Build a start-up company in the form of a pyramid scheme……Taobao alliance mid autumn day activit

2. takes part in activities as early as possible to boost promotion revenue.

, the beauty told her, "this project sounds like a pyramid scheme, but my brother has to listen to her.". The name of the project is called the five order three. Popular around the world, the model has won the Nobel prize HA HA, and now Amway is using this capital incubator model.

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wins the prize small Cheats:

during this period, different members can have different dividends. And the final out, their earnings can be about to get 10 million 400 thousand yuan.


1, events registration time: September 13th to September 30th

, founder of Fu Niu Tong

‘s brother, A, contacted brother. He ran a good project in Ji’nan and made a lot of money. Brother asked what the project is, A Jun speech is very mysterious, said to know.

, A asked his brother Jun, said the project is not very exciting, but want to look at the "organization" can also have what strokes. A Jun confidently tell elder brother, today brother see only mode, but don’t know what people are doing, let elder brother and review two days.

September 13th -9 30, the new promotion integrated channel users, as long as the transaction will send cash 10 yuan

that day, at dinner, Mr. A called everyone in his group to cook together. At this time, only to find a few old friends are in the know, everyone cooking, playing cards, chatting, unconsciously brother forgot, this is in a pyramid scheme organization.

model is: to 3300 yuan as a unit, a share, each time to buy 21 shares, or 69300 yuan, to pay 500 yuan management fee, you can join the organization become a star member. Each member can develop three offline, offline also pay 69300 yuan. When developing over three line, will be upgraded to become star members, each of the same three referrals to develop three members, when the three line are full, before the two members will become Samsung membership upgrade. And so on, until this small system developed to about 800 people, the top five members can be out, take money, cash withdrawals.

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specific activities detailed rules

The specific form of

is about beauty, also saw the elder brother’s joking, so quickly got up to leave. Not long, and has an uncle, a teenage boy, an aunt and brother came to chat.

arrived in Ji’nan, and Mr. A took his brother to a community in Ji’nan. Not long after, A took a graceful figure of women came to brother on the project.

brother squinted at the beauty in front of brother with beautiful enough to feast the eyes, heart thought this project is far less attractive in front of roaring waves.

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new promotion integrated channel users have 7 consecutive days of turnover, 7 days turnover of more than 200 yuan, and then bonus cash 100 yuan,

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awards setting:

3. be sure to sign up as requested. Replies registration information is activity appraisal basis, earnestly fills in the registration information.

A friend of

has had an experience with a MLM organization.

1., multi-channel, a variety of ways to promote integrated channels.

double Awards: by our great commission bonuses back home

second days, A began to bring his brother in the district

one big prize: promotion of integrated channels, earn lucrative Commission

elder brother listens to, happy, didn’t he meet the legendary pyramid selling? So, elder brother happily bought to Ji’nan of motor car ticket. Because, curious, how does a pyramid selling organization brainwash people?.

new and old customers washed off, double gold back home

What hardships does an entrepreneur experienceRice God Allen Lin gamble cross-border selling sauce,


fifth: recruit bad character employees

everyone wants to be the boss, but the boss’s position is not good at all. On the road of starting an undertaking, the entrepreneur has 10 hardships, just like 10 high mountains. Only by reading them can they succeed in business.


from the data, his start-up company runs very fast. Rice sauce sauce on May 11th this year, on-line, 2 hours sold 30 thousand bottles, on-line two months, sales of over ten million. In August this year, rice Ye 83 million yuan to complete the B round of financing, valuation reached 360 million yuan, investors including H Capital, Sichuan Taihe Group, Hefei Yan Zhuang Edible Oil Co. Ltd., Shanghai Qinghong Gu Yi Investment Management Center, Shanghai on the scene


sat down to interview, asked him if he was wearing a suit, but he shouted, "I don’t, too formal!" then he went to the locker room quickly for casual wear.


