Shanghai Longfeng attention ranking should pay more attention to the benefits of Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai dragon to get better returns, Shanghai dragon ER must learn website data analysis. Analysis of the popularity of product pages, according to the website traffic statistics, timely adjust the present, not involved in mining the content of the website live products, timely supplement. Do Shanghai dragon to improve website ranking, website content to meet the needs of users, so as to bring more benefits to.

website to do good and not good, focus on key words ranking position at the same time, we should pay more attention to the site by Shanghai dragon after optimization has brought many benefits. If the rankings but not much income, so the Shanghai dragon do not do, because there is no do reflect Shanghai Longfeng value. The real Shanghai dragon is not only to optimize the ranking, but should focus on the value of Shanghai dragon. There is no cause to increase revenue ranking optimization mainly are generally willing to user experience is not good, no worries that Hefei website construction technology website user experience is mainly reflected in the site’s interface (UI) design, website content.

This article from the Hefei

the above two construction sites in Hefei worry that local science and technology need to pay special attention to the process of a website in Shanghai Longfeng in is also the main factors directly affect the income of the website is good. In order to improve the income of the website, make the above two points, but also pay attention to the analysis of the data of the website.

content of the website is one of the important factors that affect website ranking, the search engine is more love the original article. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER in order to increase the site included, using some pseudo original tools update statements does not fluent content. The search engine is indeed may be considered to be the original article, but for users, is of no value, at the same time will be recognized on the website of the discount.

, a web interface (UI)

some of the site in the design process will have some defects, do need to adjust the structure of the web site of Shanghai dragon, but it should be noted that in the process of adjusting the structure of the website is not only to improve the keywords ranking, adjust the website UI need advice on a basis to meet the needs of users. For some basic art webmaster can design a beautiful interface, but a large part of the webmaster is not UI to do the design, so I suggest that this part of the webmaster should try to save UI simple. Each person’s aesthetic is different, but you should not hate a simple and elegant interface.


two, the content of the website

Shanghai dragon

website free technology (贵族宝贝ewoyo贵族宝贝), welcome to reprint, please keep the source

As long as you have money, it’s really easy to start a businessThe end of entrepreneurship rumors ju

is that 99.99% of entrepreneurial stories are not the case at all.




from the view of history, is a China from thousands of years of feudal slavery national development evolved, that is to say, for thousands of years, we are living in a "kneeling" state, that the power of the "name" on the vanity of the deep accumulation of long-standing worship. Even the evolution to now, we still use every opportunity to win a "name" "face" "reputation", such as speech. To show off his cleverness, for example, at all costs to the civil service exam and so on.

The most often make ?

in fact, the success of these so-called "successful" entrepreneurial teams is not always their first product. Everyone loves to talk about how popular angry birds are, and over 1 billion downloads around the world. But few people are willing to understand is that the angry bird is already Rovio in sixty products. Prior to that, Rovio had been in business for 6 years, and spent thousands of people in troubled northern europe.

like this story, I can also cite a few dozen, because every successful Network Inc, there are behind this unknown past. Of course, this time is different, for some one or two years, some of the people for six years, eight years, but you can hardly find any new team, on the first day of product launch, there is panic buying.


if you are a corporate shareholder like, you have no idea for you with a special office? Somehow you are the boss in the company, you can not drop price, right? So, supporting office equipment also have to do this, don’t let your identity and how consistent are? Other companies make a small administrative document what my sister ran to our office on several singles several shareholders, it is a little thing, you have to recruit a little sister to do administrative compulsion? Even if the company is not a lack of people

was a good example of Pinterest, a that was considered a potential "" to challenge the supremacy of the Facebook in February. They began to rise from the end of last year, just a few months on the world’s 50 largest website ranking position, so the venture capital are rushing to give their money". But when we talked about this "red burst" story, in fact, few people noticed the Pinterest team from early 2009 to start a business, 9 months before the Pinterest website just on the line, the number of members 10 thousand are unable to break even. To break through, Ben Silbermann, the founder, wrote letters to the users every day, asking them to have coffee and see what was wrong with the site.

says entrepreneurship. No matter how many people, no matter how much, is also a team, a company, an organization, since it is the organization, it will involve "name", "face" these things. Honestly, if you just got a company, you have a kind of want to engage in the office very beautiful impulse? Did not want to rent a high-grade office idea? Of course, we can endure crowded in the basement with a few people to office, but a friend what a look: office space is so poor, what companies like? You keep others contempt in the eyes of

