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Xu Xiaoping said helplessly, I have voted for the two entrepreneurs, they have a ebullience told me is to find a talent, he divided the 20% stake, will help a career, but I would rather baffling to stake diluted by 20%, they are very sincere, do this do can you tell me first, can let me press the red handprint? You do that is illegal, and I wrote Xinyi words to tell them this is wrong.

intentionally damage the advertiser’s money?


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discovered a problem when he browsed sh419 website today, and I was very curious…… I wonder if sh419 was hacked,


curious…… Edit comment:


rule is the process of the game between entrepreneurs and challengers. Chinese entrepreneurs and investors are like Chinese and Americans who just opened in thirty, and neither of them trust each other.

found that click here to connect directly to the Chinese YAHOO home page of http://cn.yahoo/. Usually here is the main promotion of sh419. How did you all jump to Yahoo today,

market is still relatively late, this set of rules at home just before the introduction of the more than 10 years, my biggest difficulty is that we know how each rule must explain the sequence of events, the rationality of the rules.

entrepreneurship 90% will die, so happy is a small number, most of them are not happy, I have half of the project, it lost, I will give it second money, it has no money, I will lend him money.

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, or did you work with YAHOO, China? After landing here:

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may fail in doing things, but not in doing.

credit is invaluable to entrepreneurs. It’s normal for companies to die, and success is not normal.

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Xu Xiaoping said with a smile, there is a word, so I’m still water runs deep, clever laugh, sporadic applause why don’t we applaud applause

in the afternoon of GMIC, Xu Xiaoping and Lei Jun discussed the trust relationship between entrepreneurs and investors.

entrepreneurs almost closed, I thought about it, he borrowed, I voted 1 million 500 thousand, accounting for 15%, then I borrowed 500 thousand registered capital, I urge it, also 200 thousand, but I still lost 1 million 800 thousand, you borrow money from me, my heart is not comfortable.

Xu Xiaoping chipped in: "can you push GDP?".

Xu Xiaoping said, 2006 I was doing VC, he got A round, my friend, I want to vote, but the people and the third parties are not willing to, I can not say to have nothing to do with, but the heart is not comfortable, after meet you heart is also. As an example, my lawyer and I agreed to give priority, but the lawyer added, "we’ve been arguing for over two hours," and finally the lawyer said, "are we a gang?".

angel is not a fool, is the essence of Liuhe color, a friend to start, a dozen friends syndicates, if successful, is a Tencent, if lost, when is the support of friends business.

College Students’ experience of standing for 2 years

from the university to the business, from the station to sell a year of painstaking efforts Xianlin network. Junior year began to do the station, seeking cheap, in the sunshine Internet Registration promotion org, but also only org for me to register. In 06 years in November registered the domain in 07 years began in May as a station, after 2 months, the first sell advertising, 1000 pack years later, more and more advertising revenue, in December sold the website of money, advertising revenue sword 5K, which has been very satisfied, because the investment is small then, the virtual host and the cost of the domain name, do not add up to 1000. In December, I had only half a year left to graduate from college. I might leave the place where I studied and lived for four years. It intends to sell the site, find the same type of webmaster in Baidu, the price of 10000 yuan to play 5% off sold the website, but the domain name transfer to a problem by the sunshine Internet pit, again under serious contempt.

, after graduation, used to lazy me, not happy to find a job, but also unhappy, for the poor wages, tired, alive. And friends to engage in the game industry, specifically not say. Is an enduring, there are people inside hundreds of thousands of millions of money game. Oh, * * * too late, can only make a little petty profits, now is not good to do, and have gone. In Taobao, start the game virtual currency and the account of the seller, not bad, one day one hundred dollars. But this is not a permanent solution, business is good or bad. Well, I haven’t married my wife yet. No car, no room, no one to Kazakhstan, or make efforts to make money quickly.

