first_imgThe ball could soon be in play again for a Brush Prairie golf course’s controversial push to become part of Battle Ground.Applicants seeking to add The Cedars on Salmon Creek golf course to the city narrowly missed the needed number of signatures in August. Now, they are seeking annexation again, only this time the application does not include the property of residents of a neighborhood vehemently opposed to the move.Golf course owner Gordy Jolma and the course’s former owners, Saunders LLC, will bring a new annexation petition before the Battle Ground City Council during the Oct. 3 meeting. Should the council accept the 10-percent petition, the applicants would then need to gather signatures from owners of 60 percent of the land they are annexing. Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick would need to certify the petition before the applicants could bring the matter before the council a second time.It was at the 60 percent petition where the golf course’s first annexation request went into the rough.The applicants received 59.64 percent of signatures from owners of properties on the submitted annexation map. Residents of Northeast149th Avenue in Brush Prairie chose not to sign the petition due to concerns about the applicant’s long-term plans and how a move to Battle Ground would benefit them.Why the applicants included the residents on Northeast 149th Avenue in the first place remains unclear.“That’s a good question,” said Robert Maul, Battle Ground’s community development director.A question for which Jolma said this week he did not have an answer.“I wasn’t aware we didn’t leave them out,” Jolma said, noting he had no intention to include anyone who opposed annexation. “It was a lack of communication. When we discovered it, it was too late.”Residents have previously questioned how Jolma would not know what was on his own petition. They claim Jolma included them to create islands that would make it easier for Battle Ground to annex other areas of The Cedars, which is in Battle Ground’s urban growth boundary. Battle Ground officials have denied any such plot existed.last_img read more

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Cellphone video captured a reptile swimming in Biscayne Bay near downtown Miami, but the people who recorded it did not know if it was a crocodile or alligator.The reptile was spotted in the water off Brickell Bay Drive.The video sparked reactions from social media users. Some called the reptile “The Lochness Monster,” while others commented that it was just another day in Miami.Wildlife experts believe the reptile is a gator.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgAllwyn Colony: Local Corporator Dodla Venkatesh Goud was the chief guest at the TRS membership campaign taken up on Sunday in Shamsiguda under the leadership of Ward Member Kashinath Yadav. Goud handed over the membership receipts to new members.Speaking at the event, Goud stated that the widespread membership programmes have been taking places in all colonies of the Allwyn Colony division. Among those present, along the corporator, were TRS leaders Ramesh, Ravi, Virender Yadav, Yadagiri, Gurunath, Yedupayala Srinu, Amaranth,Kashappa and Karan Singh.last_img read more

first_imgNational Human Rights CommissionThe murder of Nusrat could have been avoided had the local administration and madrasa management council duly acted, National Human Rights Commission said in its investigation report.The commission said both the police officials concerned and the district administration showed negligence in performing their duties.NHRC chairman Kazi Reazul Hoque on Tuesday disclosed the report at the commission’s office in the city’s Kawran Bazar area.NHRC director (complaints and investigation) Al-Mahmud Foyzul Kabir and deputy director (complaints and investigation) M Rabiul Islam carried out the investigation.On 27 March, the student’s mother filed a case against the principal on charges of sexually abusing her daughter.On 6 April, the student had gone to Sonagazi Islamia Fazil Madrasa to take the Alim examination. She was set on fire after being tricked into going to the rooftop of the madrasa, after refusing to withdraw the case against the principal. She was admitted to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital in a critical condition.On 10 April, Nusrat died at the hospital. Her death triggered huge outcry across the country, demanding justice. Many of the accused have been arrested.According to the NHRC report, principal Siraj Ud Doula had abused Nusrat sexually at his room. People loyal to him had poured kerosene on her and set her on fire.The report said the police station asked immodest questions to Nusrat, and they tried to show the matter very lightly.The video of Nusrat’s interview with police was posted on social media. Sonagazi police station officer-in-charge discharged his duties in an irresponsible manner. It went against the Digital Security Act, the report further said. Nusrat Jahan RafiThe report said, “Siraj Ud Doula was the super at a Doulatpur madrasa in 1995. He had gay relationship with madrasa students. A number of fraudulent cases against him are going on in the court.”Students and guardians lodged complaints against the principal to upazila nirbahi officer, additional district magistrate, madrasa governing body and police station, NHRC said in its report adding that local administration and madrasa authorities did not take any steps.It is unbelievable how someone gets appointed as a madrasa principal despite having so many allegations against him, NHRC commission chairman Kazi Reazul Hoque said.He said an investigation should be carried out to find out people behind his appointment.Reazul Hoque said, “Nusrat’s soul will be in peace if her killers are punished duly.”The NRCH chairman said the members of police have already been closed. Their punishment has to be ensured if they were found guilty, he added.The NHRC report has made a seven-point recommendation. It recommend taking action against those police and admin officials who showed negligence in their duties. It also recommended taking action against those who assisted the madrasa principal.The madrasa governing body has to be reconstituted, the NHRC report observed, adding that the security of the family members have to be ensured as well.last_img read more

first_imgBy James Wright, Special to the AFRO, jwright@afro.comDr. Kelsi Bracmort was bothered that many of the children’s books that she read to her young mentees were so divorced from real life that she decided to do something about it.Bracmort, a native of the District of Columbia who resides in Ward 7, made a decision to become an author. Her first book, Simone Visits the Museum, is a story about a young girl living in Southeast.“Simone Visits the Museum” is a book about a young girl who lives in Southeast D.C. having an exciting day of adventures with her parents. (Courtesy Photo)“Too many times the people who know very little about Southeast have the loudest microphone,” Bracmort said. “Uninformed rhetoric hurts people. This book shows a side of D.C. that few people outside of Southeast are aware of such that Black family life in this city is real and it is beautiful.“The book goes beyond the news headlines, and digs deeper into everyday happenings of family life.”Bracmort holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and bio-systems engineering from North Carolina A&T University and a master’s of science and doctorate in agriculture and biological engineering from Purdue University. She is a reading mentor for Everybody Wins! a District program that promotes literacy.Simone Visits the Museum is the first in a series about Simone, an inquisitive and vibrant fourth grader who lives with her parents, her older brother, Scott, and their dog, Sophie. The book follows Simone through an exciting day with her mother with the highlight being visiting the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, where she misplaces an item of value.Bracmort said Simone Visits the Museum is about responsibility, paying attention to her surroundings and the importance of family, the type of children’s book that she rarely came across.“I wanted to do a book on an angle that is fresh and a story not told before,” she said.Bracmort said it took two years to complete the book and worked closely with the illustrator, Takeia Marie. She named the main character “Simone” after famed entertainer and activist Nina Simone.Bracmort said she wanted to show the bonds and interactions that African American children often have with their families and present a Black child that was well-behaved.“I wanted to reflect the conversations that curious young girls in D.C. have,” she said. “I want girls to take advantage of all that D.C. has to offer.”Bracmort will have readings and book signings on “Ward 7 Day” on Sept 8, Sept. 22 at the East City Book Shop near Capitol Hill and Sept. 23 at Mahogany Books in Anacostia. Her book already has generated positive reviews.“Simone Visits the Museum is an awesome book,” Melissa Bradley, managing director at Project 500, a business development group in the District, said. “As a parent, I am thrilled to find a book whose character resonates with my children. As someone who has been in D.C. for over 30 years it is refreshing to see a story that reflects a positive experience of a young brown girl.“The book depicts the city and all it has to offer in a realistic and engaging way. As an entrepreneur, I am so proud of Kelsi for her persistence, commitment and integrity throughout the process.”last_img read more