to remind and demonstration, Allen Lin has made a variety of expressions, a meditation, shine with happiness and laughter. Finally, a group of photos, he is back on the desk in Western dress and leather shoes, arms crossed in front of her, also deliberately put on a pair of circular frame plane mirror, is like a businessman. After taking pictures, he did not forget his narcissism and ridicule: "you’ve made such a handsome entrepreneur before?"

second: where is the road,

third: be questioned by investors

fourth: employees suck

hard to find the money and do things with brothers, products are hard grinding out, but the results may not get the public recognition, may be said to be a niche demand, even by the user’s program, for entrepreneurs, this is inevitable, which is a successful product to identify the user needs? The team continue to modify the products, continue to progress, one day will be successful

eighth: public opinion pressure

not only virtuous staff at best mediocre, but non talented German employees are absolutely the time bomb enterprise, team long efforts may just because a person of poor quality of employees betrayal as entrepreneurs, cast to waste, Huiyanshizhu is an essential skill.

as an entrepreneur, if you meet the clients for you? Said the best way is to put up with the truth, is difficult because of their strength is not enough, and their increasingly powerful, fair treatment will follow the.


said that after 70, 80, the courage to fight hard fight only after 90 entrepreneurs start empty-handed competition of family background, lack most is money, no money is hard enough to find good people, can not continue, as the first mountain of entrepreneurship.

suits can be changed. Business has become his life. Today, Allen Lin is also a businessman.

which entrepreneurs are not investors questioned? Not being questioned investors, close relatives and friends also often question the things you do before you succeed, can only endure the pain, maybe this is the only way which must be passed every entrepreneur

star cross-border business is not what happens, Quan Ren, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming jointly founded the StarVC foundation, Huang Xiaoming and his wife Angelababy holds its own investment office Minca capital and AB Capital, Zhao Wei because the investment in film and television, and even been labeled "Warren" label.

Abstract: from the data point of view, his start-up company runs very fast. Rice sauce sauce on May 11th this year, on-line, 2 hours sold 30 thousand bottles, on-line two months, sales of over ten million. August this year, rice ye B round of financing 83 million yuan, the valuation reached 360 million yuan.

seventh: customers make things difficult for

‘s influence in the business world is not as easy as building a career in the music world. From the shake to certainty, from the layman to sponge learning, this is a good sample of cross-border entrepreneurial star.

however, this step is a little big. At first, Allen Lin was not psychologically prepared or even confused about the identity of the business man. When he was called "Lin Dong, Lin Zong", he felt awkward and often said, "call me" according to the wheel".

entrepreneurship is a creation

sixth: products are not recognized by the market

No. 1: no money,

IT believes that the "road" ears should be determined in the money before, but if the road is very clear that anyone can go, sometimes it is because we do not understand, entrepreneurs in a daze insisted, after the success of a look back, oh, I had to catch up with what what the trend, so I succeeded.

different is, Allen Lin chose to start a business, he is fast consumer brand "rice Ye" founder. Before the start, he is a healthy sunshine on the stage to show people the image of the singer, he acted as his twenty years career summary — no scandal, has more than 100 songs out of ten on the album, a dozen times the Spring Festival gala. In addition, he also plays stage, musical, film, television, as host, in 2007, he starred in a musical show in the United States Broadway for a month.

most entrepreneurs feel unnatural when they’re in front of the camera, but Allen Lin won’t.

?In fact,

God is not afraid of the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates, some employees suck even, it may also drag back the team, if an employee is always to work, a negative attitude as the founder, please dismiss him, this passionate entrepreneurial business can be negative, what he can do

Say about the web site construction experience and method of chain

has done website friend all know, the construction of the chain outside the website is a long-term arduous task. Since Baidu and Google hit the link business, it’s not possible to raise the chain by buying links, but a normal link and site directory link is okay. This article is about the content of the web site outside the chain, we do not look at, I believe there will be some harvest.

one, similar websites exchange friendship links. This is also the most primitive, but very effective way to do the chain. Now Baidu and Google crack down on link sales, but content related sites exchange links, in addition to building high quality chains, sometimes they can also get sizable traffic sources.

