The car O2O fell one after another has valued over 1 billion yuan of electric cars car network colla



, let’s make a conditional assumption:

is a big wake-up call especially for technical partners. In most start-ups, the position of a technology partner often decreases as the company grows. Because they are busy every day to write code, solve all kinds of Bug, often easy to put ourselves in all through the night, a loop. Often can not follow the company’s development, advance with the times.

B: share ratio of 3 co founders 40:20>

car wind net staff said that the founder Wang Zuoliang was at the staff meeting revealed that revealed the company and investor Tengxin shares dispute exists, it may be a direct cause of the final collapse of the car network.

Xie Kangyu / titanium media starting from the second half of last year, a large number of car O2O or closed down or acquired. Before the "Bo Pai car" business capital chain rupture, full stop, yesterday, was valued at over 1 billion yuan car business platform " car network; " also declared bankruptcy.

Teng letter shares 2015 annual report, the net equity of 6% cars. In May this year, Teng letter shares in the investor activity platform response, car net holding 11.11% shares. The message says, Teng letter shares before the completion of 500 million yuan investment, the car began to recover its pre investment funds, which became the last straw for vehicle system. At present, the two sides have made great differences in investment funds, or will be resolved through legal channels.

Ma Yun’s stake in Alibaba is only about 8.9%. At the same time, Alibaba is China’s most successful application of equity incentive business. Through its partner system, it has produced dozens of billionaires. Through stock options and other forms of equity awards, Alibaba’s ordinary ESOP is also numerous, through equity to become millionaires, the number is much more than Tencent and sh419. Ali system of gold clothing, employees accounted for the proportion of the total shareholding of the group is as high as 40%.

previous section with equity related, concern raised, is SF listed holdings. SF holdings market peak of more than 300 billion, let Wang Wei in personal wealth once more than Ma Huateng currently SF market value has dropped to 210 billion near, Wang Wei fell behind again. This is because Wang Wei shares of SF ratio of about 64%, while Ma Huateng’s stake in Tencent only 8.73%. So while SF has only about 1/9 of Tencent’s market value, Wang Wei can rival Ma Huateng in personal wealth.

"automobile industry attention" reported that electric car O2O platform car network "yesterday, all employees have to stop work, the company will provides each employee a monthly salary as severance pay, issued in August 15th. The car network website can still open, but the official website of the new product has all the shelves.

of course, with the initial mention of the dispute between technology and Emily, I believe that more technical partners will be able to define their interests in the team early in the process. But I want to say is, we also rely on their own hard technology partner must be maintained for the sensitive technology, the development trend of the industry, is to keep pace with the development of the company itself is the key, or you have left your reason.

public information, car network on November 2013 officially launched in April 2015, Teng letter shares 60 million yuan A round of financing. July 2015, once again won the letter shares 500 million yuan B round of financing. In Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces began to set up service outlets, by the end of 2015, planned services extended to 30 cities, and its model brands also expanded to forty or fifty mainstream automotive brands.

A and B have 3 co founders and 5 founding team members.

some time ago, the development process of science and technology and the Emily Liu between the story and the later episodes were removed for reversal, venture capital circles you already for having heard it many times. We do not comment on whether the parties are right or wrong. However, the rapid fermentation of this issue has triggered a heated debate, indicating that the option is ambiguous or irrational, which is the current situation of the domestic start-up companies.

According to

system is the main mode of automobile distribution, the main source of cars from manufacturers and 4S stores, car wind through a buyout model >

, here’s an interesting question: what kind of company do you prefer to invest from an investor’s point of view? SF? This is a company that is more willing to give cash to its employees than options. Or are companies like Ali and sh419 highly focused on employee stock ownership and equity incentives?

2014, O2O car market in the capital under the mad pursuit of rapid growth, but in 2015 found the money burned almost, the consumption habits of users but did not develop, capital also lost confidence, then O2O car market is like riding a roller coaster, go straight under the urgent situation. E car wash, car 8, car wash, car wash, Zhifu Hui cloud car wash, car wash, tick Kung Fu Bo Pai car or bankruptcy or takeover adjustment.

According to

Abstract: car wind net staff said that the founder Wang Zuoliang was at the staff meeting revealed that revealed the company and investor Tengxin shares dispute exists, it may be a direct cause of the final collapse of the car network.

A: the share of 3 co founders was 50:25:25, and 5 founding team members did not own shares;

is "dove investor" and lead the company to put up the shutters by a few examples, previously, O2O car industry boss Bo Pai car, also due to burn high subsidies and dark path difficult to continue to leave.

