Using a variety of channels to choose the target keywords website

for some Shanghai Dragon technology is superb or team type website, they usually use the popular search to find and determine your keywords. So for these "hot search", is usually in the search engine search volume is relatively large, keyword index is relatively high, so.

for the optimization of a website, the first lesson is the choice of keywords, a target that it is our website on the day after, so for the Shanghai dragon optimization, the choice of keywords is reasonable is very important, so for the development of targeted keywords in what ways?

(a) direct target search.

(three) popular keyword search.

believe you with doubt search is not strange, such as what kind of name is better? What kind of picture is more beautiful? And so on, these are search keywords is a question. And it is because of these questions with a search that each quiz platform like a raging fire. So many owners because the competition is too intense, often will choose these questions with long tail keywords as target words in your website, like my website is to choose keywords through this, and the practice of these years to see this with search keywords doubt the conversion rate is not more than the target keywords to even worse, much higher, and many of the words while we use love index in Shanghai and some of the tools is not a query index, but it is a search.

(two) with search queries.

is a direct target of the search, we can see from the literal meaning, the user is targeted to search, and to seek access to selected answers in the search. So in this situation, we need to start collecting around the target keywords, clear these users search habits. For example, some website, to sell their products through the website, so it is necessary for these products directly with the name keywords to attract customers to the target.

2, use some Adsense tools judgment keyword index and the degree of competition.

4, the final selection and target your keywords.

1, through various effective channels to dig our target keywords.

Xiaobian summary 4 down is simple, but the actual operation is difficult, especially for the novice webmaster, is even more difficult, so today Xiaobian specially for how to use various channels to choose the target website keywords this issue to share the user search keywords used.


3, in the same industry good site keywords analysis.

A5 joint bShare sharing information allows $200 for hotel packagesDoes creation space really make in

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activity date: Qixi Festival August 23, 2012 – September 22nd

public space services are relatively narrow, the current creative space to attract talent, mainly graduated from college students. This part of the population is encouraged to have a certain knowledge base, but they lack connections and funds. The demand of capital for entrepreneurs is always the first. The profit model of innovative enterprises is not clear, and the risk investment is relatively high. Financing is a difficult problem for the boss. Just stepped out of the school gate students, want to get venture capital, that is even more difficult, especially low cost financing is harder than the sky. To be successful entrepreneurs also need to tutor, after all the wealth in the hands of a few elite crowd into strategizing people is also a small amount, they can not solve the problems appear rare contacts. Many creative spaces should be well done and strong, and the talents circle should be more extensive.

A5 information page, a key share


"public entrepreneurship, multi innovation" has become China’s development strategy, since the nationwide set off a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to borrow the reform and innovation of the "East", 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land in a "public business", "entrepreneur" of the tide, to form a highly innovative and everyone innovation in the new situation. After a year of universal development, to help entrepreneurs start a business platform – "public space" in the country "blossom everywhere", the rapid development of the creative space can really make innovation popular,

group set off and create Witkey awareness is not high, this is a "Internet plus" era, the public record space to line is imperative. Creative customers mean people who are creative and try to change their creativity into reality. Witkey refers to: through the Internet to their intelligence, knowledge, ability, experience into the actual proceeds of the people. A time from the net wealth of Witkey said: "I do the decoration design, the current full-time online orders, to some extent I also hit off the public record, if the space to the development of online, for us is a popular thing." Open network news, I see very few about the "guest" and "Witkey" these two clearly defined, to some extent, a guest is Witkey, Witkey can also be a guest. In the Internet field, doing pioneering work and using the Internet to start a business has become an inevitable result of social, economic and Technological Development


activities details:

public record space in the rapid development of a second tier city, three or four line city problems emerge in an endless stream, comprehensive and reasonable development time. Public space was supported by policy, "superior", it has been "hot" continued so far. A second tier cities have the hinterland, the market and the resources, and they have unique advantages in the development of public space. The three or four line of the city’s public record space by local governments thinking coerced, no conditions for the actual operation, resulting in the lack of specific strategy, profit model is not clear, resource docking difficult, capital, talents and projects with low degree problems emerge in an endless stream. The public record development space in the three or four line of the city is very distress, the public record space to really popular, comprehensive coverage of time.

activity details:

A5 webmaster net news: during the Olympic Games Admin5 station network admin5/ was combined with the well-known social photo sharing tool bShare to carry out the "sharing information points" activities, users browse the Admin5 Adsense nets page information, click on the page below the bShare button, you can easily share information with sina A5 home to micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent renren, happy net, Douban, Tianya, space and other major social platforms. Sharing the accumulated points can be exchanged for prizes at the bShare calculus Mall This activity receives stationmaster positive response, the effect is good. Many webmasters share the information to get bonus points. To support the webmaster, A5 once again joint bShare launch, "share information, access to Hanting Hotels 200 yuan package" activities.


during the event will be the A5 Adsense nets page information sharing platform to eight specified Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent space, Sohu micro-blog, micro-blog, NetEase, renren happy net, micro-blog skyline of all users, as long as the link users to share content by others one click invalid Click 5 times to share the website, you can get 200 yuan in the package, the country can enjoy.

