The long tail keywords optimization is the priority among priorities

three, long tail keywords rely on the station optimization

regardless of your main keywords to much traffic, you have to admit that the main flow of your website or from the long tail keywords. So if you follow the main keywords optimization to optimize the long tail keywords, I think you are a man, not a machine, not so much time and energy so frustrating. Here I share my experience of some long tail keywords optimization.

four, on the long tail keywords station optimization by

two, long tail keywords

The number of The layout of

I think many people are only thinking about mining long tail keywords Google keyword tool, or see the love of Shanghai index. This is true, but most people have forgotten its website data. Dig out the long tail of most tools are flow, top keywords, but its website background statistics is so real visitors to your website by keywords. If you can use the website backstage data and tools to mining is it more effective.

long tail keywords to be good.


long tail keywords is too large, so to make the long tail keywords ranking, the best way is to start from the site itself. So how to optimize the layout in the first? Well, the keyword appears on the content of 1-2. Combined with the article can appear keywords in picture ALT attribute, and then make sitelinks in their own set of keywords, links with absolute address form. An article that is basic, but also consider the point, the reverse link and update frequency. The increase in reverse link can add related news in the recent hot news around the reverse link to add the form etc.. The update frequency, we all know this spider Xixinyanjiu character, so we can add some dynamic data in the article, such as time, views and some other small updates, this is what I have done to optimize the long tail station.

Do not be more than

, a mining long tail keywords

to do a lot of long tail keywords requires a large number of pages, rich content, rather than an accumulation of multiple page long tail word. Then the long tail word distribution? Many people are very concerned about keyword density problem here, I think you can completely do not consider keyword density, if you consider the keyword density will make the optimization is not natural traces too obvious. I am doing here: first of all, the title appears once, we understand the importance of the title, and the title of an article is usually the bread crumbs navigation column. Then the content in 2-3 times, of course, if there is too much or too little not to care. To do is write the title of the article, a page 2-4 for a good long tail keywords.

What to do after the site was K

site is K now is not what fresh thing, every day many sites have been K. This is of course the most painful, is not easy to optimization of the website that is K. Blow relatively large, but K is unable to change, then by K after I


in the search engine has a good ranking, and long away, believe that the site in the user experience must do a good job, can the real service to users, and can meet user requirements, fully embodies the value of the site, the site allows users to feel considerate service, can get what he wants things from the site, which is the core value of the site.

processing problems timely and effectively

4: follow the love Shanghai search engine algorithm

when we love Shanghai site is down right, or K, have to find K in the first time the station, if your work habits is very good, every day of what you do has to do a record, then it will be easy to find the problem, even if unsure of what is what causes, but also can be excluded, finally to find out the problem, fundamentally solve the problem of.

by Baba Shanghai Longfeng original 贵族宝贝baba贵族宝贝/ Shanghai so/20130507/147> Shanghai dragon dragon

summary: in general, the search engine will not go to the K website rather baffling you, there will be some basic reasons. The common is cheating, some owners love some greedy little cheap, by cheating. So after we were K, must first find the cause, and then slowly back.

site is K is already very common, when Kobayashi had just started to do, do not know is K a few times (black hat oh) suggest that we do not learn from me, but it is worth showing off, not the so-called webmaster be K, not a good webmaster, ADO, the small forest. How are we going to do after K.

find the website is the cause of the K, the next task is to correct the face, timely treatment caused by the problem of K website, then find out not just ask no matter any development, if this is the case, there’s no need to see me to explain.

how to do?

this is a crucial aspect of love, Shanghai at K station is based on the search engine algorithm, and not with some sites against man-made, malicious attack some sites, therefore, the webmaster should pay close attention to the search engine algorithm to adjust, adjust timely for their site work, in order to avoid inadvertently offended some of the algorithms of search engine, be punished.

3: once again raise the core value of


1: find out the roots of the K site is

Now The

Comparison of quality of weight two domain and two Shanghai Longfeng directory

two directory to open up a new plate or the advantages and disadvantages of the new channel. The two level is the form of directory, such as the www.*****贵族宝贝/bbs, the opening of the two level directory is two level domain name is a simple procedure, it is not a new name, directly create a new folder in the root directory of the host website can achieve access. Open a new plate or a new channel in this form has the advantage of weight, it can be directly integrated because of the domain name after all, even if the content is > two directory