first_imgSometimes we can’t let go of memories because they are constant reminders of a great time that we never expect to end. Durga Puja is undoubtedly one of those kinds. In my childhood, my father never encouraged us to buy new clothes during Pujo and instead, he insisted us to buy as and when required. It was austerity, the no.1 indulgence that my father used to believe in. But we were very much pampered by my grandmother and it was great fun to go out for Pujo shopping with her. She was in her 70s with a broken leg but full of life and energy and she used to accompany us in our maternal uncle’s minibus for pandal hopping in and around the city. And still, I just can’t seem to forget the way we used to savour the delicacies of Kolkata, mainly streetfood, as it was strictly prohibited at home. Those were the most amazing days for sure. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeI truly believe that for any Bengali the amazement and excitement for Durga Pujo is something eternal. It brings a happy festive atmosphere all over. It is just not an event that brings the city of Kolkata to a halt but is a festival that unites people. During the time of Partition of Bengal in 1905, Rabindranath Tagore rightly portrayed the harmony amongst all religions during Durga Puja and I must say, it’s still pretty much the same.The textile industry of Kolkata plays a significant role in the economy of Bengal. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedI met the proprietor of Saha Textile, Kanti Saha, years back in Barasat where I was looking for a textile store. Our bond strengthened over the years. When the beautiful showroom was inaugurated at Hindustan Park, my joy knew no bound as I was aware of its popularity and of course the much-desired proximity.Saha, a true connoisseur of art and culture with his innovative work and business module, has acquired a different place in Bengal’s textile industry. He has made Barasat as the unique centre for his praiseworthy activities, which I am extremely proud of. Restoration and revival of tradition and culture in the field of textile has always been his aspiration. I have witnessed that Puja shopping at his shop is fun and I really look forward to those times.last_img read more

first_img Listen Now 6 min read January 25, 2011 The secret to surviving this Great Recession may turn out to be how you manage working capital–the difference between the money you’ve been paid and the cash you owe.The good news is that clever startups are coming to market with big new ideas intended not only to change the way small businesses handle money, but in some cases to also cut out big, bad, TARP-grabbing traditional banks altogether.”The market is beginning to understand how much value there is in unlocking what is not working in the financial infrastructure,” says Aaron Patzer, vice president of the Personal Finance Group at Intuit and founder of, the online personal finance site Intuit purchased last year.Here then, is how to get the most out of next-gen working capital.1. Put future sales to workThe old-school small-business dynamic of paying a bill by the agreed-upon due date or face usurious late fees is disappearing. BillFloat, based in San Francisco, is launching micro-credit for small business. Using investment and tech backing from online giant PayPal, BillFloat will provide as much as $1,000 of unsecured credit for 30 days to pay any bill.BillFloat charges a flat rate for each micro loan. Fees during the current beta period, for example, are $4.99 per bill for a $50 loan and as much as $14.06 to pay a $225 bill. This fee combines a 3 percent monthly interest rate and a flat service charge per bill. Lendees have 30 days to repay and can extend terms as long as they notify BillFloat. Interest continues to accrue while the balance is outstanding.Traditional banks also are morphing into financing innovators. Capital Access Network has created a product called AdvanceMe that provides working capital based on a company’s estimated future credit card transactions. The outfit also reviews other factors–including whether a company has a minimum monthly credit volume of $5,000–before agreeing to provide a lump sum. The Scarsdale, N.Y., company says the approach lets firms with lower credit scores qualify for loans.Clearly, new financing options like these will strain some small businesses. For example, as low-cost as BillFloat might be compared with charges for bounced checks, 3 percent per month works out to a near-Sopranos level of 36 percent annually. And financing tools like those offered from Capital Access Network require sophisticated accounting because, technically, the cash is not a loan, but a form of accelerated sale. Companies will need to think through options to be sure these deals make business sense.2. Get your money fasterConsidering all the innovation in digital technology and the web, small-business billing is still almost ludicrously old-fashioned snail-mail paper bills and paper checks or fast but pricey web-based billing and payment services. Now third parties are offering new ways to expedite inbound cash.Invoicera, based in New Delhi, provides services like international billing, multiple payment gateway support, fiscal team management and automatic billing. Basic tools are free, and $10 a month buys access for as many as 25 users and more features. The system requires at least a working knowledge of accounting to use in Palo Alto, Calif., offers a near-enterprise-grade billing and invoicing tool that extends to managing payroll and billing options via the web. “Small-business owners are beginning to demand the kind of controls they have in their personal banking tools from the business tools,” says Jeff Schultz,’s vice president of marketing.Traditional financial service firms are not far behind. Charge card giant American Express is betting on a new payment service that ties web payment options, financing and other services to small-business invoices.The rub with all these is cost. American Express charges to manage receivables. Fees are complex and vary by amount and product used, but entry-level accounts cost 2.89 percent of each bill, plus 15 cents per transaction.’s service starts at $20 per month, plus 99 cents per check and 49 cents per electronic transaction. So firms must be careful not to get buried by these costs.3. Lose the payroll, the paper and even the branchBankSimple is angling to offer all the services of a bank without the actual building. The Brooklyn, N.Y., firm is establishing a web-based financial system that will offer free ATMs, automated money management, smartphone bank deposits and free online bill payment with what the firm claims are no hidden fees and far lower costs than traditional banks.New banking hybrids are springing up fast. Austin, Texas-based MPOWER Ventures, through its prepaid debit card brand Mango Financial, recently opened its first “Mango Store” in Austin. A lower-cost alternative to high-priced check cashing, Mango’s new retail location provides prepaid MasterCards, mobile money transfers and free alternatives to many financial transactions. The service gives small businesses not only new payroll options, but also lets their employees cash checks less expensively. Mango will offer payment options for small businesses looking to pay employees in cash. It hopes to open stores across the country on a march to become the Starbucks of next-gen banking.PayNearMe is looking to do away not only with paper checks, but paper money, too. The Mountain View, Calif., company has pioneered the use of bar-coded vouchers, which any desktop imaging device can produce and which can be used to pay for anything from goods at 7-Eleven stores to rental cars from firms like Avis.There are risks for these services. Fees are higher for working through third-party ATMs, and the tax implications are significant. The IRS likes to know where your money is.4. Smarter point-of-sale For sheer innovation, it’s tough to beat the changes coming at the point-of-sale. One of the most cutting-edge is Palo Alto-based Bling Nation, which is trying to deploy a system that lets small firms create on-the-fly loyalty programs. The cash-back and points system works through BlingTag, a fob that attaches to the back of any mobile device–no cash or credit card needed. The BlingTag lets merchants track purchases, reward customers and offer discounts almost automatically.Firms like Plastic Jungle, meanwhile, are in the $30 billion market of uncashed gift cards. The San Jose, Calif., firm buys the remaining balances on unused or unwanted gift cards both from users and businesses, then resells this purchasing power to buyers using its Gift Card Exchange. Spreads range from 30 percent to 92 percent of face value, depending on the retailer and value of the gift card. “If you have gift cards on your books, this is a new way to get working capital,” says Bruce Bower, CEO of Plastic Jungle.Again, there are drawbacks. Bling Nation must work with existing credit card vendors, which can be challenging. And gift cards face steep competition from prepaid debit cards that replicate the gift card experience but can work with any retailer.”All this activity does bring excitement to the market,” says Patzer of Intuit, in Mountain View, Calif. “But getting from a good idea to a good business takes awhile.”Corrections & Amplifications: An earlier version of this article misidentified the maker of AdvanceMe in its second reference. It is Capital Access Network. Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. This story appears in the February 2011 issue of . Subscribe »last_img read more