How to improve the conversion rate of enterprise website traffic

enterprise websites are different from other types of websites. First of all, the enterprise website is not suitable for larger traffic, but should do accurate traffic. And on the SEO big flow will be counterproductive, because through the SEO’s user rarely can find valuable content on their websites, which will cause the bounce rate is very high, the search engine will determine the website user experience is not good, which leads to the drop, the flow will decrease.

What is the purpose of

enterprise website? Conversion! But the front also said, enterprise website is generally product display, display case, dynamic company, these are not of interest to many users, that is to say that traffic is invalid, we are doing. So, how to improve the conversion rate of the site? Comprehensive said, the core is to do precise flow. About precise flow how to do, we are divided into two blocks:

build marketing website


website is the foundation of network marketing system, the foundation is not solid superstructure is crumbling even fall apart, so the first step is the most important step is to build the website into a perfect marketing website.

The core of the

web site is the need to tell visitors who we are, what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and how to contact us. As a whole, in line with the habits and needs of the potential target customers in the network, stand in the perspective of potential customers, and arrange the contents of potential customers on the front page of the website. Enterprise image publicity, core product display, customer witness, for potential target customers answer questions, etc., shaping the credibility of the enterprise, through the implementation of website marketing, access to sales leads, and eventually reached a deal.

The basic elements of

‘s marketing web site:

1) build trust (who will go to a layout, confusion, dislocation, or even Shanzhai site to buy a product?).

2) concise atmosphere (simple and convenient, clear at a glance, convenient to understand the strength of enterprises and query product parameters).

3) discount promotions (people don’t necessarily want to buy bargains, but they like to be cheap and increase the probability of deals through promotions).

4) to facilitate contact (the first step to establish trust in the enterprise, the second step to find the product you want to buy, then the third step is to contact the communication, ask about the price and achieve the transaction. So it is very important for potential users to find the most convenient way to contact them. ).

accurate traffic

for enterprise websites, 1000IP every day does not necessarily have a customer advisory, but accurate traffic may only have more than a dozen visitors a day, but it is likely to conclude two or three transactions. Because the accurate flow is brought about by the intention of customers, they just want to understand the product, would like to know the case, to understand the strength of the company, if the company website is the website marketing qualified, so the transaction is a natural thing, this is the charm of the accurate flow.

Personal views on website optimization to improve conversion rate

website optimization can be divided into two major categories: in station optimization and off site optimization.

one, outside the station to optimize

station optimization is more common outside the chain (recommended to blog) the skills, such as forums, blogs, inquiry platform, 58 classification information and so on, there is not too much, everybody know. Here I detailed under the station optimization, I personally pay more attention to station optimization.

two, station optimization is divided into:

1, code streamlining, hierarchical, not too many layers of mutual nesting.

2, title tag optimization, Keywords tag optimization, description tag optimization,

3, h1—h5 tag optimization, the title as far as possible using h1-h5

4, IMG tag optimization, pictures plus ALT tags, in a word or phrase, simple description of the picture

5, link optimization between stations

6, use the JS code


7, keywords Optimization: in addition to site keywords, consider the user’s search habits, to locate keywords, such as Xiao Zhang had liver disease, want to find a treatment of liver disease,

good hospital, then he will search engine search for "the best treatment of liver disease hospital", "liver treatment of the best hospital", "liver treatment which hospital is good" and some

long tail words, usually users who search these words, are all our potential customers, indicating that he needs a hospital for liver treatment.

8, article writing,

1, the title as simple to attract people’s attention, one can let users see this article want to express the meaning of the title text so as not too long, the content of expression is not clear, causing the user does not have the patience to close the browser directly, but if it is what he wants, not only will read down, may also be active contact us, often such users are likely to be our potential customers.

2, if the content of the article, paragraph text is too much, use a small section of the situation, paragraph by paragraph to introduce the content you want to express. At least it doesn’t cause too much text in the paragraph, and the user looks impatient and closes the page.

3, the introduction of products not too detailed or too simple, try to let the reader read have Sidongfeidong situation, want to through expert detailed consultation, this may bring us visits and consultation.

4, each volume and amount of consultation are our potential customers, they may be consulted by experts to become our final customers. This improves the conversion rate, we do not aim at SEO in order to bring traffic, improve conversion?

