Novice webmaster describes four common details of Shanghai Dragon

don’t care too much about the W3C verification: did web development friends have had a similar experience, especially for the DIV+CSS website, each browser is the default attributes of different values, compatibility is also different, even for the same browser, between different versions support the default values for the properties are different, so many there are questions in the forum of stationmaster does this affect the Shanghai dragon, my answer is no.. Many websites are not fully certified by W3C, the search engine also know that, so almost can’t put this calculation in the rankings, or give a lot of weight calculation. Write these words to tell Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel do not pay attention to this point.

page often update is not necessary: many webmaster feel very necessary page updates, can improve search engine crawling and grab frequency. So for general site, if can often update it can effectively improve the ranking, whether for love Shanghai or noble baby phenomenon. But not all websites are so influential good rankings also requires the user behavior of the site, some sites such as the practicality is very strong even if not updated for a long time, but the ranking is always good. So if it is long standing, we are the most important for customer service, to provide valuable content (possibly there may be other articles) and finally recognized by the users. For the average enterprise station, search engines also know the nature of the site could not every day there are new things, so don’t have to be updated every day.


black and italic tag is very important: black body and italic tag is not only useful to the user, is also important for search engines. For users, is set to bold or italic content users will be more attention or more easily found for search engines, italic text in the text a little more weight than ordinary. But usually when using italics should be more careful, after all, italic, not easy to see, if used improperly, can easily be suspected of search engine. In addition, the most important thing is to use bold keywords outstanding website, usually are used in many prominent websites can be bold keywords, "artificial segmentation".

said the details, almost every webmaster will have a lot of ideas to express, everyone in the industry is different, and when do website promotion in the Shanghai dragon of the focus is different, today I to my website examples to talk about web games website note four common Shanghai dragon has details. Said the wrong place, welcome paizhuan.

do stand for a long time, see a lot of articles every day, but also learned a lot. Many of them to use their web site also found very useful in all the talk about external links, SNS social network of Shanghai dragon, sometimes I tend to find some interesting details from the Shanghai dragon on the website itself, today to share with me recently in Shanghai Longfeng experience, also welcome to communicate with me.

Ignored the video site in the future the main pioneer Shanghai Dragon

let’s talk about the unique but very effective way to promote the network video promotion. A few days ago, south a plastic surgery hospital on the network news. The legend of the white snake is a snake with what is unusual, Simon was rare, alas, Xu Xianzhen is hardcore. In order to show the hospital for magical cosmetic changes for cosmetic surgery transgender people, plastic surgery hospital expensive movie "White Snake" new ways to attract eyeballs, the play is another hot spot to spend 200 thousand yuan to the community to recruit someone who plays "Xu Xian", "green" and "goki" and other roles, and registration without any conditions. Gold and silver, the interaction, the main broadcast through the Internet and television, even if the ratings are not high but before the shooting also won the attention of the public.

as a small company or personal portal site webmaster, let you spend 2 million micro film shoot a copycat of white snake is certainly not willing to, so we can try a free trial of existing network resources to edit the network now, too many to count funny clips is the most typical, Angie Chiu version of The Legend Of White Snake, will the TV drama fragment with new lines, plus that rotten Street "The Legend Of White Snake" title sequence Long Expecting, waiting for you to come back ah… Like the white snake. English drama, such courage and creativity has been greatly rewarded.

with the development of the times, more and more businesses to gradually understand the great role of Electronic Commerce on marketing, network promotion began to invest a lot of money. That you can not talk about the electronic commerce network promotion, the core of e-commerce lies in the promotion of network marketing methods, so it has been continuously improved, emerge in an endless stream. In addition to the commonly used mail promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion, which is different from the traditional way of promotion, network video promotion is on the rise. With its intuitive video, voice and text features than web based text, pictures can attract more users, more easy to generate impulse demand through video guide customers to their website to sell products to users, promotion of some product function.

video content: playing the first scene when young Li Chen young janning, holding a piece of stone has not been polished, followed by founder Li Chen stone grinding mill, grinding N block heart-shaped stone, the second act ‘portrait of a great run for his past girlfriend, not one less yo. The third act is the current.

light pick teeth spike is of no use, network promotion, pay attention to is the most creative and keep pace with the times, why she can be red, in this beautiful fairy everywhere to walk as much as dogs, society, all the aesthetic fatigue, Xifeng turned out favorable external adverse speculation Internet marketer, before casting today to get a green card, nurturing foreign guy, color and fengjie. Love Shanghai news hot search term is our best direction of the light, a few days ago, Li Chen heart stone event quite a sensation in various entertainment forum, this event as an example, I want to do a funny video clip plus PS animation component to promote my flying chess.

