Let me tell you now why do Shanghai dragon does not make money


I go this way? Or is it another way? I was walking the path? Or take the road? Such problems often appear in a good occupation planning human mind. These people are full of uncertainties, it is due to their uncertainty, also resulted in the blind work >

first employed wrong choice of

you are suitable for the industry, or you do the kind of occupation and to what extent, depends largely on your own perception. Just as some people are born to love, love in front of the public speech, but also because such habits and hobbies decided these people are doomed to sales in the industry. Do Shanghai dragon worker is the same, because these people have strong analytical skills, strong planning ability, makes these people slowly toward the Shanghai dragon master ranks. We don’t have time to envy those who master, they can go to such a state also depends on their work and life in the process of their own efforts, they also slowly found their own strengths so. As for us we will organize your thoughts, summarize some of their past experience of success and failure, finally through their own understanding of these summary found himself in the path of development strengths, so that you can move towards a better.

again occupation planning

Shanghai dragon in this industry I think there are a lot of work, that is according to your own level you want to choose the industry can be defined. If you are a novice to the Shanghai dragon, that you want to do more work is to do a chain of the Commissioner, Commissioner Links, simple editing staff, simple promotion staff. Here is why I say simple editors and simple extension personnel? Because if you are a professional editor, may his requirements will be relatively high, but not simply copy the article for you. But you need to have certain professional knowledge, has a very high literary accomplishment and strong language organizational ability, but also know some special column planning knowledge etc.. Professional promotion personnel is not a simple hair post, email, send messages in the QQ group, the ability of such professionals need online and offline marketing organization, because only you have the ability you can have a better marketing effect. Because you have working time is not wrong, but your ability to decide you must make this choice.

money, I think the word is in the minds of everyone there most of the time, whether male or female; whether young or old; whether it is business or technology; many people are basically the same purpose, it would make more money to live a better life. And we do Shanghai dragon worker, why are some people more and more live? Why more not to earn money? I will analyze the reasons:

personal comprehension ability

The analysis of electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon team needs several members

Four: the chain Commissioner

< >

two: site technical support staff

website editors can be said to be a hard not simply not simple work. The editor of the website not only need to have a solid writing skills, but also need a keen sense of touch, can the development of perceived social events, network events etc.. For example, the previous Little Yue Yue event, as a qualified editors can perceive this thing to its impact on society. As an e-commerce site editors need more strict, they need to be able to understand the consumption psychology and behavior of customers. Therefore, the editorial staff in the Shanghai dragon team also plays an important role.

This is pure

: a department in charge of

for a complete Shanghai dragon team, is usually composed of five members. The Department in charge of the website, including technical support staff, editors, the Commissioner of the chain and web design. The specific description and division are as follows.

three: editor

for personnel and technical personnel, they are responsible for site code optimization, server optimization. For this kind of technical personnel need to master some common code such as HTML code, ASP code, PHP code and so on. And to have a good communication ability, can in the website needs to be optimized when communicating to each member.

see the domestic e-commerce is becoming more and more fire, to promote e-commerce development indispensable Shanghai dragon Er also more and more attention. Because as an e-commerce site the most direct is the need for large flow, especially the flow, these brought about the user friendly experience to enhance and improve the site conversion rate. For an e-commerce site, is a complete system of Shanghai dragon team. So today I will be in this paper, an e-commerce site of the Shanghai dragon team which requires a few aspects of talent.

as the saying goes: the train to run fast, thanks to the front with. As the Shanghai dragon Department plays a vital role in Shanghai Longfeng department. A good leader can lead a team with efficiency of Shanghai dragon team. As a department in charge of what needs to quality? A: have a good attitude, as the site of punishment is a normal thing, as a supervisor when this problem should not panic, because of any problems. Second, as the director you need to have a good ability of expression, as well as our Shanghai dragon Er need is superior or inferior to superior communication, is about the progress of work, the goal of our work is to understand the working process, the lower our. The best is to have the spirit of sharing, as a supervisor for optimization must be experienced, so a good supervisor is not stingy to share their experience, to share their experience to their members.