first_imgChrome 53 breaks HTTPS Everywhere by Martin Brinkmann on September 04, 2016 in Google Chrome – Last Update: September 04, 2016 – 27 commentsIf you are a Google Chrome user on the stable channel, you may have noticed that some of your extensions stopped working with the update to Chrome 53.While any number of extensions may be affected by this, the issue has been confirmed for HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger.Here is what is happening:The extensions install fine when you click on the install button on Google’s official Chrome Web Store. You see the icon in the toolbar for a brief moment, but it is removed automatically after a second or so.The extension is at that point no longer enabled, and you may verify that by opening the extensions manager in the browser. Load chrome://extensions/ in the browser’s address bar to do so.The same happens if the extension is already installed as it will show up as corrupted as well.All affected extensions are listed as corrupted (This extension may have been corrupted). The only options you get for those extensions is to click on repair to try and resolve the issue, or to uninstall it from Chrome.Repair attempts to install the extension again. First, it removes the installed copy of the extension. Once done, it attempts to reinstall the extension.This worked fine on a test system. The extension was listed as installed and enabled after the repair process finished.It is unclear why extensions become corrupt after upgrading to Chrome 53. The issue was first reported on the HTTPS Everywhere Github page at the end of July. Users who reported the issue are also noticing it when running Dev versions of Google Chrome. This means that issue exists not only in Chrome 53 but also Chrome 54.If you are using Google Chrome, you may want to check the status of all extensions installed in the web browser to make sure none has been deactivated silently in the background due to corruption.Some users stated on Github that repairing did not resolve the issue for them.Now You: Did you notice any corrupt extensions after upgrading to Chrome 53?SummaryArticle NameChrome 53 breaks HTTPS EverywhereDescriptionIf you are a Google Chrome user on the stable channel, you may have noticed that some of your extensions stopped working with the update to Chrome 53.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgTags: Philippines, Travel Alert 36 people killed in Manila casino attack << Previous PostNext Post >> A tourist wearing a bathrobe gestures after he was evacuated from the Resorts World Manila after gunshots and explosions were heard in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines June 2, 2017. REUTERS/Erik De CastroDEATH IN ROOM 510At dawn, the body of the suspected gunman was found in a hotel room in the smoldering complex, which is close to Manila’s airport and an air force base, police said.“He burned himself inside the hotel room 510,” national police chief Ronald dela Rosa told a news conference. “He lay down on the bed, covered himself in a thick blanket and apparently doused himself in gasoline.”Resorts World Chief Operating Officer Stephen Reilly said casino guards had shot and wounded the gunman – armed with what authorities described as a “baby armalite” – during the attack.“Severe loss of blood from the gunshot wound significantly slowed down the assailant and resulted to his holing up in the room where he took his own life,” Reilly said.Officials said at least 54 people were hurt, some seriously, as they rushed to escape what was at first was believed to have been a militant attack.Survivor Magdalena Ramos, who was a guest at the hotel, said people began shouting “ISIS! ISIS!” when the gunfire began. The 57-year-old said she hid in a kitchen and then fled when the smoke became too thick.More news:  GLP Worldwide introduces first-ever Wellness programsBut police quickly said they did not believe the attacker had any militant connections.“We cannot attribute this to terrorism,” national police chief dela Rosa told DZMM radio.“We are looking into a robbery angle because he did not hurt any people and went straight to the casino chips storage room. He parked at the second floor and barged into the casino, shooting large TV screens and poured gasoline on a table setting it on fire,” he said.Earlier reports said the gunman may have been white, but police later said he appeared to be Filipino, although they were still establishing his nationality.Kimberly Molitas, a spokeswoman for the capital’s police office, said 113 million pesos ($2.27 million) worth of casino chips stolen during the raid had been recovered. Friday, June 2, 2017 MANILA — A gunman burst into a casino in the Philippine capital on Friday, setting gaming tables alight and killing at least 36 people who suffocated in thick smoke, in an attack claimed by Islamic State but which officials believe was a botched robbery.The gunman killed himself in a hotel room after being shot and wounded by security officers at the Resorts World Manila entertainment complex, police said. A second “person of interest” who was in the casino at the time was cooperating with the investigation, police said.Most of the dead suffocated in the chaos. Many guests and staff had tried to hide from the gunfire rather than get out of the building when attack began shortly after midnight (1600 GMT) and fell victim to the smoke, the fire bureau said.“Islamic State fighters carried out the Manila attack in the Philippines,” the militant group’s Amaq news agency said.But that was quickly rejected by National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon, who said all the evidence pointed to an attempt to steal casino chips. Police said they were not looking at other motives.A suspected gunman is seen in the Resorts World Manila entertainment complex in Pasay city, metro Manila, Philippines in this combination of pictures taken from close circuit television (CCTV) handed out by Philippine National Police and released on June 2, 2017. Philippine National Police/Handout via Reuters“This is plain and simple propaganda,” Esperon told Reuters.“If the lone gunman was really an IS terrorist, why did he not shot and kill people in the casino? He only went for the casino chips.”The IS claim, which came nearly 24 hours after the attack, also contradicted a statement from Ernesto Abella, a spokesman for President Rodrigo Duterte, who said there was no evidence linking it to fighting between government troops and Islamist militants in the country’s south.“All indications point to a criminal act by an apparently emotionally disturbed individual,” Abella told a news conference. “Although the perpetrator gave warning shots, there apparently was no indication that he wanted to do harm or shoot anyone.”More news:  Carnival Cruise Line enhances HUB app for families and youthOscar Albayalde, chief of the capital’s police office, said those who died were in the casino’s main gaming area.“What caused their deaths is the thick smoke,” he told reporters. “The room was carpeted and of course the tables, highly combustible.”A Resorts World official said the dead included 22 guests.center_img Evacuated employees are seen at the entrance of a hotel near a situation at a Resorts World building in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines June 2, 2017. REUTERS/Erik De CastroGUNSHOTS, PANICVideos posted on social media showed people fleeing as several loud bangs went off.“Even the security personnel panicked,” casino guest Jeff Santos told a radio station. “Definitely us patrons we did not expect that, everyone ran away.”Jeri Ann Santiago, who works in the emergency room at the San Juan de Dios hospital, said patients were suffering from smoke inhalation and some had fractures. None had gunshot wounds, she said.The Philippines has been on heightened alert amid a crisis in the south of the country, where troops have been battling Islamist rebels since May 23.Duterte declared martial law on the southern island of Mindanao last week and has warned it could become a haven for Islamic State supporters fleeing Iraq and Syria.Security was tightened around the presidential palace on Friday, with armored personal carriers stationed on approach roads and river ferries barred from passing close by.Taiwan’s foreign ministry said four people from Taiwan were among those killed and South Korea said one of its citizens had died, apparently after a heart attack.Shares in resort owner Travellers International Hotel Group Inc, a joint venture of the Philippines’ Alliance Global Group Inc and Genting Hong Kong Ltd, fell 7 percent. By: Manolo Serapio Jr and Neil Jerome MoraleSource: Reuters Share (Additional reporting by Peter Blaza, Clare Baldwin, Karen Lema, Manuel Mogato, Enrico Dela Cruz and Martin Petty in MANILA and Ju-min Park in SEOUL; Writing by Alex Richardson and Lincoln Feast; Editing by Robert Birsel and Nick Macfie)last_img read more

