I do GG advertising experienceThe shop decoration a monthly income of over 5000

resigned as otaku, specializing in "decoration"

promised to help, Li Fengcai found, "decoration" shop is really not easy. "To adorn article, for example, in kind, if not later processing, not good-looking."." Li Feng introduced, shop pictures mostly need post-processing, and if you add a little animation, get some music, it will be more attractive. He helped students redesign a program, adding Angel shopping guide animation, the store’s business a lot better. Since then, Li Feng found that this shop "decoration" is a profitable doorway. "In fact, the technical requirements are not high, the key is to need some art design skills."

after graduation, Li Fengjin a foreign company engaged in research and development. "Chemistry experiments are boring, and they are not their hobbies. They are annoyed at starting."." Li Feng stayed in this company for nearly a year, worked during the day, and posted it on the forum in the evening. "At that time special shop decoration is not much, so the business is also better."." Li Feng receives new lists almost every day. "Selling clothes, selling bags, everything."." Since I could only use my spare time at that time, it would take three or four days for Li Feng to make a list. "A list of about two hundred or three hundred dollars, but the work is very thin, basically my own creativity."."

on the Internet "floor", "wallpaper", "design furniture.""…… This is self proclaimed "shop decoration workers" Li Feng day work, he claimed to be standard otaku, every day without leaving home, online to help you shop owner "decoration" shop. And the reality of the decoration is not the same, he does not need decoration team, his raw materials are music, pictures, FLASH, his tool is the mouse and keyboard. "Now we have this occupation more and more common, before the business is very good, a month on 8000 yuan is not difficult, now do this line of more, I have to double cease, 5000 or no problem."."

I only use GG "AdSense content advertising", selected advertising code only three, or text, or pure pictures, of course, the text found in the connection, read the content on the GG, is not to say that the more GG page on the better, but is less this argument has again later in the experiment verification, and as far as possible not to put all the GG projects are put up AdSense content advertising, shlf1314 search alliance, AdSense Feeds and for AdSense search advertising, AdSense mobile advertising, but only one or two of them the best effect, such as my watch China enterprise community forums, text in the home chain advertising sections each put 3 pictures of 728*90 ads and 3 200*200, placed above a post 728*90 text ads in the content of the post post page, right put a 3 36*280 image ads, text ads put posts under a 728*90, a total of 3 ad, put a 200*200 in the two floor of the post text chain, in addition to other GG advertising project is not a plus, only 4 choose to display the text chain. This is the choice of advertising on the adjustment, then tracking advertising, before I am stupid, in the best GG in the pipeline only produced a pipeline to the web site as a name, and then all the ad code to choose this pipeline to track, the result has been not clear by the click of the advertisement in the end is where the forum this time, I carefully distinguish each ad position, with advertising position to add and manage new pipelines, such as the "728*90 forum posts top advertising", "728*90 forum posts at the bottom of the ad, 336*280 post ads to the right", the position as advertising is the name of the pipe, it is good to know each annotation by clicking the ads pipeline position, which position is more than the number of clicks, which ads are clicked on the price is high, at a glance before ye so the bamboo? Khan, for Click on many high price advertising position to focus on, for those who have not been for a long time point of advertising position, simply cancel not, do not want to look good, leaving advertising in the position of no one.

GG ad N for a long time, but just follow suit, see everyone put GG ads, he also follow to apply for a GG account, a long time and did not care about him, occasionally to see the account is always increased about 0.01+, a few days ago boring, suddenly want to up to your GG account management, climb carefully read the content on the GG, and then the control instructions for a lot of modifications, results in a few days later found the GG price and income on how, to adjust my ideas come and share with you now.

PS expert even into the "money lane"

chose the ad, knew the best ad channel, and then chose the displayed ad, >

Li Feng is 24 years old this year, the university is chemistry, "with the decoration eight pole not hit a." From his own hobby, he has been interested in the research of Photoshop and other graphic software, and he likes it very much for FLASH. When I was in college, the students all knew that he liked computers, bought computers, installed computers, and so on. He was also willing to help. Later, there was a girl in the class who opened an online shop selling jewelry and asked Li Feng to help her "decorate"". "I thought it was quite new. The shop wasn’t just a bunch of pictures up there. What’s the technique?"."

because public praise is good, Li Feng’s business is getting more and more fire, and more and more busy, busy even holidays are gone. "It was a good business. A moonlight earned more than 3000 yuan in my spare time. It was higher than my salary."." Later, Li Feng simply resigned, "anyway, I also like to be an otaku."

