1, link

this is very obvious, the love of Shanghai do not want their products to be manipulated, link easily in the calculation result of excessive weight, the direct reason is the search results are available through those high weight website links, in the course of time the webmaster no longer pay attention to the content, to link the rankings as the means. More users to spend money on the sale of links, enhance the natural ranking, but this money is long-term and effective, behoove with promotion link will be less, love Shanghai or want the user to put more money in their promotion, rather than the others on the site. So I think, love Shanghai reduced the popular word of the chain weight. Will be reduced to users of natural ranking investment, concentrate on bidding. But the Internet is the core of hyperlinks, search engines will have Links as an important basis, but to grasp the scale, can not buy too much higher weight site.

in Shanghai love algorithm to update, we all have to change their workers in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng focus, the chain weight work originally as a priority among priorities may have fallen, but certainly there are certain compatriots of Shanghai love saying scoffed, stood with love against Shanghai in the end of the determination, or holding the love of Shanghai just to scare you luck, continue to buried hair outside the chain, big money chain. In fact, this is not wrong, as long as the operation is reasonable, is not love to Shanghai investigation is feasible. Love the Shanghai some ready to accept either course algorithm, and did not give an exact statement, people can not help. But that love Shanghai’s attitude is very obvious, can be used to analyze his algorithm modifications targeted Shanghai Longfeng operation.

soft outside the chain

3. user experience


regardless of the station or personal station, can use the soft quick effect, such links can quickly improve website score, finally will lead to some sites from the start to drop the money in the purchase of soft paper, this article is long-term and effective, and enhance the site scores and rankings, there is such a good thing, who will go to do the promotion? I love Shanghai do not want to see the search results by artificial manipulation, the operation of the soft, you need to do more targeted. Now, can play brand word, can also let users search, soft advertising is still the most efficient way to promote.

love Shanghai now more and more attention to the user experience, because they are well aware of their own based on the user, the user does not love Shanghai what all is not, as the Shanghai dragon staff, our promotion means will be more inclined to the user experience, no longer love Shanghai according to the website to to judge the quality of the site. By now more users reflect on the website of the judge, so now is Shanghai dragon personnel priority among priorities for the user experience, how to improve the page views, how to reduce the rate of jump out, how can.

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