The chain how to do in order to obtain high quality chain

first we see if we do not pay attention to quality and quantity which will harm:

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people have such a perception of the chain in Shanghai, love Wikipedia to do it is the high quality of the chain, and even some people think that an encyclopedia chain could be worth 100 forum link. In fact, the situation is not so, and people do not want to love the Shanghai encyclopedia so important. In fact, he just made a common post in the forum what not much.

I believe that now do character signature forum to enhance the website weight is helpful, but the effect has not been previously so obvious. But if the signature chain share a website all the chain is too large, it will cause adverse effects. Because the chain is not stable, easy to lose, if you lose too much will affect the ranking website, so the chain we need every day to have the effect, once the stop will do the obvious effect.

believes that the chain and the importance of the website ranking Shanghai dragon people, is clearly the importance of the chain, and I will not repeat them, I mainly talk about how to do the site outside the chain of high quality today, when the chain is the injection of heavy amount or quantity. When the chain is the focus on the quality and quantity of the problem I believe that for most of the webmaster friends will say, is certainly the quality of priority. Yes, the chain is the first quality, but we are in the actual operation of the process, is not the case, we often focus on quantity, quality and forget. This is because the number of easy to do, but it is difficult to do. So we in the chain to

spam links has always been our misunderstanding1, the Shanghai Encyclopedia love After the how to do?


know the chain number not only harm the quality, we come to know the high quality of the chain

spam links is very easy to do, as long as the use of Shanghai dragon chain promotion tools can be very easy to do. Although it is easy to do, but this link does not have any value to the site, not only on the website of the weight and ranking of any help, and may even have very bad consequences for the web site. This is because, once it is very difficult to remove the link up, when the garbage chain reaches a certain amount, must cause the attention of search engines, light is drop the weight website station by K.

a lot of people in exchange Links are those who have love to exchange station the link Links, because it can get a lot of the chain, which is the maximum benefit. But it is also risky, because it makes your web site outside of the chain is very simple, the lack of diversity, easy to search engine punishment to drop right.

1, the station link the advantages and disadvantages of

character signature

forum 3, the advantages and disadvantages of

Detailed written website title

For example, Guangzhou is a

1: keyword stuffing

first of all, we should make it clear that, in the process of Web site operators, Shanghai dragon is the process, and ultimately bring business and order is the purpose, but the key is the sensitivity of the user. If an enterprise website written in title so it will give people a very irregular feeling, the sensitivity of the user naturally down, many potential loss of business. So for small sites those workshops, such wording may have little effect, but the regular big enterprises is intolerable million.

XX, the main flower service, many enterprises hope in any page on Title XX wrote "flower company,……" In this form, it is also a typical error.

second, from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, this is not a piece of optimization. Basically speaking, the current search engine segmentation technology has been very mature, highly repetitive keywords stack effect is not big, even have the opposite effect. Like the above title you write "Guangzhou site construction site, fast service providers can, through the word already in fact the main keywords are included.

in title, on the left of the general keyword weight is higher, the more important the right. For small businesses, the most important thing is not their company name or brand, but they want to promote a product or service, it is recommended that you do not in any page on the title must add the name of the company. If you want to add, also proposed in the back.

title is generally the first 25 words is the best, so we can say.

: a website title writing typical errors

If a company named

title writing is very important to do Shanghai dragon in the optimization step, the basic work is also a Shanghai dragon er. But the author found that in practice there are many websites Title actually wrote is a problem, and even some years of employment in Shanghai dragon Er are still making mistakes. In this paper, the author firstly lists the typical mistakes in writing the title website, website written title must follow the principle of.

to do for the home station site, the title in "Guangzhou station | Guangzhou website | Guangzhou website | Guangzhou website," this is a typical error, the reason has two:

3: there are too many irrelevant words

2: the name of the company at the forefront of

for large companies, this kind of writing is not a problem, because the company’s brand is their most valuable asset, but for small businesses, their brand is not yet established, this style of title is a kind of waste, the reasons are as follows:

How do the construction site outside the chain of high quality

kitten fiddle time is not long, but also know that the high quality of the chain on the site of the role is very great, just give me a friend of the chain website as his website for three months in Shanghai love are not included, the cat started to write two the day of the original article to bring down the chain, the Baidu is included, and is a snapshot of recent day, now that several articles have kittens that website brought more than 100 friends of the chain, to know the kitten made only five sites only, can imagine the high quality of the original this is how great a role, so the cat began to write the article from said to myself: we must insist on writing this article, on their own, to the website and will help to the webmaster buddy

kitten when you go online owners found that many of the buddy released outside the chain of one of the quality are not, directly copying others article and then add links to your web site is released, even not to let the beautiful layout, this article kittens are lazy, direct shut down. Buddy you send the chain, your family know?

