A5 marketing only three measures can quickly improve website traffic and love Shanghai weight


, get a large number of keywords

first, is to obtain a large number of keywords, the key word here refers to the target keywords and long tail keywords.

about the target keywords, some enterprise website is that a few keywords, some keywords and enterprise website is unable to choose the other, these words must sike. Why? The reason is very simple, because the enterprise website products only so few, if you do not do these keywords other keywords can not do, because there are a lot of business owners only allows you to do these keywords, other words do not let you do, unless you are the boss of this enterprise, otherwise you don’t think.

has been the rapid increase of web traffic and weight is the webmaster of the dream, whether it is business or other types of Web sites worth mentioning, as long as the site is to flow and weight optimization, because a lot of traffic can bring enterprise profit, love Shanghai weight high website can bring to the search engine trust. So, some webmaster website has yet to flow and love Shanghai weight also began to worry, if the site continued without traffic and weight, may not be the site found that more people in the website optimization, or not good effect. Therefore, the rapid increase in traffic and love Shanghai weight is the priority among priorities of the web site optimization, but also the only way the website will bring good profit.

on the long tail keywords, long tail keywords enterprise website is very flexible, business owners can use the keywords research to dig out the more expansion of the long tail word, also can search related tools, Shanghai love the drop-down box, fell in love with the sea bottom cable and love Shanghai for the background to dig a lot of long tail keywords by keyword mining. These long tail words and target words are not the same, the long tail word easier to develop new words, such as the long tail word is a certain product of the price of the product, then we can expand.

on how to increase website traffic and weight has been a problem in the webmaster want to know, but at this time there are a lot of people ask me how to improve the flow and weight, in fact want to quickly improve the flow and weight is very simple, but only three can make quick effect. Of course, you want to through this three flow and weight effect, there must be a premise, the premise is to structure, page, the chain site do optimization, then the implementation of this measure, there is one point to note is that this measure to insist on the implementation of. Webmasters may not understand this premise, said bluntly: website as one insider, if the body is not healthy, there may be a problem. If one looks very ugly, probably won’t be able to find the object. Of course, the site structure and page to optimization, want to quickly do traffic and weight is almost not a problem. A5 and marketing Shanghai dragon team has also been encouraged by the three webmaster to do a website traffic and weight, here is a detailed explanation of the.

The kingly way of the evolution of individual community management

Acacia community: small community business growth process kingly way

, how many years have you been in the web? I grin, "my website is almost full.".

but I’ve been thinking about how a community should operate so that it can really appeal to potential users.

There are a lot of flourishing

community, but as a personal site, or a small community, want to make the world, such as Sina or ChinaRen, West Temple, the community is obviously not realistic, truly worthy of imitation and learning are small, professional community. My initial idea was to make a regional dating site, the theme of love and marriage. Despite the large dating sites, similar communities are rare, and one of the biggest attractions of my vision is free, and the other is a rigorous review of a real dating network. But in the process of popularizing this idea, I can not help denying it, at least it is unsuitable for the early stage.

so I analyzed some successful small communities:

a NBA basketball community. Initially, the community because the basketball community NBA is hot, of course, silver is also very attractive. So what is the attraction of this basketball community? First of all, there is real value for the starting point of the website. There are quite a few people in China who are concerned about NBA, and a large part of it can be said to be fascinated by it. So do the community must choose to have extensive user direction; in the final analysis is widely used to provide resources, such as pictures, music, video, games process, and so on, even I don’t have a fever for a basketball, see some resources or spirit will lift it. The advantages of the station operating content, the second aspect is that NBA is a constantly updated, continuous events, so the service of the site and the needs of users have continuity, net viscosity is necessarily higher.

the second thing I’ve been looking for is a web site that offers high-definition video downloads and technical support services. Providing constant service, simple promotion, and timely updating is almost easy. If the station removes regional restrictions, it can grow wider and larger.

third sites, is a franchise of second-hand IBM books regional web site, my book is on the site to buy. Professional, technical, honest, and honest, these core things constitute the success of their sales, and almost become the first choice for many people to buy second-hand books.

fourth is the Chinese headset forum, I occasionally browse to the site can’t believe there are thousands of people online, small headset, high quality music, CD, rich in content, can almost become a paradise dream music fancier.

these websites positioning, content, services, are real, and therefore content, originality, service is king. We don’t need to promote, just positioning and service.

More than

is only a personal analysis of the community management, maybe I can’t see the forest, but…

Read server logs quickly beyond competitors

attaches great importance to many webmaster website backstage data analysis, data analysis to fine tune the website, but ignore the analysis of web server log, some owners believe that the server log analysis is not important, there is no analysis, this is because they do not know to enhance network ranked server log analysis, today Taiyuan SEO learning network to read the server log broke beyond the competitors:

1. User access

1, the user’s IP address,

2, access time

3, what browser


4, which page

is accessed?