two, high-quality website release, with links, soft text. Now there are a lot of soft Wen release media, to 20-50 yuan price in high-quality web site release soft Wen, a good soft Wen in good website release, will cause a lot of forwarding, and bring a lot of the chain. The news source site if the effect will be more obvious, the SEO role is not to be small in China, but the release price will be more expensive, the more demanding. Of course, for individual webmaster, recommend cooperation to find some similar related websites for free, in fact many large web sites have cooperation with small website, if you have work station, not a waste of resources, when they find you, you have to write a few articles to help you out.

three, a blog, chain. In the major blog platform open blog, do the chain is also an old way. Along with all kinds of blog, the chain of mass tools, the way to build the chain also gradually toward the end, the major blog platform is not vegetarian, take many mechanisms to curb this behavior. However, some large blogs, such as Sina, NetEase, Tianya and so on, are still quite impressive. It is suggested that you also take advantage of the relevant resources you have accumulated.

four, links platform exchange. This kind of platform can increase the chain of our website. It also increases the visibility of our website. Moreover, when the information is released, others can link to your website via the way you leave it. Can also be regarded as a very good method of publishing the chain. A5, Chinaz and other webmaster platform has a special friendship link exchange section, when you have nothing to do, you can find the right link for exchange.

five, install bookmarks, favorites and social sharing tools. Bookmarks QQ bookmarks, Baidu search… Social sharing tools, cloud recommendation, Baidu recommend… By installing them on their website, they can get a certain amount of external links and considerable traffic.

six, site navigation, directory submission. If you can let hao123, 360, 2345 navigation site included, then, whether in the chain or flow have great use. Of course, the difficulty is great, you can go back to the next, you can submit your own web site to those non classified directory submitted, can establish a long-term stable outside the chain. The DMOZ directory is also available for submission, >

Yishui solve the frequent problems in website operation

when we do the website, we will eventually encounter many problems, below I will analyze how to solve these problems (there are wrong places, welcome to point out, there is a problem, need to exchange)

1, web site was implicated,

web server or Links encountered in the operation of the site being punished, our own website implicated in how to do? I believe many people have encountered such a situation, all of our site is normal, but the site did not, the spider does not come, only Baidu site home page.

this situation, in fact, there is no good way, then we will do our best to do on the line, and the rest is slowly waiting. At this point, we first observe two days, to see if the Baidu spider is not normal, so it usually takes two days to collect it back. If it is indeed implicated, then we change the replacement of a space, space, we have to think about it, ha ha.

2, insist on doing their own content, how many articles updated daily, after the general keep this number, do not suddenly more and less, then we do some high quality of the chain, this can be considered to buy high quality.

two, site included more traffic, less

We first consider why

website traffic less, look at a hanphone world website, website gives people the feeling is good, but the collection is also good, but why less traffic


look at the key words "Hanwang world", it ranked first, but the words of ordinary people will search? Do you have a SEO problem, you can go to search the world hanphone? Network fault? No, the name of the site as a keyword, early in the site is not desirable, we have no fame, no people who knows, this keyword represents what


so in this case we need to change the appropriate keywords, such as computer technology, network technology, SEO technology, people can search keywords, then optimized, when you sit in the rankings can be.

three, website promotion question

1. landing on major search engines. Login search engine, can say is a sign of website released, currently in the major search engines to domestic operations, including Baidu, Google, Soso, search, Sogou search, etc., to a fall, and because the search engine included new sites have certain work cycle, generally for 1 weeks before February, so this work should begin as early as the better. Here’s a special point. Don’t use the so-called auto add tools.

2. through forum. Want to promote their own websites, not only around in their website, must take care of others, to other people’s forum posts, but do not overdo sth., post to write more connotation, don’t send that advertising is a look at the post, not surrounded by enemies.