Teach you how to play public praise, open the market with brands

enterprise development and expansion, and ultimately user word-of-mouth baptism. Especially those newly started enterprises are developing vigorously, and they hope to gain the advantage of market competition through brand publicity. However, this problem often arises, spent a lot of money, but not the brand you want, advertising, promotional or selling products also, is not very good, it really is a brand of a problem? Actually, I where the founder International Software Co., Ltd., brand needless to say, the "founder" brand. But we are Faye did not like those other founder software products sell business, which is why


my personal view is that the reputation of the product has not been done yet. Simply speaking, it is better to do a good job of making a brand than to do good word of mouth. Really let me think of that sentence, "not every company can be like millet like fun, reputation and brand marketing."". Well, how do we like this company,

?Where is the

brand positioning,


even though the millet phone mentioned earlier, its attributes are limited, it is impossible to ensure that everyone likes it. Therefore, the product must be accurate positioning, find a good user base. Founder Faye founded in the beginning, the market will be locked in those companies engaged in software development and software development in the R & D personnel, some experts is a software development platform. Brand positioning in the IT software industry. Through a lot of online and offline promotion, and gradually established the "leading domestic process management software brand" positioning.

What is the connotation of


?The connotation of

brand is not to let you advertise everywhere, but let everyone know you this brand is how it is, what to do, like said founder, we will not consciously think of computer and securities. And we want to do is just mention the founder Feihong, will think of software development time and save money, will be able to think of the concept of industry alliance. Through the collaboration with many schools, product launches, product images appear on the company’s official website, the company’s official website, micro-blog, and some other pages.

How should the

brand be delivered?

we all know that the official website is to let the outside world understand your important channel, in fact, the official website is also talking about positioning, positioning accuracy is also related to the impact of the brand. Although the official website also has a certain sales function, but we are more willing to do Faye’s website is a window brand display and dissemination. The website founder Feihong will provide a lot of product related updates and download free trial experience for everyone, many more activities and participate in the activities of our products. There are also many professional knowledge materials and our product forum, which brings you a lot of reading and communication.

line activities can be the promotion of brands, but also as an important part of the accumulation of reputation. A lot of offline activity is meant to be able to accumulate this part of the user

My opinion on the development of non mainstream websites

Remember that

should be started from the second half of 2007, the term "non mainstream" began to pop up, I do not know what is the non mainstream, in the Baidu search one, probably understand what is non mainstream, imitation of others, also built a non mainstream website non mainstream front until now.

is now mostly non mainstream sites, and QQ associated with the content are pictures, photos, PS tutorials, QQ signature, QQ data, QQ space code such as similar, attract users are mostly 90, traffic is not small, but the revenue model is still single.

1, alliance revenue

is the most GG ads, see all the non mainstream websites almost GG advertising is the mainstream, you know, the effect is good, the second is Baidu, Ali this alliance, of course, the effect is not GG. There are 360, sub submit such a registered advertising, the registration of the class of more and more serious, it is not good to do.

2 and PS picture service module design

to help users PS pictures, QQ space module, Taobao, Pat has a lot to do this, a picture of a few dollars, a few flash templates, more expensive, the market is still there, mining more difficult, if not do art professional, the best is to give up.

3, open shop

Non mainstream things related to sell

, set up a shop or hang in Taobao or pat, non mainstream clothing, accessories, very popular, it depends on how you operate, if not their own goods, can also go to contact the purchasing. Personally feel that it can become an important direction for the development of non mainstream websites.

above are some non mainstream sites are used to make money mode, I think the future of non mainstream sites is still very large, because the non mainstream sites attract is 90, after 90 become dominant, when non mainstream, if our website in the future direction of the development of the first step (just as hao123),

will become the mainstream of the future!

Suining after returning home to breed the sweat of female entrepreneurs

in the national public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the active call, a lot of people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the process may be difficult, but the fruits of harvest is very sweet. Enter the rice harvest season, a golden carpet embellished in the rural landscape, Daoxiang xiren. In the town of Shehong County, a family of firewood next to the village of rice paddies in the village, Chun Xi, a family of farmers, the operation of the combine harvester harvesting rice, Tian Ying. In the nearly 1000 acres of family farms, the 80 back home farming women’s youth and sweat planted their entrepreneurial dream.

flew out of the farm woman came back

Chai village is located in remote, high mountain ditch folder. In 1996, Tian Ying graduated from school to go out to work. Because she is willing to endure hardship, good study, and soon by a migrant workers to enhance the management of the workshop, the treatment has been greatly improved.

