Cool and pleasant climate, the industry booming, Xining has become a major investment for the ideal home land, many real estate speculators eyes aimed at the beginning of the summer market, in this year’s fair city, my city 9 gold treasure to the developers of an olive branch. It is understood that the 9 plots of land area of about 951 acres, planning indicators covering commercial, commercial, residential, office, etc.. Located in the urban and suburban areas, each with a unique geographical advantage and natural environment, the development of broad prospects, is the home of investors Societe generale. Begonia Park – east plots: the plot is located in Seongbuk Ning on the west side of the road, is the gateway to the Datong Hui Autonomous County through the land, Chaoyang logistics park, park surrounding biological protection, the geographical position is very superior. Youyuan – Xiang block on the east side: the plot is located in the West District of the Yellow River on the west side of the road, the most prosperous areas as the city center, many government agencies and hotel facilities gathered around, Goods are available in all varieties. Sea Lake Road Wholesale Market plots: the land is located in the west side of Lake Road, West District, adjacent to the West Lake Ninghai New District, burning ditch landscape, Xining city is the main trend of the future development and extension. Qinghai switch factory area plots: the land is located in the city district Nanchuan Road East, within the area of humanities has a long history, the natural environment elegant, with the comprehensive transformation of Nanchuan area, the land will become Xining and a high-quality, high-grade residential area of life. The Qinghai University is located in the east of the land plots: Primary School "Road North District, 211 national key university Qinghai University southeast corner, occupy the core position of the university city planning, land use planning is adjacent to the Qinghai Normal University, an outstanding, elegant rich wonderful place to invest. The Cao Zhai area plots: the land belonging to the Middle East area of mature community commercial residential area has not yet developed the "village", surrounded by mature communities surrounded by densely populated residential, commercial potential huge market and broad prospects for development. The Yang Jia Xiang area plots: the plot is located in the north of Bayi Road, Xining Railway Station with comprehensive renovation project completed, it will become a sub center of the city in the plateau tourism, trade, services in one, will pull the plots of popularity, enhance the value of land. The two company family member courtyard plots: the land is located in Ledu road in the city zone on the west side, the junction is the city area and the East District of the crowded, bustling commercial, infinite vitality, near the site of ancient Xining – Qing Tang Ruins Park, the humanities environment elegant, the geographical position is superior. 71 West Road on the south side of the plot: the plot is located in the West District of the West Road, the west side of the block for the urban leisure landscape zone, adjacent to the Sea Road business street, broad prospects for development, is the first choice for investment in the land of 71.   read more

To implement the central civilization office, the Ministry of public security "civilized traffic plan implementation plan" spirit, vigorously carry out civilized traffic action, to further promote the Xining city to create a national civilized city work, according to the Xining municipal civilization civilized traffic action activities, Xining City Bureau of education is carried out in order to "love life, civilized travel" theme educational activities

to implement the central civilization office, the Ministry of public security "civilized traffic plan implementation plan" spirit, vigorously carry out civilized traffic action, to further promote the Xining city to create a national civilized city work, according to the Xining municipal civilization civilized traffic action activities, Xining City Board of education to carry out the "love life, civilized travel" the theme of educational activities. read more

September 15th, held in the southern city of Xining city fair will be the local special snacks Festival, widely loved by all corners of the guests. By the Xining district and the Taiwan area of their respective characteristics of food, let us enjoy the unique charm of Xining special snacks four.

it is reported that the delicacy festival for a period of 4 days, the City District Food Supervision Bureau management personnel supervision of the event. The special snacks festival to promote tourism publicity summer delicacy, the development of related industries, and guide consumers to build the green, healthy and nutritious food culture play a positive role in promoting.  
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In January 9th, north of the city of Xining district held during the Spring Festival holiday price control conference, will strictly control the vegetable varieties zero slip, the implementation of measures, the highest price premium subsidies, the Spring Festival to ensure the stability of market price.

during the Spring Festival holiday, according to the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission on the examination and verification of main vegetables trading wholesale prices, and set the zero slip, Chengbei district development and Reform Bureau will promptly announce the main varieties of vegetables wholesale price and retail price in the market, publicity prominently, and the implementation of the price tag system. read more

reporter from Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau individuals understand that quality of service and improve the efficiency of supervision, individual industrial and commercial households inspection work, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau deepen inspection service, as of now, a total of 50231 individual industrial and commercial households for inspection service.