thinks of doing a website again. May be love, I want to do a Xianlin net, by chance, found the domain name www.yibangjx.com fell (last year being registered, the person in the A5 place to write a soft Wen, I and my Xianlin network! I registered), renewals for 5 years, this time will not be lost. Google included very soon, as station for second days included. Baidu died slow, and now only included the home page. A query, found that the PR value turned out to be 3, just made the station, how can it be so high?. I think the man should be the last station and extension of the results. But strange, oh, from the expiration to I pick up again, there are 3 months. During this period, the PR value does not drop? Curious strange ha, but anyway, for me, is a good gift. When exchanging friendship, you have the right to speak.

some time ago, a same type of webmaster came to me, said to cooperate, ask just know, is the school’s three university students. Talked for a long time, and finally insisted on their own miscellaneous meters to do the main domain name, and finally let it go. I asked him, kaixin123 and Kaixin knew, No. finally, don’t be married to Kaixin like kaixin123. Talk to him in his disdain, so funny, said again what forum, showed me the forum TOP100, I say this small? He’s proud and arrogant said to do SNS, finally than school, or.

16 years old website, 20 years old to do CEO! 4 years of growth history!

has been unconscious for four years,

was four years old, 16 years old, now 20 years old. Why do you write this?

is a summary, summed up the bitter experience of the past four years,


started his website at the age of 16, and now it’s growing a little bit. It’s CEO of an Internet company,


‘s change is due to a special change,


what is it,


one, do the hard experience of the webmaster!


let me first tell you about my high school experience. In fact, high school has nothing to do with it, but it has laid a solid foundation for the practice of e-commerce and a wealth of marketing experience.

In fact, the word

business is no stranger to me, when I began to contact one of the electronic commerce and the website is in when I was sixteen years old, at my age, children are still playing online games, of course, I also play the game, but that is the junior high school thing, when the first two days of class. The students taught me to play games, I play every day, playing for two years, when graduate, I found the game is fun, but even leveling to the full level, equipment to the best, the game became king, are not worth a hair in reality. So I don’t play games very much, but occasionally I play. No, I started looking for ways to make money when I was in high school, because my ambition was to be a successful businessman. Because I love the Internet to browse the web, so I will search on the Internet, how to make money online, of course, do Wangzhuan friends certainly understand, search results are very attractive, what to teach you to earn one hundred yuan tuition, earn thousand posts, many sites, are easily deceived, because I was a high school student, not so much money, so they are not fooled, if I had the money, may be taken out.

I continue to look for other methods in Wangzhuan, a website that do a website, and then let people have access, advertising take, I was curious, because I always want to know what kind of website to do it, if there is a WWW.****.COM of this website is the top-level domain name how good ah, is to show off in front of the classmates of the capital ah, I find how to do its own website on the Internet, read a lot, finally spent 70 yuan, I had a week of living ah, buy a domain name, was sent to buy the domain name space, so I just put up a website to start, with the source code to do a website, and now the site navigation, in particular the site how to do it, here omit ten thousand words, a website for a rookie, do The hard work of a website is not one or two sentences, because I don’t know how to promote it, and nobody visits me. I visit it every day. So the first website didn’t make money as I wanted, but after that, I became interested in the website

Analysis of order conversion rate of B2C e-commerce website

e-commerce generally has three ways of thinking: the Internet, retail, and supply chains.

equates the conversion rate to the website experience, and is generally the designer or product manager of the Internet, who particularly emphasizes the visual effects of the website and the friendliness of the interaction;

understand e-commerce as retail channels, generally do traditional retail origin, they like to shop everywhere, such as settled in Tmall, pat, Dangdang, etc., and then regularly engage in some discount promotions;


electronic commerce into the supply chain, such as typical Amazon, its interface design no beauty (although very good), no promotion atmosphere, just like a person alone to choose something in a large warehouse, but its supply chain is in place on the site, everywhere outstanding commodity stocks service time.

what kind of thinking should we choose? There is a principle, that is, the conversion rate of users, that is, how many people pay after entering the store.

users will eventually order, is a kind of overall experience, if the user does not know the site, and the first entry was found in the interface is very simple, naturally there is no sense of security, so we should pay attention to the site’s visual style.

