Let the user take the initiative to seize the implicit demand is so simple

and I spent 10 yuan to get a piece of brown sugar, then she introduced: "in addition to sugar water, can not eat spicy food, but also pay attention to health, to avoid the many voices speaking place to eat, not to cause female psychological, but will make the heart.

"to give my girlfriend to buy sanitary napkins?"

"for women to an official holiday, when the body is empty, it is best not to let her do a lot of things, at the same time, how to make her brown sugar water, I have brown sugar to sell, you can see, a few dollars you can buy."

is the "uh…" I was a little embarrassed nod.

Under the guidance of her

when I took the sanitary napkin to checkout, the shopkeeper asked me, but her problems and did not let me off, and later let me ask her.

I patted his head, see light suddenly feeling, yes, I am so careless, if such a thing, what had to wait for the girlfriend to remind me to know, then I too failed, I came in, asked the female owner, which make up the body for holiday.

"this one, this is a good quality, I have been in use…… (omitted here a few hundred words)," supermarket owner patiently introduced,

"your girlfriend is the first day of the month to

girlfriend came holiday this month X night, stomach pain, because only she and I at home, in the premise of sanitary towel run out, I can only assume the responsibility to go to the supermarket to buy sanitary napkins, girlfriend when I go out to bid me certain brands of sanitary napkins, which brand is specific forget, because the city lived in the county, large supermarkets are closed, only a few scattered supermarket, the supermarket is open to one or two in the morning, easy to find the nearest one, the owner is a woman, saw me standing in front of the sanitary napkin shelf stand for a long time, came speak to me as to why I will stand half a day because my girlfriend asked forget what a sanitary napkin, it is worry.

many webmaster know user experience rules, but can let the user take the initiative to pay two times the consumption of less and less, can be said that they did not seize the implicit demand of users, to allow customers to take the initiative to do for the two time consumption, Shanghai dragon website optimization is the same, the website is like virtual shops, how to make customers take the initiative to seize the customer’s consumption demand need, and give me great inspiration of the event is to buy sanitary napkins events this month for a girlfriend, following the first story.




nodded to me! The owner continued: "the woman on the first day of month, the body is very empty, you guys naturally do not know, you should do some delicious patch for your girlfriend, or she would say you fool!"

Website Reader developers know better poke the pain points in Recommendation Algorithm

in many sites we see the recommendation function, also use some sites in seeking love or Shanghai script pendant, however recommend out of the article but there are two problems: the correlation is not big, cannot arouse the readers’ interest.


through different search terms of different users in different articles, and these search words in other users is similar.

article I have seen many blogs out of the code, this method should be better, but the problem is that many bloggers on the choice of the label is not professional label selection is often arbitrary, even if the two articles contain "love Shanghai" label, may article is about the change of love Shanghai search rules, and another with sea in annual revenue, two articles have no obvious correlation.

1. recommended Pendant

artificial intelligence to understand.

crawler statistics and cluster databaseThe computer has

through historical records to determine some related articles, many users click to enter an article, enter another article at the same time, the strong correlation.

is a little difficult to understand, we can only illustrate by examples: A, B, C three users. A, B, C three articles. A search for "W" click into the a article, B search for "m" click into the B article, C search for "P" into C, Google W, M P, found that these three phrases have very similar meanings, so a, B and C determine the three articles are related articles, so below the three article returns a list of related articles (JavaScript calls).

Look forward to more powerful Google

in this area, although our expectations of love Shanghai, but I actually believe that Google’s technology. The principle is very simple:

According to the label recommended

so, is there a way to improve the recommendation agreement? The answer is yes.

if you have to rely on Google search keywords, it is too silly, through Google statistical code, from browsing history to carry out in-depth judgment. When A entered the a article, found beneath a random list of recommendations, if found to have their needs or articles of interest to B, will click in, these actions were recorded on Google big data, when the a enters B by innumerable people after practice, even for B in which the a pages are more likely to click on, many times the time of entry are not willing to click the B article, and Google have the ability to do this analysis, finally, when B C first entered the A, the B link will appear in the very reasonable position. In fact, if millions of users from a into C, and finally to this article, why not directly to the C article on the a page? This is somewhat the meaning of big data.