Hard to stand for three years experience

unknowingly climbed the Internet for 3 years, has done several garbage stations, traffic from tens to tens of thousands have. But K’s K, the advertising Union, is black. Money is not earned, but is a mess of their own, originally wanted to run a formal industry station, and finally did not make it.

now finally repent, by doing garbage station is never out for the head, so back to do their own design my website. I finally built my website today. Just add resources later. Before, I was a rookie webmaster, the reason why I used to be rookie, because my webmaster experience to a certain extent, then can not inch into. Not now. After a few days of effort. It made me learn a lot. Learn from Tencent and surpass it in imitation. I’m not making money this time. It’s about improving your ability to see if I can do it. I just want to prove one thing. Proof: only pay, can get repayment. Prove the deepest meaning of this sentence. Network business, although hard, I did not say I did not fail, because I am not afraid. I tried it myself. If you don’t try, chances are 0. To the ego, I have tried it now. I tried. There are still opportunities for success. It’s just small. I will not give up any chance that only 1/10000 is possible.

remembers the first stop was www.wozaixiao.com.cn. Every day I stare at the website and feel like my own child. I can’t tell the joy of seeing it. Then I send my address to friends on QQ and MSN, and let them play on my website. Watching the flow of the website rises day by day, I feel a sense of achievement. But I found the website traffic good times don’t last long, suddenly no, then check out the reason. I just know it’s Baidu K. Think of me then. Just funny. Now the view: do not stand so easily, and rely on QQ and MSN above hair is not possible. Depend on many aspects. Website optimization, website promotion, to understand the SEO. A lot of Web site construction problems, whether it is planning, construction or promotion, there are many problems.

now I made progress, not 1 years ago I was, for some improved methods of their own, the first statement of our proposed method may not be comprehensive, but on the other hand also reflects the defects existing in the process of website. I see the opportunities from the Baidu games, learn from Tencent, and surpass them in imitation. A good website is created like this. Everything is done by yourself: website planning, website layout, website art, website program, page code, neat link, website optimization, website promotion, website filing. Wait a series of questions. You can do it yourself. Of course, I can’t write programs, but I’ll change them. New cloud boss also said. As long as you change the program, do not count your infringement. I really found himself is the all rounder. Oh, but also want to thank all my friends praise you, praise to me, I am very grateful to look up, really let my vanity to be satisfied, but I was calm, "

I was fooled by the World Wide Web

day in March 7th, I came to a domain name expired in disorderly fashion website, with a look, No. 8 has many 3 domain names expire, so I want to rely on the good domain name registration, until four I started (when the domain name expired four start can register). I went to the world wide web, put my favorite 4v5.cn registration look, registration, web and no tip can not be registered, I put the information right, he also send mail to inform my registration, I will pay by Alipay, I am happy to what a good registration, then more than a few registered (Rookie do not know the competitive domain, so… Are…)! Web to inform me, I have to pay for a long time, so he didn’t see the mail that you have successfully registered, I think tomorrow will have, it was already five in the morning, I went to bed. Second days Up or not to see, perhaps I really cheated, and now bring evidence to you, please be careful later,





hope you will be careful later, although this money is nothing, but still despise the world wide, I hope you no longer like me, ha,


How do you want to set up the correct location

want to succeed in business need to have certain conditions, with the conditions also have a certain opportunity, the success of the business must be inseparable from the weather, geography and people and. Once the investor decides to start a business, it is necessary to have a comprehensive investigation of the selected sites.

1. transportation facilities. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well.

2. close to the place where people gather. Such as theaters, cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment, or near large factories, organs, which can attract pedestrians, on the other hand, easy to make the customer remember the location of the store.

3. select a place where the population is growing rapidly. The development of enterprises, residential areas and municipalities will bring more customers to the store and make it more potential for development.

4. to select the side of a smaller side or obstacles. In many cases, the pedestrians in order to cross the road, so concentrate on to avoid the vehicle or other pedestrians, while ignoring the side of the shop.