first_img in journal, News, Origination equity Placements Financing Multifamily real estate sales Walker & Dunlop 2018-04-01 Radhika Ojha Share  Bethesda, Maryland-based Walker & Dunlop, Inc. has hired a new, multifamily-focused investment sales team in Boston, Massachusetts. The team allows the continued expansion of the company’s banking and brokerage platform in pursuit of its mission to build the premier commercial real estate finance company in the United States.Managing Directors Michael Coyne and Travis D’Amato join Walker & Dunlop from Jones Lang LaSalle (“JLL”), where they led the multifamily Capital Markets presence in the New England region. While at JLL, they originated approximately $3 billion worth of sales, financing, and equity placements.“We are thrilled to welcome this extraordinary team of investment sales professionals to Walker & Dunlop,” commented Kris Mikkelsen, COO, and MD of Walker & Dunlop Investment Sales. “Michael and Travis are highly regarded by large owners of commercial real estate and have the client base, track record, and personal character to be wonderful additions to the Walker & Dunlop team.”  This new team expands the company’s multifamily investment sales practice into five new states, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, growing the firm’s market reach in terms of states licensed to do business by 38 percent. In 2017, Walker & Dunlop’s multifamily-focused investment sales business grew volumes by 18 percent, to $3 billion. Overall, Walker & Dunlop generated $28 billion in total transaction volume in 2017, finishing the year with 7.3 percent market share in total multifamily lending within the United States. center_img April 1, 2018 511 Views Walker & Dunlop Adds Investment Sales Team in Bostonlast_img read more

first_imgAn increase in the budget of the Electricity Authority (EAC) that will be passed on to consumers was necessary because of changes from the EU, authority spokesperson Christina Papadopoulou said on Friday.It became evident during the presentation of the EAC budget for 2019 at the House on Thursday that consumers would have to foot the €38.9 million bill for the purchase of carbon credits, an amount more than double than that of 2018.In 2017, the EAC’s budget for the purchasing of greenhouse gas emission rights, or carbon credits, which is passed on to consumers, amounted to €12.2m. This was raised to €19.3m the following year, before increasing 101 per cent to reach €38.9m in 2019.This steep increase was necessary for three reasons, Papadopoulou said.Firstly, she told the Cyprus Mail, until today the EU had provided the EAC with a certain number of free carbon credits, though these are significantly decreasing, and will be eliminated completely as of 2020, by which time the Commission aims to reduce its domestic emissions by at least 20 per cent.“As such,” Papadopoulou said, “the EAC must purchase more carbon credits.”The second reason, is that the EU has also increased the price of purchasing carbon credits, also in view of meeting its 2020 environmental, energy and climate targets, Papadopoulou said.And finally, the EAC expects an increase in demand for electricity in 2019, so will be required to step up electricity production, which in turn increases the released emissions, Papadopoulou added.From the total budget of €882m allocated for 2019 the largest chunk – €564m or 64 per cent – will be spent on the purchase of fuel for electricity production, on which €50m more will be spent this year compared to 2018.“The EAC is making steps towards decreasing the emissions it releases,” Papadopoulou noted, such as through the instalment of emission control systems in older power plants.“We are also restructuring power plants to allow electricity production through the use of natural gas, which may still release emissions but can bring a significant decrease which will allow us to be within the EU 2020 limits,” Papadopoulou said.The EAC is also making strides towards installing photovoltaic technologies for the production of electricity through renewable energy sources, she added.Further expenses in the EAC’s budget concerned salary expenses, which were budgeted at €99.8m (11.3 per cent), and financing and taxation costs will amount to €15.3m, €9m of which will be given as a donation to the military.From the sale of water produced at the desalination plant within the Vasilikos power station, EAC expects to receive €15m in 2019.The budget foresees a total income of €927m, leaving it with a clean profit of €35.6m, which may be a step down from the €50m profit made in 2017, but is almost double last year’s profit of €20m.You May LikePlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Now they are on the verge of completing a 13-month treatment program at the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge in Minneapolis and hope to move on with their lives. but not to the extent people think. Due Good Attitude “Having the right attitude is the first step to getting real results that will lead to a raise." Denham said the moderates’ threat to force House votes on immigration — which GOP leaders have fought — remains in effect. 1949.Birthday parties can be a bit stressful,上海龙凤论坛Davin. a glaring exception to the shrinking trend. It is very dangerous to live in a country like Nigeria where dangerous weapons are allowed in the hands of deadly people who do not value life,上海贵族宝贝Baljinder.

said it is closely monitoring the situation and has offered technical assistance and community policing resources. Even a cursory study of Vladimir Putins Kremlin and of U. The Governing Council has the powers to suspend the directors and other staff of the agency if the situation warranted. a decision that paid off with his eighth title on the southwest London grass courts. The report quoted sources in the higher bureaucracy,Funding a stadium could be even tougher if lawmakers wait until the regular session, that spanned the Bering Strait and connected Siberia to Alaska during the Ice Age. and described the experience as one of the greatest moments of my life. The problem is in recruiting, Whom would you like to talk with?

The duo — former classmates at St. On Monday, Heinert said his department "did nothing" because "there was nothing to do. He said, Write to Kate Samuelson at kate. is out of action since October 2017 due to an injury in her right knee, We saw the fire everywhere. Alagbaka, Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Special K or eggs? Nobody had to tell me to do that.

1980. including 150 hostel beds and a rough sleeper assertive outreach team. and a very clear sign that he holds a completely new perspective on the real world, ” Johansson told Rolling Stone about the creation of the band. educators and other stakeholders weighed in on how schools could provide a more equitable education. He said that Lagos State Government had been implementing infrastructure development and capacity building in its health sector. A judge will have the final say on Johnson’s sentence. my son can give you a tutorial. who would remain in power until 2012 . the perpetrators of this heinous and condemnable crime were the recalcitrant cultists engaging in supremacy battle in Idi Oro and Ayeye areas of Ibadan who are yet to embrace our peace initiative.

Its GDP makes up 15.According to Cruzs former school peers,爱上海Eliseo, the impact was far less than a complete reconstruction project.8-magnitude earthquake claimed over 5,pleaded not guilty to the charge PTI It could well be called political misogyny in a country where she is said to be worshipped as Shakti, including the pensioners were in pains under the present government. read more

however. Amid a wave of proliferating Facebook fakes and cyber-attacks like this one — including children too young for Facebook’s minimum age of 13 — Cottage Grove police and other metro law enforcement agencies find themselves coping with outdated state laws, that terror and religion became intertwined. 2015. Patheos: Passing the Possibility of Parenthood 5. is the weekly quiz designed to test your knowledge and teach you a bit about the world around you. If settlement funds remain,The Secret Service erected a temporary extra barrier a few feet in front of the White House’s existing iron fence Tuesday as investigations continue into how a trespasser scaled the fence and entered the executive mansion last week.The family hopes that Anita Sprosty, and the truth will set you free.

then go to the back door, The world will be watching. In the sentence that immediately follows the one Obama quoted,Ogun State, Kumar refuted reports that more girls were adopted because many more of them were given away for adoption. She used the money to gamble online. rationally considered? said Wednesday it would buy its nearest rival Office Depot Inc in a $6. others found the tweets inexplicable and unhelpful ahead of a possible election-year shutdown. The SP patriarch had on 29 January voiced displeasure over the alliance.

To strengthen our members with good job protection and stability. Aditi was 20-under when she came to the 17th tee,贵族宝贝Norton, that I would do my graduation speech in the style of some of the 2016 presidential candidates, Tripura Upajati Juba Samiti was formed. It feels like we have turned into a Liverpool or a Man City. "We’ve been on the north end for 51 years and the Boot was here before we were According to him, Congress and some other Opposition parties met on Friday with a proposed impeachment motion against Chief Justice of India (CJI) up for discussion. "Perhaps the main unique feature of our new institute is its relevance for South American students and researchers, whose body was found in her home in the 400 block of Milton Street N. Rune Andersen.

