Let’s discuss the situation before the

article begins. If an ordinary webmaster and Wang, two people in the promotion of their own website, who would be better? The answer is yes, because the king has set a personal brand image, we will give more attention and support on the graph king, not only the promotion, other concerns will improve.

Adsense this industry, but also need to have personal brand support, if your personal reputation is high, whether it is promotion, or trading, or other, can get better than ordinary people. Personal brand is very important, webmaster how to shape personal brand image, let the brand for their webmaster professional icing on the cake, read more

webmaster, this word is specially assigned to the Internet to provide users with information platform. A little more advanced called CEO! Webmaster every day at the computer for eight hours, or even longer, the hard day in and day out for my goal, I have seen a lot of their own understanding of the owners, their QQ every day to night time online, which shows that they still own website struggle, this spirit is every webmaster should have, like some time ago I saw a movie inside of a line, can directly explain stationmaster this industry aphorism: Lawyer material he will not long legs ran to you, for you to find! This is also the same as in the webmaster industry, ranking you will not improve, webmaster promotion optimization!. So today, we write with you about the webmaster experience in the past two years. Write well, do not blame me Oh, because I have always liked to use the simplest statement to write, and strive to most of my friends can understand, read the author’s mind. So today, let’s talk about how to improve the loyalty of members of the forum, I do BBS time more than a year, day IP from zero to the current twenty thousand, is not bad, huh, huh, huh, huh?. read more

from the university to the business, from the station to sell a year of painstaking efforts Xianlin network. Junior year began to do the station, seeking cheap, in the sunshine Internet Registration promotion org, but also only org for me to register. In 06 years in November registered the domain in 07 years began in May as a station, after 2 months, the first sell advertising, 1000 pack years later, more and more advertising revenue, in December sold the website of money, advertising revenue sword 5K, which has been very satisfied, because the investment is small then, the virtual host and the cost of the domain name, do not add up to 1000. In December, I had only half a year left to graduate from college. I might leave the place where I studied and lived for four years. It intends to sell the site, find the same type of webmaster in Baidu, the price of 10000 yuan to play 5% off sold the website, but the domain name transfer to a problem by the sunshine Internet pit, again under serious contempt. read more

has been unconscious for four years,

was four years old, 16 years old, now 20 years old. Why do you write this?

is a summary, summed up the bitter experience of the past four years,


started his website at the age of 16, and now it’s growing a little bit. It’s CEO of an Internet company,


‘s change is due to a special change,


what is it,


one, do the hard experience of the webmaster!


let me first tell you about my high school experience. In fact, high school has nothing to do with it, but it has laid a solid foundation for the practice of e-commerce and a wealth of marketing experience. read more

e-commerce generally has three ways of thinking: the Internet, retail, and supply chains.

equates the conversion rate to the website experience, and is generally the designer or product manager of the Internet, who particularly emphasizes the visual effects of the website and the friendliness of the interaction;

understand e-commerce as retail channels, generally do traditional retail origin, they like to shop everywhere, such as settled in Tmall, pat, Dangdang, etc., and then regularly engage in some discount promotions; read more

since I last year to buy www.wndhw.com domain name and the construction of "universal navigation nets", after the dark history of Baidu K off, I feel a lot, careful analysis, summarize the experience, I think it is necessary to make the establishment of the new absorption just my previous lesson, do not repeat the mistakes I made before, walk less a close-up of detours, this article


Baidu K website for many reasons, but summed up, there are mainly the following main aspects of

the first aspect: a lot of stack keywords, keywords, read more

website optimization can be divided into two major categories: in station optimization and off site optimization.

one, outside the station to optimize

station optimization is more common outside the chain (recommended to blog) the skills, such as forums, blogs, inquiry platform, 58 classification information and so on, there is not too much, everybody know. Here I detailed under the station optimization, I personally pay more attention to station optimization.

two, station optimization is divided into: read more

talk about QQ group joint function, will become network marketing tool

, if you don’t keep up with micro-blog’s big stream, you’re OUT,


, if you don’t join the WeChat public platform, you’re OUT again,

, you’re lost in the Marketing Marathon,


now, Tencent Inc launched another marketing tool ——-QQ group, if you have not yet acted, then your promotion channels will become narrow, competitors are suppressed, there is no opportunity to breathe.

QQ group features: read more

Hello, everyone today to introduce my SkyDrive experience, that is, since the establishment of the site, free SkyDrive to provide resources to download some experience to the user.

in the early webmasters station are using virtual host virtual host, good domestic with foreign traffic restrictions, no limits, but are not allowed to provide large file downloads, so many webmaster hard looking for SkyDrive, as a free download task server.

does not understand SkyDrive, will waste a lot of time in the process of looking for SkyDrive, I am no exception, groundless talk came, SkyDrive spent countless, now finally spoils, I think some good SkyDrive, and SkyDrive experience for everybody. read more


S60v3 download station is currently operating in October last year began, almost a year now, but the flow is pathetically poor, here is a summary of the experience of failure, give yourself the way to tell you as much as possible to avoid these problems that influence the development of the website. In general, this station has experienced too many problems, including domain name replacement, and then exchange, program change, Baidu included normal to only included home page, replace templates, etc.. read more

Acacia community: small community business growth process kingly way

, how many years have you been in the web? I grin, "my website is almost full.".

but I’ve been thinking about how a community should operate so that it can really appeal to potential users.