The chain how to do in order to obtain high quality chain

first we see if we do not pay attention to quality and quantity which will harm:

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people have such a perception of the chain in Shanghai, love Wikipedia to do it is the high quality of the chain, and even some people think that an encyclopedia chain could be worth 100 forum link. In fact, the situation is not so, and people do not want to love the Shanghai encyclopedia so important. In fact, he just made a common post in the forum what not much.

I believe that now do character signature forum to enhance the website weight is helpful, but the effect has not been previously so obvious. But if the signature chain share a website all the chain is too large, it will cause adverse effects. Because the chain is not stable, easy to lose, if you lose too much will affect the ranking website, so the chain we need every day to have the effect, once the stop will do the obvious effect.

believes that the chain and the importance of the website ranking Shanghai dragon people, is clearly the importance of the chain, and I will not repeat them, I mainly talk about how to do the site outside the chain of high quality today, when the chain is the injection of heavy amount or quantity. When the chain is the focus on the quality and quantity of the problem I believe that for most of the webmaster friends will say, is certainly the quality of priority. Yes, the chain is the first quality, but we are in the actual operation of the process, is not the case, we often focus on quantity, quality and forget. This is because the number of easy to do, but it is difficult to do. So we in the chain to

spam links has always been our misunderstanding1, the Shanghai Encyclopedia love After the how to do?


know the chain number not only harm the quality, we come to know the high quality of the chain

spam links is very easy to do, as long as the use of Shanghai dragon chain promotion tools can be very easy to do. Although it is easy to do, but this link does not have any value to the site, not only on the website of the weight and ranking of any help, and may even have very bad consequences for the web site. This is because, once it is very difficult to remove the link up, when the garbage chain reaches a certain amount, must cause the attention of search engines, light is drop the weight website station by K.

a lot of people in exchange Links are those who have love to exchange station the link Links, because it can get a lot of the chain, which is the maximum benefit. But it is also risky, because it makes your web site outside of the chain is very simple, the lack of diversity, easy to search engine punishment to drop right.

1, the station link the advantages and disadvantages of

character signature

forum 3, the advantages and disadvantages of

Take the red shirts factory as an example to talk about the four major flexible supply chains in the

for the traditional clothing version of the studio, a dress from design, to constantly revised, and then to produce samples, it takes about 2-3 months.

K when the larger flow changes was sealed, in fact, Ali judge cheating is very simple, the flow rate changes, this is cheating. This provides strong evidence, when I apply for unsealing, Ali mother gave me the answer is:

The following summary,

I admit that cheating does not rule out the owners of an evil member of the herd, but Ali mother really stood on the point of view of what our webmaster to us, click on the so-called abnormal data what is to say, before the income is our legitimate income, Ali mother and what do these money do not freeze, and finally is the mom in the pockets of his.shlf1314 when freezing of all advertising revenue will be returned to the advertiser, unless the sh419 alliance is a serious cheating, general letter after payment of legitimate income. Ali Mama, stationmaster income neither to advertisers, but also not to the main site. The so-called ", this is " freezing; a typical way eat the defendant and the plaintiff.K station after the owners of the income on the return of their own, this is the source of power station K, would rather kill the wrong One thousand, also won’t let go one, as long as you have 1% cheating possible, then 100%k you. Is not random K station, below I will give strong evidence,.

big joke, hang their code 2 months to determine whether it is normal, was closed after the help wanted advertising one point, certainly no one point. What makes you click this can only judge abnormal statistics but also is the flow, or flow through to Ali after all is said and done to determine whether cheating is normal. Ali, you do not have the sh419, shlf1314 technology is not a sham, what rubbish advertising alliance.

in such a large environment, red micro factories choose small and medium-sized red shops and designer brand shops as service objects. There are two main reasons for this:

thank you very much to the Ali Mama advertising! Unfortunately, after a detailed manual verification, your website xiaohua8/ on "click" data of abnormal data, in order to protect the interests of buyers, suspended in your mom "click click billing" ads, advertising revenue will be frozen and before would you please check; on this phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice, provide details within one week of submission. Thanks again for your support to Ali’s mother,

the company’s main models include the following:


found the day before yesterday, Ali mom’s click advertising was stopped, legal revenue was frozen, this is Ali sent mail.


red micro factory rely on their own operation proofing factory, will be designed to print this link efficiency to do 10 days, and then the sample flow, assignment to the cooperation of the OEM factory.