however, Tian Ying did not meet the workers follow the prescribed order of life, her heart is eager to return home, led the villagers to get rich, to realize their value of life, she had accumulated many years of migrant work for life experience and personal will temper.

home business, from which aspects to start a business? 2014, after 18 years of hard work outside Tian Ying, with entrepreneurial dreams and go out to learn the experience of technology, set foot on the road home. Back to the Chai Jia Gou Cun Jin Jia Zhen Tian Ying, found that young people in the village are the migrant workers, large tracts of uncultivated land, no farming, her heart also had a question: "everybody out of the village, they come back? Do you have a place to display your talents?"


chose to stay, and believe that the dream is at her feet, in this land.

a good occupation of farmers annual income of nearly 300 thousand yuan will be Bentou "agriculture industry, new farmers will be a good occupation, the countryside is beautiful homes become live and work in peace……" At the beginning of 2015, the town was recommended to participate in the field of new vocational farmers training classes, she is more firmly rooted in the confidence of rural development. Through the study, Tian Ying successfully got a new professional farmers certificate.

one day after dinner, Tian Ying and more than and 60 year old father sitting in the yard. "The farmer is to rely on the land to live, his father’s words let her click into place:" the village land did not race, why don’t I do a family farm?"

Tian Ying’s idea has been the support of the family. Before long, Tian Ying’s family farm built up, the main development of breeding industry. Orderly transfer of land through the scale, to expand the scale of planting and breeding, and combined with the actual use of free grain crops, Chun Xi family farms 10 acres of fish ponds, rice cultivation of 265 acres, corn recommended by the 3

How to run a shop

how to run the shop? The operator must worry for this problem. Operating methods have 10 million, in the end what is suitable for their own? If you are not very clear, you can learn, first understand what the method, and then to practice, from practice to get more valuable business experience, a look at it.

do investment preparation

According to the

service to retain customers

How to open a popular porridge shop

no matter what kind of a shop, only the true by the customer’s welcome, such a shop can have a better development in the long run. However, how can we open a popular shop, which is actually a skill to speak of. So, how to open a popular porridge shop?

1, visit at least 10 porridge shop, taste their signature porridge, consult their boss, see if you can get some advice to their customers, to find out their shortcomings.

2, visited some of the more than mid-range office, ask those who work on the problem of porridge. For example: love what kind of porridge to drink, what is more time to drink porridge and so on.

3, their first attempt at home, the porridge boil out to eat, let family, friends, from the 30 kinds of selected 10-20.

4, the selection of porridge for careful classification, to ensure that in each season in the morning and evening are at least one suitable for the elderly, children, men, women porridge.

of course, here is mainly introduced to provide a real favorite diners porridge products, for the operation of the entire store, naturally there are more tips. In short, if you want to open a popular porridge shop, you need to do more work oh.

Top ten brands of chewing gum

Special food

gum this fresh breath has been welcomed by many people in the current market, the whole industry’s popularity is also high, so that the industry is more and more brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of chewing gum, so that you can choose to buy more reference.

gum ten brands list, Extra (Arrow candy (Chinese Yida) Co. Ltd.) in 1984, sugar free chewing gum industry well-known brands, brand influence, international confectionery industry well-known enterprises

Green arrow

gum ten brands list, (Arrow candy (Chinese) Co. Ltd.) was founded in 1914, one of the world’s best-selling brand of chewing gum, the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of chewing gum

gum ten brands list LOTTE, Le Tian food (Le Tian (Chinese) Investment Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1948, South Korea’s five largest group of large multinational enterprises, modern international and domestic manufacturers, has a complete marketing network

gum ten brands list Orion (Orion, Orion Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956 in Korea, one of South Korea’s four largest food company of gum ten brands, baking food industry influential brand

gum ten brands list (Stride, Xuan Mai Zi million food enterprise management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) the world’s leading brand of chewing gum, chewing gum, a popular brand, the world’s major food and beverage group of

gum ten brands list, according to Mentos (Perfetti van Mailer candy (Chinese) Limited) in 1932 in Holland, enjoys the high reputation of the brand of chewing gum, one of the larger global confectionery enterprises

gum ten brands list, Bluetooth (Fujian Yake Food Co., Ltd.) Fujian famous trademarks, brand-name products in Fujian Province, one of the candy industry well-known enterprises brand influence and competitiveness of enterprises


gum ten brands list, Qing Dynasty (million AIDS food enterprise management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) began in 1959 in the United States, the world’s first sugar free chewing gum, was used by the United States Association of certified anti teeth to prevent tooth decay and gum billion food enterprise management

gum ten brands list, Coolsa cool Shakespeare (Fujian haolinju Food Industry Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1999, specializing in the production of ten brands of chewing gum, leisure food R & D / production / sales / export as one of the large enterprises "