Optimization Guide why didn’t you discuss the K search engine

why some websites can be developed to rank flies straight, and some really hard to win the website search engine optimization for? Of course is a factor that can not be ignored, but also has the same point: "industry category". Such as why education websites, especially by the always popular search engine? Why security related behavior of "military, medicine, hospital website has always been in a short period of time can’t win high ranking? Which is about the website trust and trust industry requirements problem. When the search engine trust website, not up to the demand of the trust industry, ranking not to upgrade it xianguaibuguai. Why cause K station reflect? When the website trust was rejected, "


: the rule of the search engine upgrade

website optimization, is how to obtain the rank or station K? The key lies in how to define the rules of search engine. Take advantage of optimization, won the ranking of double harvest. The inverse of their potential, you will Not the least trace was found. K. Overbearing or rules is worth mentioning, as a webmaster, you can choose. Always in the website optimization process, the number of sites to determine their own done some naturally or half unconsciously violate search engine rules thing? Even the simple chain wheel, are regarded as "heinous" found cheating, will punish the. There are some pseudo original cause to illusion, etc., when it all in the search engine rules after the upgrade, is a potential risk of brewing problems. Even if there is no cheating, or only opportunistic won some optimization friendliness in the accumulation, the same will be brewing into effect K station. Speculation tricks, behind the seemingly in smooth water, really hidden reverse consequences of roaring waves.


what is the impact of site stability? Including the content, structure, chain, WEB server, domain name server, generally speaking also on these points. Although delete content page will not cause K station, 404 can shelter from the rain, although the server is not stable can be replaced, although the chain construction can be unstable. But everything should have a degree, does not seem to cause the K station, but before joining the "frequent" word, everything is possible. Especially some novice webmaster, in order to pursue the site’s appearance, all mining appearance template, want to change to change, ignore the search engine in the chain reaction. Leading to the final web site is K off, also did not know, I did not cheat!

A recent

two: the development of the stability of

does not match the trust degree and Industry

three: the

search engine K station appears to be some more, on this point, there must be many of my friends have been concerned. Why the recent K station action so frequently? In fact, it confirms the sentence: justice has long arms of this sentence, even if this love Shanghai for the same webmaster Shanghai Longfeng skynet. Website optimization, opportunistic, even won a ranking and how? Because, always have the final results. So what is the "cause" will result in the K station "

Talk about love Reflections on Shanghai bidding from personal website

the above four aspects is the key competitive ranking optimization love Shanghai, love Shanghai auction in order to get good results is not easy, "the love of Shanghai has become more and more difficult for such a voice can often hear. So we should spend more time in love Shanghai bidding work, analysis data, thinking of the work, so that we can share their strong position in the competition.

no matter what, data analysis is an important part, like I will go to the same site optimization, analysis of peer class website, love Shanghai auction is the same, as the author of the website of Ningde real estate network in Shanghai to do a love bidding time, data analysis is every day I have to do the work. Data analysis every time is to love Shanghai analysis of a bidding. Through data analysis, we can see a very thorough love Shanghai PPC situation. Let us on the back of the work the better planning.

love for all know the creative report, because the creative report can help us to show the implementation of the monitoring and to assess the effect of the original creative. Optimization of continuous line we can according to the method of TOP-N analysis and creative core positioning. Do real estate network is to promote the goal of promotion in order to achieve different goals, my approach is to develop different promotion plan, the same structure and similar keywords finishing to the same promotion unit inside, and then you can according to the keywords of creative writing. The number of keywords inside each unit should be well controlled, which can ensure the promotion unit and between the keywords we compose creative correlation stronger, to ensure the best use of a creative wildcard in each.

reprint link, thank you! Keywords

and to the Ningde real estate network: 贵族宝贝ndfang贵族宝贝/ left

now many enterprises to have sex in Shanghai auction, although the bidding price is more and more high, but high investment returns, or so many companies spend this money in it, love Shanghai bid I believe everyone is familiar with, so how to make love Shanghai auction bring benefit to us? The following share my own case.

as the search term, so finishing keywords has become a priority among priorities in the work. Through sorting out key words useless words, love Shanghai so as to improve the bidding rankings, Shanghai is not the more the better sex bidding keywords, much duplication, and a waste of money, less has no effect, so the key words will arrange good classification is essential. Key words as the core of the real estate network like Ningde, the best of Ningde real estate network and related long tail keywords classification in the core of the following words. So you can play a good effect

The ! Shanghai

bidding is a price, and keyword prices are based on the statistical analysis of key words and get out. We should set the goal of good effect, high ratio of keywords, the keywords are not ideal price is removed. This not only in terms of quality, and competitive ranking can play an unexpected effect.