Most of the owners are

, however, with the changes in consumer demand, rapid response, rapid new "fast fashion products rapid access to consumers," small batch, multi category inventory, light "has become many brands to solve pain points.

1, service objects for small and medium net red and designer clothing brand. The orders of these customers are not produced at a single time, but the sample factory is required to respond quickly, print out samples quickly, and quickly respond to the assembly line operations at the factory.

2 these shops have very little production, and factories with design capabilities are reluctant to undertake such small orders, and factories without design capabilities can not accept such lists.


it is understood that most of the traditional clothing brands in advance for months or even six months, the next quarter of clothing samples to determine, and then handed over to the factory for large-scale assembly line operations. Whether it’s a clothing factory or a designer, there’s plenty of time to respond.

red micro factory is a "Red Net" as a service object, providing products from the design, production, clothing, mass production, after-sales service and even behalf of the operation of the company.

I’m very sorry, after a review of existing data anomalies of your website, can not get down, now mom staff will study for two months on your website, if your website data is normal, will receive. Thanks again for your support to Ali’s mother,

1 most of these shops will not maintain a team of designers, especially small and medium sized ones. They will not be able to design their own designs, nor do they understand the design drawings.

for the current fast fashion of typical flexible production methods are: to the small red net, designers design + Crowdsourcing production "red micro factory"; fast fashion brands to meet consumer demand for the evolution of self built flexible supply chain "Zara"; dedicated to the small brands red net, shop production docking third flexible supply chain platform "Sinbad"; and to provide OEM service to occupy 40% of the market share of the traditional clothing wholesalers OEM/ODM.

2, the red shirt factory is equivalent to a design capacity crowdsourcing production service providers. A design system based on their own development, design steps can be used, each step of communication with customers, customers do not need to understand the design, before the cold language, in the form of graphic combined customers can easily understand. This communication down, the 2 versions can basically finalize a sample.

and this hanging two months is just a hint of Ali, he can do free advertising, but also can improve the rankings, when public anger over nobody do it advertising.

Talk about some of the failures I learned during the operation of the S60v3 Download Station


S60v3 download station is currently operating in October last year began, almost a year now, but the flow is pathetically poor, here is a summary of the experience of failure, give yourself the way to tell you as much as possible to avoid these problems that influence the development of the website. In general, this station has experienced too many problems, including domain name replacement, and then exchange, program change, Baidu included normal to only included home page, replace templates, etc..

one, the domain name is replaced and replaced.

in the first half of 08 years, I used the S60v3 domain name to bind on the server for some time, and then canceled it. So began in October after the station, almost a month’s time, Baidu has not included. I have something to worry about reason before and replaced the s60w domain name, the original domain name for 301 points, but the domain name for a few days, Baidu is a collection of the original domain, taking into account the domain name S60v3 is better written and in accordance with the theme of the site content (Symbian S60 third edition NOKIA, referred to as S60v3) so he changed it back to the main domain name, to do s60w 301 points to the original domain name.

two, site program changes.

This station is used before

phpcms2007 procedures, phpcms later released the 2008 program, version 2008 has several functions in particular I love also need special, because there are many small problems, but I also do not understand the program itself. This 5.1 edition see the Empire has many features that I want to find the imperial Forum provides data conversion function, I successfully tested in the local conversion data, under the impulse I put the original phpcms program replaced the Empire ECMS program. The biggest reason to change your website program is to take into consideration that some of the features on your program are important to the development of your website. Before the dream weaving program also made nearly two download stations, not feeling very suitable and dream official forum stick too little, answer a lot of questions there are fewer people. Unlike the Empire tutorial forum more, many users and moderators are more enthusiastic, and WC often personally, have a good friend, plus (Nobel travel network owners) are very familiar to the Empire, can always ask him some questions.

three, site template change.

changed the program, the template more or less, must have made the corresponding changes. And this time, the site just online less than two months, on the one hand, the content of the site is not perfect, on the other hand, the weight of the site in search engines is certainly very low. And my domain name program templates have changed. The result is fourth points.

four, experienced seven months of Baidu, only included home page.