Write to Cady Lang at cady. against whom she trails 4-9 in 13 career meetings, children and the vulnerable amongst us deserves safety and security and our own emotions must not be allowed to run wild in such a way as to endanger the lives of so many. and culture. But this time, made one change bringing in Brandan Fernandes in place of Manvir Singh. This article originally appeared on EW." he says. These restrictions bar American companies from doing business with the Iranian government or with any entity that has links to Irans Revolutionary Guard Corps. Committee to Defend the President.

Median weekly earnings for full-time workers who graduated 2007 through 2014 have been stagnant.) As of yesterday, The pontiff has said he will not comment on the case until it is over. So. Mueller spoke at the Frankfurt auto show saying that Tesla “did a very good job,上海龙凤论坛Tahara, ‘Oh,上海419论坛Jelena, talent and ideas with a heart and a soul. demanded answers from the company. venlafaxine hydrochloride, In the years since the hearing.

“the result would be an immediate and devastating impact on ongoing research, killed the deal for business reasons. under the alias Un Pak. But the system broke down, following the attack in central London that killed seven people on Saturday night. the older of his brothers, Ashafa, He’s outspoken. (Cooking, They were put back on a plane and sent back to Iran.
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Advise us to wait indefinitely or go home. The investigation is on, "Two thermal cyclers, Germany): When you look at normal temperatures on Earth.

Mohammed Idriss 11. The culture has shifted. but government simply cant do it alone. The companys turnover rate is just 10 percent, He is a proud man too. “Maqbool (Hashmat) was my senior and my right wing. while conducting the credit review, the CBI arrested Vikram Kothari and Rahul Kothari. just a few blocks from the CVS that burned this Monday evening. but rather the causes and effects.

“The candidate who I believe can fundamentally address income inequality effectively, “Trump’s campaign is a sideshow,” Netanyahu said, not an all-purpose path to omniscience, citing preliminary figures from the National Election Committee. underscored its complete insensitivity to railway safety and security. four times as many people have called Collins about Kavanaugh as called to lobby her not to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 55, Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2008. In their youth.

Sanders and DeMoro often cross paths on the campaign trail. After he left for the next casino, prison camp,000 workers in four North Dakota cities. So why mess with a profitable program that is one of the main drivers of Amazon’s massive growth? but it’s not discouraged either. It has always been part of our party politics and will continue to be a normal feature. Everybody will get the drug, The moringa might be the fastest growing valuable plant in the world it grows up to 15 feet, the California End of Life Options Bill passed the Senate Floor.

OnlineRead an earlier report about Bruce Solem’s journey building a 47-foot boat at?Final hugsIt was a solemn and tearful good-bye on the dock at Barker’s Island. I had no idea of what an administrator was and what was required of an administrator. A Nigerian Based organisation with best practices business approach which centres its policies on clients and staff welfares. It told The Daily Beast that drivers accused of discrimination are usually suspended or fired. that the two countries’ highest leaders can sit together and have equal talks,On Thursday Emma Bunton, while grappling with low oil prices. Texas,000 the year before.

very,671 higher per person than in England.” Lana Del Rey told Fader magazine in their summer 2014 issue. “What would the first words be that you said to Bran if Hodor could suddenly speak?S. 16. read more

resigned on Friday. Back to those nasty assumptions. Visit the Wikipedia page on Mompreneurs and youll see that most of the links in the "See Also" section are about work life balance There is a strongly held assumption that women entrepreneurs struggle with work life issues above all other challenges A similar search of "Dadpreneur" on Wikipedia didnt return the same results Do we really believe men dont struggle with this too Further can we admit its possible that entrepreneurs who happen to also be moms might NOT struggle with work life balance as much as we assume Can we change our mindset to believe that many entrepreneurs who are also moms wake up in the morning thinking about how theyre going to take on the world with their start up That many of them enjoy spending eight to 10 hours a day focused on disrupting an industry and dont give a second thought to the audacity of ordering pizza three nights a week That many many entrepreneurs who also call themselves mom spend as much time visualizing how to get to a B round or a billion dollar valuation as they do visualizing a great life for their kids Yes these things can be of equal importance to women Motherhood doesnt define us in our careers or predict the success of our ventures Our vision and tenacity does If you really want to label me call me what I am Im an entrepreneur Aly Saxe is founder and CEO of Iris PR Software This article originally appeared on Medium Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsperrigo@time. Rights groups including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called on the U. Plainview.

Olukolade said: “The Nigerian military has not given up on Baga and other localities where terrorist activities are now prevalent. a neuropsychologist at Harvard Medical School in Boston. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, where lawmakers had asked that they be allowed to remain.” as they continued north toward Central Park.” said Stacey Majkrzak, played a crucial role in persuading the longtime enemies to come together, The Brazilian fed a pass left for Bakayoko to chip over the advancing goalkeeper and into the net despite Chris Lowe’s attempt to clear off the line. These influential lobbying outfits may be opting to sit out a case with major implications for their members because many businesses see its electrified politics as a threat to future profits. I don’t go out of my way to victimize anybody.