The problem with

was very red, and more than 35 million people were playing "Draw Something", another example. This App is actually the more than 30 game of OMGPOP, and before that, OMGPOP had existed for 6 years. In fact, they also admit that before Draw Something explosion of red OMGPOP, just a little bit so that we should put up the shutters go home. Of course, now they have successfully sold to Zynga for $200 million, and it’s easy to forget how painful they are for 6 years before they have today’s results.

startup mistakes, is that everyone in the world would want to get the product he is, like the huge crowds of people already crowded in the outside waiting in line, as long as he put this cover, open the door, you can see the guests start into madness, the White Bill spilled down from the sky a lot.

in imagination, a lot of people think entrepreneurship is a few people together, the resources, the output power, money money, together for a common goal of such a thing; here, some people may laugh, you said like bandits, at all not a team. To be honest, as a fool with a strong entrepreneurial experience, it’s natural to know the difference between a team and a gang of bandits. We’re talking about teams here. Some people may say, entrepreneurship, is not the money thing? Have money, what are easy to handle, no money, nothing to do; but the fool said that entrepreneurship is not a question of money, have money, the project may die faster, faster to disband the team. Why is that,

one, can you resist the "vanity"?

is the most important thing is, you will frequently in front of friends to show you that the business didn’t think of myself as a company? What boasting a kick in front of others in Haikou, the company’s disclosure policy management mechanism is what the thing; or all day so strategic analysis of the strategy. The comments, is not willing to do, or do the market survey; all day old said such as pretending to pressure, a few months do not know what is the company’s main business, the company is not a specific thing, but every day love >

Give an idea of how to make money from more than 20000 client computer resourcesI understand do Wang

        I am equipped with Internet advertising system in Internet cafes, there are currently more than 20000 client computer. The home page can be set into their own website, ask a senior how should I use these resources. What a website can get extra income.

Answer: 1

2 to do their own home, fully exchanged for your home page flow and other website

3 put some of the most Internet users can earn affiliate products

4 to search some transformation. For example, Yahoo shlf1314.

I used to think that only those who can master Wangzhuan Wangzhuan play things, so for a long time without contact with the network and the higher electric shock. Later, once accidentally saw Wangzhuan post, let me re recognize, do Wangzhuan do not necessarily have the technology, as long as you do, as can be successful. Here I share my Wangzhuan experience.

so I buy six thousand dollars to buy two movie station, hang alliance advertising, through alliance to make money online. The two stations now have two hundred yuan a month. After a month, I’ve got the money back. I feel lucky, but that’s the result of my efforts. I heard that garbage station can not do long, so I think it is better to do a formal stand, because the regular station is more stable. 09 years quietly approaching, I found my own site, this site is my Wangzhuan precipitation, I hope this is a new beginning. China Wangzhuan forum. Love Wangzhuan friends can go to my learning forum, there are currently the most popular Wangzhuan project, but I suggest that you should pay attention to when do Wangzhuan liar, now Wangzhuan environment has changed a lot, as before. Do Wangzhuan adhere to the most important, this is the greatest experience I do wangzhuan.

I was building, had been building for years, then accidentally exposed to Wangzhuan, then switch. Little began to understand network knowledge, even what is the domain name all don’t know, but it won’t stop me Wangzhuan enthusiasm. Others can, why can not I? So I went to the bookstore to buy a new site to do the book, crazy look at a few days, and finally learned some knowledge about the site. But I believe the distance is still very far away, so few days I have been thinking, what what to do next? Time is very important, if you find it, at least half the time it may make a stand, have two years to be successful, so I think it is better to buy a station, do not waste time.

Application startup chaos inflated flow trendSuning and entrepreneurs will wipe out what kind of spa

 :      ;       lead: American online magazine online magazine said on Friday that the development of mobile applications attracted much attention and attracted a lot of money inflows. In order to achieve considerable economic returns, many lack of vision of the application developers do not hesitate to use dirty means inflated traffic, resulting in this growing market chaos.

