Four aspects of the simulation engine analysis of web search keywords

search engine to crawl in a web URL, it requires the URL content classification. So how to categorize according to what

2, inside and outside the station will tell you what is the web search engine in highlighting what, everybody can A5 love Shanghai related domain analysis (domain:www.admin5贵族宝贝} and specific anchor text links are and webmaster information about

picture 4 in web pages, ALT tag is an important basis for judging the web information, there is no specific picture of the A5 home page, but the importance of the ALT tag is still there.

; This paper first ;

is not difficult to think about:

A5, natural needless to say, the brand name, "A5 webmaster net", is about to repeat the webmaster information, "will see the webmaster site once again to the webmaster, keywords and description tags do not have to say, repeatedly mentioned the webmaster and Related words about the webmaster.

imitation of the Shanghai dragon thinking, so we can imagine that if you are the embodiment of the search engine spiders, then you will confirm the keywords of a web page to show the

1, from the web page title tags, Keywords tag and description tag these three labels to find the answer, we look at three major labels:

?For example: The anchor text of ?In fact,

3, "the keyword density is an important symbol of" outstanding judgment information, the word "A5" in "webmaster" density is about 1.6%

Admin5 Is a very important and very practical method of Shanghai dragon

: 贵族宝贝yumofang贵族宝贝 please keep

贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/ this website search engine preferred domain, from which to judge the content of the page is about the owners need

from what?The

Website ranking recovery analysis test results

second: adhere to the blog, every day to write an article, then let this blog post on A5 platform, must be included, so as to allow search engines to quickly find our website for updates, especially home, if there is no platform included (that is A5, the owners of the house, here it refers to the place) then, is to find a way in the forums reproduced, anyway, until there is some included posts in such a day or second days, these updates must be included, probably will crawl home every day, once the search engines form a habit, then great benefits to us, this adjustment, help to my future ranking the more stable and more.

third: adhere to the observation of a competitor’s site, they see what is in the front row, but through the observation of these days, I feel a lot of my colleagues is brush up, they may. "

said yesterday I was how to deal with, in fact "the simple method" practice test analysis of website ranking in the post recovery I said, mainly is the home page of the update, because my station is static station, home page is not updated for a long time, this is the problem, although don’t see it. However, for a long time, the problem is becoming more and more intensified, the problem is more and more, no way, yesterday I use CSS style to do a simple way of updating, is fetching in source code directly to, then copy the past, updated so fast, a lot of results, this day Shanghai update the ranking, recovered a lot, all in the top three, but may be due to love Shanghai Netcom and telecom updates are not synchronized, there are points, here I also said, I found two problems, one is Now love Shanghai have a big update at the end of the month, so the server must not appear at the end of the month, check in advance, there is a line in the station, the best deal before the end of the month, as long as submitted, included the possibility of a large, there is a previously said, Netcom and Telecom, the search engine is not synchronized and other search engines have found, but love Shanghai so often.

first, the home is to manually update, let search engines often to grab, not afraid of trouble, no way, who let the site is static. But now I use the way or a lot easier, but also did not publish an article here, where synchronization is good, don’t ask for too much.

is now finding the root of the problem, the following is to maintain a good, I was planning to.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, a few days ago, said the actual web design official website ranking drop, after testing, found the problem, today’s results, you should structure itself yesterday, but due to server problems, doing data recovery, only yesterday to spare some time, processing optimization the problem was, today snapshot grabbed, ranking has been restored, but not all the problems are solved, the problem is still, so today also said the following should be how to deal with.

On the six misunderstandings of e-commerce website page Shanghai dragon optimization

remember, even if some other company’s products, you must spend in mind in the product description.

because the producers know their products, so it is very attractive.


4, using automatic description generator (text generator)

does not need to delete.

large-scale original product description (especially the series of products are you constantly updated) very time-consuming, but over time, you will reap the full return of the Shanghai dragon.

keyword density is an outdated concept, not so important, it is not so ideal. As long as the use of effective keywords in the content (if you not sure, try to read aloud) do not have to worry about the problem of density. Semantic search is very real, within a short time and will not be eliminated out of date.

translator: high proofreading:

information team

here is an example of Amazon, teach you how to do. This is a black Friday Amazon URL (https://www.amazon贵族宝贝/Black-Friday/), a short period of time to obtain the authority. Black Friday selling season when Amazon will update the web page.

yuan Shuai Wenning1, the use of 6,

3, while "keyword density"

fight a lone battle

takes every detail into the market of the Shanghai dragon team, let it become a habit rather than a burden.


at the same time, other transactions are also displayed for consumer choice.