There are a lot of flourishing

community, but as a personal site, or a small community, want to make the world, such as Sina or ChinaRen, West Temple, the community is obviously not realistic, truly worthy of imitation and learning are small, professional community. My initial idea was to make a regional dating site, the theme of love and marriage. Despite the large dating sites, similar communities are rare, and one of the biggest attractions of my vision is free, and the other is a rigorous review of a real dating network. But in the process of popularizing this idea, I can not help denying it, at least it is unsuitable for the early stage. read more

I horse note: this morning, social investment website snowball announced the completion of $40 million C round of financing, this round of financing by Renren group led Morningside capital with the cast.

Fang told entrepreneurs &, I dark horse, said: "through its efforts since its establishment, snowball has established its position in the market for investors to exchange this service.". When communication and trading merge, the value of the community will explode. After a new round of financing, snowball will facilitate this integration as soon as possible." read more

took the mobile Internet boom, many enterprises began to carry out a variety of mobile marketing activities, including the APP marketing, with its unique advantages in many ways of marketing talent shows itself, become a magic weapon for rapid rise of brand building, the small and medium-sized enterprise, enterprise deeply loved, but there are still many enterprises due to the just released app by improper operation strategy, causing it to be shuffling out in the mobile application of the tide, so just for the start-up of the app how to operate, what are the operating strategy, this issue, six suggestions are given the following small series. read more

, he’s the youngest generation of entrepreneurs on the mobile internet. In 2012, he left the business from the UC game center business leader, from Beijing to Guangzhou alone, the creation of the 8868 hand travel trading platform (8868.cn). In the recently concluded dark horse race TMT industry finals, he with a clear and mature business model and Baidu vice president Zhang Dongchen won the "best mentoring title."". In the mobile game rapid development of the tide, he through the original CBC embedded trading model, in just 1 and a half years, will be 8868 to create, monthly trading water million hand travel trading platform. He is the 8868 hand travel trading platform (8868.cn) founder and CEO season. Recently, the dark horse will TMT branch, WeChat large group invited to season to share. read more

more and more people now in the online shop, whether you are using an independent shopping system program with B2C or pat in the mall, such as Taobao, Baidu, the establishment of C2C network auction platform on network shop needs a good means of promotion, can increase the browsing rate of shops. The store’s browsing rate is similar to the daily flow of traditional stores. Is not afraid of deep alley, that is the past, don’t wait to know this, now the rabbit also learn tree than three, will not take the initiative to Huangbuzelu that a tree hit you guarding. The physical store’s flow is not big, the network shop’s browsing quantity is not big, this is decided by your transaction order transformation. read more

Internet is not strange, and many enterprises and friends began to enter the Internet marketing website from their products, buy domain name, buy space, step by step over, also is in the website but there are so many friends made a website in the Internet marketing way is lost, not earn money and constantly harassing phone calls every day, whether you need to make the promotion of greetings. Today, rattan design for everyone to write a new topic, perhaps it is so long has not been everyone understand the secret, why do website marketing good people do not like to use Baidu statistics, why read more

Beijing time on April 19th news, according to foreign media reports, your website is your "facade"". If you have a physical storefront, you’re sure to worry about how to put it in the window. You should also spend the same amount of time in virtual stores. Websites need to attract customers and make them repeat customers.

opens your web site and pretends to be a new potential client and asks yourself the following questions. It’s best to find people who have never seen your site before, and ask them to answer these questions: read more

enterprise development and expansion, and ultimately user word-of-mouth baptism. Especially those newly started enterprises are developing vigorously, and they hope to gain the advantage of market competition through brand publicity. However, this problem often arises, spent a lot of money, but not the brand you want, advertising, promotional or selling products also, is not very good, it really is a brand of a problem? Actually, I where the founder International Software Co., Ltd., brand needless to say, the "founder" brand. But we are Faye did not like those other founder software products sell business, which is why read more

I really do not long time, Qiazhiyisuan is two years, but always feel so many things that do not consider now, there is saying, personal webmaster has arrived in the winter, then spring comes after winter, how long we the station for the winter, how to laugh for tomorrow? I combine their do stand experience, summed up the following points together, and the vast majority of the new station.

one, keen insight,

before the establishment of a new station, everybody into the detailed investigation, what is popular now, since the popular, what we want to use the word as a starting point, but also should grasp the popular point is not able to last for a time. And many new station, as a non profitable station, after the establishment of the station can not improve interest. read more