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is a website of the soul, there is no good content support, the website cannot show its value, not the value of the site is difficult to obtain user acceptance, and an important component of the content on the website is the update of the article, I believe we have a set of methods and ideas of their own, renewal of everyone may vary, but only one purpose: in order to better user experience, let the web search engine become trusted sites; although the direction may all understand, but in addition to the original content, readability, inside chain settings and so on, but many of the details are worth learning.

series of writing must be prepared, that is to say when we write these articles to have a very good idea, it is better to be the title column of each article, there is a good idea to write good articles; instead, when we don’t want to finish the system. A think of the next write another article, this time there will be confusion, we may be second of the topic has been in the first appeared, when users see, will think this article has not read what value, or speak about the question, at the same time in writing may have a great impact, hold a word, want to write it can only be constructed ahead of freely flowing style of writing.

here’s what the series, although it looks very ordinary, but it is far greater than the power of our ideas, as a valuable article show in front of the user, if there is a series of articles, then the user may for other articles to read, it is the same in the soft. Most of my friends write soft are now separate, look at Muzi into the boat,

may also show not only continued its power, when every article spread out "

series of construction is very important, according to your own ideas about how to create


it will be a very good one topic extension, become a system topic, when an article as long as the user to read the content, as long as the feeling of good quality, so many friends will browse on the other, because everyone has the same mentality, that is the system of learning. If this is not to let us know if we can give an example to illustrate: we usually watch TV at home, to see if the random, we feel that this TV show is boring, don’t know what to say; and when we see from the first episode, slowly we will find the TV there are a lot of interesting place for us, each evening at the same time will keep on waiting next to the TV, TV is coming, when suddenly one day did not see, we feel very uncomfortable, this is the so-called

, building

system is the topic of the article

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