in today’s entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects catering industry set off to join the investment boom, and as a classic project small business, open to take food stores has become the first choice of many people, but to take food stores everywhere today, how can a successful take food stores? As a senior Sichuan food shop to join the store gives the following recommendations:

take the initiative to run a restaurant franchise, please Samsung to help determine the franchise brand. Take food inspection to join the brand is not only their own field view, taste, but to please the local representative of the "gourmet", "good guy" and "bumpkin" to help the taste, identification, and evaluation of their look and feel. Then the comprehensive score concluded that as long as eighty percent of the satisfaction can be invested. This makes it possible for people to make the wrong judgment and decision because of the deviation of taste and smell. Everyone firewood high flame, this move is quite effective, these people not only become the take food stores of loyal fans, but also help them to favor the trumpeter. Star endorsement is also useful. read more

cool Bobby attractive Hardshell Crab pot to join the project, which attracts the attention of many chowhound. Businesses see this project so prosperous, naturally also want to invest in. Choose the brand project, you can rest assured. Because the product is good, the headquarters of the strength of strong, can guarantee your success, quickly come to know.

Babylon Hardshell Crab pot is not only a good cool delicious project characteristics, it also pays attention to health, Bobby Hardshell Crab will burn precious Chinese medicine into the cool soup, it is not only delicious, nourishing beauty is the perfect choice. Cool Bobby Hardshell Crab burn fat crabs, many types, add chicken, shrimp and other delicious, authentic flavor, taste fragrant, let chowhound are unable to hide greeds. read more

set up shop when the boss, presumably this is the dream of many people, but the lack of funds for entrepreneurs, if you want to start the project, we must consider how to lower cost business, how to carry out low-cost business? 2016 small business to do what good? Multi function electric car as the best choice of the wealth of snacks.

must be prepared to have to endure hardship spirit, diligent and never yield in spite of reverses, there should be the right direction and methods, have good planning and design life. We should make full use of existing resources, to play their own initiative, to play to their strengths and weaknesses, to be good at taking advantage of. As the saying goes: "hunger breeds discontentment", all love delicacy, how in the development of the times for the first time today, consumers pay attention to you? Multifunctional mobile snack car to join a huge business opportunities. read more

in the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, now, business opportunities are not afraid, as long as people dare to practice, is the first step to success. Henan tobacco in the eight savings service for the two venture, for more young people to bring a good opportunity.

2 22 July, Henan tobacco industry limited liability company focusing on improving logistics, initiative in this part to carry out "eight saving" as the main content of the "rigorously enforce thrift, services two business activities, the two venture to boost the style of thrift and hard work of the. read more

now with people for life quality requirements are increasingly high, how can the achievements of his wealth, has now become a headache thing many franchisees, people now pay more attention to the details of life, Home Furnishing lighting is to enhance the quality of life of a show, so it is very profitable to open shop lighting the. So, how to join the open shop?

to open lighting shop need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, funds. First, you should be able to determine how much money you can put into the shop, generally speaking, the city is estimated to require two or three 5-10 or more of the opening of the fund, the city needs more than a few small cities need a few. This is related to the rent, water, electricity, labor and local price level, can not be generalized. However, the removal of rent, decoration and other expenses, liquidity on hand is usually not less than 50 thousand yuan. read more

world cup not only to the fans around the world to bring a wonderful scene, but also brought a lot of opportunities for the industry, the community has been concerned about. Let’s take a look at the hidden opportunities in the world cup.

is a multi terminal program

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men compared to women’s market although the market does not have the pressure of competition, but also want to do a good job is not easy, for there is no entrepreneurial experience of young people want to join do need careful planning. Men’s clothing stores are now popular and market foundation and development trend of the formation of scale are relatively mature, so that the men’s clothing stores to become the first choice of many novice entrepreneurs, but in the face of good opportunities do you know what kind of way is the best way to business men’s store? Analysis of the market in order to lead to the success of the road, then this is believed to invest in men’s franchise you know!

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Want to get a big development

now in rural areas, the need for reform, now in the territory of Anhui province Yixian County Hong Cun Zhen Ping Shan Cun to help local development better, now the rural land contract management rights is indeed the right registration is also actively carry out.