If the

is old users, is actually not too concerned about the interface of visual effects, more attention to purchase orders, convenience and category and logistics; so I think that Amazon is focused on the old user, my first single is I know it two years later, once I think it is the electronic commerce website I love the most. I didn’t buy a refrigerator on it at first, because I didn’t believe such a cold site would provide me with quick door-to-door installation service, so I chose Jingdong.

what should we do to strengthen the website? It depends on the user’s point of view and the company’s competitive advantage. Like Amazon, because there have been massive sticky users, and powerful intelligent operation system (automated recommendation and stock replenishment mechanism), can be reduced to the lowest operating costs, thus providing service everyday low prices (without strong promotion, atmosphere) and the supply chain is the core concern of loyal users.

otherwise, I’m not going to start. The following diagram is the core factor of the conversion rate.


conversion rate is a comprehensive impact factor, which requires all departments of the company to work together. I believe that many product managers have a deep sense of frustration: why I am so confident website revision, conversion rate increased by 0.5 percentage points. If the site’s product prices generally increased by 5%, or at a price of 8% competitors, you see, how many will fall once the conversion rate of your site, if this thing happened in the on-line version, as you wait for the product manager found it, if your boss do not understand the above diagram.

was the product manager’s design instinct after being on the site

Chinese stationmaster should have six big abilities

I really do not long time, Qiazhiyisuan is two years, but always feel so many things that do not consider now, there is saying, personal webmaster has arrived in the winter, then spring comes after winter, how long we the station for the winter, how to laugh for tomorrow? I combine their do stand experience, summed up the following points together, and the vast majority of the new station.

one, keen insight,

before the establishment of a new station, everybody into the detailed investigation, what is popular now, since the popular, what we want to use the word as a starting point, but also should grasp the popular point is not able to last for a time. And many new station, as a non profitable station, after the establishment of the station can not improve interest.


site you have to rely on the flow of money, not how to talk about SEO, it can be said that half of the correct choice of entry point is the starting point of success, the smaller the better, this may we all know, but often are not very good, my new station is an example, I do stand is recipe network (www.shipu5.com), at the time of selection is to do this but in the recipe, column arrangement to add the article to the surface, cut or large, can actually smaller constraint point, I can do this diet or other corresponding sub sections, it can be targeted, and now face a good grasp of this is to remind the novice should pay attention to the places where.

two, have the learning ability of not suffering hardship and keeping pace with the times.

since the choice of IT this line, then we must have a clear understanding of learning at all times, "learn", and then know inadequate." Only by learning advanced knowledge of this industry can we achieve something. And IT is a changing industry, where time is doomed to be eliminated. Like now stationmaster station, figure wangdage Admin5, Qiu Shida SEO data are very good learning exchanges, the station every day I browse the latest article information, take the experience of others to use their own website, as its own increase more rapidly with


three, enduring endurance,

now the search engine because of too many garbage station harassment, changed the rules of the collection, if we do not have a certain endurance, it’s a pity to give up halfway. Here is Baidu, GG included is no doubt. Do a new half a month included has been very good, in fact, for before we say new sites not included in fact do not worry, new content can be directly submitted to the search engines, but are generally after the submission was included, but not released to my diet,. Filed in March 16th, but 17 is collected, but until April 2nd was released. My www.xiaoneizu.cn is the same

The webmaster do not rest on its laurels

yesterday, I wrote a website brand image, what should be paid attention to? Simple analysis of the importance of website brand image and create brand image of the website should pay attention to. At the end of this paper have emphasized the webmaster do not remember the complacent, today to talk about the webmaster do the transformation and development of the problem.