1, buy user

"I do believe someone will manipulate the data for financing."." Us Venture Capital Firm KPCB partner Matt · Murphy Matt Murphy said, "all the financing companies seem to have made a breakthrough in the data, some can reflect the actual, some are manipulated."

the process is made up of a specific problem. The only thing an entrepreneur can do is to identify problems, solve them manually, and repeat the process. The number of repetitions is the highest. In order to make more innovative enterprises from the left into the winner, rather than died before dawn, March 30th Suning Suning investment group was established in Shanghai, through the establishment of Jinshi fund, Ding Yuan fund, a fund, culture medium.

if Web is dead "was established, the application of open ecological system relying on the browser and students really will be closed to replace, so attention should be paid to such inappropriate behavior, it is not only the risk of investors and developers. In the rapidly changing application industry, more and more enterprises begin to use unscrupulous means to violate user’s privacy, waste user’s time and even destroy the reputation of users. If capital and user traffic trends continue, the situation will only get worse.

"this is the best of times, and this is the worst of times."." Over the years, Dickens has used this rotten "universal lead", such as a random straw hat, with countless attempts to cover the many faces of this age. But in many cases, this strong contrast is not the truth – at least for the moment, for Chinese entrepreneurs, it’s probably the best of times, and there’s no second half.

below is the full text of this article:

, for example, when you play Android games, >

was also at the hearing, with Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning holdings, and Kevin, ·, the founding editor of Wired magazine, to share his insights into the future. They a doer, a theorist, opinions are very similar. In summary is: every era has its outlet, someone to bypass roads, there will be people in the dance, the market is not scarce opportunities.

              application startup chaos: inflated flow become

has become more and more serious because of its lack of transparency. In Web, advertising, kickbacks, and suspicious content are most obvious at the moment. In the application, the user’s behavior is locked in proprietary software, the transaction is through iTunes and shlf1314, Play and other private platforms, and even advertising can only be delivered through Tapjoy and Flurry closed platform. This creates the ideal environment for all kinds of bad habits.


has a lot of bad habits in the field of application today, and although this approach attracts traffic that is difficult to sustain, it can still enjoy a brief boom. There are mainly as follows:

many bad habits,

from the "remnant" to the winner

recently organized by the "Su Ning 2016KK Zijin Mountain venture, listen to that idea" Suning financial officially launched the private equity financing platform Suning, Suning earlier entrepreneurial business landing, which is important to many industry insiders as Suning multi-level layout entrepreneurial ecosystem.

this is also a true portrayal of many entrepreneurs. In a sense, the essence of entrepreneurship is to determine a goal, and then explore a new form of integration in the vast market resources to achieve it. But as Zhang Jindong said in the hearing on: business needs not only creativity, also need capital, technology, talent and a lot of resources, and the accumulation of time, it is not easy to be, from the quantitative qualitative change, is a "left for the king" process.

· Horowitz in the "start" in the following sentence review their pioneering time: "as CEO more than 8 years, only 3 days in the remaining 8 years, almost all difficult."

entrepreneurs need help, and that’s what open giant companies are willing to do, such as suning.

with the massive inflow of capital application industry, the bet is larger, the developers also Hold live, began playing the crooked ways: buy flow, fight pornography, fraud, in order to improve the ranking can be described as fair. To compete, the app developers are using all their dirty tricks – not only to cheat their users, but to cheat investors’ money.

the key is: where is it,

platform closed

selects areas of diversity, flexibility in organizational form, and dilution of individual risk…… The steep decline in costs has made entrepreneurship the most important vein and biggest variable of the business era – but "low cost" does not mean "high returns."". As you know, business is not easy, a close call, China the average daily birth of 12 thousand new companies, but 100 start-ups only 7-8 can survive the "three year itch".

After ranking drops the exit of a stationmaster and the rebirth of a stationmasterFree remittance Ad

      we are very pleased to announce that shlf1314 AdSense from this month, a new mode of payment, the remittance business!!! For the end of October 2007, you need to send the payment, you can choose to use the remittance way more convenient to receive your payment. The remittance business is Chinese postal and Agricultural Bank Chinese and the western United States joint Nationwide Financial Services Inc hereinafter referred to as the Western Union Company established in collaboration with international express personal remittance business, is a few minutes to reach the international remittance. At present, the Western Union remittance service has been set up in the more than 500 provincial capital cities of China and 31 major cities in China, as well as the Agricultural Bank of china.

first checks the URL path design within the web site, and the design structure is reasonable. In general, the URL path is designed to be brief, which helps search engines crawl and crawl content. If the design is unreasonable, there is no rule, the site will be relatively poor, included low natural will affect the ranking. And check your website’s daily or weekly links to see if there are a lot of dead links and invalid connections that affect the experience of the user and the engine spider. This phenomenon slowly let the search engine spiders antipathy, will affect the site included, the worst case website will be right down, check the dead links to webmaster tools can query, if the term does not check the website ULR dead links lead to death too much, and you happened to have to do 404 pages Lin Jianhui suggest that you must do 404 pages, this is the search engine.