8 7 July at 15:30, Yixian County Hong Cun Zhen Ping Shan Cun Wei Hui, holding just received the "right to contracted management of rural land", said happily: "Changfeng Group of villagers Shu Jiande home 4 blocks to the location and the area now more accurately. With a new contract can also go to the bank mortgage." read more

would continue to speed up the pace of life, let the people’s way of life style and diet has undergone great changes, in order to meet the fast-paced life of fast food, fast food nutrition more and more developed in the market, get more consumer recognition. If you want to start on the road easier, you may wish to choose a more popular fast food brands to join, so you will have a more smooth start. Want to open a shop to do the boss, joined the fast food restaurant also need to master the three tips. read more

once talking about the sales staff, in the impression that many people should be able to feel very able to say, as far as it depends on the fly is not a sure thing. However, the success of the sales staff must be able to make customers feel tricky, so as to achieve a higher transaction volume. So, how to make customers feel reliable sales?

if the salesman can also empathy, stand in the customer’s point of view, we can find that there are many ways to guide customers to complete the transaction. Among them, let the customer feel in contact with you, you say is very reliable, will let customers trust you. read more

with the development of the Internet, more business opportunities are gradually revealed. In recent years, more and more people found the e-commerce market Xinjiang nut cake shop online has become more and more popular. Turning to the shop, we first reaction is Taobao. However, now Taobao electricity supplier market has developed to a bottleneck period, the majority of sellers reaction, and now more and more competition in Taobao shop, business increasingly difficult to do.

1, the increasingly fierce competition, only a few shops can really make money. />

if it is in the Taobao store part-time to pay a deposit, and find their own supply, it is better to shop at the mall for college students, do not pay any fees, also do not have to spend too much time to find sources, just a few minutes to store merchandise goods library to upload their own shop business, this not more time? In addition, the store opened shop in college students and all the shopping malls are responsible for after-sales service, the real owner of the shop to provide a simple, easy to make money platform. read more

a lot of time, people want to find suitable for their own work, a lot of colleges and universities in Beijing, ushered in the recruitment. From March 16th to 18, respectively, Shanghai, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Peking University, held a job fair, on-site acceptance of the resume received consultation. This is the first time into the Beijing higher education scale to recruit talent.

Shanghai city Yangpu District district Party committee secretary Li Yueqi in the "national demonstration base of youth reserve talent recruitment management of Tsinghua special lectures on introduction, the recruitment introduction activities included four" 3 ", namely the 30 young reserve jobs, 30 teachers, 300 students, 3000 post enterprise internship. read more


cigarette market in constant innovation, more and more new products into the market, however, if the promotion of these new products cannot do better, not only for customers to accept, bring more profit to operators. For this reason, the majority of cigarette dealers are reluctant to order new cigarettes, the reason is very simple, because the new cigarette is not known, not known and accepted by smokers, it is difficult to sell out.

but all cigarettes are going through this experience must also be hidden in purdah no one asked "to" a world famous ", all the new cigarette have slowly been familiar with smokers and acceptance to approval process. The process of cigarette business households can not be absent, there is no recommendation of the cigarette business households, new cigarettes can not be familiar to the majority of smokers and accept. read more

now in rural entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular, and now the whole rural entrepreneurship market also can be said to be a good, then the entrepreneurial activity in the vast rural areas, which have a good project?

rural thousand yuan rich small projects have what good? If you choose to invest in small cities, I believe that for now, is definitely a good choice. First tier cities are already close to saturation, small cities seem to be better investment, and now the market, thousands of dollars to choose what kind of business to make money faster? read more

At present, China’s urban labor force is not a lack of

, but the rural areas have been no one to develop, resulting in a gradual increase in the gap between urban and rural development. The introduction of entrepreneurial policies to return home so that rural youth do not have to go outside, you can choose to return home to start business, to achieve an increase in personal income, but also contribute to the development of their hometown.

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how to run the shop? The operator must worry for this problem. Operating methods have 10 million, in the end what is suitable for their own? If you are not very clear, you can learn, first understand what the method, and then to practice, from practice to get more valuable business experience, a look at it.

do investment preparation

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