Ten crazy reasons caused by K

station in 2013 by the love of Shanghai K station, K station is a variety of reasons, but in the form of punishment is the myriads of changes. But in 2013 due to the change of number is the most love Shanghai K station of the year, this is the most bitter year. When we are facing the K station, it is possible to restore the rankings then to medicine syndrome. 13 years one of the most common K station is the site of garbage too much while the K station, there are some illegal word is love Shanghai artificial intervention. Of course, there are still some changes and the site itself by K. When we are facing the K station must be carefully studied by the reason of K can quickly restore ranking. Many owners of the nameless period rather baffling want to do not understand why this would be K or drop right processing. The most unexpected is the reason turned out to be K or drop right site was hung black chain, that some people crazy. Many webmaster meet the site was K or punishment always Momin period but every wonderful at a loss, the site was K there will always be behind a site is K, now we summarize the ten common site was the cause of the K.

I believe that many

the day before yesterday, a snapshot of the customer back to April 2013’s display is the back half of the year, he was also very resistant to their rather baffling untouched site what is the penalty. When I first met the customer I fell in love with the sea view directly in the snapshot, and found that there is some illegal illegal words net site links. I think that is hanging black chain and the influence of snapshot backwards, some people say that the snapshot backwards is not what the big deal is to be punished but snapshot back down the right to be a Beijing trillion K, but I see him now "found the illegal word chain has been deleted. When I look at the website of historical records, found that the site is September is down right, from this point of judgment can certainly be found in September the black chain deleted so as to be punished. From the station data view before September included 180, by K in September to about 110, until he came to me in December 2nd so far has been K to the more than 60 page. I told him at the time, because your site was linked to the illegal black chain, and you delete inappropriate for punishment. This punishment is snapshot backwards, if not for the recovery may be directly K station, then the direct recovery was linked to the black chain site before and after a few days the weight of the site and immediately resume ranking. When the customer asked me how to solve why each time be inexplicable was hung black chain, I told him bluntly: "your web application vulnerabilities, should repair website vulnerabilities. Don’t know if the CMS system can replace a set of open source station will copy the contents of all the old station to the present site, then the treatment of black chain this is the best solution. But it is a pity that the customers do not know the procedures do not want to spend money to ask a person to modify, until now the website weight is restored, but it was hung black chain so the end result is to be completely love Shanghai K station. So when students encounter this kind of situation, we must change.

is the first most resistant site is K reason: the site is illegal to hang black chain.

A Shanghai dragon in charge of Shanghai dragon team meeting speech

have something in my home yesterday morning, a temporary holiday, I got to the office, be startled at afternoon, and I usually focus website news section responsible for not updating. I know that this is because they are afraid to get scolded by me not good results, a lot of people because of non-standard work I have been scolded. Therefore, It’s better to save trouble. Besides, everyone with luck, one day does not update, the site does not immediately collapsed.

is afraid of being scolded, so don’t do the work, but if you do not work, how to improve? If no one beat you, how long memory — of course, this is not the reason for the curse. But I tell you how many times, if I called the wrong please point it out, I changed; if I did not scold the wrong, but the motivation is good for you, not to vent their negative feelings, show off their head of Shanghai Longfeng limited power, then you can only give me a bad temper.

is the site less on the one or two articles, the Internet late morning, the site won’t be broken, but your occupation spirit but not with the passage of time and progress, it is far better than the site for your loss.

in fact, there are not any occupation hunfanchi occupation, if you hold a living attitude, then in 20 years you are a living level. Today is a social contract, we still say "rights", the rights is the basis of contract. I hope that from today in the work is to develop their own kind of spirit of contract: the whole company, the whole team is my thing, dare to be responsible, the courage to take responsibility, push the work don’t expect.

I have been to you that you are young, you have to do now is to study technology, improve the level of their Shanghai dragon, accumulate experience, do you think I asked you to regulate the operation of a day I’m not tired? We think that one day I always ask you one some basic skills of the basic theory of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng problem knowledge and I eat more support? No, I is for your future, for the sake of the development of the company.

some of you know that the company asked me to give you the night training >

"sword" author Dou Liang’s novel "romantic color" in one scene, Zhong Yuemin gave the commandos before the war mobilization, said: "once wore this uniform is a soldier, we set up a contract with the state, all countries support you, so you need to serve the life blood the state", his conclusion is "the military is not a living world can live in the occupation, occupation and more, but not a soldier".