Huairou Shanghai Longfeng analysis of several factors on enterprise website construction

domain is a prerequisite for enterprise network promotion, domain name for users is an image of the show. When choosing a domain name, we have to consider the domain name and the name of the enterprise, the enterprise characteristic, the unity of enterprise products. A good domain name, a simple domain name, the user is more easy to remember, setting a good image for the company.

enterprise website construction is not difficult, it is difficult to realize what the website function, the website can bring what? According to the different industry website, enterprise website positioning of different products and services need to be measured, after the relevant section, the focus of the search keywords organized together, presented to the user through the design page. Prominent features of website, in order to achieve the preliminary impression of an enterprise. According to their products, sales targets, clear their website is information service, sales, sales and service type or is integrated, the purpose is to sell products, corporate information, product name, contact information and other highlights can be displayed.

, 2 space and service providers

3, enterprise website construction to

enterprise website is just a simple website not only, should have the network marketing purpose, which played an important role in the promotion. The enterprise website promotion space, the major search engines, large enterprise site collection sites, such as hc360贵族宝贝, Alibaba. Search engines and e-business websites, for enterprises to establish a good platform, can effectively promote enterprise products. Many enterprises in the construction enterprise, provides online customer service function, can enhance relations with customers effectively, can better understand the needs of customers, improve the efficiency of enterprises, so the enterprise website promotion function, to create a foundation.

is a stable server space plays a big role on the website, the server stability is one of the factors influencing the website. When the enterprise website construction site, do not understand their own needs of the site, resulting in web access, speed, IIS number of links is not enough, some programs do not support website space. Select the server, to determine the target user, what is the general area, and the best choice for two space, the country can not cheap map. There are a lot of space for you to choose, civilink, Western Digital and so on good business space, the space to ensure the safe operation of the site quickly.

nowadays, enterprise website construction is a weapon, open the small and medium-sized enterprise product publicity, corporate image has been fully upgraded. The enterprise website also has its own space in the Internet field, more conducive to the promotion of the company’s products, the enterprise through the website timely delivery of their products and services, and receive the feedback information of users. Huairou Shanghai dragon introduced several factors in the process of enterprise website construction.

source: Huairou Shanghai dragon, 贵族宝贝shimiao1985.cn/>

1, enterprise domain name

4, enterprise website promotion


Analysis Shanghai Longfeng optimization of thinking from life


why enforcement? Even if know how good skills, not to perform, talk only, what’s the result? And is not a simple implementation, to persist and reflection. Shanghai dragon in this way, once selected, please make a stubborn efforts for their own


in the occupation on the road, the exchange will make progress, human thinking is not the same, in some industry exchanges, we must learn to take the initiative to become attached to, take the initiative to share and humbly ask. Looking for the progress of thinking in others thinking, but also thinking of others to learn to filter absorption, avoid foolish imitation, because they are only responsible for sharing, thinking through the practice of family income, while he just heard, not necessarily suitable for themselves, so communication is very important, the blog is to exchange the principle of sub.

accumulated life experiences make us different view of the world, why not the same people? Some people are good, but some people take a wrong step, a bad person? This is the different life experiences, create a different person, if all the same, this world and what fun huh? Talk! Far, Shanghai dragon is the same.


implementation of


operation and technique

talked about the harvest, sometimes feel that they do so long Shanghai dragon, always feel no harvest. But to determine the harvest, the harvest is very deep. Luo said: every life come into the world, are destined to change the world, this is your fate, you have no choice. You can make this world a better place, or make this world a worse place. Whether the harvest is successful, is still not achieve the results you want, keep trying to find the direction to go all the way, will meet a better future.


life experience

learning is everyone in life, less essential courses, but often can not find the correct way of learning. Sometimes, they do not have to head broken and bleeding, harvest, life rarely encounters a good teacher. Nick has stressed that fate is very important, please grasp the opportunity to meet. Shanghai Longfeng operation and skills are simple things, you can buy books, can also go to the Forum (love Shanghai Webmaster Platform), can also go to the training class, but stressed that, people just teach him to fish ", rather than" delegate to fish". So the skill is the most important part of.

regardless of the industry, learning is a very simple technique and operation, is mainly a matter of time? Back to Shanghai dragon industry, operation and skills are easy to learn, and Shanghai dragon industry is the most easy introduction to the Internet industry, unlike some to write code, written procedures and so on, it to establish English understand on the basis. Shanghai dragon industry, many novice in, out of the veteran also, doing fine little. That is why Shanghai Longfeng optimal thinking comes from life? Please see below

The first venture to pay attention to what

everything has the first time, the same as the current venture, the first venture to be careful, but there are some problems are often difficult to predict a person, such as the following aspects.

