three, long tail keywords rely on the station optimization

regardless of your main keywords to much traffic, you have to admit that the main flow of your website or from the long tail keywords. So if you follow the main keywords optimization to optimize the long tail keywords, I think you are a man, not a machine, not so much time and energy so frustrating. Here I share my experience of some long tail keywords optimization.

four, on the long tail keywords station optimization by

two, long tail keywords

The number of The layout of

I think many people are only thinking about mining long tail keywords Google keyword tool, or see the love of Shanghai index. This is true, but most people have forgotten its website data. Dig out the long tail of most tools are flow, top keywords, but its website background statistics is so real visitors to your website by keywords. If you can use the website backstage data and tools to mining is it more effective.

long tail keywords to be good.


long tail keywords is too large, so to make the long tail keywords ranking, the best way is to start from the site itself. So how to optimize the layout in the first? Well, the keyword appears on the content of 1-2. Combined with the article can appear keywords in picture ALT attribute, and then make sitelinks in their own set of keywords, links with absolute address form. An article that is basic, but also consider the point, the reverse link and update frequency. The increase in reverse link can add related news in the recent hot news around the reverse link to add the form etc.. The update frequency, we all know this spider Xixinyanjiu character, so we can add some dynamic data in the article, such as time, views and some other small updates, this is what I have done to optimize the long tail station.

Do not be more than

, a mining long tail keywords

to do a lot of long tail keywords requires a large number of pages, rich content, rather than an accumulation of multiple page long tail word. Then the long tail word distribution? Many people are very concerned about keyword density problem here, I think you can completely do not consider keyword density, if you consider the keyword density will make the optimization is not natural traces too obvious. I am doing here: first of all, the title appears once, we understand the importance of the title, and the title of an article is usually the bread crumbs navigation column. Then the content in 2-3 times, of course, if there is too much or too little not to care. To do is write the title of the article, a page 2-4 for a good long tail keywords.

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