love Shanghai specific start from what is known, it is not good to explore. Just when many people frequently talk about 11, among them, A5 has a large number of articles, the causes of its core content is nothing less than the love of eleven Shanghai phenomenon, and love Shanghai eleven phenomenon to break the law and the numerous. Such as the specific interpretation of "love 11", "Shanghai phenomenon website ranking 11 phenomenon love Shanghai rescue measures" etc.. Admittedly, some of it is really helpful to solve love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, correspondingly, there are also many, the highfalutin empty. We should be clearly aware that, except for a few people love Shanghai, no one can truly understand the mechanism of love Shanghai 11 phenomenon, or it can be said that love Shanghai 11 phenomena are not really there, no one can really say clearly. Until recently, love Shanghai 11 phenomena left everyone’s perspective.

short, love Shanghai eleven disappearance is not really true Weakness lends wings to rumours., which happened.

love Shanghai is temporarily disappear or permanently cancel? Personally, the 11 will love Shanghai forever from the phenomenon of the historical stage of love Shanghai. The conclusion from which the basis of

11 ?

first, according to the experience and the data observed from my hand grasp a large number of sites were concluded.

Since The Eleven

second, love Shanghai webmaster club established, which appeared in two questions about the 11 phenomenon, including Robin, Zac and other heavyweights, but unfortunately, they did not get a positive answer to the LEE, this is indeed a puzzling thing, believe a secret sorrow before now. All this is not a problem, because there is no mention of this problem.

of any conclusions are based on massive data. So, before the proposed conclusion should be rational and powerful.

you might ask, love Shanghai eleven phenomenon really left? My answer is YES. Why is there such a conclusion

first, according to my hand grasp of the more than 400 sites to make the conclusion, the station is just on the line, and every day in the old station is optimized, since the first half of 11 Shanghai love phenomenon never appeared, it is difficult to imagine before.

second, a more powerful evidence that the A5 webmaster friends have been at least four months did not contribute about eleven of the Shanghai love phenomenon, to the webmaster keen sense of smell, which in itself is a very surprising thing, enough to prove by this front view.


love Shanghai 11 on this issue, willing to communicate with more webmaster friends. At the same time, the hope can with more friends on the net.

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