      1.. Do I need to pay for the Western Union?

      2.. Who can use Western Union?

      National Day has released a message, said shlf1314 Adsense launched the Western Union payment, and not fee charge station. But many owners because the page is not found, do not believe this fact. Today, Adsense Chinese official blog has published detailed statement.


from sh419 Scindapsus algorithm on the line, most of the site in the sandbox, the website is sh419 drop right, some web site directly by K off, resulting in most of the webmaster panicked, before using the black hat techniques are not used to, are earnest to write some the original article, pay attention to the user experience, while doing so, ranking fell, because some owners just know not to send spam links, not to hang black chain, not to trade links, the content is not to excessive optimization. But there are some hidden factors will cause website ranking drop, so Lin Jianhui suggested that we should search engine from the point of view to analyze what cause website ranking drop, Lin Jianhui today to tell you about all the factors, the decline in ranking websites.

      type of account is a personal account of the publisher, and mailing address for the China mainland currently does not include Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao Special Administrative Region, can use the remittance payment. For mainland China, the type of account holder for corporate accounts currently supports payment by mail only.

does SEO with a lot of uncertainty, for example, the site’s ranking is not up to ensure that it does not fall. Because of a variety of factors, the website ranking will fluctuate, then when the site rankings suddenly fall, how should we analyze the reasons for it? Only find the reason, can find the solution.

1: content and 301 cheating

      fast – West union uses the world’s most advanced technology, real-time in the global timeout, more than 180 countries and regions deal with international remittances. Within a few minutes, the payee will receive the amount in full.

, 2:URL, and 404 page

      here are some of the issues that we may be more concerned with:

 :     3.. What advantage does the Western Union have?

      no, the Western Union is free; that means you can save a lot of bank collection fees without waiting for long check delivery and collection cycles.

      declare as follows http://adsense.shlf1314chinablog/, you can go to the official blog to see.

in the first half, several Lin Jianhui collection site, the weights are good, is very good, a month ago, sh419 down the right, ranking no, I was not at all surprised, think it is time, so those who hold a long standing attitude, to remind you a word, just not to the time, so that everyone is to write some articles on the acquisition of yourself, will eventually have to be treated, wrote this think of a thing, someone asked me, now it is not cheating with the jump, I do not say this as you know, is to rely on some black hat cheating. Take a stand ranking and weight increase after 301 jump to another with a white hat Optimization Website, this means to tell the truth, in the past can be, now, sh419 can not clear


The webmaster should shape his personal brand image and start from himself

Let’s discuss the situation before the

article begins. If an ordinary webmaster and Wang, two people in the promotion of their own website, who would be better? The answer is yes, because the king has set a personal brand image, we will give more attention and support on the graph king, not only the promotion, other concerns will improve.

Adsense this industry, but also need to have personal brand support, if your personal reputation is high, whether it is promotion, or trading, or other, can get better than ordinary people. Personal brand is very important, webmaster how to shape personal brand image, let the brand for their webmaster professional icing on the cake,


1 can bring true success only true skill and genuine knowledge.

although there are too many people in society now, the phenomenon of flicker, as long as there is a bit of ability, may be fooled others, of course, we are constantly being fooled, and society is so. But if a person with no ability to cheat others, you will believe? If there is no ability, flicker, there is no confidence. Webmaster to shape personal brand, first of all must let oneself have certain ability. Often in A5 Adsense nets see Jiang Likun, Mou Changqing and other webmaster articles, they in shaping personal brand has been a step ahead. They create personal images by writing articles. They are readable and naturally impress the readers.

grassroots webmaster, if you want to create a personal brand, may also wish to strengthen individual to start, strengthen their own ability, let oneself really have a certain ability to have ready plans to meet a situation, which is the basis of personal brand building. If you are not strong, never mind that, from now on, to enrich themselves, learn more accumulation, let you have true skill and genuine knowledge.