1 general and trail

2 and adhere to the direction of risk identification

clear their future development direction is very important, once established goals will persist, but also pay attention to the risk identification, the risk is always there for you, to know when to avoid, change the direction of clever.


entrepreneurs need a lot of skills, including: the direction selection ability, recognition ability, management ability, learning ability, generalization ability, operation ability, business ability, financing ability to grasp the rhythm and reflective ability etc..

these only for the first business people a little reminder, life has a lot of unknown, but doing everything prepared, I believe you will have a good beginning.

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Why are there differences between the two sesame seed stalls business

says many people are not unfamiliar to Clay oven rolls, now, near any snacks will have different sellers and different stalls Clay oven rolls, Clay oven rolls may also have different business, two, this is so Clay oven rolls out. East side of the district has two sesame seed stalls, on the south side is a middle-aged couple, monopoly Taishan sesame seed". North is a pair of young couples, the main Beijing sesame seed. Every day after two sesame seed stalls, and sometimes buy on the one or two.

with the heart, the two different characteristics: Taishan Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls Congxiang smell salty fresh oil. Beijing sesame cake in the fragrant crisp, soft taste. However, I can find an interesting phenomenon: to the Taishan sesame seed stalls to buy fried sesame cake is significantly less than the number of people in Beijing sesame shop, and most of them are young customers, come and go in a hurry. Beijing TanQian is Clay oven rolls those elderly customers face. Many customers would rather stand in Beijing Clay oven rolls waiting in line, nor to Taishan shop to buy Clay oven rolls.

Driven by curiosity,

decided to find out. So, go to Taishan to buy Clay oven rolls TanQian Clay oven rolls. A Clay oven rolls are middle-aged women on the board before baking, and sell Clay oven rolls is a middle-aged man Clay oven rolls. Middle aged man asked me: buy a few? I replied: 5 dollars. The middle-aged man no longer speak, give me the bag deftly handed me 5 handed over 5 yuan Clay oven rolls, I took the money, Clay oven rolls away.

second days, because it is a Sunday, I took a little granddaughter to buy Beijing Clay oven rolls TanQian Clay oven rolls. TanQian customer is still Clay oven rolls waiting in line. I looked, I stood in front of more than and 10 people. Here is the young man to do before the young woman in a Clay oven rolls, baking and selling Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls. A young woman he deftly cooked with a smile and Clay oven rolls, while customers laughing. Listen to the conversation, mostly look at the situation and some small household affairs, and the customer is very familiar.

When it was my turn to buy

, I asked, "is there any sugar cake?" The young woman replied with a smile: "yes, who to eat?" I said, "no, my granddaughter wants to eat." The young woman asked me to say, "it’s too hot for the new hot sesame cake." I am busy thanking and saying: "your heart is fine." The young woman smiled again and said, "yes."." I handed over the money, the young woman gave me a pack of 6 sesame seed. I asked one Leng: "I want 5 yuan." The young woman smiled and said: "it seems that you do not often come to my stall to buy me 5 dollars to buy more for a."

row behind me is an old woman, the old man wants to buy ten sesame seed cake. The young woman asked, "is there anyone at home?" The old woman said: "no man, no food at home, I took a day to buy out." The young woman said: "aunt, you do not buy so many times, now eat now buy it, a cold sesame cake is not delicious. If you do not want to come out, and so my mother came over at noon I let her send you, not too far away from the right path." The old woman said happily

Location selection of brand handbag chain stores you know

every woman is born Shopaholic, don’t stop to buy clothes to buy a bag, when it comes to buy a bag, as long as the love package, they wouldn’t miss the woman of beauty, for the beautiful clothes and shoes and bags are very concerned about, open chain stores sell this kind of product is very profitable, attracting a lot of entrepreneurs the line of sight. How to open chain stores brand handbag? Good to open chain stores will do the work site, here, to tell you the location of the three elements.

The location factors of the

brand handbag chain stores: the surrounding environment

site should pay attention to a lot of things, in the selection of a place must pay attention to the surrounding environment. How to open the brand handbag chain stores? To understand the study environment, to see how many nearby shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas and so on, to see whether the position of favorable selection.

The location factors of the

brand handbag chain stores: traffic conditions

The surrounding environment of

is favorable to open chain stores, but also to investigate traffic conditions. For consumers, convenient to better management, therefore, open when the brand handbag chain stores also want to pay attention to the traffic conditions, to provide a convenient for the public.