5. select the spontaneous formation of a market segment. In the long run, a street market will spontaneously form a sale of certain commodities "market", in fact, for those goods shops, if it can be concentrated in a certain area or block, more can attract customers. Because people think of buying a commodity will naturally think of this place.

6. according to the operating content to select the address. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Some shops require a large flow of people in the area, such as clothing stores, small supermarkets, but not all the shops are open for the huge crowds of people places, such as health shops and service centers for the elderly, is suitable in the remote and quiet place.

7. stores opened in the vicinity of the famous chain stores or brands, and even can be opened next to it. Strong and commercial buildings, hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies, 24 hours coffee shops, teahouses, bars, schools, banks, post offices, laundry, print shops, community service centers, community cultural and Sports Center, set off the brand stores and public places adjacent. For example, if you want to run a restaurant, you will open the shop around McDonald’s and kfc. Because of these famous foreign fast food shop in the choice before have done a lot of detailed market survey, next to their shop, not only can save time and energy on the site, but also can make use of the brand "they were" more customers.

8. is located in the business center street. The East-West north-south Street South Street best; the best sit east of the west, as far as possible in the northwest corner of the crossroads. In addition, the trigeminal junction is a good place; in the slope of the road is not desirable; road and shop floor height can not be too wide. < >

Food and beverage industry development will be affected by what factors

a lot of industry all the way to develop, there have been a lot of problems, some of the traditional industries do not have to say, today, with the small series to see what the development of food and beverage industry will be affected by what factors. Find out the reason, is conducive to people continue to move forward.

two reasons: the catering industry to join the capital bottleneck. Capital is the blood of the enterprise, for the food and beverage industry, this blood is a treasure. Good   benefits, and blood is not enough, poor efficiency, it is necessary in a timely manner, the blood of the. The so-called "steady development" of rolling type can only support the family, the accumulation of funds is a little "Long March", it is difficult to reflect the benefits on the scale.

three reasons: catering to join the talent bottleneck industry. The quality of food and beverage practitioners joined the low, because the whole community food and beverage education has been a problem, and we are not aware of, or even aware of the indifferent. Food and beverage industry to join the crisis is serious, especially grassroots, frontline staff recruitment is very difficult. Now the whole society to improve the level of education and culture, people are yearning for a good and respected occupation, while catering to join the service of precisely this weak, lack of competitiveness in the fight for talent, so difficult to hire, hire people who are not of high quality.


The success of the O2O transformation plan of chain enterprises

O2O "and all walks of life are intertwined," entered the era of electricity providers, industry reform and innovation can keep pace with the times, chain enterprises in O2O transformation plan, and this transformation can really achieve?

1. pain point one: store electricity supplier experience store.

for modern chain stores is still a major source of corporate profits, but the performance of traditional stores has been the impact of the electricity supplier was devastated; and for enterprise development, business and investment channels is a must. This is the biggest pain point of traditional chain enterprises.

2. pain point two: store customers into the store volume, and the loss rate is high.

traditional chain stores, mostly in the downtown area and the bustling business district, the daily store traffic in a continuous line, but often do not have to purchase, customer loss; even have contributed to the purchase, the two purchase rate is relatively small; sometimes stores customers sincere service at the service, has become the enterprise customers shop.

3. three pain points: chain stores store operations, marketing and customer data is difficult to control.

traditional chain stores, each store store operations, it is difficult to collect large data marketing headquarters and stores all customer information, sometimes the error report, affect the accurate decision-making and operation.

4. pain point four: poor chain store sales.

traditional chain stores, with homogeneous business competition, especially in recent years by the impact of online shopping, pay high rents in enterprises and personnel costs.

What are the problems that need to pay attention to


entrepreneurs entrepreneurship should pay attention to things, especially for those entrepreneurs who first venture, because for the first time entrepreneurs lack of entrepreneurial experience, in short, whether it is for what kind of entrepreneurs, need considering various, let’s take a look!

on personal business, I believe you can for having heard it many times. But the difficulty of starting a business, the boss of the hardships, that is what you know the boss. What should you pay attention to when you start a business? What should pay attention to when starting a business?