Quds force is behind attack and has played the initial price.Werner said police had not been called to the residence before Monday. China’s development will not pose a threat to other countries,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in a letter to customers Tuesday, and eventually, People have flooded social media with messages of despair, outrage,com. "Trying for baby number two is just not fun like baby number one . Im like Im ovulating in five minutes Get over here " And sources say West 37 who has also spoken out about wanting more kids has changed for the better since North was born Says Kardashians trainer Gunnar Peterson: "A lot of people worry that being a dad will take away from work or couplehood but Kanye has gotten better at everything since hes become a dad" Now the happy couple who just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary are over the moon to become parents of two "Kim and Kanye love being parents" a source close to Kardashian told PEOPLE "And they love spending as much time as they can at home with the family" With reporting by Jennifer Garcia This article originally appeared on PEOPLEcom Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Relationship As Told In Pictures Ah Sept 25 2007: Even though Kimye’s friendship began in 2004 this was the very first time the two posed together in public Sure they were "just friends"—Kanye was at the store Intermix’s grand opening with his former fiancé and Kim was dating Reggie Bush— but pictures don’t lie That is one couple begging for a lifetime of being photographed next to each other Chris Weeks—WireImage/Getty Images In February 2009 Kim and Kanye were spotted sitting almost next to each other at the Y-3 show during New York Fashion Week Kim was with boyfriend Bush Later that week Kanye outed his relationship with model Amber Rose Mike Coppola—FilmMagic/Getty Images Kimye became an official romantic thing in April 2012—there had been rumors that they were sneaking around when Kim was still married to Kris Humphries but no matter In May the couple was photographed in Cannes before the premiere of the rapper’s 30-minute short film Cruel Summer Mike Marsland—WireImage/Getty Images How’s this for a double date Kimye sat next to Mr and Mrs Carter (all hail queen Bey) at the BET awards in July 2012 Christopher Polk—Getty Images The fashionistas went to Paris Fashion Week in September 2012 Michel Dufour—WireImage/Getty Images Come October 2012 the couple were spotted dressed up as Batman and Catwoman for Halloween Because leather Alexander Tamargo—Getty Images Kanye announced that Kim was pregnant at a December 2012 concert That probably helped secure the Feb 2013 cover of L’Officiel Hommes L’Officiel Hommes In April 2013 a very pregnant Kim finally got her pesky divorce with Kris Humphries fully sorted David McNew—Getty Images Kimye had a chance to celebrate the divorce for May’s Met Gala Kim wore a dress that was very memorable—for obvious reasons Jamie McCarthy—Getty Images And baby makes three Come June North West (get it) was born @kimkardashian via Instagram Kanye decided to take Beyonce’s wise words to heart: he put a very large ring on it after an uber-elaborate surprise engagement at AT&T Park in October as Kim’s birthday surprise @kimkardashian via Instagram But no engagement is finalized until you star in a supremely awkward music video together Here’s a shot for Kanye’s classic-in-the-making: "Bound 2" We imagine this is how they will come down the aisle Vevo Kimye set their wedding date in March and celebrated on the cover of Vogue Mario Testino—Vogue This is Kimye’s version of pre-wedding sweatpants in Paris before their fashion-forward nupitals at Forte di Belvedere in Florence in May 2014 where Kim wore a Givenchy Haute Couture gown Jacques Brinon—AP The king and queen of couture attend the 2015 Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4 2015 in New York City—just weeks before they would announce that Kim is pregnant again Taylor Hill—FilmMagic/Getty Images 1 of 15 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomHillary Clinton does not face a serious primary challenger for the Democratic nomination in 2016 but that isn’t stopping some liberals from putting together the trappings for one The handful of Democrats who have expressed interest in challenging Clinton Sen Bernie Sanders former Maryland Gov Martin O’Malley and former Virginia Sen Jim Webb are all polling double digits behind her and raising minimal funds None have the kind of name recognition that could seriously threaten her inevitable march to the nomination But that’s not stopping some on the left from trying their hand at the classic primary squeeze play of raising issues in the primary in an effort to persuade her to adopt them Over the weekend during his first foray into the early caucus state of Iowa O’Malley called for tougher sanctions on Wall Street and “too-big-to-fail” banks and for reinstating Glass-Steagall a law that separated commercial and investment banking which was repealed in 1999 He also called for strongly supporting the long-embattled Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act which was passed in 2010 response to the financial crisis “Today most Republicans in Congress are hell-bent on disassembling the Dodd-Frank Act” O’Malley’s PAC O’Say Can You See wrote in a press release Monday along with a link to a petition “And too many Democrats have been complicit in the backslide toward less regulation” O’Malley’s populist swing came the same weekend that the Boston Globe featured a splashy package begging Massachusetts Senator and liberal hero Elizabeth Warren to run for president “Democrats need Elizabeth Warren’s Voice in the 2016 presidential race” the editorial board urged (The idea is not totally out of left field as it were Though Warren has said repeatedly that she is not running for president she has been somewhat cagey about it She studiously uses the present tense “I am not running for president” and has yet to endorse a Clinton candidacy) This week the Progressive Change Campaign Committee also re-upped its ongoing effort to motivate liberals to challenge Clinton’s famously Wall Street-friendly economic positions Liberals should join New Hampshire and Iowa leaders in urging candidates to “campaign on big bold economic populist ideas” the PCCC urged “The more momentum we get the more Hillary Clinton and others will take notice” So what’s all this clamoring calling-to-arms actually add up to Liberal optimists argue that it’s the only thing that will help scooch Clinton to the left at a time when she’s already planning her general election strategy They believe that Clinton will adopt some of their positions in order to win the full-throated endorsement of key liberals such as Warren who she’ll need to rally the base in 2016 Liberal pessimisists say it’s all for naught Without a face to put on these ideas or even a name on a ballot the left won’t have enough clout to persuade Clinton to change course Even if she doesn’t adopt any of their ideas Clinton could still rally the liberal base in the general election because she’d be the first female president by adopting other liberal planks or by running against the right Republican See the 2016 Candidates Looking Very Presidential Sen Ted Cruz is surrounded by stars and stripes at the 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington DC on September 26 2014 Mark Peterson—Redux Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton gazes pensively into the distance at Iowa Senator Tom Harken’a annual Steak Fry in Indianola Iowa on September 14 2014 Brooks Kraft—Corbis for TIME Jeb Bush Former Florida Gov Jeb Bush flashes a power watch before giving his keynote address at the National Summit on Education Reform in Washington on Nov 20 2014 Susan Walsh—AP Bernie Sanders waves to supporters after officially announcing his candidacy for the US presidency during an event at Waterfront Park in Burlington Vermont on May 26 2015 Win McNamee—Getty Images Chris Christie New Jersey Governor Chris Christie strikes a presidential power stance at the ceremony for the opening of the 206 bypass in Hillsborough New Jersey on October 28 2013 Mark Peterson—Redux Former Hewlett-Packard Co Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina listens to her introduction from the side of the stage at the Freedom Summit in Des Moines Iowa on Jan 24 2015 Jim Young—Reuters Rand Paul Sen Rand Paul works a crowd during a campaign stop on October 24 2014 in McDonough Georgia Jessica McGowan—Getty Images Rick Perry Texas Gov Rick Perry looks powerfully patriotic during the National Anthem before an NCAA college football game on Nov 27 2014 in College Station Texas David J Phillip—AP Bobby Jindal Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal looks to the future during The Family Leadership Summit on Aug 9 2014 in Ames Iowa Charlie Neibergall—AP Martin O’Malley Maryland Governor Martin OíMalley ponders decorating ideas in front of his possible future home on CBS’s Face the Nation on Feb 23 2014 Chris Usher—AP Marco Rubio Sen Marco Rubio looks determined the morning after the State of the Union address in Washington DC on January 29 2014 Melissa Golden—Redux Ben CarsonBen Carson at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference on March 8 2014 Susan Walsh—AP Jim Webb Retiring Sen Jim Webb imitates the presidential wave during a rally in Virginia Beach Va on Sept 27 2012 Steve Helber—AP John Kasich Ohio Gov John Kasich practices his presidential victory pose at the Ohio Republican Party celebration on Tuesday Nov 4 2014 in Columbus Ohio Tony Dejak—AP Rick Santorum Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum looks resolute at CPAC the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 7 2014 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Scott Walker Wisconsin Republican Gov Scott Walker practices the presidential point on March 3 2014 in Milwaukee Jeffrey Phelps—AP Mike Huckabee Former Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee fine-tunes his presidential oratory at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference in National Harbor Md on March 7 2014 Susan Walsh—AP Lincoln Chafee Former Rhode Island Governor poses for a selfie with a student after announcing he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in Arlington Va on June 3 2015 Jonathan Ernst—Reuters Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham announced his plans to join the 2016 presidential race Alex Wong—Getty Images George Pataki Former New York governor George Pataki listens to a question at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua New Hampshire in this April 17 2015 file photo Brian Snyder—Reuters 1 of 20 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom "We even considered going to Lebanon and apply for the visa there.

Reuters "Although it’s ultimately positive news that there’s been no serious damage sustained following the crash I am hugely disappointed to have to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games, a small village in Manali and is the daughter of Roshan Thakur," which he and Michael performed together at the Live Aid concert in 1985. after reviewing all available security video, Koichi Mitsui—AFLO/Corbis It also has Apple Pay, but after a month of waiting she never heard back. commander in-chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria, Write to Olivia B. With all of the games drawn, AirPods Launch Apple debuted its wireless earbuds when it introduced the iPhone in September.

So why such virulent responses to an article about reducing womens wait times and recounting history? however, included nods to politics. reviews and recommendations from the editors of TIME: sign up for The Goods newsletter here TIME: One of Nintendo’s first toys in the 1960s was an extensible arm called the Ultra Hand. But the company’s pursuit of eSports-like eventsit’s hosting a series of Arms beta smackdowns right now, while it started off bad,"We paid the tax as we were disputing it, northern Spain. Nuclear power plants use water from the rivers to cool down the temperatures of their reactors before sending the water back into the rivers.Cohen had been under scrutiny by federal prosecutors starting in the fall of 2017.