, of course, only the courage to be responsible for the spirit is not enough, but also must have certain professional skills, I know you for the current salary levels are not satisfied, but I have a friend that he would like to pay for the staff said: "do you think your work no one instead?" the staff said: "not!" he replied: "yes, this is what I now do not give you a raise reason."

From the 6 major web search engines of grassroots webmaster must know the basic optimization problem

: search engines do not fill in the user information and the registration number and password, will not be able to break through and read the front page login information.


is a web search engine to determine the basic basis, if the webmaster can avoid these, then love will Everfount Shanghai spider crawling to your site.

reason: with a question mark, sign parameters of dynamic URL generated is not conducive to the search engine to read, and bring some problems to the railway station by

This paper by Feng Zhiyong

4. do not use dynamic URL, should use static or pseudo static URL

6.URL should be as short as possible, the more clearly the better


blog (贵族宝贝fengzhiyong.cn) submission release, please indicate the copyright and links.

hierarchical directory

a lot of grassroots webmaster how to build websites, but for how to optimize the site, let site in line with the search engine, it also further study, so today let Feng Zhiyong take you to the website analysis from the perspective of a search engine, look at the 6 basic problems encountered and the search engines index ranking:

2. do not use a variety of URL (in addition to the 301 station to jump outside)

5. cancel login to the home show information

3. sites do not use the framework of

: the URL is shorter for users to spread and copy, also makes the search engine better included; hierarchical directory more clearly more conducive to search engine perceived consistency, is more conducive to search engines and read.

: in addition to the 301 station to jump outside, other URL will only make the search engine feel disgusted, which directly considered cheating.

1. web page to prohibit the use of Flash files and Flash animation

framework and Flash, the search engine also cannot be read, so as not to be included.

reason: Although Flash will enhance the visual impact of the site, but all of this is only limited to the user see, our search engine can not see, can not lead to Flash cable on text information, it can not be determined and included.

Yinzhou District dream factory 7 to build a full range of entrepreneurial incubation chain

for many entrepreneurs, a good entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial opportunities is very important, he can help many entrepreneurs to provide a good opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers in Yinzhou District recently, in the construction of a full range of business incubator chain No. 7 dreamworks.

UAV, sedentary tester, electronic chip and a series of high-tech products to emerge, established only 5 months, Yinzhou District No. 7, DreamWorks is creating a "full house", workshop more than and 10 project team, more than 50 guests get together here, brainstorming brainstorming.

now No. 7 DreamWorks half month can receive more than 20 applications for admission, park limited space gradually difficult to meet the huge demand for Yinzhou District through the hatch, enterprises, universities, township (street) resources, enterprises in Colleges and universities, 8 university and Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of technology, Zhejiang Wanli University and other cooperation. Have students entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial Street Union incubation platform to help more than 50 students completed the campus entrepreneurial dreams. At the same time, launched a grass-roots entrepreneurship service in the town streets, such as in Zhonggongmiao street, Ji Shi Gang Zhen, has launched the "employment gas station" and "micro business steward" and other incubation platform will be leased to the free space of low-cost youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial guidance and give assistance.

7 dream factory is a microcosm of Yinzhou District vigorously boost innovation and entrepreneurship. Up to now, Yinzhou District has 246 enterprises in the incubation, a total of 106 graduate enterprises, including high-tech enterprises, municipal science and technology enterprises, the annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan, more than 36.

is now a hit off of their era, and the country are actively for the majority of the makers to create a suitable business environment, also attract recommendation

Local websites should first focus on expanding communication

Is one of my hobbies

station, do a simple website a web page or whatever! But I’m not going to do with the website profit tool, because I don’t have too much, I want to use the website to support themselves is not reality!


see too many grassroots webmaster want to use their own stand to profit, hard to optimize AD, spending too much time to earn traffic, but in the end it? How much money you earn? Didn’t earn money, but you take yourself too much time to waste on the website!!! You will see them on the Internet Post said how much money how many knives (they say you believe it? Here I would like to make a question mark?) to see others gain their dollars, also want to make, think they have the ability to do a year?? you will know, is easier said than done???