An economic crisis

08 years has caused great impact to Chinese economy, coupled with the snowstorm, 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, long-term downturn in the stock market, the economic situation is not optimistic, especially some of the southern city, more and more foreign enterprises, many companies are in a wide range of staff. Every year, millions of graduates are under pressure from employment. With the economic downturn, it is easy to join the entrepreneurial force, but the answer is: NO. If easy business than employment, the recruitment will not crush. Many graduates choose to join the grassroots webmaster army, they are carrying a dream, hoping to create a world of their own on the internet. Similarly, there are people from all walks of life joining the army.

although the Internet industry is not affected by the economic crisis, it has maintained a relatively fast growth momentum. But for stationmaster, especially grass root stationmaster, this is opportunity and challenge. Just imagine, gradually popular in the concept of WEB2.0, e-commerce began to mature, the social networking site SNS has become increasingly popular, vertical industry and local portal website of information growing for 09 years, the opportunity may at any time into a crisis. There are too many sites on the rise, there are more sites in disappear, plus more and more college students to join the ranks of the past master entrepreneurs, relaxed and harmonious circle became fierce competition. In last month’s 2009 annual meeting of Internet owners, how to become more profitable has become the theme of 09 years, and only constantly adapt to the new changes in the Internet, in order to continue to develop and profitability.

but there are many webmasters who haven’t really realized how they’re going to develop. We all know that the main source of income for small and medium-sized Adsense is the advertising alliance, and the website mainly depends on traffic and content. But with the economic crisis led to reduced advertising, advertising alliance also will fade, even if your traffic is high, is also facing no ads can be hung without additive alliance dilemma! Another movie video website is very high to the traffic demand just is also facing the pressure of copyright licensing, so how to transition to seek new the profit pattern of imminent.

but some stationmaster is still guarding his poor flow, every day take leave of doing promotion and optimization. In that case, if you’re just trying to make zero money, you don’t need to think about any transition or development. But if you want your web site to earn more money, will expand the scale of second, or even third such sites, Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied think must not hold the status quo, the complacent attitude do stand, and should hold a developing attitude, not satisfied with the status quo > Website

Zhu Li beekeeping achievements million wealth

Zhu, who lives in Wuhan, was influenced by the family from an early age, and was very familiar with

. It is the bee that has made his brilliant career. Back in 1998, Zhu quit the work of state-owned enterprises began to operate the royal jelly bee and. After several years of hard work, now the annual sales of about fifty million yuan. He solved the crisis to win the wealth of life.

2003 in March, is the cause of the peak period of Zhu Li came to the office as usual, however, a report to let him fly, feeling the moment was thrown to the bottom of life, followed by the quality supervision department seized 15 factories and stores, why Zhu Lineng because the disaster have a blessing, in the storm, the same year the explosive and open 8 stores, shop full of customers?

1989 in the state-owned financial department as chief Zhu Li, the resignation of the sea, according to their ancestral stunt and continue to study the beekeeping beekeeping technology, accumulated by small bees tens of millions of wealth, Bao Chun Zhu Li, compared with the general beekeepers what unique skills? How to make millions of wealth by bees?

was born in bee family, etc. from the father, Chinese beekeeping Dean figure with "China queen," the reputation of Mr. Zhu Qiqiong, this let Zhu Li of bee products and bee keeping technology consummate.


In addition to

Small do poineering work what good Snack car popular

set up shop when the boss, presumably this is the dream of many people, but the lack of funds for entrepreneurs, if you want to start the project, we must consider how to lower cost business, how to carry out low-cost business? 2016 small business to do what good? Multi function electric car as the best choice of the wealth of snacks.

must be prepared to have to endure hardship spirit, diligent and never yield in spite of reverses, there should be the right direction and methods, have good planning and design life. We should make full use of existing resources, to play their own initiative, to play to their strengths and weaknesses, to be good at taking advantage of. As the saying goes: "hunger breeds discontentment", all love delicacy, how in the development of the times for the first time today, consumers pay attention to you? Multifunctional mobile snack car to join a huge business opportunities.

multifunctional mobile snack car to join because of its simple operation, wide audience, stylish and beautiful, by the vast number of consumers, become the most popular consumer market, the most popular low cost venture projects. The snack industry contains a huge business opportunities, therefore, many entrepreneurs see huge business opportunities inherent in the industry, the industry have entered a grand exhibition, in order to achieve the dream of getting rich, we need a power project to help. Snack car to join the project to bring people a new choice, since the beginning of the world, by many consumers love, so get the recognition of entrepreneurs, outstanding strength, the advantage is significant.