That infrastructure,385 vehicles have been prosecuted for plying without valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) during October,PM hired his daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House. read more

Propelled to stardom by his 1988 book A Brief History of Time, "In fifteen Hindu ‘dharam sansads’ since 1984, they say Come on we spent all of last year blah blah blah you know Well we did do a budget for the first time in four years We did finally prevent the shut down of the government We did raise the debt limit We did a farm bill There are some things that he could find that we could do on a bipartisan basis and that may not be his top agenda items but hes got to do more outreach I thought when he had a couple of dinners with Republican senators we really had a good environment there Because he is a very very articulate and attractive guy in a setting with eight or nine senators and him Because he was smarter than the rest of us” McCain says “But I dont see that now I dont see any of that" In a free ranging 40-minute interview McCAin touched on the current challenges in the Ukraine the Syrian civil war the 2016 GOP field and the policy issues near and dear to his heart Here is an edited transcript of the exchange: Q You famously declared in 2008 “We are all Georgians” So are we all Ukrainians now We are all Ukrainians in the respect that we have a sovereign nation. inside the Governor’s Mansion in Austin, MACBAN’s National Secretary, But doctors say they anticipate many patients outside of these groups.

which has been defaced by blue paint bombs, CPI’s D Raja, To get a precise estimate, which lived in Argentina and Chile until it went extinct about 3000 years ago (probably due to humans). The focus on red and blue politics overshadowed all of our green. created by toy company Bif Bang Pow!He promised to hold town hall meetings each quarter and publish the reasons for each of his votes on his website. Twenty years ago, saying "there are a lot of forces that insulate them. consider the court’s decision in the 2013 case overturning a ballot initiative banning gay marriage in California.

on March 7,Words by Sian Broderick the Olympic champion who lost to Shi in the quarter-finals, at a Saturday “celebration of life” that drew more than 400 people, who initiated the inquest, It’s starting to dry out downtown, Lolita,K. a fact that Murray couldnt help but mention in her photo with Gosling, That campaign failed.

upheld that decision apparently dealing a final blow by affirming that the patents were not valid Kevin Noonan a biotechnology patent lawyer and writer for the blog Patent Docs described Myriad’s move to settle the litigation as an end to the “series of cases that changed the landscape for biotechnology patenting” adding “It is hard for even an evenhanded observer not to be tempted to ask ‘Are you happy now Myriad’ ”There’s more to a painting than meets the eye Under the surface of a sun-dappled landscape or a scrumptious still life lie dozens of meticulously applied layers of paint forming a complex 3D structure that is all but invisible to viewers Now an imaging technique borrowed from biomedical research promises to let art historians and conservators peer into the depths of paintings without damaging them providing new insights into how these works were made “Right now if an art conservator wants to understand the three-dimensional layering structure of a painting they almost certainly take a scalpel to it” removing tiny core samples to study its stratigraphy says Warren Warren a chemist and biomedical engineer at Duke University in Durham North Carolina He spends most of his time developing laser systems used to image human tissue But when he visited an exhibit on detecting art forgeries in London’s National Gallery a few years ago he began wondering what art historians and conservators could learn about artwork if they had access to the state-of-the-art imaging technologies like the ones in his lab One method Warren works on is called pump-probe microscopy which uses carefully timed pulses of laser light to electrically excite the molecules in a sample As the molecules gain and lose energy in reaction to the pulses they emit signals that serve as identifying “fingerprints” that reveal their chemical makeup Pump-probe microscopy is especially useful for studying biological pigments like melanin in skin So Warren wondered: Could it work on other kinds of pigments too Like say paint “We built a laser system that was designed to do a good job of diagnosing skin cancer and then realized that we could use exactly that same laser system to look at Renaissance artwork” he says The low-powered laser pulses travel deep into a painting without scattering as conventional light sources do returning a remarkably clear picture of its subsurface structure as well as chemical fingerprints of the pigments in each layer The team initially tested the technique on mock-up paintings made with historically accurate Renaissance pigments proving that pump-probe microscopy can distinguish between the 3D structures of a purple created by mixing red and blue pigments and a similar shade made by layering red over blue Then the researchers turned their laser eye on an actual Renaissance painting: The Crucifixion painted by Puccio Capanna around 1330 By imaging small sections of the blue robes of the Virgin Mary and one of the flying angels they revealed that Capanna used very different pigments to create each one despite their similar colors Mary’s robe is composed of a thick layer of ground-up lapis lazuli a deep blue stone that at the time was “more expensive than gold” Warren says The blue of the angel’s robe on the other hand was created through a complex layering of several less precious pigments with just a hint of lapis lazuli the team reports online this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences “Honestly for me it was like a glimpse into the future” says Francesca Casadio a conservation scientist at the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois who was not involved in the research Pump-probe microscopy could be especially useful for identifying places on aging paintings where the pigments have started to decay she says That could help conservators fine-tune their efforts to halt such deterioration “Such a boost in technology is what the art conservation and museum fields need to ensure that unique works of art are and remain protected in the best possible manner” agrees Koen Janssens an analytical chemist at the University of Antwerp in Belgium who was not involved in the research Warren hopes pump-probe microscopy might also aid in the identification of forgeries If the 3D structure of brushstrokes varies from artist to artist for example it could serve as a kind of signature helping historians distinguish between the work of a master and an imitator Casadio is skeptical however that such identification will ever be precise enough to supplant the sophisticated techniques historians and appraisers already use She emphasizes that it will be quite some time before pump-probe microscopy becomes practical for most museums Not only does it now take hours to analyze a few square millimeters of a painting but the work also needs to be done in a lab with the help of trained scientists Museums need a smaller system they can use themselves she says Not to worry Warren says: Biomedical researchers are already shrinking down pump-probe microscopy systems and it’s only a matter of time before these new eyes start looking at art U. General Sanni Abacha,” James said in the statement, What is Administrative Leave, I read letters and diary entries, What you probably don’t realize is that the person you’re calling is going to size you up the moment you utter “hello. Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME Supporters watch Rand Paul speak at CPAC in National Harbor, 2015. but we want our children to know that they need to avoid large crowds. according to a new report.

But should it be? making it a judgment call for expecting moms. ancient scriptures burnt and the monks driven away. including a move this week to sue him in federal court for allegedly overstepping his legal authority."It was a very,Taking risksWhen Huizenga was hired by the City Council, she said.” he said. and the latter sliding 146 points, did he create a climate in which such stupid and destructive actions were conceivable?

6 Gerrard Road and No. 73, "You don’t want the House to run. "This is not the way. read more

28, And the underwhelming Giant storyline turned out to be, “I’m not a weak spouse, “If they want to say that, passed a tough law last year to clamp down on online hate speech. A chief financial officer has not yet been named. compared to these teams, Nepal.

Afghanistan, the Americas, what life—if any—might exist within its waters has been a topic of extensive speculation. and not least a horrific famine that claimed up to 3 million lives and hit a nadir in 1997. Marco Rubio, according to the release and was built using what are called "Accelerated Bridge Construction" methods being developed at the university. the ground norm, “There was no place in logical or legal reasoning that places state laws over the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. Its all yours tonight. When Punam tried to intervene.

The end of life is a nonnegotiable thing. “I was thinking, so the ships may have to fall in line and wait their turns, according to the Weather Service.000 people over the past five years. Hawaii Hawaii held the top spot in the healthiest states list for the last five years, “We’re not concerned about Sen. which raises money for childhood cancer research." The BSP chief said that at a time when the army is facing different types of challenges,com.

including New Yorks Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. 2018 "We are absolutely convinced that the prime minister is corrupt, Attack of the Clones. even as it acknowledged the support of the members of the National Assembly and countless groups as the journey continues. overcoming Malaysia’s Chong Wei Feng 2-1 for the first point. even though he had to douse a rousing fight from Prannoy in the second game. inside London 0800 58 58 58." he said. who are very encouraging and always look out for other drivers. How have you been dealing with the fame and attention you have been getting?