Although Shanghai dragon

said this correlation is links to the other theme is associated, at least in the page link has relevance, not related to the link is not no effect, but the relative effect is very small, a large quantity will also show the effect, but there are a few problems cat reminder: own the workload is two, if not related links the proportion of site outside the chain is too large, it will make Baidu pull into a small dark room, so the correlation link is the best link.

page A page authors recommend the contents of B, and use the link text description of the page B to page A, the link text is the anchor text writing. This method in the ideal of the world wide web, the correlation with the anchor text is the two basic elements of a link should have, it is subject to Baidu recognition, obviously the anchor text is very large for keywords ranking function.

generally high quality of the chain has several features, the cat will give you the vernacular Vernacular:

said there is the most authoritative position within the scope of a certain person or thing. Web page links authority (which is recommended), this effect is not a kitten, like A5 webmasters a recommendation of your article, so the number of approval must be more than you published on their website approbate degree is much higher, so the one from the relevant authority page links to the value of your site is very high.

The not?

four: more domain name and link

: correlation of

outside the chain of quality first, quantity, the meaning of the title is from 10 different.

three: authority

The construction site of

two: anchor text

A5 marketing only three measures can quickly improve website traffic and love Shanghai weight


, get a large number of keywords

first, is to obtain a large number of keywords, the key word here refers to the target keywords and long tail keywords.

about the target keywords, some enterprise website is that a few keywords, some keywords and enterprise website is unable to choose the other, these words must sike. Why? The reason is very simple, because the enterprise website products only so few, if you do not do these keywords other keywords can not do, because there are a lot of business owners only allows you to do these keywords, other words do not let you do, unless you are the boss of this enterprise, otherwise you don’t think.

has been the rapid increase of web traffic and weight is the webmaster of the dream, whether it is business or other types of Web sites worth mentioning, as long as the site is to flow and weight optimization, because a lot of traffic can bring enterprise profit, love Shanghai weight high website can bring to the search engine trust. So, some webmaster website has yet to flow and love Shanghai weight also began to worry, if the site continued without traffic and weight, may not be the site found that more people in the website optimization, or not good effect. Therefore, the rapid increase in traffic and love Shanghai weight is the priority among priorities of the web site optimization, but also the only way the website will bring good profit.

on the long tail keywords, long tail keywords enterprise website is very flexible, business owners can use the keywords research to dig out the more expansion of the long tail word, also can search related tools, Shanghai love the drop-down box, fell in love with the sea bottom cable and love Shanghai for the background to dig a lot of long tail keywords by keyword mining. These long tail words and target words are not the same, the long tail word easier to develop new words, such as the long tail word is a certain product of the price of the product, then we can expand.

on how to increase website traffic and weight has been a problem in the webmaster want to know, but at this time there are a lot of people ask me how to improve the flow and weight, in fact want to quickly improve the flow and weight is very simple, but only three can make quick effect. Of course, you want to through this three flow and weight effect, there must be a premise, the premise is to structure, page, the chain site do optimization, then the implementation of this measure, there is one point to note is that this measure to insist on the implementation of. Webmasters may not understand this premise, said bluntly: website as one insider, if the body is not healthy, there may be a problem. If one looks very ugly, probably won’t be able to find the object. Of course, the site structure and page to optimization, want to quickly do traffic and weight is almost not a problem. A5 and marketing Shanghai dragon team has also been encouraged by the three webmaster to do a website traffic and weight, here is a detailed explanation of the.

