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3D" is a word that is so familiar to the public that it has been used in many areas of our lives. Speaking about 3D printing has become synonymous with high-tech in recent years, 3D printing machines of various categories: 3D printing emerge in an endless stream of bones, 3D auto parts, 3D printing house, and even print 3D aircraft.

3D printing into scientific and technological innovation on the table Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, just like what you can print.

3D Flapjack guy with the current print shop, the date of loss of 2000 yuan read more

has a certain scale of health care franchise stores have sales staff to provide better service to customers. If you are running a health care store, how should I do a good job of sales staff training? A lot of franchisees are not very clear, in fact, this is a very dangerous thing, and then come to learn the small series.

will use "us" instead of "I"". At any time, we will have more affinity than "I", because health care assistants to say "we" will give the customer the psychological hint: health care staff and customers are stand on the same line, is to stand in the customer point of view on the problem. The "I" although only "we" less a word, but it can not express the feeling of closeness to the customer. read more

DIY elements into all walks of life, its unique creative also won the favorite of young people, a 80 from found a rich opportunity, wealth is now rhythm lever, reversing the life trajectory established for yourself.

a double value of more than ten million ordinary white canvas shoes, a cost of 5 yuan white T, in a special paint painting manual the various creative patterns, can sell 60-120 yuan, the price doubled ten times…… Nowadays, there are a number of personalized hand-painted stores on the market, so that another way investors tasted the sweetness of the creative industry. read more

entrepreneurial team is expanding, the entrepreneurial population continues to increase, fewer and fewer good business opportunities, only in the early discovery of business opportunities before others, early detection of the market, before the preemptive, early success, early start, early profit!

dust absorbing blackboard eraser

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fish, although there is a market, however, the fish is also a very risky thing, a careless, it is possible to let fry sick, so that the experience of fish is really very valuable. In the town water outlet village in Guangdong province Yangchun City, tiny spots of fishponds and hatching pool throughout the village of more than 3 thousand and 800 people, more than 2 thousand people engaged in hatching fry industry. These are known as the "cornucopia" incubator has become the backbone of the local farmers’ income of the economy. read more

in recent years, Datong County to effectively reduce the burden of medical treatment of patients with insured, and actively take five measures to ensure the implementation of the new rural cooperative Huimin policy.

from March 1st this year, Datong County canceled the participation of farmers to the province, the city designated medical institutions must be issued to the county level two hospital management office issued a certificate of referral procedures. Patients with the basic information can be selected to participate in the province, the city designated medical institutions for hospitalization. At the same time, from the beginning of July 1st this year, the county NCMS special qualification examination and approval by the disease and chronic disease management, Social Security Bureau NCMS acceptance, in line with the conditions of the day to complete the formalities for examination and approval; on the implementation of the fund expenditure audit level responsibility system, to ensure that each of the funds of the reasonable expenditure, stop taking the impostor, funds and other phenomena; simplified the accident harm accident by the reimbursement process, the County Township two joint management office approval, unified medical expenses allocated to the township of joint management office, and then by the township pipe office staff issued to the hands of patients, reduce the reimbursement process; according to provincial and municipal relevant documents, revise and improve the "agreement" medical report advance service, clear medical institutions and agencies of both responsibility and obligation, improve handling efficiency, standardize the medical behavior, prevent the unreasonable treatment and The growth of unreasonable medical expenses. (author: Zhao Linsong) read more

Tax service is the tax authorities according to the provisions of the state tax laws, regulations and policies, through a variety of ways to help taxpayers to master the law, correct and timely fulfill their obligations to pay taxes, to meet the reasonable expectations of the taxpayers, a comprehensive tax work to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the taxpayers

is the tax service tax authorities according to the provisions of the state tax laws, regulations and policies, through a variety of ways to help taxpayers to master the law, correct and timely fulfill their obligations to pay taxes, to meet the reasonable expectations of the taxpayers, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the taxpayers a comprehensive tax work. Improve tax service, build a good tax collection is an old topic, but also a new topic. Especially in the period of social transformation, as an important national economic management departments, tax departments to focus on the central task, promote the transformation of the mode of economic development, promote stable and rapid economic and social development, is the needs of all the local cadres think deeply about the problem. Here, the tax service work and suggestions in practice briefly talk about the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, for readers, and encourage each other. read more

7 4, governor Hao Peng in Haidong, Huangnan research teeth with the highway, West Railway and other key projects. He stressed that to seriously study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" important speech, adhere to the development of thought of people centered, unswervingly to ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development as the main line of work, to fully grasp the construction of key projects, strengthen the support to the economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood and well-being, for expected to complete a well-off society to lay a solid foundation. read more

55 year old Liu Shiyu deliberately wearing a dark red tie, Minzui smile, to waiting reporters to greet.

I went to the Commission 22 days, not yet full moon." A relaxed and witty opening, so that the audience issued a knowing laughter.

volatility since last year, China’s stock market, so that Liu Shiyu felt a great responsibility, but more and more heavy". He engaged in livelihood finance for a long time, people are not easy to understand the money".

"I have been pursuing the idea of little more than doing, but the capital market is required to be open and transparent, so as chairman of the Commission, it should be said to say." Subsequently, Liu Shiyu humorously used this sentence to express his understanding of the chairman of the Commission’s words and deeds. read more