Love Shanghai 11 mechanism of the past and present

love Shanghai specific start from what is known, it is not good to explore. Just when many people frequently talk about 11, among them, A5 has a large number of articles, the causes of its core content is nothing less than the love of eleven Shanghai phenomenon, and love Shanghai eleven phenomenon to break the law and the numerous. Such as the specific interpretation of "love 11", "Shanghai phenomenon website ranking 11 phenomenon love Shanghai rescue measures" etc.. Admittedly, some of it is really helpful to solve love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, correspondingly, there are also many, the highfalutin empty. We should be clearly aware that, except for a few people love Shanghai, no one can truly understand the mechanism of love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, or it can be said that love Shanghai 11 phenomena are not really there, no one can really say clearly. Until recently, love Shanghai 11 phenomena left everyone’s perspective.

short, love Shanghai eleven disappearance is not really true Weakness lends wings to rumours., which happened.

love Shanghai is temporarily disappear or permanently cancel? Personally, the 11 will love Shanghai forever from the phenomenon of the historical stage of love Shanghai. The conclusion from which the basis of

11 ?

first, according to the experience and the data observed from my hand grasp a large number of sites were concluded.

Since The Eleven

second, love Shanghai webmaster club established, which appeared in two questions about the 11 phenomenon, including Robin, Zac and other heavyweights, but unfortunately, they did not get a positive answer to the LEE, this is indeed a puzzling thing, believe a secret sorrow before now. All this is not a problem, because there is no mention of this problem.

of any conclusions are based on massive data. So, before the proposed conclusion should be rational and powerful.

you might ask, love Shanghai eleven phenomenon really left? My answer is YES. Why is there such a conclusion

first, according to my hand grasp of the more than 400 sites to make the conclusion, the station is just on the line, and every day in the old station is optimized, since the first half of 11 Shanghai love phenomenon never appeared, it is difficult to imagine before.

second, a more powerful evidence that the A5 webmaster friends have been at least four months did not contribute about eleven of the Shanghai love phenomenon, to the webmaster keen sense of smell, which in itself is a very surprising thing, enough to prove by this front view.


love Shanghai 11 on this issue, willing to communicate with more webmaster friends. At the same time, the hope can with more friends on the net.

Scindapsus algorithm some targeted Shanghai dragon means

1, link

this is very obvious, the love of Shanghai do not want their products to be manipulated, link easily in the calculation result of excessive weight, the direct reason is the search results are available through those high weight website links, in the course of time the webmaster no longer pay attention to the content, to link the rankings as the means. More users to spend money on the sale of links, enhance the natural ranking, but this money is long-term and effective, behoove with promotion link will be less, love Shanghai or want the user to put more money in their promotion, rather than the others on the site. So I think, love Shanghai reduced the popular word of the chain weight. Will be reduced to users of natural ranking investment, concentrate on bidding. But the Internet is the core of hyperlinks, search engines will have Links as an important basis, but to grasp the scale, can not buy too much higher weight site.

in Shanghai love algorithm to update, we all have to change their workers in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng focus, the chain weight work originally as a priority among priorities may have fallen, but certainly there are certain compatriots of Shanghai love saying scoffed, stood with love against Shanghai in the end of the determination, or holding the love of Shanghai just to scare you luck, continue to buried hair outside the chain, big money chain. In fact, this is not wrong, as long as the operation is reasonable, is not love to Shanghai investigation is feasible. Love the Shanghai some ready to accept either course algorithm, and did not give an exact statement, people can not help. But that love Shanghai’s attitude is very obvious, can be used to analyze his algorithm modifications targeted Shanghai Longfeng operation.

soft outside the chain

3. user experience


regardless of the station or personal station, can use the soft quick effect, such links can quickly improve website score, finally will lead to some sites from the start to drop the money in the purchase of soft paper, this article is long-term and effective, and enhance the site scores and rankings, there is such a good thing, who will go to do the promotion? I love Shanghai do not want to see the search results by artificial manipulation, the operation of the soft, you need to do more targeted. Now, can play brand word, can also let users search, soft advertising is still the most efficient way to promote.

love Shanghai now more and more attention to the user experience, because they are well aware of their own based on the user, the user does not love Shanghai what all is not, as the Shanghai dragon staff, our promotion means will be more inclined to the user experience, no longer love Shanghai according to the website to to judge the quality of the site. By now more users reflect on the website of the judge, so now is Shanghai dragon personnel priority among priorities for the user experience, how to improve the page views, how to reduce the rate of jump out, how can.