The electricity supplier website how to deploy internal links

, channel page, content page contains related products


recently in the optimization for the electricity supplier website, is just beginning to understand the electricity supplier website, in the process of optimization of electricity supplier website found responsible for the electricity supplier website must appear missing some internal links, resulting in internal links appear the phenomenon of the imperfect. First of all, to clear a little in the optimization of large electricity supplier website, each page of the website must appear internal links, especially some internal links can produce a large number of long tail word, to speed up the collection site. Then, the author with the majority of the electricity supplier novice webmaster exchange website how to deploy the internal links, it is several common.

first, channel page, content page contains related products. I believe that the most effective internal links except "related products, random products, recommend products", the three form is the best of the channel, in the deployment of the page can deploy the recommended products, related products can be deployed within the pages of random products and related products. The deployment of internal links are also cross links, search engines can help get more information on the web and a specific topic related, and is especially suitable for large electricity supplier website, at this point, Amazon will do very well.

: 1

as the saying goes: "the station on the chain, large inner chain", this saying is true at all. Optimization in the optimization of large website must do internal links, especially internal link deployment electricity supplier website, often do the electricity supplier website owners should have a better understanding of the internal links can provide good channels for collection, can let website structure become another user network, through the internal link click product is also convenient, total it is convenient for users but also facilitate the spider, which is good for each other.


then, anchor text on the page and make nature. The anchor text should be the webmaster most familiar, but the anchor text is one of the best methods of internal links, but when the electricity supplier website set anchor text should be natural, do not try to set the anchor text for a keyword to be natural, there may be many webmaster of nature is not very I understand, simple to explain, for example, my electricity supplier website is selling glasses, a glasses merchandise page live >

two, the content on the page and make nature

The anchor text

, for example, often buy goods, buy the goods purchased at the same time, customers also recommend customers to buy these products, browse the customers browse, these are with correlation and randomness. Here you can see a product page appears in these glasses, the glasses that buy customers also bought glasses and other commodities such as correlation, glasses boxes, glasses cloth etc..



: 2

Effect of high quality content for the website optimization

and included rate

2, the content of high quality impact on the user experience of

The original content of

high quality content sites can improve user traffic and improve the return rate, residence time and users’ browsing depth, search engine can find these indicators, however, reaction keywords ranking, keyword ranking adjustment. That is to say the user behavior can affect the keywords ranking, user experience good site keywords ranking will be improved, the content of the website is to improve the user experience is one of the most important aspects. In a sense, we do website optimization is actually the only user experience, user experience, user love website to have a good ranking lasting. As a webmaster tools, like A5, why keyword ranking is so good, the weight is so high, the key is that users love the site, think the website of their value, often come to these sites to learn knowledge, or meet a user’s needs, such as query etc..

4, high quality content for the influence of the chain

we know the amount included in a web site and included rate has a direct impact on the site keywords ranking, included rate special website, the website included rate is high, indicating the site overall quality is relatively high, the signal-to-noise ratio is relatively large, a search engine keyword ranking factors is to judge the website SNR, so high the quality of the content can improve the site’s overall signal-to-noise ratio, improve the site keywords ranking.

3, high quality content can improve the amount collected website

we can get high quality to the artwork, through the artwork this way can get the high quality of the chain, this way is also recognized by the search engine, search engine to support the construction of the chain of nature, is the user’s vote, users believe that this text, "

search engine

see love from Shanghai recently released "the famous site of Shanghai Longfeng notes" we can high quality content plays an important role in website optimization, today I will focus on the influence of high quality web content on site optimization, we do website optimization techniques by the early post by content, it may have you feeling if you encounter such a situation, no matter what you do outside the chain, no matter how much you buy the high quality of the chain, keyword ranking is to stop at a level that you did not reach the expected purpose. If this is the case, perhaps the website content quality is not high enough reason.

1, the content of high quality accords with the law of the development of the

from the recent love Shanghai launched anti spam measures, we can see that for spam love hate Shanghai, crack down on spam, and reduce the weight of the low quality of the news station, improve the quality of the news station of the weight, the quality level of quality here is the content of the search engine, in any case, for the high the pursuit of quality content will not be changed, the search engine is the goal of high quality, best meet the needs of users of the contents of priority to the readers.

Analysis of Shanghai dragon common forms and use characteristics


three. Shanghai dragon investment return rate of


big stomach Jie believes that since the Shanghai dragon is a technology derived from the search engine, any of its forms are the foundation of search engine platform, so many factors involved in the problem, and not 100% of control, so guarantee 100% have the effect is a kind of irresponsible.