How to build a good website What are the standards for good websites

today, the website construction industry no longer stops building websites for building a website. But really taking into account the actual situation of customers, building a customer really effective and effective website, to achieve an excellent input-output ratio.

so, this paper introduces a new word, which is the website function. The function of the website is the summary of the function that the client can realize to the website. Functions such as: demonstrating the image and strength of an enterprise; enabling customers to understand products, packaging products, customer services, and so forth. Therefore, a good website is able to fully play out the functions that are planned before the construction and according to the customer’s needs.

you may ask the indicators so often talked about before is not good web standards? Such as user friendliness, search engine performance, code optimization, system capacity, design aesthetics and so on. As a matter of fact, when we build a website in detail, we will find that a website can not use all of these standards. So, isn’t it a good site to use a standard site? Obviously, this view is very one-sided.

according to the specific needs of the site, we only used some of the standards. For example, the SONY website uses a large number of Flash, in search engine performance is certainly not the best, but can we say that it is not a good site,


so, the website construction standards is the means and methods used in the construction site, were used when necessary can be, not all good website must be strictly in accordance with these standards.

The real standard of

is whether this website can complete its function, do a website that sees effect.

so how can a website perform its functions and how can it be more effective? We need to discuss this process carefully.


site implements its function and is actually a process of interacting with visitors. First, visitors come to the site for some reason. Then, visitors browse the site or interact with the site. Finally, the visitor left. This process is divided into three parts, the most important is the first and the second link.

the first link is the visitor’s visit. As we all know, the number of visitors to a website is more and better, that is, our independent visitor index. This number can be a hard target for evaluating a website. So we need to upgrade this metric as much as possible to make the site more efficient. How does this figure make up? Visitors can be divided into two groups: Visiting for the first time and visiting again.

source of the first visit = the company’s own promotion + search engine + word of mouth (others spread).

promotes itself: the company invests in human resources on the web site >

Verification code can also change case, share all kinds of website verification code

The only way [

] twisted core tip identification verification code and not distinguish human beings, so the designer should be how to change the verification code? In the mobile device may be the upcoming verification code is how to design the


what is the verification code?

In the eyes of ordinary users

verification code is definitely a nuisance, especially for myopia users, we do not know why we always have to repeat input letters and shapes that are difficult to identify. However, when we think carefully, we will find that this complex verification code is one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

if you give the definition of a simple definition of code, that is: the verification code is the computer used to identify whether the operator is human tool. The verification code will usually use some form of lines and irregular size characters, or text it can only be made by human beings in order to answer, this advantage is the use of the site verification code can effectively prevent spam using machine repeatedly posting or registration, avoid malicious code breaking, brush votes, forums irrigation and other phenomena the.

"inhuman" verification code


we use the Internet more or less will meet the need to enter the verification code, we have gradually become accustomed to those difficult to identify the input text, but it is undeniable that the process input verification code is very painful. The voice of users who want to correct this phenomenon is always present.


is currently in the mobile device input verification code is not uncommon, but with the development of network security awareness and strengthen the mobile Internet, the verification code appear in the mobile terminal is inevitable, then verify the identification code defects of high difficulty and low accuracy of the input will be directly exposed to the user, so we can end with a a simple and efficient way to replace the traditional verification code? The answer is yes.

clicks instead of typing

when entering the authentication code in the registration forum, we must first visually distinguish the text displayed in the verification code box, and then enter it into the submission box through the keyboard. If the authentication code we entered is incorrect, it is likely that we will face the painful process of re entering the password and confirming the password, and then continuing to identify the verification code, which is by no means a good user experience. And recently, Baidu Post Bar removed the verification code input box, replaced by the selection box, this is a stunning design!



use the mouse to point to feel absolutely comfortable more than from the keyboard input, but also eliminates the need to switch the input method and trouble finding keys. After we click on the four character, if the input is correct, the system closes the screen and tells the input to succeed. If the input is incorrect, the pop-up will continue. Such a design will give the user a simple, both rational and perceptual

Now do poineering work to make money to make small weapon

everyone is trying to make money, so the choice of the project is very careful. So, what do you do to make money now? I believe you have more than once thought about this problem. Now Xiaobian for you to recommend a few good projects to earn money, come and look at it.