It is reported that the city of

, Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff in the inspection during the on-site inspection, deepen the centralized inspection according to "quality service, in the test period, each branch to inform a wide range of publicity and by telephone, publicity and other channels, improve the experience according to the awareness rate, promote the inspection work more convenient, fast and efficient. In addition, the staff also combined with individual industrial and commercial households "economic accounts" credit classification management and responsibility inspection supervision, involving the safety of people’s lives and property management industry should be strictly standardized, and strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, the establishment of information exchange and the relevant functional departments sharing mechanism, strengthen the information transfer between departments, strictly good pre licensing, enhance the quality of test. At the same time, a comprehensive grasp of the branches of individual economic accounts data, timely and perfect all kinds of regulatory information requirements of each branch and for the timely information of individual industrial and commercial households have timely entry inspection according to economic accounts, individual industrial and commercial households inspection data entry and the written files should be consistent, to ensure the acceptance, review, etc. the test accuracy of the work integrity and timeliness. (author: Ding Wang Ning)
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  "animal husbandry and aquaculture as a matter of social stability and beneficial to the people’s livelihood of basic industries, the state and the province, the city has been increasing policy tilt and support, it can be said that the development of Xining modern agriculture have a brilliant future, a bright future." July 28th, the 2013 Xining urban development investment fair to enter the third day, the afternoon, the introduction of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and water investment projects will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. Relevant units in charge of the city, the county government and relevant departments in charge, as well as domestic and foreign merchants and leading enterprises on behalf of a total of more than 180 people attended the fair. read more

With the city carrying capacity continues to expand, increasing motor vehicles, the existing roads can not meet the growing travel demand, in order to alleviate traffic pressure, for the public to create a smooth superior traffic environment, in September this year, West Main Street West Section of the construction project started. It is reported that after the completion of the project, the West Main Street can be directly through the sea lake road. Currently, the project is being carried out in an orderly manner, has completed nearly 200 meters of drainage construction.

the construction content of the project in addition to road construction, and drainage, landscaping, lighting, traffic and ancillary facilities etc..

– West Main Street West City in accordance with the design concept of sponge, encounter rain, first collected green belt, which greatly eased the rain water of heaven road. Sponge city refers to the city can be like a sponge, with good "elastic" in adaptation to environmental change and disaster response and so on, when it rains, water storage, water seepage, water purification, water storage will need to "release" and make use of.

– in order to facilitate the city cycling of the public, the project construction is appropriate to increase the non motorized vehicles, so that people travel free.   read more

For the spirit of the central and provincial Party committee further preach 1 documents, understand the basic practical difficulties, check the countryside cadres to carry out the work, in March 7th, 16 village deputy director of the Municipal Finance Bureau member, Sang Shue of Chengguan town of Datong County and Castle Township, with the countryside cadres a village to go home, to understand the production and living conditions of the masses and they sent 32 bags of fertilizer and 16 bags of flour read more

Spring Festival is approaching, Huangzhong County Haizi black township village Party branch secretary Xue Jun was busy with the relocation of the village. Only tens of thousands of people in the village of black ditch hill deep ditch, harsh natural conditions, traffic inconvenience, every family to eat subsistence allowances. However, this year, the village will move out of the mountains, live in a new house. This year, Huangzhong will invest 9 million 40 thousand yuan to implement 7 villages to resettle the project, and the implementation of the whole village project in 30 poor villages, plans to support poor households more than 5000 households of 21500 people, this is the year of Huangzhong County for a run of 50 things.
to build vegetable County, Huangzhong county will invest 29 million 600 thousand yuan of new high standard of winter greenhouse 800, 6 million yuan investment in the scale of planting 30 thousand acres of vegetables, and fresh vegetables in rouchard town construction in library. At the same time, in order to increase the income of farmers, investment 12 million yuan in the Li Shan, Hang Lung mouth, Haizi ditch and other towns and villages to promote the cultivation of the whole film double ridge cultivation technology, investment of $1 million 300 thousand to train 2000 new professional farmers. And plans to invest 23 million 640 thousand yuan to implement the Tumen, Tian Jia Zhai Zhen pipe irrigation engineering. The implementation of the town has been the source of water emergency water supply project, invested 19 million 40 thousand yuan, the construction of a new cubic cubic meters of water tanks and 10.9 km.

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reporter in February 26th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, in order to meet the demand for passenger travel festival, the Qinghai Tibet railway company plans to 15 days on March 1st, in Xining, Xining to the people and to the people, and to the Menyuan Menyuan daily to start the car.
in addition, for the convenience of passengers in the fifteen trip, in March 5th the day of the Lantern Festival, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will also be added to Xining D9985 passenger train, Menyuan gate to Xining D9986 passenger train. The specific time for Xining to Menyuan D9985 passenger train from Xining Railway Station to arrive at 20:55, 20:10 Menyuan station; gate to Xining D9986 passenger train from the station at 21:59, 21:15 Menyuan arrived at Xining Railway Station.
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