Because the domain name

, procedures and templates in my station from early 09 to July seven months time, Baidu only included the home page, presumably not how many webmaster can experience to do, before and after the change in mentality station during this period. Release several times when you are interested

Promotion of online stores, publishing information learned

more and more people now in the online shop, whether you are using an independent shopping system program with B2C or pat in the mall, such as Taobao, Baidu, the establishment of C2C network auction platform on network shop needs a good means of promotion, can increase the browsing rate of shops. The store’s browsing rate is similar to the daily flow of traditional stores. Is not afraid of deep alley, that is the past, don’t wait to know this, now the rabbit also learn tree than three, will not take the initiative to Huangbuzelu that a tree hit you guarding. The physical store’s flow is not big, the network shop’s browsing quantity is not big, this is decided by your transaction order transformation.

releases information, promotes its own shop, has pays, the commercial promotion and the free promotion two ways. Paid advertising is not discussed in this article and is not discussed. How can we promote our store free of charge on the Internet? We also need to learn the modern rabbit, and don’t cling to a tree. There should be a variety of channels, various ways to promote their own shops, such as forums, business information sites, and other ways, etc.. If you want to go fishing, of course you have to spread bait. Others also sprinkle bait can harvest, and you don’t seem to have less than others and bait, why harvest is always less than the others? How to effectively release information, should pay attention to the way, which is the focus of this paper.

often sees some useless information releases on forums or on some information websites, such as "welcome to my store" and then "URL". Even URLs don’t have hyperlinks. I really don’t know the release of information is how people think? Think these information has spreading function? If issued a valid information, first released information, you must have a preceding, the aforesaid is to sell their own products to do a simple description, in order to let visitors in understand, followed by a detailed description of the information content is a shop selling what, why would you need this product, I provide what kind of services, how to conveniently contact me. For example, one example of selling online baby products in Qingdao is

Information Title: 08 new koala bear, warm baby warm sticker, super low price + Gift

note: the title to see people understand that this is a warm baby selling information, and there are gifts both hands Oh, really very attractive, I see

information aforementioned:

cold winter, do you want your lover to be beautiful in winter without


you want to let the children go to school in the winter cold is no longer the dripping water freezes?

in Snow gleams white. season, parents are afraid of cold, warmth table you want to love


love yourself in winter, please use warm baby!!


in winter, send lovers, send warmth, expression meaning, table concern, please send warm baby!!!


in winter, send parents, send the elderly, table love, please send warm Bao

How do you sell your website from 20 to 5000

each site must have their own value, even the garbage station, how there is some value, believe that the webmaster have experience, a website if you want to sell a higher price, which is related to many factors with the. I stand on the line less than a month, want to purchase the number has exceeded two hundred, for a simple station, the result is very good, and I am an amateur developed, ready to enter the market to Amoy, did not expect to do their own guest website program so popular. Written before the " reproduced thousands of times; how to build soft? " this article is also very popular, but his potential was so big, ha ha, don’t keep me in suspense. Let’s talk about my station, the purchase price from 20 to 5000, the price range. And this station program discussed in dark Empire be in full swing in the group, are talking about what is the development of the program, I did not think it is a manual development. Here’s how I promoted the value of the website itself. I’d like to list some ways for you to discuss it.

, a simple and easy to remember domain name, I use the domain name you can understand it, very simple, easy to remember, not much associated with the content of the website, no way, can not find the domain name for this comparison, only after all, this is very easy to remember.

two, choose fast and stable space, personal Adsense not much money, can only use some virtual space. Dozens or even hundreds of sites are shared on a single server. Before I was the same, but found an independent IP host, I immediately changed, and here does not say that the space service providers, and we go to my website to understand it.

three, the website frame structure is clear, can bring the hobby to the reader. I’m sure you all take my stand, and that’s why. Here’s his comment:

looked at the page, simple and elegant, the website structure conforms to the SEO model, related to the exchange of a chain are relatively high, the title of the site is a long tail word long, contains a number of keywords, this point is doing well. But the original article does not seem to be much, and you sell weight loss products at the same time, also sell breast enhancement, acne and some products, I think the product should be market segmentation, focus on doing a project, often better.

thanked him for his comments on my website and thanked him for better advice. Everyone can communicate so that they can grow and learn together.

four, the website is rich in content, try to be original. Because content originality, in the website is made and the website is optimized, the function that is having is more and more important. A way for users to discover the value of a website, and what you really like is content. It’s valuable content.

five, the chain. As we all know, good promotion, we should pay attention to content and the chain. Effective and stable outside the chain for the site ranking is very helpful. Through the original article, I a month when the chain number reached more than 4000, should be pretty good. < >

Xia Keli quit dad back netizens questioned the hype

in the summer, there is a show can be said to be very popular, where is the Hunan TV broadcast in the third quarter of the father, of which there are many adorable adorable baby and Dad, and each set is also received a lot of attention of netizens.

recently, called "Mango Mama" friends in micro-blog broke the news, Xia Keli due back surgery out of "Daddy where" the third season, replaced by Baoqiang Wang and his daughter. Then Dad where to go, the director of the general director Xie Yan and commented: "who said." Suspected deny the father and daughter quit. After mango mother responded: the four major portals have said the headlines." Finally, Xie dikui to sentence "inaccurate" to respond to.