2, as long as the selling period is over, then delete the seasonal "

this is the electronic commerce website of Shanghai dragon optimization often mistake.

, however, do you not only face the risk of duplicating the contents of punishment, at the same time you lost authority.

but in the long run, you will soon find that the user participation rate decreased, it also decreased the organic search rankings.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization needs different people together cooperation will be successful.

and your development team, UX team and other experts (such as paid search and social cooperation).


year seasonal "play a role in a very short time, so the behoove seems to be deleted. However, if you do so, every year you must be used to obtain the necessary authority to exhaust all the skills to rank, it will be too late.

in the short term, automatic description generator (text generator) can greatly save time.

manufacturers on the web products

Amoy website life is to create value for customersTaobao customer marketing strategy a a short time

today, sesame said some of the more common promotion methods here, as well as Taobao customers attention, and not like the other articles that promise you can make a lot of money, but as long as the operating according to this method, it is to earn money.

3. web content is lacking in value

in addition, the promotion should pay attention to some unscrupulous stores, because many shopkeepers will leave a connection in the instructions, and then even to other stores, other pages. So you’re doing propaganda for him in vain.

2. website form lack of innovation

, the relative management loopholes, but there is a certain market goods. Because many customers do Taobao, so if you do such as clothing, shoes and other goods, the competition will be relatively large, so the selected classification is very important, do not blindly follow. Others make shoes to make money, not necessarily you will make money, choose your own classification, you should concentrate on doing, do not consider other projects, stick to it, always make money.

this is the current station most fatal. Station’s intention is to provide useful information for the users, to help users understand the products, better selection of high quality and inexpensive, good beer, more targeted to choose their own products. But now most of the station, on the user experience is very poor, can not provide useful information for the user, but simply direct advertising to the user, to the user links, allowing users to directly purchase. Such sites can not create value for users and society, can not stick to the user, even if there is a transaction, it is difficult to have repeat customers.

In addition to

didn’t have a relatively high weight in a field, as a result of care for this and lose that nothing. Recommend that you concentrate on a project, and then concentrate on doing his best. For example, you do digital, from promotion to the page, all digital, in this way, in a field can get very good weight, and then promote some peripheral, gradually developed.

1. sites tends to flood

I see a lot of the navigation station, basically 2/3 sites are very similar, but some local is not the same, even more people will directly produce visual fatigue. Again, last year began to fire up a single page, "so and so products list", but also stereotyped. sh419 spider love what? Love the original. So much the same guest station, a copycat one, don’t say spiders trouble, users see also annoying. Since it is the online free stuff, then its value is not afraid, so you don’t like "free" this cheap.

station in the future

the first thing to note is the promotion of the time should not be too greedy, because many of the members will be a one-time promotion of a lot of classification, digital, clothing, cosmetics and other classification, due to too much, cause unable to concentrate on doing a project.

there’s another point. Don’t always pick High Commission items. A lot of goods to the Commission is very high, 50%, 30%, etc., but the price is too high, members will not buy. For example, to sell QB, the owner to 50% Commission, sold 2 yuan and the owner to 10% Commission, sold 0.5 yuan. Nature should choose the latter, although the former Commission is very high, but there will be no performance, so we need to choose the right commodity to do promotion, not excessive desire for commission.

therefore, when the promotion, pay attention to see the shop, choose more reputable shops, pay attention to see whether each store’s goods are really in sale, to prevent unscrupulous stores.

, a station of

1. should not be big and full, but should concentrate on small and refined. Big >


286shequ/ is a website about Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site exchange community, Huan.


why? I believe you now just go to sh419 search keywords and shopping related, then there will be a variety of guest station, even some people feel tired. What is the cause of this situation? Many people are home mom billboard the so-called high-income people confused, determined to do guest will earn a lot of money, and then started his guest then a group of a group of new friends to Amoy industry crowded. Furthermore, listen to the so-called expert experience of predecessors, is it must have a website to do guest, which led to the station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out, now has reached epidemic levels. This cake is so big, can eat the cake in front of those people is certainly just contact. So, in other words, the market has been the trend of the Tao station in saturated.


now more and more people money off station also more and more. One of the most intuitive feeling is that A5 Wangzhuan plate article, click to make money, make money for a class survey are almost extinct, more than 90% of the article is how to do that in the Taobao customer. In the station, make sure not to make money but There are plenty of people who, or do not make money is also not a few. What is the status of the guest station? What are the bottlenecks and difficulties in its development? The future development trends and how is it? These are all we need to quietly thinking.