first to use two level domain name in the form of new plate or channel advantages and disadvantages. In fact, the concept of two level domain and a domain name is sometimes very vague, such as some of the web page is bbs.*****贵族宝贝, then we can say that bbs.*****贵族宝贝 is a domain name, but the fact that the domain name should be prefixed with BBS two domain. That is to say, master most of the site is www.*****贵族宝贝, can be regarded as the WWW prefix two level domain name. So, we can draw a conclusion, that is the so-called two level domain name may just be a relative concept, the search engine is unable to determine the site to which the end is opened as the main domain name domain name prefix, so it must give two domain names to these relatively relatively equal weight. So, open up a new channel or a new plate to form two level domain name, the two level domain name in the beginning there was higher than the two level directory treatment. That is to say, the search engine might even see the domain name as the main domain relative to treat, then it will do in Shanghai dragon has own specific advantages. However, the two level domain is equivalent to a new domain, especially for the analysis to a new IP address on the two level domain name, to search engine, the basic equivalent of a domain name, the new site, in this case, even if the weight of the domain name is inherited the master of the domain name is high, it is very difficult to inherited. However, usually weight high master will have links the two level domain name, or transfer some weight, but the weight is not passed to the two level domain name innate weight, but received the equivalent weight of a high weight home page links.

Then we use

many sites when opening new plate or a new channel, will be tangled in a problem, that is the new channel plate or what is the two domain names show the form of good or to the two level directory form more appropriate. Of course, factors decide which way to use depends on many aspects, such as brand effect, content correlation factors and so on. For many small and medium-sized sites, because the search engine optimization for the site to bring the importance of traffic and visibility, so small and medium-sized site owners in the development of new plate and channel, we must consider carefully two domain names and two directories for new content search ranking advantages. In this paper the author is to talk about their own understanding.

Discussion on future development of website navigation station

is now the rapid development of Internet technology, the development of technology of search engines, the public Internet, civilian Internet is becoming increasingly popular, but those who come into contact with the network of friends all know, at the beginning you do not know what the website to go to, also do not know what the website, and certainly do not know how to go to the site. As a result, some web site navigation websites came into being. Among them, "hao123" is the most familiar leader.

first of all, I would like to say the scale of navigation. Must it be big? Now most of the navigation sites will advertise that they have included thousands of websites that are known to be in the process of increasing. In fact, we think we know, how many people will enter the "not to mind taking the trouble every corner time-consuming to find them to the site in the Internet? How many people can be tolerant in everywhere. The page is too much to stay? An action I want us to do more or in the home page and click on the website that we often go to the left, then regardless of the navigation network. In my opinion: navigation site only two to three pages is good, this is what I see in many communication group in the navigation do not say anything else, just look at the domain name is very arrogant, but the navigation is popular, I think it will be more navigation users in the shortest time in love. (1) the domain name is good to remember. As long as you can know the telecom, you’ll definitely play the 2 pinyin. Two, in fact, this is the cooperation with telecommunications navigation, that is, the so-called potential stocks.

website content to update: after the site to have content, you should always update, and some garbage sites, websites without content, want to borrow famous navigation, hang some trojan website, delete in time. The users to the site navigation is to find the things they need, if not found, or did not find a good website, for users, the website will lose its attraction to him, also lost (such as: a viscous after recruitment sector, in 123 there I found a connection, Suzhou talent but the open market website website. Incredibly inside the content or a few months ago, and even for these owners do not have a good site to operate, we help it propaganda, no matter how good it is useless. Websites like this should be deleted in time.

web site recommendation: in the first row of the website, you can recommend a really good site recommended to everyone. Let everyone believe that the good 123, so that users feel good 123, "has been doing it attentively, all for the user", these should be considered the content of the site planning. It can also be promoted in millions of squares, and although the mega grid is not successful in China, I think there is no innovation, and it might be better to do it in a vertical search. It is not easy for a user to find things in one million compartments and find what he needs.

so, we do navigation website, also need to have user experience, also let the network after civilian, can become >

Grassroots game

"the effective installation price for Firefox has been adjusted from $0.1 to $0.01. Please get ready."." In February 26th, a well-known domestic IT webmaster forum first released the news, and then, the news in the webmaster circle widely circulated, a moment of comment.