100% can not guarantee the effect of Shanghai Dragon

two. Shanghai dragon optimization can not see


Shanghai dragon ideal effect in a short period of time application

many companies started to consider how to recover Shanghai, Shanghai dragon investment cost, this is taboo to do network marketing. This will quickly achieve enterprise into a high return this idea is wrong. The enterprise should get data from the change of site traffic and registration, analysis and expectations, and continue to implement.

. Shanghai Dragon Enterprise

is now used in field has been more and more widely, as an important part of the network marketing, many enterprises have begun to carry out the work of the Shanghai dragon, then Shanghai dragon form and use some common features of what

the current domestic market of Shanghai Longfeng relatively chaotic, is actually the result of the lack of standardization of the industry, from the Shanghai dragon operation, use, evaluation, return this series of behavior, to people in the industry to standardize and maintain, so the development of Shanghai dragon will day >

some customers wait a few weeks later, found their products ranking did not achieve the desired effect, the Shanghai dragon skeptical and even lose confidence. In fact, Shanghai dragon is not a short time for the project. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a continuous long-term and a project. Moreover, even if have good ranking, there are more things to do, otherwise, no transformation of the rankings, only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

many small business owners do not recognize the value of Shanghai dragon, the dragon is not essential to think of Shanghai enterprises. The data show that Internet users in the United States in 2010 carried out 15 billion 500 million times the network search, which is 80% of the customers to buy and purchase behavior through the search engine search after. Those who do not realize the importance of some Shanghai Longfeng enterprises may think that traditional industries are local properties, the Shanghai dragon cannot help them grow, big stomach Jie in this negative attitude. How, now what things in the search engine to search? I’m afraid only you can not think, no you can not search. But often search to content, is the value of the content, therefore, any valuable content, it will have a place to live in, no matter what form of enterprise, Shanghai dragon will have the corresponding value, but different industries in Shanghai Longfeng value in different sizes.

Midnight and Lei Jun fall in love old the company more lively, burn money, dawdle the more people

Abstract: in June 2013, I had a drink with Lei Jun where I had a chat, and I had a very unpleasant chat. Lei bluntly, said this is where the blind expansion of a previous era, enterprises in the future will be like millet, to the user demand, I thought you do millet developed, also need not to embarrass me.


in 2011, where the most lively, there are more than 13000 people in the company, President of light level leadership has thirty or forty customers, but step by step in crisis. Now, there are fewer than 300 customers, and the core team of the shirt is only 7 people, but the business is running smoothly. I can’t help thinking, so many people used to do,


in retrospect, the more lively the company is, the more people are going to burn it. Where customers have been in order to achieve annual sales target of 10 billion, pushing down the need to expand the number of categories, how many SKU (inventory unit), how many people need to undertake such business?. According to the principle of a person with seven people, the company should have dozens of vice presidents and two hundred or three hundred directors.

at that time, I myself also revel in this kind of excitement, and put all my energy on how to manage these more than 10000 people, but I don’t know what the company should really manage is value.

at the peak of each guest, I began to feel vaguely wrong, but I do not know where it is wrong. The first time I really woke up, let me thoroughly reflect every guest mode, is a good brother Lei me for years. Lei Jun and I were born in 1969, he is 8 months younger than me. In the past 17 years, we have been working together and communicating a lot. Because of the relationship between our peers, our life and spiritual perception, there are many synchronization.

, I met with Lei Jun for the first time in 1998. He and I were both 29 years old. I just founded the book review weekly. He just became general manager of kingsoft. Two years later, Lei Jun invited me to set up a network of excellence. After the sale of excellence Net to Amazon, Lei Jun founded me again. I have network and customer’s investment and suggestions.

2007 was important to me and Lei Jun. This year, Lei Jun left Jinshan, I began to prepare customers where the boot. Lei Jun has deep feelings for Kingsoft and has left the career that has worked hard for many years. The pain that he has brought is self-evident. For many reasons, outside comments are not true. This kind of painful lets Lei Jun be able to be reborn afresh, afresh, but since then set out so beautiful, it is what other people did not expect.

from 2007 to 2010, Jun Jun millet brewing process, career and spiritual brought him a huge boost. Lei Jun therefore thought a lot of things, such as how to achieve a product brand, as well as adhere to the "concentration, extreme, word of mouth" thinking. In the Lei to the time, I was lost in where the dramatic growth and impetuous expansion. At that time, Lei Jun carrying a bag full of dozens of mobile phones, excited to talk to me about the difference between these mobile phones, I do not agree. And when everything is >