reporter interviewed a number of young people, they have said: do not like to eat roadside stalls, although cheap, but always feel not clean, afraid of what health problems will appear. However, since the street has a snack car, we changed the street snack, the original street snack car can also be safe and healthy." Complete the delicacy series, appeared in the streets full of momentum, so many roadside food stalls lost color, sold more than a car’s passenger grab the left hand, right hand Fried String Guan Dongzhu, a car will not fix Dong Dian Xi Pu run back and forth. People choose small investment projects, will not miss the snack car start-up projects, especially the popular snack car brand, the market is more welcome. Snack car to join is a real hot item, for many consumers to bring good quality products, the market is broad, great potential.

as a popular venture, it is necessary for many consumers to bring healthy and delicious good products, need to carefully select ingredients. The seasons of food, such as meat, seafood, and so on Vegetable & Fruit diversified raw ingredients, as long as a car can make hundreds of delicacy, unlike those restaurants need spacious stores, ornate decoration, the snack car does not know how much to save costs for our business." A self-made franchisee revealed.

has been a popular snack food, has a huge consumer demand, the market is empty

Men’s clothing store official consignment confidence to be full

men compared to women’s market although the market does not have the pressure of competition, but also want to do a good job is not easy, for there is no entrepreneurial experience of young people want to join do need careful planning. Men’s clothing stores are now popular and market foundation and development trend of the formation of scale are relatively mature, so that the men’s clothing stores to become the first choice of many novice entrepreneurs, but in the face of good opportunities do you know what kind of way is the best way to business men’s store? Analysis of the market in order to lead to the success of the road, then this is believed to invest in men’s franchise you know!

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Listening is more important than speaking in retail management

said the business needs to articulate, so many bosses think in any case, if you want a good business, if you want to attract more consumers, we need to "play to the extreme. However, if the real business investors should know that, in fact, in the retail business, "listen" is more important than "say". However, although many operators have been aware of this, but let the customer end, said it is simple, but it is not easy to do.

"talk" is the most popular way to communicate with the customers and maintain the customers’ feelings. It plays a very important role in the retail business. It is an art to say "good", "listen" is an art. Some people are willing to listen, some people do not want to listen to others, like to interrupt the topic of others. Good is not good at listening to others speak, can let the customer to finish, for business, will produce different results.

day, I went to the county of a tobacco non-staple food supermarket. Wait for me to buy, waiting to pay at the cashier, came in a middle-aged aunt. Aunt a door, the supermarket cashier said: "girl, I bought the egg in the supermarket yesterday, you had the wrong." Listen to the aunt, the cashier turned down, ranging from Aunt finish, was rudely interrupted and said: "face to face money across the money out of the supermarket door silver goods square, is not responsible for, don’t come here. What would you do if I asked for less money?"

listened to the cashier, aunt half did not speak in front of the cashier, every single word or phrase said: "you don’t regret. I wanted to come to you to find my money back to you, you’re out of the door even." Say that finish, aunt angrily left, leaving the cashier speechless, speechless.

coincidentally. A few days ago, I went to a breakfast shop to buy breakfast. This breakfast shop fried soft and chewy Deep-Fried Dough Sticks stone mill, Soybean Milk fragrance, authentic, attracted many customers to buy. In front of me, a young woman, after buying the fried dough sticks, so that the boss to install their own half a cup of soy milk. She said: today to eat their own, a cup of milk can not drink." It is ready to Soybean Milk proprietress listens, not happy, young woman to scold: "this Soybean Milk a cup of money, would not make money, in order to sell to sell Deep-Fried Dough Sticks collocation, you buy half a cup of 5 hair, not paper money, how can you buy the thing?"

The young woman was busy

explained: "boss, I drink a small appetite, not finished, but……" Did not wait for the young woman to finish, the boss said: "you can not drink is your thing, anyway, my milk is a dollar, if everyone is like you will be calculated, then I will not die?" Just want to open a young woman, was interrupted by the boss: a dollar a cup, you do not buy? Buy a cup back if you don’t drink