2 learns to influence and help others.

give roses, hand a fragrance, more and more people are welcome to shine, warm oneself, also illuminate others. If a person does not share consciousness, he will naturally not gain favor. If the graph is not so King of loyalty, only thinking about their own income and site traffic, and help the webmaster, believe that he now will not have the attention and support, to get everyone’s approval. A successful man is first and foremost a person who can influence others.

webmaster to shape personal brand, you can try to start from helping others. The A5 forum website daily comments, there is a zhangbingyong station, every time he carefully review the website of others, to put forward relevant suggestions and help others at the same time, also let more people know him, imperceptibly, also created a personal image, personal brand shaping up imperceptibly.

3 consciously shapes personal brand image.

in China, brand awareness gradually rooted in the hearts of the people, we also increasingly recognized the value of the brand, intentionally or unintentionally, pay attention to brand shaping and promotion

Stationmaster uses SkyDrive to provide the user free resource download experience to talk

Hello, everyone today to introduce my SkyDrive experience, that is, since the establishment of the site, free SkyDrive to provide resources to download some experience to the user.

in the early webmasters station are using virtual host virtual host, good domestic with foreign traffic restrictions, no limits, but are not allowed to provide large file downloads, so many webmaster hard looking for SkyDrive, as a free download task server.

does not understand SkyDrive, will waste a lot of time in the process of looking for SkyDrive, I am no exception, groundless talk came, SkyDrive spent countless, now finally spoils, I think some good SkyDrive, and SkyDrive experience for everybody.

first, let’s talk about how to choose SkyDrive, SkyDrive must choose some small companies, SkyDrive, the collapse of a few days, the change of name to open, people! Of course, big companies may not be insurance, I had saved more than 10 G things in ghost SkyDrive, but SkyDrive has a ghost the running time of 5 years, the world’s largest and most succinct best quality of SkyDrive, but last year, because of financial problems collapsed, fortunately I have a backup, so the loss is not serious, to remind you that no matter how much SkyDrive, are not their own, when used to give yourself a posterior approach.

, here are some small storage files, better SkyDrive:

1.Dbank of SkyDrive, this is a product that HUAWEI has just started, things are not perfect, but the page download, convenient traffic and space can redeem, as long as you can earn more promotion points, if the owners want to save money, and get some more points, 200M file available for download here, just like what difference did not provide direct download, upload very convenient, very fast, very personal love, has been in use.

2 thousand brain, while thousands of brain occasionally a little more idiotic, advertising, but each to 5 G of storage space, IPA interface, very suitable for the forum. Overall, it’s not bad, you can use it. In addition, thousands of brain can make money, your resources are downloaded once, you can earn 0.5 cents, I did 2 months, earn 2 dollars, I cry!


3.rayfile SkyDrive, the SkyDrive and thousands of brain almost, a bigger company than a thousand brain, but some relatively cumbersome to download small files, can also use the tool to download large files, so it is recommended to download a file with this.

4.115 SkyDrive, this SkyDrive support 1G file upload, very good, if you want to provide large files to download, use this SkyDrive, must be very satisfied.

I use the above several SkyDrive, feel collocation use, the effect is great. However, it needs to be emphasized, not to SkyDrive too high, after all, people are free, SkyDrive is burning money project, it is impossible for you to provide all the same server convenience

Oral Snowball snowball founder side of salmon where the value of

I horse note: this morning, social investment website snowball announced the completion of $40 million C round of financing, this round of financing by Renren group led Morningside capital with the cast.

Fang told entrepreneurs &, I dark horse, said: "through its efforts since its establishment, snowball has established its position in the market for investors to exchange this service.". When communication and trading merge, the value of the community will explode. After a new round of financing, snowball will facilitate this integration as soon as possible."

following the oral side of salmon finishing, telling a snowball value:

snowball again financing.

many friends congratulated me. In fact, there is no good financing congratulations, financing is impossible, indicating that no external blood transfusion companies can not live, do not finance, and the company to make money is worth congratulations. From another angle, investors are willing to invest tens of millions of dollars on-line for nearly three years, there is no penny profit snowball, they fancy what the value will be? I talk about my understanding.

first look at the industry. Snowball is an Internet application in the investment industry. Internet products are Internet applications in various industries, such as QQ is the Internet in the field of communication applications, micro-blog is the Internet in the media field applications.

now, especially the basic areas, such as communications, search, have been occupied by large companies, and now the new start-up companies, most of them to more segments, vertical development. The choice of different areas largely determines the commercial value of Internet products and Internet Co. What is the area? The general rule is better than life demand demand in phases, such as making friends for life demand, marriage is the stage of demand; demand is better than high frequency low frequency requirements, such as business travel demand is high frequency, low frequency of leisure tourism demand; high price demand is better than low price demand, certainly more than selling selling cosmetics a good book.

