Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce the "Shanghai dragon knowledge too cheap value experience is very scarce", get a lot of friend’s identity. Indeed, the Shanghai dragon, many of our friends understand too shallow, Shanghai dragon is definitely not the hair outside the chain, do false original so simple, we have a lot of things to do, Shanghai based dragon knowledge is easy to learn, the value of experience is not easy to obtain, and to obtain the value of experience we need to use the fact as the foundation.

basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon is the most important, this point that everyone knows, but can really sink in the heart in accordance with the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" to operate the webmaster not much, some owners even interpret out of context in the wrong direction, vague, or some also hold the lucky heart pretend to find a breakthrough from the search engine’s vulnerability, not entirely impossible, but it’s very difficult to do, as well as the foundation of Shanghai longfeng. Well, do the chain, from the two aspects of search engine and user implementation of Shanghai dragon you need to do.

accidental phenomenon that we can get more experience. Because only new problems will stimulate us to acquire more knowledge, to analyze what we did not do well, >

second based on the data analysis of the phenomenon of Shanghai dragon

a lot, we do in Shanghai dragon will encounter some special phenomena, such as the site is K, website does not increase, the website is not a new snapshot, this phenomenon seems to be difficult to solve, but it will certainly be able to through the data analysis to find the reasons. A very important principle which is also in Shanghai Dragon: do analysis of Shanghai dragon phenomenon based on the data from the data, found the problem, solve the problem.

actually refers to the real situation of things, including things, events, events, which happened all the objects and social phenomenon, the objective existence of the unusual things and situations and the variation trend. But in fact Shanghai Longfeng includes some of the techniques and rules of Shanghai Longfeng existence, an event in Shanghai dragon in the process, we should analysis of the data, and the dynamic website and we need to pay attention to the search engine. This should hold these things, you start to Shanghai dragon absolutely no problem.


any good Shanghai dragon is certainly the most important for Shanghai dragon knowledge and mastering methods, which I in the previous article also recommend the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", believe that people will certainly be able to find the breakthrough point of the Shanghai dragon in this guide. Always think of a good website, a good article will let you absolutely always look new, because of the different time period for our Shanghai dragon’s cognition is different, coupled with the increase in different time experience to be confirmed, you will continue to deepen their understanding of the Shanghai dragon.

first Shanghai dragon

knowledge and methods

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