The location factors of the

brand handbag chain stores: population distribution

investigation address should also pay attention to the surrounding population distribution, look at the surrounding distribution of the specific circumstances of the crowd, according to the crowd to determine the location of good. Brand handbag chain stores to the site? In the investigation of population distribution in time to understand the target customer’s income and consumption etc..

shop business location is very important, a good site can attract more consumer attention, to get more benefits, in fact, start brand handbag join chain stores have to seize the market, women’s consumption demand, do business to open chain stores do not worry about. To open franchise brand handbag shop? Find the appropriate address, help you get more good business. At the mention of three elements of location selection is very important, people who want to start a brand handbag chain stores need to remember.

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How to choose the brand of women’s novice

fashion industry has always been a hot industry, there is no off-season, as people continue to pursue the beauty of fashion, women’s market is expanding, then, how to operate the new women’s brand? May wish to understand!


touch real brand management: the key lies in the product, women’s novice join matters need to pay attention, because the product is really the most direct contact with consumers, consumers do not accept, no hard all become meaningless. Therefore, for the clothing products, positioning should pay great attention to product development and personality style, personal contact products, has a deep understanding of product materials, workmanship and functional characteristics, in order to be truly aware of.

find professional and standard: to establish the brand must be completed in professional persons or institutions, women join matters need to pay attention to the novice, therefore, it has distinctive normative system of the enterprise, such as information, policy, file format, and on the wall of the enterprise culture; enterprise personnel the spirit of etiquette, words and deeds; or from a simple name card, or a phone call to play level can observe the brand based strength of enterprises.

find flaws: a mature brand operation scheme, must be investigated that a longer period of time in its interior, women’s novice join matters need attention, and has been at all levels within the aspects of doing related training, so that the brand’s internal operation is a clear goal, when asked to the different levels of staff, all the answers will have a very consistent content, women join matters need to pay attention to the novice, and asked what the results are different, then this brand operation is a big problem.

comparison: from a number of Brand Company to contact, will have a clear understanding of women’s franchise matters need to pay attention to the novice, the director of the Institute of short, strength or strength, non professional or non professional, suitable and not suitable, will allow the brand to have an accurate judgment.


as long as the woman’s heart of beauty, the women’s clothing market will never be saturated, women’s investment, how to select a new brand? I hope the above Xiaobian for you to take, can bring you some help!

Xining west exit dust pollution has been curbed


vehicle, dusty winds, a murky sky over a dark earth. This is a lot of people in Xining before the impression of exports to the west. After many measures to remediation, and now the west to curb dust exports.

‘s survey found that the west exit of major air pollution site dust, for the west area to increase the supervision of the construction site, the establishment of environmental protection four grid monitoring system, the area of construction sites and key roads, pollution prevention and control in key areas to determine the relevant responsible person, and the use of HD monitoring facilities West comprehensive information the platform of social service management, within the jurisdiction of the construction site, key areas, key road to build a all-weather, multi-level coverage of video surveillance skynet". In the process of cleaning the road, west area road cleaning frequency, according to the inspection at any time to adjust the cleaning scheme, according to the weather conditions in a timely manner through the sprinkler spray to reduce air dust and other suspended solids, make the air cleaner. On the other hand, on both sides of the road on the west side of the road dust removal, hardening. In addition, the strict implementation of the West District 24 hours of key sections of the vehicle inspection system, requiring all vehicles into the urban areas in the implementation of the transport process to the body, the car to take purification measures, there can not be thrown drip phenomenon. The transport of goods can not exceed the prescribed length, width and height of the body, take airtight, covering such measures for failing to take effective measures to seal and cover or goods beyond the compartment of the vehicle, will be prohibited from driving on the road. After a period of renovation, the area of road dust is significantly improved, road and landscape has been further enhanced. (author: Zhang Xu Liang)

The major supermarkets in Xining city salt supply adequate sales stabilization

for two days before the provincial capital large supermarkets in Xining salt stock of the situation, the provincial commerce department to arrange supermarkets increased the salt supply organization efforts to ensure market supply, residents worry to buy salt panic gradually eliminate.

from the beginning of March 17th, Xining supermarkets arrange supply organizations, by increasing the supply, ensure the normal sales of edible salt, and take reasonable measures to prevent the purchase of people hoarding and profiteering. 17, -18, salt salt company in Xining and the surrounding areas of retail enterprises supply of more than and 300 tons. 18 am, the major supermarkets have been on the salt of goods, and arrange for the subsequent supply supplement, adequate supply, there is basically no queuing to buy the phenomenon, salt market sales tend to normal.