5, access success,

through the web log, you can clearly understand the user at what IP, what time, which operating system to use, what browser to access the website which page, and whether access to success and other data.

enhance the website ranking secret: through access track users can know the user love website which a column, page, and then put them first show to the user, this is what we often say the website fine-tuning.

two, spider crawl

1, do spiders have access to


search engine spiders which we all know it, if it is domestic users would see Baidu, 360, Sogou spider is on time to do foreign trade site visit, we should pay attention to whether the time to visit the Google spider, we should always pay attention to the new line after visiting spider records, if found the spider didn’t come then to check the website of the robots file settings if there is a problem.

attention: new station’s log if appear this Baidu spider IP:121.14.89.*. Said that the new station has cast off the new station inspection period, you can rest assured that continue efforts.

2, which directories

are grabbed?

by spiders crawl the web site directory, see the website important directory is crawling, if the directory is not grab, see is not the site within the chain is not wrong, you need to make adjustments to the site within the chain, if the site within the chain is no problem on the need to increase the site outside the chain, guide the spider to grab.

note: if you do not want some meaningless directory or do not want spiders to grab information, it is recommended to use robots shield.

3, grab what pages, pictures,

is like a page or a photo for some visitors will also have their own love of all ages, spiders crawl the page, pictures, so that I can analyze these pages of pictures and other pages have what different, provide a reference for other pages, image optimization.

note: for spiders do not grab the page, you can see whether these pages appear page repetition, URL is not standardized and so on.

4, >

Nanjing inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff also found Thorn mode

recently, Jiangsu, Nanjing inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff in their daily work found a thorn is also called the mold biological. After the identification of the Jiangsu Bureau of plant quarantine laboratory, the weeds are also thorn mold, long leaves and quinoa, which is also referred to as the mold of the quarantine pest, Nanjing port for the first time intercepted.

found some weeds in spices, after laboratory of Jiangsu Bureau of plant quarantine and identification, weed for thorn also die, Ribgrass and quinoa, among them, thorn also dies for quarantine pests, Nanjing port intercepted for the first time this year.

it is understood that the thorn thorn also die die also has strong adaptability, growth in dry to moist environment can, generally grow in coastal sandy land and grassland environment, natural conditions can be through the barbed fruit adhesion in sole and vehicle tire spread. Because its prickly fruit can cause harm to humans and animals.

the organisms are not only harmful to people’s health, but also let the injured animal, because of its prickly fruit will cause harm to human and animal, and can pose a threat to cereal crop growth, causing serious impact on agricultural production in China, which will be included in the list of "biological People’s Republic of China entry plant quarantine pests".

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Sewing ten brands list

apparel market is now a rapid development, as an important knitting machine, sewing line naturally also play a greater role in the continuous. So what are the major brands of sewing thread Market? Here, let Xiaobian for you secret sewing thread ten brand list, so that you can have a more understanding of the industry brand.

sewing line ten brands list, NO.1 COATS, founded in the UK, the global leading brand of sewing thread, the largest provider of global sewing line in the world, a large multinational group, coats (Shenzhen) Co., ltd..

sewing thread ten brands list NO.2, A& E: in 1891, the United States, the world’s largest industrial sewing thread / embroidery line manufacturers, one of the most well-known high-end sewing thread brand, the United States Efird limited liability company.

sewing line ten brands list, NO.3 Liu Qing: national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang famous brand, one of the largest professional production line of business, science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Shanghai Group Holdings limited.

sewing line ten brands list, NO.4 Dunhuang: Zhejiang famous brand, national standard drafting unit of sewing thread, one of the largest production base of sewing thread, Chinese wire Research Center, Sino US joint venture, Huamei thread company limited.

sewing line ten brands list NO.5, AMANN Ahmad: founded in Germany, one of the world’s leading high-quality sewing and embroidery production enterprises, the leading brand sewing thread industry trade (Shanghai) Co., ahmad.

sewing line ten brands list NO.6, maple: national protection of trademark, famous trademark in Hubei Province, the famous brand of Hubei Province, the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, production line industry well-known enterprises, Hubei Maple thread Co. ltd..

sewing line ten brands list NO.7, gorgeous Rachel: famous brand in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi province famous brand products, one of the largest pure polyester sewing thread foreign-owned textile enterprises, Huarui (China) sewing thread Co. ltd..

sewing line ten brands list NO.8, Megumi SPAEK: national protection of trademark, famous trademark in Sichuan Province, one of the largest production base of viscose embroidery thread of high-tech enterprises in Sichuan Province, Yibin HMEI thread Co Ltd.

sewing thread of the top ten brands NO.9, Meng Heng MH: Zhejiang province famous brand, Zhejiang export brand, enjoy a high visibility of clothing accessories brand, large enterprise groups, Ningbo Meng Heng industry and Trade Co., ltd..