?Why don’t you go to the

website to expand their communication, to know the friends?? for friends, I pay more attention to their own city people! Don’t do the people will feel like you have a website, you feel very much! Why not use this point to make local friends?? a local friend, you the money that he learn from social experience than you earn from the site will be more really!


I like this, I build the local website, add local QQ group on the website, now my QQ group 4 (the upper limit is 200 people group) were all full, and there are more than 700 people in our city, people from all walks of life of the more than 700 people, in their exchange at the same time and they talk about their business things, I also learned a lot from social experience, I know an advertising company in the QQ group, through him I would start advertising business, business is good! I have to bring a lot of revenue


give me how much income? I sell tea for a month’s income to catch up with my website for one year, or even 2 years of income! Website can be said to lose everything, even the domain name and space does not come back to earn money! It is because I know the local site too many people see their chat I know a lot of things. Because they are society, 4 people are capable of QQ group!! I am only for communication for me!

like fish with web site to make money grass or rarely! Brother, do have some practical!! do you want to live your own website?? why not use will do this little ability to make some local friends? Do the entertainment, you can learn more things! Experience is accumulated out, no accumulation, how to accumulate steadily?

?My local

station www.58hd.com, hope to know from the people who! Only for the convenience of a little bit on the Internet!!! Learn a little is enough!


Only by concentrating can we succeed more easily

last week, a friend from Beijing, said an industry B2B website to recruit personnel introduced me to do CEO, an old friend yesterday in Hongkong BILL students have a website is looking for talent, let me do CEO, in fact to see such opportunities, sometimes really very seductive, but now for me and I refused.

now is my most important how to make money online (www.coko365.com  ) bigger and stronger, although there are many temptations in the face of temptation, but I know how to refuse, although the friend said he reserved shares in money online, and then to other company to do the occupation managers, it is every 2, but at present so, I choose, often 2 head not, because I left the money online if there is no money estimate the momentum of development, I have been positioning themselves a grassroots entrepreneurs, rather than an occupation manager. I might not be a manager. Because I’m weak.

do everything at the same time, as entrepreneurs and managers, the most critical must be focused, single-minded and persistent in order to succeed, business is even more so. In the operation process of the money online, I found myself there are too many shortcomings, and the ability also greatly insufficient, so make up and learn desperately through money online platform, continuous progress, competition is fierce, to succeed in the fierce competition, the ability is very important, and often with my own experience, previous experience has not let me greatly improve the ability, so I must be in the money online platform to quickly improve their ability, if other companies do now to go directly to the occupation managers, I am sure enough, did not meet the requirements of ability. I am not only responsible for myself, but also responsible for others.

I think the most important thing is to have self-knowledge, too blindly confident people are the most unreliable, I think my ability and occupation accomplishment is not enough to become the company’s CEO, my ability and level now, for the early start, do some things, instead of standing in the management level do management. I am short of managerial ability. At the same time, even if I go to another company as a professional manager, I will be more suitable for some small start-up companies. For big companies and big projects, I need discipline to get that.

concentration and focus to money online, to do better, this is the most critical. It is also a result of years of failure. They are doing the occupation managers must also be Zhuanzhu, single-minded and insist, ability does not reach the occupation managers or the height of the CEO is willing to accept this job, because accept, can bring greater harm to themselves, any kind of high character, must have sufficient experience and ability and experience, if no temper so much, just do CEO, will only do good project miscellaneous bad.

Henan tobacco in the Ministry of the eight savings service two venture to take advantage of now

in the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, now, business opportunities are not afraid, as long as people dare to practice, is the first step to success. Henan tobacco in the eight savings service for the two venture, for more young people to bring a good opportunity.

2 22 July, Henan tobacco industry limited liability company focusing on improving logistics, initiative in this part to carry out "eight saving" as the main content of the "rigorously enforce thrift, services two business activities, the two venture to boost the style of thrift and hard work of the.

"eight save", is a cost saving. Strict implementation of the cost budget system, effectively reduce travel expenses, reception fees, foreign fees and other related costs, efforts to reduce costs. Two is to save will do. To promote the opening of the meeting, opening and meeting, opening the meeting, opening the seminar, less open assembly, efforts to reduce the cost of meeting expenses. The three is to save smoke. Strict implementation of the provisions of the sample cigarette management, the company does not provide a variety of meetings within the meeting smoke.



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