The number of

with Ali’s mother’s hot, Taobao customers seem to become the best platform for small and medium-sized Adsense to make money. Because Taobao customers no threshold, no cost, simple operation, many people gradually joined the Taobao customers. Of course, there are still a lot of people who really make money, but that’s a small part. Can really make money, there are a few? Inside a flop, or more. The key is a lot of people, and even have not yet understood what Taobao customers, and no hesitation into the industry, it can be said how reckless.

Little red book founder how to make products in 90 after explosion red

[Abstract] in Mao Wenchao’s view, the key to attracting users is to move users and meet their core needs.

"our Slogan is’ finding good things abroad.". Little red book hopes to help 85, 90, these represent the next generation of China’s consumer groups, to find the world’s good things."

as a 100% mobile Internet Co, the little red book APP combines the community and electricity supplier features, users can share or find through the community, Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe and the world’s good products. Products through the "Welfare Club" function, to provide users with a good buy electricity supplier channels.

below is the conversation between Mao Wenchao, founder of Zhi Xin and little red book:

how does little red book attract female users, especially in the "post 90s" group? "Red explosion"?

currently 90% of our users are women, 50% of whom are 90. In my opinion, the key to attracting users is to move users and meet their core needs.

simple, enhance the young generation consumption ability Chinese, hoping to find some more, lifestyle and his own life to cognitive commodities, but in the domestic counter category of Goods Co., Taobao and other platforms are more dragons and fishes jumbled together sellers, consumers want to buy a global commodity.

even if shopping abroad, shopping knowledge is relatively scarce. For example, I used to go to the drugstore in Japan, but because cannot read, the language of cosmetic limited understanding of other reasons, even know that there are a lot of good stuff cosmetic shop, but did not do their homework in advance, it will not start.

first meets the needs of people who have been shopping abroad before, to share shopping experiences, or to live abroad and tell them what is worth buying.

we’re also constantly learning ways of thinking about women: "joining the wish list is like buying something", "even if you can’t buy that much, you’re constantly adding a shopping cart."". In the process of continuous learning, we find that girls do a lot of homework in shopping, and the sum and share of shopping knowledge has never been done before.

so I think the right time to provide a right product for a right crowd is the reason why the little red book moved users. The so-called "red explosion", just because at a specific point in time (such as June 6th), we have done a series of market activities, so that more people know us, understand us. In fact, before that, there were already many 90 women using the little red book and silently liked us for a long time.

red book was founded early on how to grab the user, the first batch of users how to come,


has been out of the country, and shopping is an important trip, so you need to do your work before you go

Learn the three work two.

a lot of people feel that the work is not enough money to spend, want to work, the use of some idle time to do a little business, while working on the side of entrepreneurship is not impossible, but we should pay attention to some methods. If you want to work while starting a business, you can try the following tips:

the starting point to


Daily, weekly and monthly goals goals set realistic

you now have to set their own work schedule, you have to do is to start the actual work. After continuous attempts and adjustments, I found myself set three goals can improve efficiency. These three goals are daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals.


Small and medium enterprises like six hot and sour powder

restaurant snack market has been a hot selling industry, the majority of consumers, the market prospects, want to in the market occupies a position, we must make the top market for their own. Therefore, in order to get a better understanding of the good and bad of the project, we have to learn how to distinguish the good and bad of the project. Snacks to join, hi six hot and sour powder in the support of information technology tools to get scientific management, the real realization of resource optimization, information synchronization, smooth line, one stop in place. Shop on the election hi six hot and sour powder, there are more opportunities to make money, to create a more challenging job.

company to achieve the effectiveness of special snack supply chain logistics system gradually and smoothly, keeping up with fashion trends, frequent updates and more choice, the use of the unique design to create a unique appeal to buyers, thereby greatly increasing the customer preference and loyalty to the special snack, one-stop consumer. Let buyers enjoy a healthy world.

hi six hot and sour powder once came out, and quickly won the praise of small and medium chain, huge market profit, a heart, a very return, set off a new upsurge of cooperation. Enterprise development over the years have the results of the development of the current investor support is to make life better development concept. Now the characteristics of the popular snack market all the way, the company will be based on customer demand, to create more features snacks fashion new. One more attention, and the pursuit of excellence, Seiko secret agents!

snack food franchise, like six Hot and Sour Rice Noodles Qiangde on wealth. The main form of franchising, better life service concept, in good faith to create a market vertical brand, reputation, create a good opportunity to get rich is a good cause of many small and medium-sized operators and the characteristics of snacks. Hi six hot and sour powder to achieve the ideal products in today’s market, the daily sales continue to improve, has become the most popular in the market today, the characteristics of snacks.

if you like the six hot and sour powder snacks to join more satisfied, and would like to continue to understand the project or have the intention to join, please visit our website below the message.

