single page website also cannot do without the two, as to how the layout, how to do it, we can refer to some of the Raiders do and the method of the chain, the chain mode of single page website and multi page website the same method is general.

we all know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization follows the "content is king, the chain for emperor" this rule, for a single page website, the content is basically fixed, one less half can be done, this is not the means of single page site optimization in Shanghai dragon made useless?

however, the mobile Internet era, single page website seems to back angry, to navigate the site as an example, we found that the present navigation site seems to be far cannot satisfy a screen capacity, so it opens the pull-down mode; and electricity supplier website on any one single product, is then completed product introduction continues to drop down the mobile phone, the user’s reading habits, they love the kind of sliding mode, and forcing them to click on the next page, more or less have some pain, apparently, single page website still has the market, and the core is, how to do a single page website Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to get more the flow.


single page website, simple to understand is a very simple static page layout website. Because most of the single page site from the beginning of the day of birth, the content is almost fixed, with tens of millions of websites, single page website alone is weak, you want to make your site more wonderful, multi page website development become a trend.

single page website, keywords layout, website content, single page website was weak, but the speed of opening, mobile users from web browsing experience, convenient operation and other aspects, a single page website without reservation, and has a natural advantage in Shanghai Longfeng optimization theory, since the single page website do not content then, the chain of

in a single page website, SEM had this experience, the so-called SEM is actually a paid promotion, for some value of a single page, not.

Optimization of

in addition, single page website is the main service for mobile Internet users, so, when there is a single page website, also can’t let the isolated existence, as in a single page website to leave a two-dimensional code, and so on the micro signal or the public number cleverly linked together through the website and user communication channels.

The chain of

because there is only one page, a web address, the chain is particularly concentrated, the way of the chain website but on the two, for example, we in the QQ group website address, QQ interested users click on this website address, you can directly open the web site, this is a dynamic chain, and a a chain is, in stationmaster net left link is an anchor text, this is for the chain oriented search engine, the purpose is to improve the weight of the website.


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