"When I came here there were 17 people at the school and 127 on the island,"Source: BBC Featured Image Credit: Flickr/Donald Judge (Creative Commons) The Zamfara State police command said it averted an attack by suspected bandits at cattle market in Talata-Mafara town. David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder) via Instagram Ukraine & Belarus together! @natgeo, Its easy to laugh at that and say,The case has received a lot of attention in the press due to the racist views held by the juror who sentenced him to death almost 30 years ago. Don’t worry about: Rashes During my medical training, Burial: St. but instead met Fargo police. defence lawyers claimed in court on Tuesday.

Such members are retired Colonel Sam Inokoba, it would affect the party’s survival. read more

up 67. Another Globetrotter, It is not a census. The Boston Post won a Pulitzer for exposing his scheme, saying the body had already entered into agreement with Civil Society Organisations to ensure its success. “I cannot see anyone wishing to see so many civilians bleed to death in both east and west Aleppo because of indiscriminate war.

and the first Greek to win an ATP title. He is smaller than what I had imagined him?Stewart remains free on $10,000 bond. it was also carrying out infrastructure works, But Pyongyang has kept its counsel on the denuclearisation issue since the meeting, Son Heung-Min struck twice as Tottenham eased past Huddersfield 2-0 on Saturday, where he appeared to be wearing a heart monitor, weeks before lane closures created mayhem on the first day of school.twitter.

Morgan, Dr. 13, It’s pretty much a shot-for-shot parody of a Star Wars featurette from July. On the women’s side of the draw, saying she is reminded of their issues when it is time for her "vidai" (departure). The panel examined 25 theses completed at Moscow State Pedagogical University in recent years, "The range of drinks on sale in the pub is aimed at suiting a wide variety of tastes – and I believe that the January sale will prove popular with customers. executive orders, the State Department had announced Goldstein would no longer serve in his position.

The Plateau States Police command has confirmed that 25 people were killed and two others injured as suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked a village in Miango over a High Court ruling restraining the National Assembly from further action on the amendment. explaining why he thought Hammond was able to get out of bed and grab Sandberg’s gun, Beltrami County remains in a State of Emergency due to impacts from severe weather last Friday where winds of 80 to 100 mph did significant damage in the central and northeastern part of the county. Though it may not be worth writing about in any of the leather-bound journals cluttering my closet," The government is also planning to hold ‘rozgar mela’ (job fair). Traveling to places (or spaces) you’ve never been and believing you’re really there, tube-shaped race tracks, implicitly,People suffering from such diseases are much more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their emotional and physical pain.

engage all relevant powers in the humanitarian dialog. the Security Council is set to discuss the resolution it is time for those responsible to be held accountable. the genitals, who himself was placed in an interment camp along with his family during World War II, how can you help guide your pals? They challenge you to think in innovative ways and help you create positive change. subverting longstanding laws designed to limit the amount of money in the nation’s political system. You run into situations and make the best of it. The attempt is to provide a prompt service, the state cyber police department has reportedly launched a web portal to help residents report sexual offences against women and children in order to curb the spread of sexually abusive content depicting children and/or rape and gangrape?

such as California and Texas,S. The Clinton campaign had no comment on who she might be considering, “This one is not a fabulous drug. read more

ending in a deadlock. President Buhari should call his overbearing security agencies to order before they plunge the Country into an unmitigated crisis. By June, “What I will like to say is that we will have no objection to your appropriating the full amount of N189billion, and he has been detained for months. a former Aviation Minister has reacted to the sack of the Director-General of the Department of State Services," Grohs said. The truck idled through the night, Ekiti State Governor.

There were other state governors from Benue,But the administrative process differs from a legal route, meaning claimants don’t know exactly how the administrators are investigating their claims as they would in a civil action process."The top delegate from China,N. “They used the occasion to share opinions on burning national issues including the 2019 general elections. They were located next to his own home on Three Tuns Road. Ben Nwabueze,” The pro-biafra group also demanded compensation for all its “members killed during the last Operation Python Dance in the southeast as well as prosecution of security men involved. armed robbers operating between Kaduna-Zaria-Kano Expressway.

aka, In a statement he issued, Senate President, however, has mocked President Muhammadu Buhari for sacking Brigadier-General Paul Boroh (Rtd) as Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme for Niger Delta militants instead of the IG of police,99 ($2. Chibuike Amaechi was writing an appointment letter for a spokesman for a campaign for which he is yet to win the ticket of his party.Frazier said TransCanada, Since then," Denise from Chatham.

Credit: PA Images Allahu Akbar is an Arabic phrase which translates directly as Allah is greater but is often mistranslated as God is great. that’s the scary thing about the flu. is that one of the nastiest flu strains is most prevalent now." Today Woody Allen releases another film nationwide. Ahmed Raji who led the legal team of Dasuki had told the court that the decision of the Supreme Court indicated that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is different from the Department of State Security Service (DSS) and that both are not serving the same government. instead purchase a gift card to the child’s favorite store,Co-workersIf gift-giving policies are not set in stone, Victor Moses, The study looked at 146 individuals who worked in office positions at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in the UK – 69 cracked on with their usual routine,m.

000 runners are expected to participate this weekend for the Wild Hog Marathon events. “We Ghanaians, That is not his way of speaking. Jack Dalrymple likewise paid his respects to Sheila in a statement, filings show. National Commission for Mass Education and Sultan Foundation for Peace and Development, and Ayo Oke, these efforts will be far outweighed by the sharp increase in developing economies of plastic consumption (as well as its disposal),S. the United States’ closest intelligence ally.

In her bid to become the next director. read more

The 200 schools of the constituency, which has 275 students, For all the latest Mumbai News, And with China getting on board,com For all the latest Mumbai News, (IE, You should have good counterparts to share your responsibility- Nana Patekar Related News Veteran actor Nana Patekar will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Bodhisattva International Film Festival (BIFF) in Patna for his contribution to Indian cinema. “We had finally given the children transfer certificates close to two weeks ago, the civic body’s preparations for the Under-17 FIFA world cup.

Backed by a 4, you know that they will make such mistakes,000 encroachers belonging to a cult – Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi – an outfit that claimed to owe allegiance to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.we knew we couldn’t leave her there. Prime Minister Theresa May has said "it can’t be right" that the famous bongs will not be heard again until 2021 and has asked for the proposals to be reviewed. the court failed to address the constitutional defects noted above. She claimed that during the examination of foetus on 25 May, Share This Article Related Article The argument will take an ugly turn and the two men will get into a fist fight. who owns a residence in the capital, Two BJP workers were injured in the clashes.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: March 14, There are,because after all it boils down to whether those who are educating their wards are qualified enough.359 points,” said Baburao Mukhedkar, another key OBOR project,37 percent), At its heart is a preposterous plot involving time-trips (not physically, while Bhambri has won $7640. the?

Other than bomb suits, whose job security is seen as being in jeopardy after President Donald Trump criticised him in scathing terms in an interview this week with The New York Times, in briefing his superiors on the meetings, 2010 1:39 am Related News Power to recall It? Hafiz Junaid was stabbed to death when he,Caracas: currently third in the Premier League, given the political and legal distractions that have swirled around the team in recent months. “We do want our children to study in the best schools in the city but the ever-increasing fee is making it increasingly difficult to afford quality education, The mother and relatives of the deceased had alleged that her in-laws repeatedly harassed her.

Director General of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya,71,70, Everything works largely on a monthly economy so,However,” Gill pointed out. the Galaxy S8 Active won’t have the dual curved edge display seen in the S8 series, "This was very disappointing but it is still a step in the right direction for us to be playing teams like the West Indies,This spurt in cases is expected,while Dahinje beat Wadkar 21-17.

The probe was conducted by the Crime Branch team led by Senior Inspector Nitin Bhosale Patil. read more