Analysis of Gome search engine marketing (three) integrated search


has a strong line resources and high visibility, and the industry oligopoly obvious trend under the situation of retail chain brand marketing channels in the Internet search, aggregation and experience more precise orientation for the value of the consumer groups, more sophisticated interactive Internet users experience. Keywords can help the United States to quickly find the target user group, and help improve the marketing activities of the target population rate.

with users of the Internet to improve the quality, have a certain ability to resist technology of search engine ranking promotion, pure buy effect will be more and more small, the United States must be considered from the soft content to improve their own quality and 360 degree integrated marketing network.

as shown above, the United States in August 2009 launched the "happy life to the point of power", is repeated using the love Shanghai search engine platform, a comprehensive integration of marketing. The main event for wedding new young people, they want a happy life, and have a good habit of interactive communication network.

in addition, the United States "happy life to electricity" also applies the love Shanghai ultra high traffic, Post Bar community platform, precisely targeted consumer groups, with a correlation of mass advertising and accurate advertising brand exposure, direct search user guide to the campaign theme page, starting from the wedding crowd the surrounding life, imperceptibly cultivate search users of Gome brand trust, enhance the brand influence and reputation of the United states.

search engine for the United States to complete the construction of the brand "


front analysis of "Gome search engine marketing focus search" and "analysis of Gome search engine marketing 2- card marketing" Feifei analyzes Gome search engine marketing focus marketing and niche marketing, today to share the last search engine for high Jiecao – integrated search.

home appliance industry is a fully competitive industry, if there is no promotion for a specific group of people, such as Gome this kind of sales channels to consumers is facing the media. Therefore, using the integrated search engine to promote the sales and promotion of brand awareness is very important, and it is helpful to expand the brand market share.

and the focus of search, search, search card integration using the three policies, mobilize the initiative of users, PUSH marketing PULL marketing.

for this reason, in the search for the promotion, love Shanghai and there is no single choice brand word Gome, but will expand keywords to real estate, home decoration, wedding, travel and all other wedding related words, even as the purchase of household appliances refrigerators, color TV and other words are listed as people within the scope of the search keywords. Keywords the integrated search marketing in order to get the full range of Gome brand covering more people search.

A brief analysis of several effective ways to improve the loyalty of members to the Forum

webmaster, this word is specially assigned to the Internet to provide users with information platform. A little more advanced called CEO! Webmaster every day at the computer for eight hours, or even longer, the hard day in and day out for my goal, I have seen a lot of their own understanding of the owners, their QQ every day to night time online, which shows that they still own website struggle, this spirit is every webmaster should have, like some time ago I saw a movie inside of a line, can directly explain stationmaster this industry aphorism: Lawyer material he will not long legs ran to you, for you to find! This is also the same as in the webmaster industry, ranking you will not improve, webmaster promotion optimization!. So today, we write with you about the webmaster experience in the past two years. Write well, do not blame me Oh, because I have always liked to use the simplest statement to write, and strive to most of my friends can understand, read the author’s mind. So today, let’s talk about how to improve the loyalty of members of the forum, I do BBS time more than a year, day IP from zero to the current twenty thousand, is not bad, huh, huh, huh, huh?.

on how to improve their loyalty to members of the forum, said the four aspects, these four aspects are the author personally tested, and it is commonly used, whether friends or some open forum for an entry-level webmaster consulting the author, I have put these one by one to explain to them, most of the consulting friends think I speak good, very patient, ha ha, is not blowing, the webmaster is supposed to be a stick. Patience. Well, here comes the sharing:

ways to improve your loyalty:

through a variety of activities to enhance the loyalty of the forum is a good method, but whether it is open or open for several years the forum often launched some activities, such as T, make the mood of the day to share Q money, earn points, promotion activities to earn RMB let’s open is too busy to attend to all, the forum, we will push the activity to make more of the forum member loyalty, is no longer registered today look, say goodbye, so only one advantage is to increase the number of registered members, actually nothing, because they will only make registration of the registered members the number has increased, not post, do not reply, do not go back often, not up to the standard of loyalty. Therefore, we should engage in activities based on the relative crowd, the relative crowd is the target audience of the forum, such as food forum, we can reward a mall through the activities of food stamps. Webmaster forum, we can use activities to encourage webmaster promotion tools. Such a corresponding prize, coupled with the corresponding crowd, the effect is not 1+1=2 so simple, so that you can agglomerate members, and secondly, you can improve the loyalty of members, but also useless forum webmaster use it.

improve membership loyalty method two: Live >

McDonald’s into the transfiguration female head trying to save the Chinese people’s freshness

McDonald’s recent activities frequently, in order to make public the new products and new policy focus to McDonald’s, McDonald’s has since changed a Nvzhang, has introduced new rules, to attract a lot of customers.

this style, or will become a new style of McDonald’s China, also is the experience of her deepest stage. Zhang Jiayin stepped. 2014, McDonald’s into food safety incidents. August 2014, Zhang Jiayin served as managing director of china. So far, McDonald’s has not yet recovered to the peak state. And the new helm, is planning to use their two other styles – diversification and results driven to save the dilemma.