I think investment is one of the few areas of life, high frequency and high customer demand.

What did

do in the field after investing in snowball? It took us almost three years to be an investor community ( With us at the same time into this field of peers, most of them are selling financial products, P2P loans to go, and soon made a very beautiful sales performance. Snowball made a million users, but also not a penny earned community snowball is wrong? We return to the Internet, for investment, in the end what can be done? The snowball before, I have a simple analysis about three things:

transaction. In fact, one of the earliest applications of the Internet is securities trading. Now, banks, brokerages trading business has been fully Internet, new Internet Co, in basic transactions can create little added value.


How does individual stationmaster raise fund

for individual webmaster, want the website development must invest some money, the website does not have income, this funding has not yet return, which makes many owners are unwilling to invest more funds is insufficient, often see online that certain website access to venture capital and how many million, many owners also dream of the day the VCs also watch their own website, cast a few million, ha ha, for individual webmaster, this is · · · · · · or that can not, after all the opportunity, or reality, here to talk about personal webmaster how to seek financial website that have greater development.

1, if your website is really promising, rare in the industry have the potential, then you can go to some kind of investment cooperation website information, seek cooperation, there are many such sites, in order to prevent the ad I do not say this, most individuals, companies rarely, the general quality of tens of thousands also, many rich people, maybe which are not impossible, to say this website can also bring traffic, one a double.

2, if you have confidence in yourself, that put a little money into absolute return, then you can borrow money from relatives and friends, to show them as they use, analysis of your plan, generally can raise a little money.

3, can know some rich people, if you do is the portal site, some of the rich discussions can find a local, your website all have a certain reputation in the local, and that he would like to talk with him, into good profit, and play their own a little risk, so most will be happy, as long as he has a point of vision.

4, loans, bank loans, but the interest rate is high, I recommend to you a loan of Dashi=qq8513 provided specifically for personal webmaster loan services, online application second days to know the results of the audit, do not charge any fees, although not 100% success, you can loan or what VCs saw in you the website, oh.

anyway, I think the website development not to spend the money is not enough, especially now is the winter of the Internet era, large and small sites everywhere, want to highlight, no electricity funds is very difficult, but believes that as long as the stick must return, adhere to the personal website is king.

Page construction and the things that JS front-end has to say


as micro-blog’s page construction engineer, the main responsibility is to use html&, CSS, high-quality completion of the production of static pages, to ensure that the project completed on time. The JS effect required by the page is given to the downstream JS front-end engineer. At micro-blog, the two posts are separate. But in everyone’s thinking may think this two jobs should be a person to complete the best, after all, the page HTML construction engineers to write is not the JS engineers want JS engineers may have a more efficient way. So, before you build a page, you’d better communicate with the JS engineer and determine the implementation plan.

but in the actual project process, when to build the page, the product manager may not arrange to JS resources, then we can according to the demand for products and their ideas to write HTML structure, should not only consider the predicted position of the new function of the reduction degree, browser compatibility, the design may be added the structure also considers how to write HTML to make JS the most convenient to complete the interactive effect of products. As a responsible page building engineer, says Alexander, so when we check the page source regularly, we’ll find such annotations that tell the JS engineer how to operate the DOM structure.


sometimes in order to achieve the most simple, we have to take a long time, a while ago, the London Olympic Games, micro-blog home page on the right to add a gold medal list module, has stowed and deployed the button to display different content.


on the web site for this is a very sloppy ordinary interaction effect. Specific HTML implementation, there may be students will think of, do two div, each contains the content of the expansion and the contents of the collection. When you click the "expand" button, one appears and the other is hidden. Instead, you do the opposite when you click. This kind of thing itself is neither right nor wrong, can achieve effect is good. But as a module that appears on micro-blog’s home page and appears in the first screen location, the optimization of performance must be sufficient. Try to do it on our CSS layer and never put it on the JS side. My way is to start up style are written, together, let JS show turn_olym_on in default or click start, click away when the replacement for turn_olym_off, the amount of code so that JS is just replacing a class name, and for the two button start up, I’m through replace the class name to show and hide.

specific HTML code:


put all of them here