The investment project Hardshell Crab pot cool Bobby worth

cool Bobby attractive Hardshell Crab pot to join the project, which attracts the attention of many chowhound. Businesses see this project so prosperous, naturally also want to invest in. Choose the brand project, you can rest assured. Because the product is good, the headquarters of the strength of strong, can guarantee your success, quickly come to know.

Babylon Hardshell Crab pot is not only a good cool delicious project characteristics, it also pays attention to health, Bobby Hardshell Crab will burn precious Chinese medicine into the cool soup, it is not only delicious, nourishing beauty is the perfect choice. Cool Bobby Hardshell Crab burn fat crabs, many types, add chicken, shrimp and other delicious, authentic flavor, taste fragrant, let chowhound are unable to hide greeds.

Babylon Hardshell Crab pot franchisee feel cool, behind the enterprise senior years, catering enterprise actual operation ability, absolutely should not be underestimated, sitting on the store experience is very rich, can give a good guidance to investors. Choice is to choose Hardshell Crab pot cool Bobby joined with the strength of enterprises, turnover rate of Taiwan, a safe road shop chain stand properly revenue continuously.

Babylon Hardshell Crab headquarter cool pot according to the market demand, the launch of this delicacy project. As long as you are satisfied with this project, can be assured to do investment business. Headquarters will provide a full range of business security, so you can easily gain a good profit, do not worry about business problems, and quickly join the entrepreneurial team!

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What are the skills to successfully join a fast food restaurant

would continue to speed up the pace of life, let the people’s way of life style and diet has undergone great changes, in order to meet the fast-paced life of fast food, fast food nutrition more and more developed in the market, get more consumer recognition. If you want to start on the road easier, you may wish to choose a more popular fast food brands to join, so you will have a more smooth start. Want to open a shop to do the boss, joined the fast food restaurant also need to master the three tips.

1, store address is very important. The choice of the store should be determined according to the operating position of fast food franchise stores, according to the crowd you choose the most appropriate address, as much as possible to occupy a larger market. For example, you intend to open a small, simple management of fast food franchise, you can choose in the community, commercial street, schools and other places.

2, fast food stores to distinctive features. Fast food stores feature not only in the taste of the food itself, also can be introduced such as There is much fineness in do, meat collocation of assorted packages. Fast food franchise service quality, as well as the food environment also has an important impact on the formation of fast food franchise.

3, to provide quality services. The most important is the service business fast food franchise tips in the most, and the customer is always the fast-food franchise Yisifumu, especially the old customers, they can not only bring the subsequent consumption continues, the more important is that they can bring a good reputation for you. Gold silver cup as reputation, good reputation, the number of customers has become more and more, the market is more and more big, your business will be more prosperous.

is a fast-food business quality and location have a great connection, good location can have more guests, so we should pay more attention to the location, storefront location choice and your service attitude, is directly related to consumers’ evaluation of your store. Considerate and thoughtful service attitude, will allow you to retain a lot of repeat customers, but also to attract more new customers to your store. Master these three business, you do not worry about the store profit.

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Returning migrant workers rely on electricity supplier once again out of the mountains

from the fruit rot in the ground, to the country shipped in short supply, the benefits of e-commerce to rural farmers can be more than that. At present, Taobao has been in rural areas in rural areas to create a new marketing channels.


37 year old migrant workers Cai Maolin is Fengjie County Cao Tang Zhen Zhu Ping Cun rural Taobao shop shop is his partner, lucky won the Taobao rural "double 11" in the first season of "the arrival of the first single".

"entrepreneurs have to go." The establishment of the Fengjie and Cai Maolin put all sorts of things together, Ting Agriculture Co. Ltd. in Longhua Shan Cai Jia Ping Li, planting and cultivation of kiwifruit seedlings, planting area of nearly more than and 600 acres.