has been in my last article in detail, here in the way. For a new station, love Shanghai is very strict, want to love Shanghai, first through an assessment period, you should stick to your work station optimization again during the period, including the content, website structure, when love Shanghai included your site, through the enhancement of external links and website content. Gets the ranking and flow easier, of course, this is mainly to see the mode of operation. Love Shanghai philosophy: user experience. Love Shanghai website’s purpose: original content.

Home pages and


for new sites to be nobility baby much more friendly than the love of Shanghai, as long as you submit your site in the noble baby, usually in a very short period of time will be included, the author of the Shanghai dragon road.net is included in the two days after the submission. For the content of the no love Shanghai as strict, of course, the content of the original good, need to pay attention to is the nobility of the baby is the sandbox effect that this effect, your site will not be ranked, it also needs the test of time.

after analysis and summary for a period of time, I think for a website to say, love Shanghai and noble baby have different attitude on the 5, the following will be introduced one by one:

1. for the new station

for the noble baby, the website home page and inside pages will be subject to the same treatment, and often appear in search of red pages more directly.


for the love of Shanghai, home to the inside pages appear more often want to get good rankings, most of which depend on the home page, so in the process of optimization, and home to the inside pages of connection, there will be good results. The leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 of this site is not practical enough, but the author is trying to do in this direction.

in the previous article "the standard of the new station included four major search engine analysis" are analyzed, the noble love Shanghai baby, 360, and four soso search search engine for the new attitude, our study here will be more in-depth, to analyze the attitude of search engine for the website of the whole system. Including the inside pages, external links, website content etc.. Here only to love Shanghai and noble baby for comparison, because the two search engines at home and abroad to represent the two directions.

love Shanghai is sensitive to external links, but little dependence. That is to say love Shanghai through the quality of the chain you to your website to make the punishment or reward, but not completely depends on the chain. >

chain has a decisive effect on the site itself, is an indispensable work in the website optimization. But the search engine, different search engines still have differences on the chain attitude.


2. website

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