Baidu K website reason aspect view (original)

since I last year to buy www.wndhw.com domain name and the construction of "universal navigation nets", after the dark history of Baidu K off, I feel a lot, careful analysis, summarize the experience, I think it is necessary to make the establishment of the new absorption just my previous lesson, do not repeat the mistakes I made before, walk less a close-up of detours, this article


Baidu K website for many reasons, but summed up, there are mainly the following main aspects of

the first aspect: a lot of stack keywords, keywords,

web site with a few keywords, keywords, originally, this is understandable. But a lot of pile of keywords, is the search engine most offensive cheating method, because keywords, keywords, stack

will virtually increase the burden on spiders, the major search engines now explicitly said: "stack keywords, keywords is serious cheating," universal navigation network "K" is the reason for this one.

if you’ve been piling up keywords and keywords that haven’t been Baidu K, you’d better change it right away, unless you’re the reason for being Baidu K.

second aspects: optimizing too much

According to a lot of

by Baidu K site analysis, optimization of the site of Baidu is very sensitive, a little too much, which Baidu will K you did not discuss, I is the establishment of a kind friend said to me, the biggest website optimization is not optimal, so here I need to remind you that the optimization of the website can to not overdo sth..

third aspects: pornography and political speech stand, or Baidu has a negative offensive language of the station, easily K

if your website violates the Chinese Constitution and laws or laws and regulations banned, such as pornography, etc., you will Baidu K dropped, the reason is self-evident. Baidu, the site of Baidu’s offensive language, is not happy to see it. If you must do this, please do your best to be ready for Baidu K at any time.

fourth aspects: there are too many content alliances,

‘s "carefully joined Content Alliance", the result of the addition of Content Alliance, is that the same content on the Internet will appear a lot of repetition, which is what search engines don’t like. "Customers" in the process of the construction of some of my friends told me more points, best can join by, because they have joined, the past few months, their website Baidu included a large number of

reduced, so they have removed content alliance. Warmth tip: stay away from content alliance will make your website have a healthy spring.

fifth aspects: a lot of know in Baidu advertising, or post it to fight for traffic

in Baidu products to promote, it is possible to receive unexpected results, but you have to do it rhythmically, do not let others see it. Baidu V

Web interface design needs to cater to user operating habits

studies the importance of user interface design by classifying the different requirements of user interface design and the impact of UI design elements on user behavior. Interaction has become the goal of design in network interface design. In order for the design to meet the usability requirements, a comprehensive understanding of user characteristics and diversity requirements is essential. This requires finding the right way to record and implement a wide variety of user requirements.



interface is the medium by which people interact with objects; in other words, interfaces are new faces that designers give to objects, [1].

1. Classification of interface design

(a) interface design based on functional implementation. The performance of the interface interaction design is the basic function and the use, through the interface design, allowing users to understand the function of the operation, and will be more smooth transfer works information to the user, the user, is the basis and value function of the interface exists, but because of the user’s level of knowledge and cultural background is different, so the interface should be more internationalized, objective reflect the works information.

(two) interface design with emotional expression as the focal point. Through the interface to the user a kind of emotional transmission, is the design of the true art charm. When the user contacts the work, he feels the emotion and uses emotion to express the emotional relationship between the work and the user. Of course, there is a unity of certainty and uncertainty in the transmission of emotional information. Therefore, we are more emphasis on the emotional experience of the user in contact with the works.

(three) interface design based on environmental factors. Any interaction design works can not be separated from the environment, and the surrounding environment has a special impact on the design of information transfer. Including the works of their own history, culture, science and technology and many other aspects of the characteristics, and therefore create an atmosphere of the interface environment can not be ignored a design work, which we need to turn off the lights when watching movies is a reason.


two, the component elements of the interface

The two physical interfaces between the keyboard and mouse of

computer are the most traditional components of human computer interface, but these gradually become the limitations of the development of human-computer interface. Because human beings can not integrate information and data freely into the active human imagination through the keyboard and mouse, it makes man feel alienated from the human-computer interface. Interface how to go beyond the keyboard and mouse limitations, further expand the interface between the digital system and human, and make the digital system really enter human life, and become the interface design research direction at this stage.

act as an interface. Henry See long term research on the ability of computer information organization. His work, "attention", Regard emphasizes action >