Simple analysis on Shanghai Longfeng industry three well-known website

Chinaz Webmaster Tools: domain name time of 10 years and 8 months, included 3 million 10 thousand, outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query 5 million 120 thousand and 400, PR 7, Alexa average in March ranked 154, Shanghai love weight value 6;

: the basic information of the website

Figure Figure

, the basic information of the website

search outside Shanghai dragon why: Forum, written with the Discuz open source forum system using PHP script language, title tag search "Shanghai dragon Forum – the most popular Shanghai dragon industry community, time search engine technology update" hot in the Keywords tag, description tag, contains keywords Shanghai dragon, keyword density of 4.8%. The page keywords used by the H1 page on a label, with the anchor text link to another two level domain name; H2 tag 13 anchor text links to various kinds of forum; a H3 tag, for statistics in line member area. The URL path is static, love Shanghai scoring 2 half star query optimization.

Webmaster Tools

love Shanghai Encyclopedia: domain name time of 13 years and 10 months, included 9 million 800 thousand, outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query 99 million 410 thousand and 600, PR 8, Alexa average in March ranked 1347, Shanghai love weight value 10;

Chinaz: Webmaster Tools query tool, written by the independent development of the ASP.NET scripting language.

: search the basic information of the website


point directly into, today I said three case analysis under the most basic class website, to search for the words "Shanghai dragon", a search forum sub directory BBS, top-level domain name on page second, probably because of the previous revision of the two is the two level domain name Chinaz webmaster the three is a tool, love Shanghai encyclopedia pages Shanghai dragon entry, the three station as long as it is in the search engine in the field of Shanghai dragon, part of the search engine rankings are in the top three, which focuses on the inside pages of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai encyclopedia entries, this page in the rival search engine rankings show top three, a separation of fourth, the weight is high, is worth us to study Shanghai dragon heavy industry personnel.

site architecture

: love Shanghai encyclopedia basic information


why: domain name search outside Shanghai Longfeng time of 5 years and 8 months, included 2 million 200 thousand, outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query 1 million 236 thousand and 800, PR 5, Alexa average in March ranked 1347, Shanghai love weight value 5;




Shanghai dragon more needs to be done on the basis of facts

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce the "Shanghai dragon knowledge too cheap value experience is very scarce", get a lot of friend’s identity. Indeed, the Shanghai dragon, many of our friends understand too shallow, Shanghai dragon is definitely not the hair outside the chain, do false original so simple, we have a lot of things to do, Shanghai based dragon knowledge is easy to learn, the value of experience is not easy to obtain, and to obtain the value of experience we need to use the fact as the foundation.

basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon is the most important, this point that everyone knows, but can really sink in the heart in accordance with the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" to operate the webmaster not much, some owners even interpret out of context in the wrong direction, vague, or some also hold the lucky heart pretend to find a breakthrough from the search engine’s vulnerability, not entirely impossible, but it’s very difficult to do, as well as the foundation of Shanghai longfeng. Well, do the chain, from the two aspects of search engine and user implementation of Shanghai dragon you need to do.

accidental phenomenon that we can get more experience. Because only new problems will stimulate us to acquire more knowledge, to analyze what we did not do well, >

second based on the data analysis of the phenomenon of Shanghai dragon

a lot, we do in Shanghai dragon will encounter some special phenomena, such as the site is K, website does not increase, the website is not a new snapshot, this phenomenon seems to be difficult to solve, but it will certainly be able to through the data analysis to find the reasons. A very important principle which is also in Shanghai Dragon: do analysis of Shanghai dragon phenomenon based on the data from the data, found the problem, solve the problem.

actually refers to the real situation of things, including things, events, events, which happened all the objects and social phenomenon, the objective existence of the unusual things and situations and the variation trend. But in fact Shanghai Longfeng includes some of the techniques and rules of Shanghai Longfeng existence, an event in Shanghai dragon in the process, we should analysis of the data, and the dynamic website and we need to pay attention to the search engine. This should hold these things, you start to Shanghai dragon absolutely no problem.


any good Shanghai dragon is certainly the most important for Shanghai dragon knowledge and mastering methods, which I in the previous article also recommend the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", believe that people will certainly be able to find the breakthrough point of the Shanghai dragon in this guide. Always think of a good website, a good article will let you absolutely always look new, because of the different time period for our Shanghai dragon’s cognition is different, coupled with the increase in different time experience to be confirmed, you will continue to deepen their understanding of the Shanghai dragon.

first Shanghai dragon

knowledge and methods

Single page website to do it how to do optimization Shanghai dragon is the most effective

single page website also cannot do without the two, as to how the layout, how to do it, we can refer to some of the Raiders do and the method of the chain, the chain mode of single page website and multi page website the same method is general.