The unique flavor of Hunan Changde city

vinegar condiment, but health care function significantly, now, many varieties, functional range of vinegar beverages have a lot of listings, to become the new leisure health drink vinegar. At present, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xi’an, Guiyang and other places have been specialized in vinegar vinegar, Cuyin both brightly, and with vinegar cocktails, drinks and fashion, elegant environment, strong cultural atmosphere, so that many consumers now become like a flock of ducks, vinegar, tea bar, bar coffee after a big trend, a lot of vinegar are currently hot business, bonanza.

Now the entrepreneurial force


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How to do a good job in the home industry projects

now Home Furnishing market is very lively, very popular Home Furnishing project, do Home Furnishing project must have the vision, but also to try to do the first characteristic, the fashion trend of the Home Furnishing industry needs to have a certain degree of understanding, to try to make the Home Furnishing accessories and Home Furnishing features currently maintains a consistent.

Market survey:

70% investigators will increase the room decoration investment

Display China Home Furnishing new trend forum held

can implement progressive discount according to the amount of consumption, business advice Home Furnishing shop in the supply that also should try to pursue distinctive style, exquisite workmanship; experts also pointed out that due to Home Furnishing consumer goods consumer demand is more sensitive to the price, investors can consider the flexible price strategy can be carried out according to the amount of consumption or consumption the progressive discount, for example, to buy 5 pieces of goods Home Furnishing, enjoy a discount of 5%; 10, 10% discount, buy more, enjoy more discount. This can not only promote sales, but also to return the funds as soon as possible to reduce inventory.

location only to see the passenger

have distinctive service

European style classical

Zhengzhou sellers who are crazy crazy


property market this year trading is very hot, this is all obvious to people, but the house as a life event, but also need to spend a lot of money to buy, so in the past when the house, everyone is cautious. However, in the current radish fast not wash mud, the Zhengzhou property market, do not wait until the pre-sale permit down, dig a hole on the real, is not something new, after all, most of the real estate land formalities is still complete. However, the West Third Ring Road, Zhengzhou, the intersection of the southeast corner of the only Tong project, even land use permits are not on the opening of the house, even if the Zhengzhou room nine landing implementation, developers still illegal houses.

property buyers five cards are not, why you want to buy? Under strict government, developers why violations against the wind? Buy five cards incomplete house, exactly what risk? For buyers, sellers before the talk.

[buyers talk]

knows that five cards are not but I still want to buy

"you see you drag to do what thing? Now (prices) rose to the sky, want to buy can not afford to buy it?" From complaining to the nagging to last almost neurotic roar, Yang Min (a pseudonym) felt that his girlfriend of seven years, he became known.

Yang Min urgent need for a house, even if it is a purchase agreement, to dispel the uncertainty of the future girlfriend and sense of drift. The recent two months Zhengzhou prices run, even once the value of depression, South Sanhuan outside the regional housing prices have soared to ~1.4 13 thousand yuan per square meter, while the hands of Yang Min from the first payment can buy small enough to buy a small room to room two, finally can only buy a big mark.

"Three Ring Road, West Lake, 8× × × Yuan hot sales." In September this year, in this ad, Yang Min arrived at the West Third Ring Road intersection on the eastern side of Wei Tong Xiliu Lake project sales department. Property consultant said, the project a total of 6 buildings, building 36 is currently in the sale, there are houses, mistress house price 9500 yuan / square meters to 91 square meters, two rooms, the average price of 9400 yuan / square meters to 85 square meters, but the project five cards are not.

this is simply the price of cabbage, there are so many people to buy, it should not be wrong." He tangled repeatedly, eventually chose a 85 square meters of the two bedroom, and paid nearly $250 thousand in the first payment.

election protocol to take home, my girlfriend looks nice, but Yang Min was playing the drums: "even the real estate land permits are not, in case of future plots by other companies here, I pay Shoufu Zezheng?"

[buyers worry]

if you can not get the final house is how to compensate