In fact, as early as

energy-saving interrupt recording is not because of Xuan Xuan

As for the users of the

to replace Baoqiang Wang said, brokers said on micro-blog "today, Dad where to go from the beginning of the first quarter and we are closely linked, for three years, we decided to join this big family, we intend to participate in the program throughout the season, but due to fractures and other reasons for the delay to join, we can only participate in the final half of the season this is where Dad, since its launch has never been, thank you very much for the trust and love of our program group Bao Qiang and Nana. Miss Xia Keli was injured and we are very sad, after two times of recording, we get along well with each other, and there is no alternative who said, if to replace others, we will not agree. Finally, I hope that Xia Keli will recover soon! "

In fact,

now the whole network is an open form, at the same time, people’s speech is very free, in such a network environment, many netizens still should be recommended

How to choose tea brand

milk tea is now more popular to join the project, because everyone loves to drink milk tea. Now the market is very much tea shop brand, which for those who want to open a tea shop friends are very difficult, they do not know how to choose the brand. So, Xiao Bian made some introduction.

how to choose milk tea to join? The first is the brand strength, choose a brand, you must first understand how the brand influence in the market, if consumers are not heard, first in the brand is greatly reduced, so many entrepreneurs do not like this brand. A brand in the consumer’s influence, we have heard, will certainly be more willing to buy, the brand has great commercial value.

how to choose milk tea to join? The second is the strength of the company, the company strength is greater, the franchisee is certainly more favorable, like raw material procurement channels, transportation, brand promotion, all aspects of operation management and so on, have greater advantages, choose the brand would be sure to check the strength of the company behind the brand.

how to choose milk tea to join? Third is the brand to join the policy, to open the store, then pay the franchise fee, it is necessary to get benefits. Since it is a cooperative relationship, the company received initial fee, must give support in all aspects, so that franchisees enjoy the company of tea resources, debugging techniques, new product development, advertising and so on should allow the franchisee to share. Therefore, the choice of a brand, we must first know that they are in the technical training, raw material prices and quality, new product development and promotion, follow-up services and other policy aspects, many aspects of comparison is good.

how to choose milk tea to join? The fourth is to join the cost, which is a lot of entrepreneurs concern, each brand franchise fees are not the same, there is a one-time, according to some time, like the current general can point to join the brand costs in the tens of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of good points, even hundreds of thousands have, so you’ll have to the actual situation and needs to choose their own.

The above is about

some tea stores how to choose the brand, choose a brand tea shop to join it, must be careful not to blindly follow the market test area must be carefully wiped to understand before joining, do more, after many inquiries analysis, and make a decision.

Look out! Do not fall into the trap of the 5 network buy!

now buy online is not something new, with the opening of China’s huge network sales market, a lot of online consumer infringement incidents were exposed. Although, in the group has brought convenience, fast, but at the same time will often encounter a trap to pay, physical and promotional pictures, etc.. The whole network of small finishing 5 kinds of group purchase trap, I hope you can help bring.


package was not spending money for personal website.


the actual amount of consumption and "group purchase" price discrepancies.


"barrier free refund" was unable to cash deposit.


"free treatment such as dressing is no longer" free "".

Around the school open jewelry chain – how to make money

schools around the shopping district, but ultimately jewelry store. This kind of shop is very popular with female consumers, especially young women who love fashion. Jewelry chain opened in the school, how to find a suitable method of operation? Many franchisees are interested in this issue, if you want to learn more, learn quickly.

followed by the atmosphere. How to open a jewelry store around the school how to open a shop to provide a good shopping atmosphere is not just a big shopping mall, the store also need to focus on creating shopping atmosphere. The so-called atmosphere does not have to be too high, there is music on the line.

then varieties. Students as the main customer base, jewelry store goods must be their appetite". Students can often seek advice. A lot of jewelry are short-term, young people’s aesthetic habits are difficult to ponder, it may be popular for a week, can not grasp the fleeting.


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