we all know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization follows the "content is king, the chain for emperor" this rule, for a single page website, the content is basically fixed, one less half can be done, this is not the means of single page site optimization in Shanghai dragon made useless?

however, the mobile Internet era, single page website seems to back angry, to navigate the site as an example, we found that the present navigation site seems to be far cannot satisfy a screen capacity, so it opens the pull-down mode; and electricity supplier website on any one single product, is then completed product introduction continues to drop down the mobile phone, the user’s reading habits, they love the kind of sliding mode, and forcing them to click on the next page, more or less have some pain, apparently, single page website still has the market, and the core is, how to do a single page website Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to get more the flow.


single page website, simple to understand is a very simple static page layout website. Because most of the single page site from the beginning of the day of birth, the content is almost fixed, with tens of millions of websites, single page website alone is weak, you want to make your site more wonderful, multi page website development become a trend.

single page website, keywords layout, website content, single page website was weak, but the speed of opening, mobile users from web browsing experience, convenient operation and other aspects, a single page website without reservation, and has a natural advantage in Shanghai Longfeng optimization theory, since the single page website do not content then, the chain of

in a single page website, SEM had this experience, the so-called SEM is actually a paid promotion, for some value of a single page, not.

Optimization of

in addition, single page website is the main service for mobile Internet users, so, when there is a single page website, also can’t let the isolated existence, as in a single page website to leave a two-dimensional code, and so on the micro signal or the public number cleverly linked together through the website and user communication channels.

The chain of

because there is only one page, a web address, the chain is particularly concentrated, the way of the chain website but on the two, for example, we in the QQ group website address, QQ interested users click on this website address, you can directly open the web site, this is a dynamic chain, and a a chain is, in stationmaster net left link is an anchor text, this is for the chain oriented search engine, the purpose is to improve the weight of the website.


Talk about love Reflections on Shanghai bidding from personal website

the above four aspects is the key competitive ranking optimization love Shanghai, love Shanghai auction in order to get good results is not easy, "the love of Shanghai has become more and more difficult for such a voice can often hear. So we should spend more time in love Shanghai bidding work, analysis data, thinking of the work, so that we can share their strong position in the competition.

no matter what, data analysis is an important part, like I will go to the same site optimization, analysis of peer class website, love Shanghai auction is the same, as the author of the website of Ningde real estate network in Shanghai to do a love bidding time, data analysis is every day I have to do the work. Data analysis every time is to love Shanghai analysis of a bidding. Through data analysis, we can see a very thorough love Shanghai PPC situation. Let us on the back of the work the better planning.

love for all know the creative report, because the creative report can help us to show the implementation of the monitoring and to assess the effect of the original creative. Optimization of continuous line we can according to the method of TOP-N analysis and creative core positioning. Do real estate network is to promote the goal of promotion in order to achieve different goals, my approach is to develop different promotion plan, the same structure and similar keywords finishing to the same promotion unit inside, and then you can according to the keywords of creative writing. The number of keywords inside each unit should be well controlled, which can ensure the promotion unit and between the keywords we compose creative correlation stronger, to ensure the best use of a creative wildcard in each.

reprint link, thank you! Keywords

and to the Ningde real estate network: 贵族宝贝ndfang贵族宝贝/ left

now many enterprises to have sex in Shanghai auction, although the bidding price is more and more high, but high investment returns, or so many companies spend this money in it, love Shanghai bid I believe everyone is familiar with, so how to make love Shanghai auction bring benefit to us? The following share my own case.

as the search term, so finishing keywords has become a priority among priorities in the work. Through sorting out key words useless words, love Shanghai so as to improve the bidding rankings, Shanghai is not the more the better sex bidding keywords, much duplication, and a waste of money, less has no effect, so the key words will arrange good classification is essential. Key words as the core of the real estate network like Ningde, the best of Ningde real estate network and related long tail keywords classification in the core of the following words. So you can play a good effect

The ! Shanghai

bidding is a price, and keyword prices are based on the statistical analysis of key words and get out. We should set the goal of good effect, high ratio of keywords, the keywords are not ideal price is removed. This not only in terms of quality, and competitive ranking can play an unexpected effect.