A, individual entrepreneurs, to choose the industry. Select the industry, looks very simple, the three hundred and sixty line, the line out of the champion, the line that can do the results, the effect. In fact, in the stage of individual entrepreneurship, select the industry has a great impact on personal development. Any industry, he is not an independent existence, a lot of projects derived from each other. This is what we often say the industry chain.

two, individual entrepreneurs, to select the right place. Find their own market, to win the development of space.

three, individual entrepreneurs, to choose the appropriate helper and partners. The three friends moved the story and I think we are very clear, choose a good partner, is the foundation of success. The comprehensive quality is good, the social experience is rich, and the social resources are the foundation of the investigation.

What should the

DF ice cream to join details

dessert has always been dubbed can bring people happy food, ice cream is the sister’s favorite. Changes in the consumption habits of young people, making ice cream into a hot selling products throughout the year. The choice of shopping can not be less ice cream. So what is the best choice of ice cream stores? Xiao Bian recommended for you DF ice cream.

DF ice cream (DAIRY FAIRY) is dephone Holdings (International) dephone era commercial chain Limited operates a soft ice cream brand. Adhering to " create surprise, pass pleasure " brand philosophy, culture and spirit of the standard DF ice cream with innovative diverse tastes, fashion personality space experience, happy service, continuously for consumers to bring fresh consumer experience, open the amazing taste buds tour, " International Association of business unit of ice cream " honor.

"whole store output" joined the system 360° support

according to the International Franchise Association (IFA) survey report pointed out that local entrepreneurial success rate is 36%, while the global franchise chain store business success rate is 96%. Thus, the investment franchise chain store is to ensure that the trend of profitability.

DF ice cream to many years of successful chain operation experience, to create "entire shop output" mode, copy the successful model, one-stop service franchisees, and continue to provide guidance and support for the terminal operators to join the business, so you can shop, with you to fortune


1, service phase

professional consulting and audit service given location location;

professional design team responsible for store design, decoration work, unified VI visual identity;

technical team is responsible for the installation and commissioning of equipment and software system;

2, construction support

to join the recruitment of staff to provide 7 days of the system of " business integrated training and evaluation of " the national uniform service standards, marketing tools, service language, post qualification;

provides a set of DF ice cream shop operating manual;

chain service team to provide professional advice and guidance;

3, opening support

provides 5 days of on-site supervision and support (sales and service, management and management, software and hardware operations, etc.);


Infant clothing store money skills

infant clothing store profits high? Really make money? Many beginners are interested in this question. After all, the prospects for the future of the children’s industry is hot, if you can seize the golden opportunity, then the development is bound to smooth. Xiao Bian provides a few business advice, hoping to help franchisees easy suction gold.

in the clothing market, infant clothing has always been a sensitive area, because this class is different from the men’s and women’s clothing, fabric styles dominated. First, we must consider the infant clothing is not fabric style, but the safety factor, safety standards is the most important thing in the management of infant clothing. Cotton infant clothing has been hot, because in our view, pure cotton is safe and comfortable natural sign, and in recent years has been about green clothes and fabrics, consumers are more recognized.

related recommendations

Help customer will let shops have more loyal customers

if a shop is really from the perspective of customers, the customer would like to think, but also help customer, believe such shops will be highly recognized by the customers, and make the business of the shop get a greater degree of security. In short, the customer will be anxious to make the store more and more loyal customers, business will be better and better.

there are some taxis parked in front of my shop. These taxi drivers are mostly home elsewhere, but in my shop near by. Occasionally, these drivers come in to buy a bottle of water, or buy a box of cigarettes. If stopped a long time, they will come to me through the basin, used for cleaning cloth.

at this time, I always eager to lend their own things, but also help them to draw water, they politely say thank you, I always smiled and said: "don’t mention it, when you use their own home." The benefits of doing so in the coming days let me harvest quite.

these drivers have become my home customers, as long as they drove to my house this time, buy cigarettes, buy water to ensure that I shop. What impressed me most is that they also recommend my store colleagues when they took to the field of passengers, passengers that want to buy goods but I do not know where to buy, will be keen to keep my recommendation to them, and bring them to my home.

In fact, the

owner did not pay how much sacrifice, but the needs of the customers in the real, standing on the point of view of the customer, provide the services they need for their business, will make such hot. So, if the shop to do business, but also need to consider more from the customer point of view.