Website construction and website optimization should be combined

            with the development of the Internet industry, more and more enterprises realize the importance of the website, at the same time as a website external display window of the enterprise also began to receive the attention of the user, to find what the Internet search cable, a few seconds to show in front of their own, so convenient so many people are not willing to go to the library to read the data in what ROBIN said, remember it, said he seldom reads after graduation, basically what you need to get this knowledge on the Internet can, ha ha, a little pull away, back then as rushed in front of information the enterprise how can we do this? This is undoubtedly we draw a question mark.

did so many years of network, from the ignorant of this aspect of the enterprise, to have this consciousness, to pay attention to, I have personal experience, just beginning to do a website, the enterprise to do this kind of animation, animation, the entire site made as illustrated, look at the eyes of Rao, not much however, there are still not know the development of their own network marketing companies, many SEO experts believe, should the website construction and SEO combination, not blindly emphasizes individual consciousness, expert opinion is very important, we must first consider the search engine to put our individual consciousness, no matter you is the enterprise boss, or the president of the company, people did not listen to you that, in fact SEO what time into the website is very important, determines the site optimization effect is good and bad, look below A:

from the time when we enter the website construction industry have been exposed to this kind of case, a construction site after a long time, researchers found that the construction site management of enterprises is not much help, because there is no access to, and thus lost the front said a platform to show the effect of. Experts believe that in the construction site after forming to the detailed optimization of a certain degree of damage to the site, especially large commercial websites, the overall program structure, directory, planning, has been formed, it is hard to change. There are many customers in the website, talk to him about optimization, in order to save money, tell me

do not do now, other sites are finished, run for a period of time to do, it will be very troublesome, for example: program and directory path also determined after setting, if in the static, dynamic path will be invalid in the previous reference search engine and other sites, which cannot be set to visit! The directory determines the path length of the optimization is the price to pay. There are so many losses also need to optimize web site management, we give the suggestion is to optimize, only after the optimization of the site is greater than the total living space, become garbage on the network is much better.

is going to the construction site of the Foshan business friends here a suggestion, looking for a good while to understand the whole optimization of website construction, and jointly build a website design program to help. A lot of advice will be given, such as: >

Old webmaster experience summary website home page by K fast remedy method

many novice webmaster will enter such a vicious circle: hard do stand, update every day, and insist on pseudo original, a cycle, the site will be the major search engine included. The novice webmaster to start some edgy, a victory will make the mind faint. In the daily routine update is finished, the novice Adsense looking at his station is more see more happy, always want to make their station more beautiful, and some webmaster even began to worry about their website keywords not hot enough. As a result, the novice station master is not proficient in his skills and experience, began to search the Internet for templates, popular rankings and the like, and when he found it, he did not hesitate to change everything that made him satisfied.

you asked the novice webmaster afraid that it will be the engine punishment, in fact he is afraid, but listen to this or that change is a small webmaster said of no great importance. You are completely mistaken, do the same action, the engine can not find? Especially the engine algorithm is more and more advanced today, soon, novice webmaster will find themselves on the front page of the site disappeared in the engine, no matter how SITE, always could not find a novice who stay, novices silly. The rookie began to beat his regret that the site has just started on the move the dynamic stability.

in view of such a novice webmaster too much, can’t help writing today, when the novice webmaster home page by K, how do you quickly remedy?.

1, found by K reasons, timely recovery to normal when included. Home page is K, often have the following causes: change title, change template, link joint and several. The title of a web site if the engine first sight of you, if you put your face was battered, the engine can recognize you? In your identity not determined before, of course he will you from his memory. Template replacement, also belongs to the mechanical of engine that you are the other people, especially some optimization is not a very good template, after use will let the engine puzzled, not K you K? Link joint is the most common problems, a station is K, and you have to do a link to each other, the engine behoove to you and the K stood grouped together. So, found the home page by K, first of all is found out by K reason, can go to the next step.

2, proceed to amend the cause. Changes in the title, in the premise of not more than 72 hours under the changed back, don’t worry about the key problems, stand by K, key words still exist? If more than 72 hours, it is recommended not to move the title, let him to be, otherwise it is doomed eternally, day after day update within a week, at least to ensure that the home page has new content, this new title will be recognized. Change the template led to the home page is K, in fact, is the simplest and most easy to restore, as long as the exchange was included in the template can be. Link joint problems are also easy to solve, using tools to find out if there is a connection in the station by K, and then delete the link.

3, after restitution, proceed with the aftermath. Restore your site to >