"this is by no means a good thing, and suddenly adjusted to 1/10 of the original price, this earned too little."." The QQ group, constantly refresh, users in the group are discussed on the Firefox price adjustment.

for ordinary people, the title of the webmaster, or career, is still a strange word, the webmaster on the network, usually refers to the site of the founder or manager. Do not think that the webmaster of the website is shining, IT community darling, in China’s Internet, big web site is a mainstay, but support the banner of the Internet, more is large and small personal website. Network management of Internet cafes, next to the dorm buddies, restaurant waiter, perhaps is a small webmaster.

just like on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. In the webmaster circle, when a webmaster, not what is very successful thing. "Too many webmaster network, Electronic City computer city to throw stones down, can hit three owners, when the owners are not particularly good thing, spend a few hundred dollars to buy a space, a domain name, just put on the domestic free forum, everyone can be a webmaster." On the Internet eight years old networm steeped Xiao Xu says.

because of low barriers to entry, the webmaster in the old users in mind, the webmaster is only an ordinary even more hard work, but is the network of grassroots – websites cannot provide everything for young users of information, through the network to make odor congenial friends, of course, or expression some of their own ideas, and the best hobby can also be linked to money, for example, to earn some money through the website.

webmaster is "nobody loves people who want something your network by others, not to say thank you, if your network hang, let people hang horse, houses will scold you one or two sentences. Stationmaster is not what the darling of venture capital, how much money spends on the net, rely on oneself all the time, accordingly, the website that feeds a website through the network, it is the main approach almost." Xiao Xu serious and said helplessly, "but now, really not easy to earn money, just want to deduct the amount of several League, are the League say, most poor (website) and small, is not what the right to protest, anyway, you do not put ads, other people lined up. Wait for a League through the audit, the less you an alliance, so the operation."

Xu said the alliance refers to the network advertising, this kind of alliance, similar to the advertising agency, on the one hand to find hope advertising in the small ads on the site, a liaison to thousands of households small website, through for advertisers to make and monitor network.

Stationmaster should learn to put long line to catch big fish, do a promising website

to write this article, declared a bit, I am a technician of a 3D animation and CG Global Market Research director. After reading this article, I believe that I would like to do long-term development of friends who have some help.

to talk about the unpopular industry website, it should be said that the production of three-dimensional animation technology exchange station. You search, there are few can develop, and I also believe that there are few webmaster contact, and are blindly doing what the movie station, beauty station, Download station. China’s movie station, beauty station, download the number of stations really according to the world’s first, search engines are also every day K these stations, K confused.

to ask you a question: what is the 80s we watch cartoons? Basically is a puppet, shadow play, followed by two-dimensional animation, in 90s began a large number of Japanese animation into the domestic market, twenty-first Century to now started into the 3D animated "Kung Fu Panda", like "Madagascar" etc..

why? This is a development trend of human living standards, from food and clothing to a well-off life, from the visual, taste, touch and constantly improve. Today you, on the vision, the traditional comic books have been unable to meet your vision, traditional puppetry, shadow play, two-dimensional animated cannot meet your vision, this time we should have a more visual impact of something instead, that is three-dimensional animation.

I don’t know if you found a problem, in recent years, when you pick up the TV remote, is not 10 in Taichung has 3 Taiwan’s cartoon animation, why? Because it is a national cultural development, countries are now vigorously support the animation industry development, since the strong support and there will be a lot of people to join in this industry. The company has been recruiting, universities are constantly opening up professional now. But it’s still not enough. The newspaper, the news and the anime talent are missing all day. How many millions of people are there?


is very strong in 3D animation with the visual impact of the product, what we see Adsense? What can we do to have large quantities of open animation professional institutions? What do companies all the animation production staff? This is a long-term business, 08 years of data show that the animation talent in the steady growth.

look at the key words upset my station: what is CG CG, the history of the development of animation, CG production, CG front, alien CG animation, basically in the search engines are the top three, but its flow in a steady rise, why, because this industry in hot rise and optimization! It is also quite easy, less competitive.

I personally feel to do with the development of the station, like to buy a stock, it is not the charts, but the management system of the company and his products on the market demand in the future, so your website will bring you more traffic. Some small >

Site selection of building materials stores need to pay attention to

new house decoration, old house renovation, all cannot do without the use of building materials, with the consumer the ability to continuously improve the quality requirements of building materials is very high, can make the cause of long-term development of investment, in order to bring security for our cause. And now the profit development space, want to make money, then join the chain of building materials business is a very long-term investment to make money. Store address is very important, a good address is half the success of the store, to attract a large number of people, so the investment of any one project, we must consider his site selection method.

join the building materials chain store should be how to choose the location of the building materials chain stores, the early qualitative analysis is very important, through detailed analysis of the specific location of the shop, the cost of the project. Cost is an important issue to determine the location of the enterprise store construction, the enterprise at the beginning of the site to determine the cost of investment in the construction of enterprise stores, in order to determine the location of the store lot. The problem of the cost should also include the transportation of the subsequent sales.