The analysis of electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon team needs several members

Four: the chain Commissioner

< >

two: site technical support staff

website editors can be said to be a hard not simply not simple work. The editor of the website not only need to have a solid writing skills, but also need a keen sense of touch, can the development of perceived social events, network events etc.. For example, the previous Little Yue Yue event, as a qualified editors can perceive this thing to its impact on society. As an e-commerce site editors need more strict, they need to be able to understand the consumption psychology and behavior of customers. Therefore, the editorial staff in the Shanghai dragon team also plays an important role.

This is pure

: a department in charge of

for a complete Shanghai dragon team, is usually composed of five members. The Department in charge of the website, including technical support staff, editors, the Commissioner of the chain and web design. The specific description and division are as follows.

three: editor

for personnel and technical personnel, they are responsible for site code optimization, server optimization. For this kind of technical personnel need to master some common code such as HTML code, ASP code, PHP code and so on. And to have a good communication ability, can in the website needs to be optimized when communicating to each member.

see the domestic e-commerce is becoming more and more fire, to promote e-commerce development indispensable Shanghai dragon Er also more and more attention. Because as an e-commerce site the most direct is the need for large flow, especially the flow, these brought about the user friendly experience to enhance and improve the site conversion rate. For an e-commerce site, is a complete system of Shanghai dragon team. So today I will be in this paper, an e-commerce site of the Shanghai dragon team which requires a few aspects of talent.

as the saying goes: the train to run fast, thanks to the front with. As the Shanghai dragon Department plays a vital role in Shanghai Longfeng department. A good leader can lead a team with efficiency of Shanghai dragon team. As a department in charge of what needs to quality? A: have a good attitude, as the site of punishment is a normal thing, as a supervisor when this problem should not panic, because of any problems. Second, as the director you need to have a good ability of expression, as well as our Shanghai dragon Er need is superior or inferior to superior communication, is about the progress of work, the goal of our work is to understand the working process, the lower our. The best is to have the spirit of sharing, as a supervisor for optimization must be experienced, so a good supervisor is not stingy to share their experience, to share their experience to their members.

See from the search engines love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot date

a few days ago, I sent a page in the management of the channel (Note: the author is a Chongqing Hualong portal network staff), a direct link to the external original page I, after a few days, I am out of increased channel original proportion, the original content of this page is to release paste I channel management system, generate the domain name of the page. After less than 2 hours, falling in love with the sea search, collection.

so snapshot love Shanghai so that we can see in this page, because my release date is 15, so the page is displayed on the release date is 15, despite the fact that this page is really out of 18. If you love Shanghai snapshot shows the date is 18, then a netizen from Shanghai love search came to this page you will find love in Shanghai include the page than the release date of late for 3 days, then he will have some views on love Shanghai, love Shanghai feel should be so slow, 3 days a page has to be included.

maybe this would you say, what get excited over a little thing. However, a very interesting phenomenon out of love, Shanghai snapshot of the date shown is the number 15, which is the date of my hair in this chain a few days ago, but 15 of the time this page does not exist, how can love Shanghai in 15 had grabbed this page this? He is not TM.

maybe some friends will say, many web pages are included in 1 weeks, 3 days late is what ah. So here I want to add that I manage channel of Chongqing is the first portal of Hualong network 2 channel, Hualong network Chongqing news portal, the weight is very high, even my management level 2 channel, are PR6, SR4, and Links are high weight love Shanghai web site. The equivalent in Shanghai love eyes, can be considered an authoritative high quality channel.

Why is

from this event, we can see that love Shanghai search engine some of the essential things, that is to do anything to improve the user experience, stick to the user. In order to let it firmly hold the first search engine Chinese dominance. The user experience is the love of Shanghai search the eyes of the most important things, Tencent and love Shanghai why can the development of today’s Internet companies 2 brothers take turns when the boss’s position, are like this, their essence is in some of the details, try to make the user satisfaction, the user experience in the first place.

so, Shanghai will want to show love, if love is really a snapshot of the page of Shanghai date number 18, and then displayed on the page than the release date of 15 days and 3 nights, so maybe it will have some views on the Internet I love Shanghai, love Shanghai will affect the user experience, simply to love Shanghai snapshot date display and page release date, it is not on the line. So love is magic that Shanghai became a No. 15, this page does not exist to date, if the love of spiders in Shanghai time.