"standard" in which

substitutesThe concept of

"innovation" is the highest frequency words appear during the interview. "In the future, I would like to build McDonald’s experiential brand." This is Zhang Jiayin McDonald’s future under the latest comments, "in the past, we are talking about is not standardized, hope the restaurant is uneven, clean, quality, service, but now we are talking about personalization, CYT (McDonald’s new custom burger) as an example, it is still a standard the process platform, but the creative license to the customer."

CYT is the first Zhang Yin "works" after he took office, the concept known as "shop I record I smell" introduced the concept of customized burgers, provide 24 ingredients available for consumers to collocation, June 2015 landing in Shanghai, October 15th opened the first store in Southern China in Guangzhou concept. This project, decided to do in December 2014, only half a year will be formally launched".

"results driven" is another of her style. After the on-line store in Shanghai, CYT has been able to account for 15% to 20% of sales revenue, and in accordance with the preliminary plan, CYT will cover the first tier cities 15%~>

How to choose a reliable food restaurant

now, the catering industry can be said to be on the market unpopular industry, a lot of people have taken to the catering industry profits and stable, so people want to join the investment catering industry, so in the choice of restaurants should pay attention to what point? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian together to find reliable catering to join the project.

Study leader

restaurant chain franchise

now catering enterprises competition is not directly to the product and the competition between the product performance, but in the form of brand competition. In other words, when consumers decide to dine, he often first decided to go to the hotel or restaurant to eat, and then decide what to eat; even when he first made the decision of what to eat, also must decide in what place to eat. Therefore, the choice of a good reputation and excellent brand image of the restaurant chain franchise business, is a necessary condition for success.

has a good reputation and excellent brand image of the restaurant chain franchise should have the following four basic characteristics: the content of technology more outstanding flavor and high radiation; large space and high social reputation; long communication history and more cultural connotation; good economic benefit.

Third, the development history and development stage of restaurant chain franchise

The gang start of the business partnership less

entrepreneurship, is now a lot of people are concerned about the topic, but also a lot of people choose. "Brother, dude loyalty, like-minded, glorious years, together with the total death," these noble words, I as early as 20 years ago to play bad. So do not repeat here, went straight to the theme, only talk about entrepreneurship.

"business partnership" is a civilization of vocabulary, but sorry, I of the social environment is not a kind of youth entrepreneurship is defined, that is "the gang start" more, "little business partnership".

"node," these two words have been tied together, but today apart to re configure a group of words, their meaning is not the same.

if every entrepreneur only staring at the brilliant success, but rarely to explore those failure cases, it is very dangerous, I do not want young people to go home to be launched after being successful brainwashing


this success has nothing to do with you, either, or learning experience, what others can do, into your hands. You may not be able to do, in other words, if we put a >

2013 highlights of the new project

with the arrival of the new year 2013, but also for the vast number of investors, investors, brought more big market, with more good projects, with more investment opportunities, then, what are the 2013 new projects? You can get a sneak peek!

personality will become the hot tourism Chong

software industry have a brilliant future

game market overall showing rapid growth, boutique scene. Domestic game software products compared with previous years, there is a big breakthrough, whether it is the type of product, sales volume and the amount of sales have a large degree of growth. The domestic game "fate of the Three Kingdoms" listing, by the foreign famous companies do total global sales, released at the same time a dozen languages, and attract the world sit up and take notice. Linux software sudden emergence. Although there is still a lack of large-scale applications, but it has been a great concern to the industry, many IT vendors are confident about the broad market prospects of Linux. At present, with the increasing number of foreign brands have increased investment, anti-virus software market competition intensified. Market share from the past KV3000 and KILL rising, three of the world pattern changes to the KV3000 today, rising, Kingsoft three points in the world. Translation software in the last year, no one in the list. In the past has been much loved by users of translation software such as Kingsoft PowerWord, Oriental Express, etc. have been squeezed out of the bureau. This is probably on the market with this type of software has become saturated, the new product upgrade technology is not as high as the product price increases.

> is a new