through the detailed budget in the site will be fully integrated into the. Each has the development of enterprises are inseparable from the composition of talent, the talent is also the enterprise to boost the development of the propellant. When the location of the store in the enterprise will also be convenient to take into account the talent, some stores wrong location will also result in the loss of valuable talent.

building materials industry market prospect is very good, in recent years the development is also very fast, if you want to engage in this industry, I hope small words can help to everyone on the market today, want to join the building materials chain store, first learn how to choose the shop address is very necessary. The above introduction, is the initial introduction of the location of the problem, I hope you can bring help to the cause.

related recommendations

Mount Huangshan Yixian County rural land ownership certification

Want to get a big development

now in rural areas, the need for reform, now in the territory of Anhui province Yixian County Hong Cun Zhen Ping Shan Cun to help local development better, now the rural land contract management rights is indeed the right registration is also actively carry out.

8 7 July at 15:30, Yixian County Hong Cun Zhen Ping Shan Cun Wei Hui, holding just received the "right to contracted management of rural land", said happily: "Changfeng Group of villagers Shu Jiande home 4 blocks to the location and the area now more accurately. With a new contract can also go to the bank mortgage."

2014 years, Yixian County as one of the province’s 20 rural comprehensive reform pilot demonstration county pilot, dare to innovate, in accordance with the guidelines of "do right, awarded irrefutable evidence, strictly regulate the operation of the policy of the bottom line, according to the law, adhere to democratic consultation, a new implementation of the" three in place, four, five to determine the confirmation "method in promote the work, not only good results, and fully endorsed by the Ministry of agriculture and the provincial Party committee and government. At the end of July this year, the county rural land contract management rights is indeed the right registration has confirmed the signing of 22920 households, 22301 households, to confirm the signing rate of 97.3%, after the database has been basically established, certification work officially launched and will launch echelon.

the County Commission relevant responsible person said, will further improve the working mechanism, grasp the key link, complete ownership certification tasks, to ensure that the rural comprehensive reform pilot demonstration in accordance with the law, norms and orderly, ensure that the results of the pilot test stand the history and the masses.

the right to contracted management rights of rural land registration in the territory of Anhui Yixian County Hongcun village was also carried out in order to screen further promote local farmers to achieve rich target, promote the development of local society and economy and referral.

Rural small projects recommended to become rich

now in rural entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular, and now the whole rural entrepreneurship market also can be said to be a good, then the entrepreneurial activity in the vast rural areas, which have a good project?

rural thousand yuan rich small projects have what good? If you choose to invest in small cities, I believe that for now, is definitely a good choice. First tier cities are already close to saturation, small cities seem to be better investment, and now the market, thousands of dollars to choose what kind of business to make money faster?

send fertilizer to field

agricultural special stores

do agricultural business in rural areas must earn money, in the population of the village or town location, rent a street stores, offering an agricultural store, selling seeds, pesticides and other means of production. Investment about ten thousand yuan or so, due to the production of goods is a necessary commodity farmers, the use of a large number, is a good investment projects. If their own money is not enough, consider the provincial capital and county or large stores associates to get monopoly profits.

natural fertilizer industry

natural fertilizer is referred to as farm manure, natural fertilizer in addition to improve the quality, but also to meet the market demand of "green", this is the basic requirement for the market of agricultural products. On the other hand, the natural fertilizer industry is the ultimate destination of urban waste, natural fertilizer production can be artificial, factory, industrialization.

flowers to make crafts

The five lies in the business information

this is an information age, a variety of mixed messages, true and false, the information about the business contains a lot of lies. Entrepreneurial information common lies in the following five, entrepreneurs can take a good look, so as not to be deceived.


[] "Chinese lies terminator financial channel economic life survey" found:   1/5 the family intends to participate in entrepreneurship!


"you start?" might soon become people greet each other’s prologue.

[two] business lies are rich handsome elite thing to consider, in addition to Ma to a successful counter attack, grass root are only quietly watching others overnight, and then quietly in my whole life.

[] "Chinese lies terminator financial channel economic life survey" found:   entrepreneurial wave   high level of education and income has the lowest entrepreneurial intention!

from age: all ages show a strong entrepreneurial intention, of which 26-45 years old respondents entrepreneurial intention is the most obvious (26-35 years old (33.5%), 36-45 (31.6%)), far higher than the average power; 90 new entrepreneurial intention accounted for nearly 20% (at the age of 18-25 (18%)); even more than 60 of the elderly have 2% people expressed interest in Entrepreneurship (over 60 years old (2.2%)).