the way to buy the building materials, of course, to facilitate the traffic as a point of view!

5, decoration. A shop decoration has a great influence on the day after the operation, so we must pay attention to. Under normal circumstances, the franchisee will join the franchisee to provide decoration design drawings, franchisees can be renovated in accordance with the drawings, if you want to design their own, you need to pay attention to the following:

(3) ceiling and wall lamp installation position should fully consider the reserved area, otherwise it is very messy, reduced shop style. Wall width of less than 0.5 meters, the ceiling grid is not less than 0.8 square meters, the conditions in the significant position should be reserved for 4-6 block size of 1 square meters headlamps;

(4) store layout to be reasonable, light or relatively large volume of products occupy the position more, and some prominent, with his product foil, corner, cylindrical can put several lights, make full use of resources.

> 6.

String sweet franchise business should pay attention to these 5 factors

What is the longest link in the

food and beverage industry chain? That is all about the operation of the road, this road does not go through, is the key point of your success lies. The investment in the franchise franchisee to meet the requirements and conditions, and when the time is ripe to start a successful business ready, so as the investors you should pay attention to management, so how to manage the Chuanchuan Xiang stores? The Shu Wei Tianjiao Chuanchuan Xiang headquarters by more than and 30 years of experience to tell you how to run your own the shop, to make their own shops over Taiwan rate is high, the business is hot.

string sweet franchise business should pay attention to these 5 factors

the first step, the geographical advantage, string sweet shop operators choose a good location, very important. Shop for shop business has played a major role. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. Good shop is the flow of people, money flow, information flow faster, more living place. According to the traditional experience, a north-south on Commercial Street, South to Mong north; to open, east to West Mong surface; and a traditional commercial street, Wang is not two, nor in the middle, and half of the place but nearly half the difference is not consistent with the golden ratio (1:0.618). Of course, this is not absolute, in the modern business environment under the guidance of the advanced concept of design, from the human nature, psychology, habits and other elements of the comprehensive consideration, often can create a home shop is a miracle shop.

second steps, careful consideration, set a good name. The name is not regular words do not shun, the importance of shop number, related to their store image, will also directly affect the sales of the product. Of course you choose Shu Wei Tianjiao Chuanchuan Xiang, it will bring to the brand influence the flow of people, to bring consumers for you, and the headquarters will continue to do promotion, promotion of consumer’s influence.

The third step,

smart decoration, highlighting the personality decoration directly affect the image of the store, the decoration is not to luxury for can, certainly not to humble shabby cost-effective, it is important to practical, personality, taste. Here to consider the harmony of color, dishes display, lighting and so on, all closely around a principle: to enhance the degree of goodwill, to promote the desire to buy.

fourth steps, the use of advertising, grab the eye of today’s society is the information society, advertising has become an indispensable conventional weapons. Sign to do, to do the shop window, packing bag, label the price to do to do, to do publicity, Yilabao display has to be done, and what the eyes are advertising, eye-catching and easy to remember is this. In the same market, the visibility and the effect of the advertising inside and outside the shops become an important factor affecting customer purchases. In addition, it is necessary to make full use of industry media, not only can do hard image advertising, but also to do soft news. A shop or shop with a mind, there is always an advertisement

The easiest way to succeed

is now the market some of the small cost of entrepreneurial projects are welcome, at the same time, for some people the first ready to start, the risk cost of small business projects is very small, so the society what are the appropriate cost of small business projects?

1, in the store rented a venue venture

B to a business trip, found that local pine nuts are of good quality and the price is very cheap after investigation, he found his city pine only a few sales, and the price is expensive, therefore, she rushed to the city before the Spring Festival to order a batch of pine nuts, and then the local people in the largest food wholesale and retail market rent a piece of ground. During the Spring Festival, his pine nuts were sold out to make an unexpected 300 thousand.

2, Taobao

in the commodity market

A itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own business, in a clothing market with other people under the belt with shops, wholesale and retail business operations. With their own design capabilities and industry experience, miss A own design, and then look for clothing processing, and then get back in the clothing store sales. Her style is novel and unique, and sales are steadily rising.

3, studio venture

D and miss E is a couple of design background, a few years after working in advertising companies want to start their own business.

and together they opened a design studio, with some small brand products recommended