Wang Xiao to participate in the deliberations of the delegation

February 25th afternoon, party secretary Wang Xiaolai to participate in the deliberations of the delegation.
consideration, Song Chenxi, Xing Zhanxiong, Li Peidong, Gong Facheng representatives on the government work report in 13th Five-Year plan (Draft) to speak, everyone agreed that the "12th Five-Year" period of economic and social development of our city to a big step, and talk about their views on the Datong County 2016 ideas, tourism enterprises, poverty alleviation measures competitiveness, put forward some good suggestions about Wang Xiaojiu and representatives conducted in-depth exchanges and delegates are expected to continue to carefully consider and put forward more reasonable and feasible suggestions.

Implementation of the province’s implementation of the views of the steady implementation of ecologi

recently, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of finance, land and resources department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry department and other 9 departments jointly issued "on the implementation of ecological burial section of the implementation of opinions", put in "13th Five-Year" period, to further deepening the reform, the full implementation of the funeral Huimin policy, the implementation of ecological burial section awards complement the incentive policy, the re burial of ashes coffin loaded, buried in mass graves and tombs scattered area exceed the standard and effective governance, ecological and customs section of funeral activities is still fresh air become mainstream.

ecological burial section, is to save resources and protect the environment as the value guidance, encourage and guide the people with deep burial, tree burial, burial at sea, and other sites of storage does not occupy or less land, less consumption of resources, less use of non degradable materials buried remains or ashes, to better promote the harmony of human burial with the development of nature. In the "13th Five-Year" period, in the cremation area led by the government of new public facilities ashes, and supervise the operation of the cemetery established ecological and land burial tombs, tomb land norms, no tombstone or a small tombstone; in the cremation area, to carry out buildings, corridors, halls, towers, walls and other forms of ashes the three-dimensional burial, advocate the use of land saving tombs and miniaturization of tombstone, actively promote the planting, planting flowers, grass ashes and other ecological burial ceremony, the use of degradable containers or directly to the ashes Kurano soil, no hard tomb and tombstone. Advocate scattered ashes, buried and so does not retain the burial of ashes. In the burial area of reform, should focus on the remains or ashes buried in the cemetery or rural public cemetery (put), advocate the remains or ashes buried, leaving graves or tree generation tablet; actively provide online booking, service hotline, consultation window convenient way to expand the whole guide, sad comfort and other services, pay attention to afforest and beautify the environment, guide low-carbon civilization sweep, keep the area clean and solemn tomb; advocate network sweep, sweep of flowers, trees, etc. to hikers Yaoji civilization carbon sweep, concelebrated mass organization, community, family and other modern memorial memorial memorial activities, carry forward the excellent traditional culture for the funeral, and guide the masses to gradually shift from a focus on the field sweep to real spiritual heritage.

in security measures, members and cadres to play the lead role, in-depth implementation of the eight Central and provincial regulations on Party cadres to take the lead in promoting the reform of funeral, take the lead in the implementation of cremation, take the lead in ecological burial section, take the lead in promoting funeral Jane do, take the lead in civilization carbon sweep; strengthen the propaganda and guidance, loved by the masses. The propaganda ecological burial section, strengthen the positive incentive for the mass funeral concept and funeral activities guide; perfect premium incentive mechanism, to implement the basic funeral service fee for the content of the funeral Huimin policy, real equal access to basic public services of the funeral. The tree, sprinkle powder, deep, and other sites of storage does not occupy or less land, and the burial area remains buried without leaving graves and other ecological burial, included in the premium range, to encourage people to actively participate in; focus on capacity building, for the convenience of the masses area residents, civilization thrifty funeral and offering sweeping, the construction of centralized office the funeral funeral service;

32 thousand and 500 people benefit from one stop medical assistance

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, since this year the province continued to strengthen coordinated medical assistance policy, timely medical assistance to establish unified information management platform, as of now, 32 thousand and 500 people have been "one-stop" medical assistance to help.

it is reported that this year, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to strengthen coordinated medical assistance policy, timely medical assistance to establish unified information management platform, in June launched a comprehensive medical assistance one-stop service. Currently, the province has 198 medical institutions to implement medical assistance instant settlement services. At the end of October, the province’s hospital rescue immediate settlement of 32 thousand and 500 people, Medicaid spending 28 million 350 thousand yuan of funds per capita hospitalization assistance levels reached 872 yuan. In the provincial Civil Affairs Department to push and support across the province, our province has realized the medical assistance one-stop service coverage, reduce the difficulties of the masses medical assistance cycle, solve the difficulties of the masses due to advance medical expenses difficult not timely hospital treatment, and achieved obvious social the capacity of social assistance benefits, and standardize the management level overall.


54 million 790 thousand subsidies for retired soldiers

In June 18th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of civil affairs in June 13th, the Provincial Department of Finance issued self employment of retired soldiers in 2014 to coordinate a one-time financial subsidy 54 million 790 thousand yuan, the full implementation of self employment of demobilized soldiers in our province one-time economy allowance policy.